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You Can Find Wonderful Love Under The Sea!
Mar 21, 2002 10:38 AM 2768 Views
(Updated Mar 21, 2002 10:52 AM)





Please join me in reading my review about “The Little Mermaid” A Walt Disney Production.


The Little Mermaid is about this beautiful mermaid with long beautiful red hair who lives in the sea and has the strong desire to see and be a human. She constantly goes to the surface to see the humans and this really makes her father King Tritan very angry with her.

Ariel, the mermaid is rebellious to no end! She defies her father and goes to the surface anyway. And once when she was there she came across the handsome Prince Eric who was out sailing with his crew. Now Prince Eric is the rugged, handsome man who is looking to get married one day and has no idea that his bride will be Ariel.

While up on the surface Ariel and her friend Flounder go up to the ship to see what is going on and Prince Eric's dog, this big Saint Barnard, smells Ariel and goes to try and find her. Barking and causing a commotion Ariel and Flounder swim away.

But she has a stronger desire now to see the human side because now she has fallen in love. But before they found the boat, Ariel and Flounder had found some things that were not familiar to them and had gone to the surface to find Scuttles a big white Seagull who is suppose to know everything.

Ariel has found a fork and is thrilled with her find. And of course Scuttles has no idea what is really it and tells her that it is a comb for her hair.

Meantime, back at the palace underwater Ariel's sisters are getting reading to perform for the king, and because it is Ariel's party as well, being the star attraction and all, and since the show must go on, they start to sing and they are wondering if Ariel is going to make it or not! And of course she didn't.

When it was her turn to sing, and she doesn't appear and of course her father notices right away and is very angry. Crying out at the top of his lungs ''Ariel''!

Of course Sebastian, who is ''king crab'' around the palace, or at least thinks he is, is suppose to be the King's right hand. And he is very nosey. He reports to the King that Ariel is not there but he is sure that she will be back really soon.

The King asks Sebastian if he knows where she is at, and of course Sebastian tries to deny that he knows, but he can't get anything past the king. So he tells the King that Ariel has gone to the surface. This makes the King even madder.

And poor Sebastian is trying to calm the King down by telling him that Ariel is young and curious and that the King should not be so hard on her. Well the Kings thinks about this a moment and assigns Sebastian to Ariel around the clock telling him that he is now responsible for her. Poor Sebastian just hangs his head down and without much choice agrees.

Now with all of this going on, Ariel has realized that she is late for her own party and has headed back home. Once getting there the King tells her that she is not to go to the surface any more, that the humans are evil and she is to stay away from them.

Ariel of course is upset and swims away going to her favorite hide out. A place that only she and Flounder, her best friend knows about. And of course Sebastian is hot on her trail.

In the meantime, Ursula the Evil Sea Witch with the two tacky looking fish by her side sees what is going on with her crystal ball. She has lived to control the Sea and knows that she must be rid of King Tritan to do so. So, she is trying to think of a way to get to King Tritan, this is what she lives for.

Again Ariel goes to the surface (this is where she comes across Prince Eric). And on the boat his birthday is being celebrated and he is given a statue of himself. Prince Eric is somewhat amused but not really. And this is where the dog almost caught Ariel.

Well Ursula decides to make these big waves in which they cause the boat to topple over and the Prince and crew along with the statue start falling into the sea. The statue floats to the bottom and Ariel finds it and takes it to her hideout. And she and her father get into it again about her going to the surface because Sebastian told on her again. Well she leaves!

And going to her hideout, she is followed by the crab and then her father shows up. But before he does she is so down in the mouth over Prince Eric and has fallen in love with him and Ursula sees this. She has developed a plan to steal the beautiful voice of Arial by changing her into a human. So she sends her fish ghouls to bring Ariel to her.

In the meantime the King shows up at the hideout like I said and destroys it. Everything! This really upsets Ariel. After the King swims away the fish ghouls of Ursula's have found Ariel and she goes with them after they convince that it is a great idea.

The Prince and crew have made it back to the shore okay, and before Ariel went back into the Sea, she saw that the Prince was okay and knew she was in love with him and her desire to be a human was stronger than ever.

Ariel arrives at Ursula's place and of course the Sea Witch is waiting for her. She sings to Ariel a song that tells Ariel about the sea people who have lost souls. And how she, Ursula had helped them out. Captured is more like it!

But Ariel doesn't see it that way. So Ariel makes a deal with Ursula that if she gives her voice to Ursula, she will make Ariel human. So, Ariel agrees. And so now Ariel can't speak because that is part of the bargain and she has to try and find out about the Prince, make him fall in love with her and marry her. Not hard at all for a voiceless girl!

Ariel has swam ashore and is now in the Prince's Palace and so is Ursula and in the meantime Prince Eric is being forced to marry and Ursula decides to become his bride because she sees that the Prince might fall for Ariel although she can't talk to him. On her way down to dinner one evening Ariel overhears the Prince making arrangement to marry Ursula, but of course he doesn't know it her because Ursula has him in a trance.

In the meantime, Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttles are around and about the Prince's Palace trying to help Ariel out. Sebastian has found out about the deal that Ariel has made and now feels responsible. He knows that he has to help the Prince fall in love with Ariel.

He sings to them while they are out on a boat ride around the Palace this beautiful song called ''Kiss The Girl'', you see he has to kiss Ariel as well to break the spell. And the two spend the next several days together with Ariel hoping all along that she can get the Prince to fall in love with her and give her that kiss! And of course Ursula is not amused at all.

Now a wedding is going on because of Ursula's spell over the Prince. Scuttles and Flounder are going out of their minds trying to stop the wedding and get Ariel to the ship where the wedding is going taking place. Poor Ariel is trying to get to the ship to stop the wedding as well. Will they make it?

Will Ariel and the Prince get married? Will she get her voice back? What will King Tritan do? What about Ursula? Does she get hers? Does Ariel stay a human? And what about the lost souls of the Merpeople? Do they get away? Does King Tritan make it in time to save his daughter?

Well I am not going to tell you these things. Here I will stop because the ending is really spectacular and you will have to watch the movie yourself to find out what happens.

God Bless!

©LKD 2002

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