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~~~Chat ke upar,ek kamra.~~~

Jul 11, 2003 11:14 PM 157980 views

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A young lad...runaway from home...a room on the roof...a beautiful friends ...does this sound like a plot of some bollywood movie...err...hollywood movie?'s about this book 'The room on the roof'

{ I can guess what you are thinking...What a fool Bonjour is!As if I didn't notice the product name!}

Hmm...coming to the book then my dear friends...

--- What is the content? a.k.a Plot ---

Bonjour won't reveal the entire plot...

So you can safely read further ...

Rusty, a young lad , 17 years old{at an age and stage of not being a kid...nor an independent adult}is an Anglo-Indian looked after by an another Anglo-Indian .He has lost his parents when very young {pakka bollywood style}and is the only young lad among his neighbours.

His guardian is one among those rigid Britishers who dislikes Indians and their ways of living.There is a separate market for the Anglo-Indians and Rusty is not permitted by the Anglo-Indians to even peek at the Indian bazaar.A sweeper boy, an untouchable, is the only young Indian whom Rusty has ever met and is not allowed to mix with him , too, according to customs.

But Rusty is keen on exploring the Indian bazaar and the other colourful side of Dehra{a town in North India where Rusty resides}.To fulfill his desire Rusty makes frequent visits to the bazaar secretly but is caught ,as expected.Then the story takes a big turn...Rusty runs away from home and ...and...after that...then....Read to know more!...In case your wondering if this is the end , this is just the start of his adventurous young life in the book.

--- What inspired me to read this book?---{Me, not being an avid reader an inspiration is an absolute necessity}

I read this book because of the writer.I had not read any Ruskin Bond books earlier .The only write -up which I had read was a chapter 'The Cherry tree' in my English text book.I really loved the writer's thoughts in this chapter and hence tried this book.I began this read on the farmhouse...beside the sparkling river...among the the rain flecked my face. Hence it was a right beginning to a read filled with nature and adventure.

---How is the writing? a.k.a. The writer's skills---

This work of Ruskin Bond is filled with apt words which makes the reader picturise each of the scenes and incidents.There is a continous flow in the story with the characters being introduced slowly one at a time.At the beginning the characters are vaguely described keeping the reader hooked to know more about them .The clear description is given later at a necessary stage.A must mention is his well-observed description of nature.'Beautiful' is the word!Peroid.He has left no stone unturned in making the reader hear the sounds described, visualise the town of Dehra,smell and feel the Indian bazaar, understand Rusty's feelings .I have been to these places before which added to an interesting read but I have heard that many readers visit Dehra,Mussorie, Haridwar just to see Ruskin's descriptions.A must mention is that the writer has written this book in the tender age of seventeen.

--- The characters ---

-- Rusty :The book revolves around his thoughts, his feelings.It is based on the blooming of his character from a meek , dependent kid to an independent , strong boy.

The poetic thoughts about his surroundings , his positive and strong attitude in all the dark sides of his experiences , his feelings and his friendship are all well explored.His happiness lies in the freedom he has been blessed with by running away and that happiness accompanies him in all his problems and bad days.

--Somi and Ranbir : They are his best pals .What is special is that they are Indians and they are the ones who introduce him to to the Indian life.Being all alone in the Indian side of the town ,they are his only hope and support in times of happiness and troubles.

Mr and Mrs. Kapoor and Kishen :This is the kind family that has given him a job of teaching English to their son Kishen.Inspite of Kishen being a rowdy , rude boy he is attached to Rusty as Rusty is the only one who understands him.

--- How to read the book ---

Due to studies and college I couldn't read this book continously.I suggest read this book at a go in 2-3 days when your free.It is only 146 pages and if read continously keeps the reader hooked and interested.Preferably, read it when you are in a jovial mood as the book will add to your joy and pleasure.

After you read the book ,let me know how did you feel ...I'll be glad to share my feelings too..

Good luck,

Bonjour {Bonjour sis, Bonny the kid, Bon Bon, Mickey, free to add anymore}

Thanksfor reading...Awaiting your comments.

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