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May 02, 2009 08:07 PM 3924 views

(Updated May 04, 2009 02:27 PM)

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This is a wonderful discovery from nokia after a long time. I'm using this phone since 15 months from now. This phone has all the features that a person would expect from a phone to have... I myself own a mobile shop, and I had a habit to change a mobile every 10-15 days before, But after I have taken this phone I never ever required a need to change a phone.

This is a complete multimedia phone with a decent camera of 2 megapixel and a good sound. Though this phone is not that popular like the some of N series but the people who have this phone actually know the value of a phone... Most of them say that E series phones are actually business phones which is true till only some extent... Business phones is just it has some of the applications like the adobe reader and all. But actually its a normal phone with all high tech features.

Many of ull might be having doubts as to nokia N series are more famous, so they might be more better than this, I would like to show ull the comparison of 3 most famous multimedia nokia N series handsets with this little but powerful device. It has a 4way navigation key with shortcut keys of the features we use the most, that is contacts, Messages, main menu key and calendar key.

To start with the weightfactor this phone is very very light as compared to phones like Nokia N70 which is 126 gram and N73 which is 116g and Nokia N81 which is 140g whereas Nokia E51 is weighing only 100G.

The colors are much more than others, like in nokia N70 and N73 there are 2, 62, 144 colors as per the nokia website and in N81 there are 16 million colors whereas there are 16.7 million colors in E51. *These colors are the information taken from the main nokia website...

We actually don't come to know the colors difference so much unless we see the same movie in these phones.

The internal memory in all other 3 phones is inside 40 MB whereas E51 gives a ausum memory of 130 MB.

And the battery, This phone gives a wonderful battery back up of around 2 days after listening to music of around 1.5 hours and talktime of 2.5 hours, If I reduce the brightness of my display it has given me backup till up to 3.5 days. If u only talk it may go around 4 hours whereas all other 3 phones dnt go more than 1.5 days.

The best thing is the light sensor at the top that is at the left hand of the earpiece speaker, it gives u brightness that u need, If ur at home in dark or with less light it will give u as full brightness, whereas if ur at outside where there is sunlight it will close the keypad light and also makes the display less brighter automatically which actually saves on ur battery, which is also available in some other nokia phones...

In the camera race this phone wont reach at first place because the camera is 2 megapixel which is not so very good as compared to nokia N73 3.2 megapixel but definitely better than N70 which is 2.0 MP.The photos taken indoor in less light are not that clear as this phone just lacks flash. But as it is there is no need for a phone camera as other digital cameras have been very cheap nowadays.

On the sensor point it has a LED which keeps on blinking if I have a new message or a miss call. I no longer have to unlock keypad every morning and check if I have a miss call or a new message... I just see if the sensor is blinking which has been really very useful for me many many times at night, the sensor white light is so very powerful that even if the phone has been kept far from u, u could see the sensor light blinking from far in ur room at night.

It is a 3G phone which will help us to use the 3G technology that has already hit the markets.

Phone book memory is unlimited and supports photos with phonecall

2.5mmaudio jack which is much much better than others as these earphones are available everywhere starting from rs 25/- The best stereo quality headset is available for 120/-for this phone. The sound quality is so high in the earphone that one has to actually reduce the volume cz the full volume is too high.

Speaking of the soundit has a crystal clear sound this is not a phone with high speakers like that of N73 or N81 but a sound is sufficient enough and much better than the n70 or n72 or many other phones. When the sound is too high many people actually feel it to be a china made phone. The sound of phones like N73 is at time very cracking. It also has a decent radio.

Next factor is the memory factor which each and evry1 of us are worried about. In Nokia N70 or N72 we cannot put a memory of more than 1GB or else it will start hanging, which at times becomes very irritating... In Nokia N73 the memory can be expanded till 2GB, but again in many phones if u fill the entire 2GB with songs and application it will start hanging. The same is with the nokia N81 whereas Ive seen people inserting 4bg in nokia N81 but later on the phones has many internal problems, But my Nokia e51 is working non stop with a 4GB memory card from the time Ive purchased this phone. It actually comes with a 1GB memory card nowadays which is also vry sufficient for some people who dont have more interest in songs and videos. Also one doesnt need to remove the battery to remove the memory card, its just at the side of the phone once u open the battery cover, u can directly remove the memory card by keeping the phone on.

This phone is a symbian OS 9.1 based phone which means u can install all the applications, games, themes that are available on websites for free.

Last but not the least I would like to tell u about the feature cz of which I made a decision of taking this phone when I had got so many phones in front of me at my shop. This is the cheapest Wifi Nokia phone available. I never would have known the value of Wlan/Wifi had I not used this phone. Most of us know what a Wlan is, But for some of my frndz who dnt know... Wlan is net on the phone without paying anything extra. I stay in Pune, so at the main MG road many times on Saturdays and Sundays we have Wifi. If u have got a internet connection at ur home all u need to do is to purchase a Wifi modem which is around 1800 of Dlink. Once u purchase this modem than u can use wifi on ur E51 anywhere in ur building also. My wifi is found till the 3rd building whereas I stay in the 1st one... And believe me frndz it gives me a wonderful speed. Most of the websites open in just one click within 2-3 seconds.

This phone has a steel body which is a kind of ruff and tuff thing for the phone because of which the phone also looks good in holding...

U will never regret buying this phone and would never like to change this phone for any other phone. As I think that the phone is ones best friend, so why not choose the best phone to be your best frnd.

Current price for this phone is 11000/-

Thankx to all at the Pune Mouthshut meetwhich encouraged me to write a review. Please rate the review as per your views. Any other doubts about this phone, Would be grateful to receive to your comments and reply.

Thankx for reading.

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