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City of dreams!!!!

Nov 29, 2012 12:25 AM 31912 views


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The area where a person resides plays a vital role in his success. Today I will review the city I reside in since last 23 years, MUMBAI The so called city of dreams

Every year million of people turn to this city in search for employment and to make a mark in their life. Some dreams are fulfilled, some dreams are shattered, some are partially fulfilled. All the best for the people who come here for settling their lives. Mumbai is a city which has always attracted foreigners, not just for a single reason but multiple reasons.

Mumbai is one of the top emerging city in INDIA, Formerly known as BOMBAY and capital of MAHARASHTRA STATE, Native for the Marathas, and more than hindi one can hear marathi spoken by majority of the crowd. It comes along the western coast of India, so Mumbai receives good rainfall as compared to the northern cities. This city has always have trendy crowd and on track with the right fashion. Don't know about other cities but this city will

always have a soft corner in my heart. Maybe in few years I might shift abroad or to some other city but this city will always have that special place in my heart. Be what so ever the problem with this city, nothing can separate the love I have for this city.

This may be very informative review as I will try my best to uncover the city, the pros, the cons, places to be visited, some guidelines etc

Firstly let me talk about few points that are mandatory :

What did I particularly like or dislike about this place?

Il first describe things that I like about this place :

City of dreams : This city attracts most of the people just cause of the reason that there is wide scope for development in employment sector, especially people from rural areas come in, in order to find some jobs so that they can survive and help their families with what ever they earn. Mumbai is one of the 3 cities that are very famous for IT INDUSTRIES.

Trendy crowd : The crowd has become too trendy in this city, there is a huge following of super-stars like bob-marley, lady gaga, messi, ronaldo etc so much so that people land up copying them and the youth has always been on track when it comes to the current fashion going around. The night life of this city is surely one to be noticed. This city never sleeps and there are party's and hang-outs by the youth which is good in a way, but at times bad too.

Celebrations held high : During any festive season be it ganpati, diwali or navratri or any other season, the celebrations are held up high and lively and worth enjoying. During such festivals, just talking a walk down ur lane even will light up ur mood and make ur day. These festivals are one not to be missed.

Best Eateries around the city : This city has one of the best eateries around. Eateries such as pav bhaji, vada pav, maize, gola's, etc. One can enjoy all of these foods being in the out-skirts of mumbai city. These are famous eateries, especially when one is short on money. But these eatables shouldn't be consumed too often as these are junk foods. There are many places to visit like khau galli ( Place where one can find many tasty dishes that too very cheap ), Muhamad ali road ( This place is the best place for non-veg people ) But hygeine here is a bit of concern.

Helping hand's always there to assist : Most of the times when people are in trouble, mumbaikars always come to the rescue and try their best in helping. At times when major accident takes place, people are a bit scared to come forward but there are some brave people who still refuse to get scared and come forward for help.

This city never sleeps : This city is too fast and quick moving. It never halts, there are always alternatives if the city comes to a halt. Even if there are major incidents going around in the city, one can still find people moving around. In short this city never sleeps. Even the night are very bright and lively especially JUHU BEACH, MARINE LINES. One should surely visit such places at night.

Movie-star : This city offers so much opportunities to others especially the film line. Its a myth that if someone wants to pursue a carreer in acting he/she should reside or originate from this city. But I believe this to an extent, I don't deny the fact that there are many superstars from othe cities, but mumbai has a whole bunch of superstars in it. Super-stars like shahrukh khan, salman khan, etc etc reside in mumbai.

Wide range of tourist attractions : It's often said to be that hill stations are tourist spots, but I feel mumbai has a lot to explore. This city is so huge and wide with so much range that no1 can explore such a city in a lifetime. There are places like nehru planetarium, ajanta caves, Sanjay gandhi national park, carter road, go karting, etc. The list keeps going on and on.

Cozy atmosphere : Even though its too much of pollution in mumbai,the atmosphere in mumbai is great. A good atmosphere, neither too cold nor too hot, one can wish to tour mumbai anytime around the year. But I would recommend one to make a tour to this place especially during the monsoon and the late winters around December.

Many live performances round the year by international artists, so many super-stars, so many mentors, this city has everything in it.

Cricket is in the blood : This city has cricket in its blood, especially when INDIA plays. People take a leave from their office and go for matches, gosh this place is crazy behind cricket. Frankly speaking as I am a girl I don't have that liking towards cricket, I have a liking towards badminton but still there is 24*7 cricket telecast-ed on our home television.

In short I would sum up my above sayings by saying that a place where people can fulfill their dreams and live happily by enjoying weekends and still enjoying life to the core.

Now I would like to list things that i dont like in this city :

Un-safe at times : This city never sleeps is a true quote, but the people around are not too alarmed, not cautious about what's going around in the city. Frequently bombs have been planted and killed several people, this city is so big that the cops around can't track the bad's happening around. Even we should assist the cops not by doing something very big or brave, instead be alerted and alarmed with the happenings around and report if anything suspicious.

Pick-pocketers, hit and steal etc : This city has obviously grown in leaps and bounds, but with the growth even the crimes have gone up. Mumbai is reported as no 3 in top crimes city in INDIA. Pick pocketers, hit and steal, Grease gang ( The so called chaddi banyan gang which was recently in hot news ) etc activities are gone up. We should be quite alert while walking on roads, or in the dark or any where. Safety begins from us.

Land demand : Its almost impossible to buy a house in proper mumbai ( Thane to CST ). The land prices have gone up upto 10 times and buying a house here is next to impossible.

Lot of cheats around : There are many people who con others just for the sake of money. This city has n no. of conman around. Believing anyone blindly can put one in deep trouble.

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