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♥ Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya ♥

Jan 18, 2008 01:47 PM 10121 views

(Updated Jan 28, 2008 07:33 PM)





Once upon a time, there was simple yet beautiful girl. She lived in a sleepy town with her father, who wanted the best for her. He decided to leave the apple of his eyes at his best friends place and went out of country to earn enough money for her marriage.

Our dainty lady here, settled into the new household, little did she expect that her life will change forever. She met this young charming prince(so did I) who changed her life forever. They fought, they bonded and they fell in love. But, fate had other things in its mind for them. The lovely couple was separated by their father’s & business rivals. The girl was taken away to the old sleepy town, to be married to some other guy. But our prince was not faint hearted, he followed his sweetheart, how could he forget the lovely moments & lovely days spent together. He braved her father, promised him that he will show him he that loves this daughter and will do anything for her. His promises are not fake and his love is not weak. Braving all the odds he not only claims his love but he also ends all the evils.

My prince and the girl lived happily ever after……

How many times have I imagined myself in that girls place? I don’t remember also…but am I still dreaming? Yes, I am.

The story which looks so simple on surface is one of the most loved stories…why? What makes it different from other love stories?

I would say the lovely moments between the couple, the lovely but ever lasting dialogues….sample this…

♥ ♥ Dosti main no sorry no thank you…

♥ ♥ Dosti Ki hai to nibhani to padegi hi…

♥ ♥ the moment where Suman was saved by Prem in Jeevan’s party. Ahh I still remember the way she immediately goes and hugs him and the way he fights for her…ahhh may be he would fight for me too Sigghhh!

♥ ♥ Prem tries hard to get Suman say “I love You” she refuses and he proposes to marry some other girl, “Ab hum kucch khayenge piyenge to shaadi ke baad”…the naughtiness

♥ ♥ my all time favourite scene is the one after the song “Main Ladki Hoon” when Prem tends to Suman’s injury…there was naughtiness in it, there was tenderness in it and there was Salman Khan in it…

There are many more such moment which I can talk about but then I'll end up writing all the dialogues here(And yes I do remember them.)

The songs gave an edge to the movie.(Music by Ram Laxman)

Who can forget "Aate Jaate.Haste Gaate." Or

"Ban Ke lahoo nas nas main mohabbat Daude aur Pukare Pyar main Sab kuch haar diya par Kismet Kaise haare, Keh do duniya dil ka rasta roke na." or

"Jaane kyon lagta hai meri tumhari pehle se pehchaan hai, tum aur itna jo de rahe ho."

The movie was & is a landmark of its time. Released on Dec 29th 1989, I call it my b'day gift, I still wish one day somebody gift wraps Salman and gives him to me;)

Though if we go into the finer nuances of movie making, MPK stands nowhere but it worked big time because of the fresh treatment and the innocence of love. The supporting caste(Alok Nath, Mohnish Behl, Reema Lagoo, Lakshimant Berde, Raju Srivastava etc…)was clichéd but it was the lead couple which made this movie work… and who can forget the Kabootar, the life line of the mvoie(It is still debatable that Salman Khan Saved Bhagyashree or the Kabootar saved them;))

Bhagyashree came out as an epitome of innocence(though when we see her now, we think what is she wearing and how is she talking).but what this movie really give us was SALMAN KHAN.the lover boy.

I still remember that I had fallen in love with him in this movie, he was confident, he was brash, he was caring & naughty but when it came to proving himself he was the perfect man.(I strongly believe that Raj character in  DDLJ was based on Prem of MPK).

My craziness for Salman had no bounds, I wanted the Friendship cap(didn’t get it), I wanted his posters but I was not even in my teens and my Mom didn’t entertain me(though later she did accept my craziness for him)…the one thing which I did get was the Blue & White polka dots top & skirt(Which Bhagyashree had worn in “Main Ladki Hoon” song)….Ah was I happy? I was, My mom had even embroidered “S”on it….

When I was very young sometimes we were supposed to go for blood checking and after the process the nurse used to give us Chiclets. The tradition continued when I grew older, if by any chance I had to go through blood test or had to get an injection I was bribed by my family, how? On the return trip from hospital we used to pick up the Video cassette of MPK….after getting my VCD Player the 1st thing I did was I had bought the VCD of MPK….

I had even kept a count of how many times I had seen the movie but now I have forgotten because it been innumerous times and I can still see it again and again…

Every time I see the movie & Salman Khan, my heart skips a beat….I can very easily say that besides my family he has been the only constant factor in my life;)….

What brought this review? Or is it really a review?

That day I was chatting with Shanti, it was something serious and I suddenly went into Salman Khan is sooo good, she asked me where are you seeing him? My spontaneous answer was “Everywhere”(the real reason for the answer was that all channels were showing his movies)…having already written a review on Salman Khan I thought why not write on my Favourite Movie.  Though I know it’s not actually a proper movie review as am not apt in writing a movie review but yes have tried writing what I felt after watching this movie. So you are welcome to hit on SU’s & NU’s….

For Guys: With so many reviews on General Advice on Impressing women, I would like to say, if you want to impress a women of that era just tell her that you had loved MPK…half your job is done;)

My special message to Salman Khan…

Aate jaate jo milta hai tumsa lagta hai……

& if I meet him?

Do you wanna Partner?

His answer…

Hum Apke Hain Koun?

My Answer.

Hum Dil De Chuke.

Comments are welcome but nothing negative on Salman Khan(Just kidding each to its own)& please do write your favourite dialogue from the movie.


*~This one is to celebrate Salman's entry in Madam Tussaud's.Whoever steals and brings the statue to me will get.Hmmm.pehle le ke aao.

~ Despite all his run ins with law, he was voted as the 3rd Most liked Star after Amitabh Bacchan & Rajnikant.

PS.I had Recently partcipated for a quiz on MPK, results are the quiz master listening?

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