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Best acknowledged serial by viewers “Kasauti

Sep 02, 2004 02:51 AM 35828 views

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Kasauti Zindagi Ki is my favourite TV serial because it attracts the audience right into the serial and is one of Ekta Kapoor?s best serial. Balaji Telefilms ?Kasauti Zindagi Kay? is one of the best acknowledged daily soap, aired on Star Plus Monday through Thursday at 8:30 pm. The main characters in Kasauti Zindagi Ki are Anurag (CK) and Prena (ST ). KZK revolves around Prena and Anurag?s kasauti life. This outstanding serial shows that Prena and Anurag have to face a kasauti at every point in their life.

This family is a Basu pariwaar (family) who cares about status, principles, and family values.

The characters are Anurag Basu, Prena Sharma, Moloy Basu, Moni Basu, Risheb Bajaj, and Komolika:

Anurag Basu (Cazanne Khan) is an obedient son of Moloy and Moni Basu. As a career, he handles Basu Publication with his father (Moloy Basu) in which he broadcasts a channel on TV and organizes a newspaper for the public. In his personal life, he loves a talented young girl, Prena Sharma.

Prena Sharma (Shweta Tiwari) is the eldest daughter of Rajesh and Veena Sharma. She loves Anurag Basu. She has a son named Prem before her marriage with Anurag. Prena is an also a business type woman.

Moloy Basu (Deepak Qazir) is the father of Anurag, husband of Moni Basu, and best friend of Rajesh Sharma. Moloy Basu and Rajesh Sharma made Basu Publication and they were really close to each other?s family. Both these best friends wanted to turn their friendship into an in-law relation. So their dream of getting Prena Sharma and Anurag Basu married.

Moni Basu (Kannu Gill) wife of Moloy and mother of Anurag. Doesn?t want her son Anurag, to marry Prena because she is a middle class girl and her family has a lower status. Wants her son (Anurag) to do everything of her wish.

Risheb Bajaj (Ronit Roy) has an ex-wife Ms. Bose, two young teenage children, and a blind young daughter. The children don?t like their father (Mr. Bajaj). Also, Mr. Bajaj is really obsessed about Prena Sharma. He is the head of BTN Channel, has a lot money, and power.

Komolika (Urvashi Dholakia) is a villain type. She is very dangerous and can do anything with her money and power. Komolika loves money first she marries Anurag Basu and wants to take over his money, Kay Channel, properties, and power of Attorney. After, when Anurag has found out her fishy plans she marries Shubratho Basu, the cousin of Anurag.

Other smaller characters are Nevedita, Shekar, Suman, Prem, Shivani, Koki, Geeta, Tushar, Vishakha, and Rajesh Sharma.

The Story of Kasauti Zindagi Kay

>>The story is that Anurag an obedient rich son and Prena a very talented young middle class beautiful girl go to the same collage. In the meantime, Anurag helps his father with Basu Publications. On Valentine?s Day Prena?s friends dare Prena to give a red rose to Anurag and Anurag accepts it. After they become good friends and their families are really close to each others because their fathers Rajesh Sharma and Moloy Basu are best friends. Later they start hanging out a lot together and their friendship turns into love.

>>Prena and Anurag fall in love with each other and tell their parents that they want to marry each other but Anurag?s mother disagrees. Later Moloy and Rajesh meet in accident and Rajesh dies and Moloy goes into coma. Moni Basu (Anurag?s mother) insists Anurag to marry Komolika her friend?s daughter or he will see his mother dead. When Prena finds out Anurag is marrying Komolika instead of her she slaps him across his face and tells the family to move somewhere else because this plat is only for employees of Basu Publication. Prena gets pregnant and has a son named Prem who she gives to her sister and in-law. She starts working with Veneet and sees Anurag with Veneet at their Publication.

>>A few minutes later after Anurag leaves there is a fire and Prena blames it on Anurag Basu because she spotted him a few minutes earlier. But, the please starts to investigate and Veneet tells Prena that this Publication is Anurag?s and he built it for you and the plat your leaving was bought by him. Prena gets shocked that Anurag did so much for him and she misunderstood him. So they become get friends again. Komolika wants to take over Anurag?s belongings such as properties, money, and Kay Channel. Anurag doesn?t even know his wife?s fishy plans. That his wife just married Anurag because of the money. Anurag's tries to give everything to Komolika even when loves Prena. Komolika takes the advantage of that and starts taking everything of Anurag Basu her husband.

>>If you want to find out what happens next or will Anurag find out Komolika?s plans. Also what will happen with Anurag and Prena? Then you should watch this serial Monday to Thursday 8:30 pm on Star Plus. I don't want to tell the whole story because there's no point watching then. So this is the beginning of the serial but from where you begin to watch you will end up seeing Anurag with Aprona and that?s his third marriage. Then the serial takes an eight year leap. Even after Anurag and Aprona have been married for eight years Aprona will do something to Anurag! So watch Kasauti Zindagi Ki and you will find out what I exactly mean. Don?t miss an episode!!


The direction of Kasauti Zindagi Ki is awesome; especially the emotional scenes are done excellently. The theme song done by Babul Supriyo and Priya Bhattacharya is SUPERB and the images are beautifully following the song. My opinion is the song is the thing that attracts the audience to watch Kasauti Zindagi Ki.


Kasauti Zindagi shows that some created misunderstandings may cause problems in your life. If the two like Prena and Anurag work together than there can be now problems and if there are than you can face them together and solve them quickly. If people work together it?s easier to solve problems and Kasauti in your life with a partner rather than yourself. You sometimes need to trust the person not believe the things you see or hear. BECAUSE THAT?S THE WHOLE PROBLEM THAT CAN CAUSE MISUNDERSTANDINGS BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE! I hope you watch Kasauti Zindagi Ki and enjoy it because it tells problems that people have to face in realty.

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