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Harry Potter vs Harry Potter
Jun 06, 2005 03:10 PM 2361 Views
(Updated Jun 06, 2005 03:10 PM)



Hey all you mouthshutters.This is my first review so hope i'll be able to pull out something worth readable.I was just re- reading Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban,and as the movie is going to be released on it soon,so lets see what all the movie has to capture to keep the excitement in the movie as much as the book offers. The Prisoner of azkaban is Sirius Black,best friend of James and Lily Potter,Harry's parents.Black,who's supposed to be Potter's secret keeper,is claimed to have handed over the Potters to Dark lord,his master and is held responsible for kiiling dozen other people including Peter Pettigrew,another of his friends.He is sent to Azkaban,a prison for wrong doers,guarded by terrible dementors.Now,in Harry's third year,He escapes(which no one has ever done before) and is supposed to have been muttering 'He's in Hogwarts' all the time ,a few days before he frees himself.So, everyone from Minister of magic ,Cornelius Fudge,start to take necessary precautions to secure Harry,much to his irritation.

Harry realises that Hogwart's entrance is being guarded by dementors,which only adds to his annoyance.The dementors have terrible influence on Harry,as every time dementors get closer to harry,he seem to pass out cold,which doesn't happen with anybody else,which also results in Gryffindor losing the quidditch match against Hupplepuffs.This upsets him only more.But,he is determined to overcome this fear and tries to learn defence against these horrible creatures.Well,in the end Harry,along with his friends(Ron and Hermionee) learn truth about who really betrayed his parents and also about Moony,padfoot,prongs and wormtail,about why snape loathes Harry so much .Harry also comes to know about Hermionee's secret and both of them end up saving two lives,that of slain Hippogriff and Black.And Dumbledore ends up cofusing his already complicated thoughts.(Now, who wouldn't be if you are told to have established a bond with your enemy,who betrayed your parents and that it 'd be come in handy in the future.) T

The prisoner of Azkaban introduces several new characters,charms,magical creatures,subjects,places etc.,As Harry's entered his teen years,he is more of an emotional wreck.He feels the restlessness of adoloscence.He feels hate, hatred enough to cause harm to someone who he feels has betrayed his parents.He experiences his worst fear,fear of fear itself('How wise !!'as Lupin puts it) but he doesn't back out instead learns to conquer it and even overcomes it.He does the unthinkable by showering mercy on his enemy.(he doesn't wan't his father's friends to be a murderors).JKR,brilliantly captures all these human traits,emotions and weaknesses brilliantly in this book and yet manages to sustain humour all over the book.The way she sketches up a character and how she logically names her characters(now moony's the warewolf.padfoot,a dog.wormtail,a rat.Prongs, a stag),the way she cooks up charms(impervious,dissendium etc.,) and all the good (hogsmead)and wierd (Azkaban)places and ofcourse the food(toothflossing stringmints,blood favoured lollipops etc.,) is quite remarkable.She is blessed with great imagination and wit and her characters gets on you and stays with you forever.

Important new characters introduced:

Prof. Remus Lupin(being played by DAVID THEWLIS in the forth coming film)Defence against dark arts professor.

Black(played by GARY OLDMAN ):Harrys' god father

Peter Pettigrew(TIMOTHY SPALL ):the betrayor

Prof. sybill Trelawney(EMMA THOMPSON ):Predicts the escape of peter and joining his master to free him.

Magical Creatures: JKR has introduced several creatures which Prof Lupin teaches to his students such as Boggart,red caps,kappas,hinkypunks,grindylows.

Buckbeak(Hippogriff):body,hind legs and tails that of horses,but front legs,wings and head of giant eagle.Very beautiful.accidentally hurts draco malfoy(hippogriff don't take nonsense and Malfoy manages to insult it) and ends up being slain ed because of Malfoy,later miraculously saved by rescued by Harry and Hermionee(talk about reviving the dead),and goes into exile talking Sirius Black.

Dementors:Guard Azkaban,slimy,scabbed,hooded creatures,who suck all the happiness of those surrounding them.They lower their hood only to perform what is known as dementor's kiss where in they suck out the soul,which is worse than death.They give nightmares to Harry,who starts hearing his mom screaming and cruel laugh of Voldemort before murdering her.

Crookshanks:Ok ,it's just big, ginger cat which hermionee buys as her pet.But it's quite intelligent as it recognises scabbers as animagus and helps out sirius too.

Harry's new possessions:

Marauder's map:A map which displays all secret passages(by tapping it and saying'i solemnly swear that i'm upto no good and can be closed again by saying mischief managed) and also shows all the persons in hogwarts.Given to Harry by Fred and Goerge(Mischief makers!!),enables Harry to go to Hogsmeade(he couldn't get a form signed).

Firebolt:state of the art racing broom,super fast,unsurpassable balance and pin point precision, before which Nimbus(which Harry looses to whoomping willow) is nothing .Gifted to Harry by Sirius.

Places to watch out for:hogsmeade

Magic charms

Expecto Patronum: The patronus charm is the only defence against dementors.

impervius charm:repels water which helps harry to view clearly in rain during quidditch match.

Waddiwasi:Lupin tries it on peeves.

Fidelus charm:A complicated charm involving a secret keeper.

Hermionee's secret: Now How does Hermionee manage to be at three classes at the same time.Well,she is given a magical hour glass which can take her back in time.she keeps it a secret from even Harry and Ron.Harry and Hermionee use it to save buckbeak(Bless his little beak),sirius and ofcourse themselves.

what i'll be looking forward to in this movie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1)Monster Book of Magical creatures:Hagrid's gift to Harry on his b'day.Well, Harry tryst with book which bites him is quite funny.

2)Inflating Aunt Marge:That's something to look forward to.And uncle vernon trying to pull her down when her dog sinks it's teeth into his feet(ouch!!she deserved it)

3)Knight bus:That fast recklessly moving bus which knocks out every thing on it's way!!

4)Hagrid's first class:Hippogriff's introduction and Harry flying on one of them.

5)Lupin's First class:The first ever practicals by gryffondor on Boggart is funny(imagine snape in Neville's grand mom's clothes)

6)Harry's visit to Hogsmeade :when Harry ,wearing an invisibility cloak ,takes on malfoy and his friends in shrieking shack.

7)Sirius's appearance:When sirius appears as an animagus and chases them to shrieking shack through whoomping willow.

8)Scabbers is Peter:When scabbers transforms into a human(yuck)

9)Lupin's a warewolf:The transformation of lupin into warewolf which upsets all the plan.

10)Timetravel:Harry and Hermionee travelling back into time to save sirius's and buckbeak's life.

11)Patronus:Harry perfect Patronus which saves the lives of well Harry,Hermionee and Sirius from hundred's of dementors and Harry's Patronus's particular shape.

Well,The third adaptation of Joan's novel is being released on 4th june,is directed by Alfanso cuaron.

The regular star cast include Micheal Gambon(Prof. Albus Dumbledore), Daniel Radcliffe(Harry potter),rupert grint(Ronald weasly),Emma watson (Hermionee Granger),Robbie Coltrane(Rubeas Hagrid),Maggie Smith(Prof. Minerva Mc Gonagall),Warwick davis(prof. Flitwick),Gemma Jones(Prof. Pomfrey),Alan Rickman(prof. severus Snape),Tom Felton(Draco Malfoy),Richard Griffiths(Vernon Dursley),Fiona Shaw(Petunia Dursley),Harry Melling(Dudley Dursley).

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