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Local Sightseeing:



Gwalior is historical city. Gwalior is situated at the most important point according to military/defense point-of-view. We can go to Gwalior by Punjab Mail.

Sight seeing in city is very pleasing. We can see prosperity of historical India in the city of Gwalior. Form many centuries(many centuries of known history) Gwalior is very important historical city, having a huge fort. In latest history i.e. last 300 years Gwalior city saw many rulers Mughal Rulers, Maratha Rulers, British East India Company which is called Company *Sarkar *(Government). Before that Gwalior is the seat of Tomar dynasty.

After the death of Mughal Sultan Aurangzeb, the Maratha power emerged as one of the most powerful rulers who rule India(From 1710 to 1750 emerging period of Maratha Empire). Around 1730, Bajirao First, Peshwa(Prime Minister) of Maratha Empire, concurred Gwalior and appointed one of his commissioners on that region i.e. Shinde. Scindia is the corrupt form of Shinde. In the 1857 freedom war, Gwailor and Jhansi are the main centers for freedom fighters.

In 1874 the palace of Scindia was built. At present Gwailor fort and Palace of Scindia are the main attractions. A museum is prepared in Scindia Palace. It contains a huge collection of historical weapons, cannons carried by camels, cannons carried by elephant,  swords and many other things useful for transportation/travel i.e. Palkhi, Mena, Cart etc. We can take photographs of these articles by paying reasonable fees. For Indian visitors it was Rs. 30/- in 2008.

We can visit fort by private vehicle or auto-rickshaw. If we have private vehicle we can take it at the top but if we are visiting from auto-rickshaw we have to leave it near main gate of fort. However, half an hour walking is not very difficult because the road is built till top. We can see ancient caves on our way. These caves are carved in ancient times. The fort covers a huge area. We can see a bird's–eye view of Gwalior city from fort. Two small museums are prepared in the Gwalior fort. One is on the top and other is near Mahadwar(Main Entrance) i.e. near ground level. The fort has more than one entrance.

As per military point of view once any one seized Gwalior, one can influence Delhi and you are well known about the importance of Delhi. From many centuries Delhi is most important city of India in terms of political influence.

We are lucky enough that we got a chance to stay in the heart of Gwalior city at our relatives' residence. In the morning everyone(most of the people) buy puri-bhaji from road-side stalls. It hardly costs Rs. 5/- per plate. But the quality of Khasta Puri alongwith Bhaji *is nice enough and it is a very good heavy *nasta. In November the atmosphere was very pleasant(starting of winter). Therefore, heavy items like Khasta Puri alongwith *Bhaji *can get easily digested. This type of heavy food will give strength in pleasant(cool) atmosphere like Gwalior.

There is a place named Chowk in Gwalior city. At this place you can see the main marketplace of the city. You can purchase here Woolen cloths, food items and many other things. And you can also take test of Gwaliori Lassi at this place.

Ruler Scindia gave huge donations in form of land and money for many collages, schools. Gwalior has near-about 50, 000 population of Maharashtrian people. Many Maharashtrian peoples are shifted in this city around 1730 and their descendants are residing in this city.

You can come here in first week of November. Can stay in a suitable hotel. Now you can access hotel information through internet. 3 or 4 days are enough for sight seeing. Afterwards you can visit Mathura via train "3 Tier A/c"(as this is the most popular option of transport in our country for middle class people). Gwalior to Mathura is near-about 4 hours distance by railway. Road travel is not easy. Therefore go for railway. Now you can get the reservations on IRCTC. You can stay at an economy hotel near Mathura Junction Railway Station. Then you can visit for Agra. Mathura-Agra distance is hardly of 1 hour by bus. Government transportation can be a nice option because hiring private vehicle can cost you around Rs. 1500/- to 2500/- AND bus-ticket from Mathura to Agra is nearabout Rs. 40/-. If you want to stay at Agra you will have to pay more because Agra is crowded by foreigners.

In Mathura you can hire an auto-rickshaw and surf in and around Mathura. Local rickshawalas *can give you a nice ride of around 5 to 6 hours in, say 500/- rupees. They will wait for you and you have to visit temples, *Ghats near Yamuna River. Road side Dhabas can be a nice option for fresh, testy food. At least we have do so and used the hotel near Mathura Junction Railway Station for only residence purpose.

So, you can plan a nice trip of Gwalior, Mathura, Agra of 8 to 10 days in economy budget.

Additional information in precise -

Type of Travel -

Economy travel.

Duration of Stay -

Gwalior 4 days.

Mathura 3 days.

Agra 1 day(no night halt).

Average Expenditure -

In 2008 we(myself, wife and my father-in-law) spend Rs. 10 k for Gwalior, Mathura, Agra trip. After starting from Mumbai, we came to Gwalior and stay at our relatives' residence  Keep our luggage at their residence. Then go for Mathura. After going Mathura we search for hotel room. Local rickshawallah can help you for searching room as they got their commission. But still it is affordable.

(You can save a lot if you stay at your relatives' residence. This has other side also, you have to be keep yourself prepared for relatives at your residence. By residing at your relatives' residence you can see local life easily. Your relatives are your best consultants for shopping, sight-seeing, general information about city etc. etc. etc.).

Group Size -

3 people

(If you have to stay at your relatives' your group size should be not more than 5 - maximum 5).

Best suited for -

Healthy people of all age groups.

Best Time to Travel -

November first week to November third week.

Afterwards temperature is uncomfortably low for outsiders.

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