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more like middle-of-nowhere! England
Good Girls R Bad Girls that Don't Get Caught
Jan 24, 2006 04:08 AM 2935 Views
(Updated Jan 24, 2006 04:12 AM)

Happy… Birthday(?) to…Apsara419!

Just to be unpredictably predictable, I’m writing my 49th review on mon anniversaire! Apart from the fact that the numbers 4 and 9 are in my ID(how cunning *), I also didn’t have time to write a 49th and a 50th.  And so, just to follow the tradition( I respect that ) I’m writing about the place which gave me the opportunity to write! I’m extremely sorry if its random(actually I so am NOT sorry…just give me the NU rating!), but it comprises of a million thoughts gathered together. Yeah, every single thought I’ve had about the site rolled up into one review. How could it not be long?:D *May take a while to read…so read it in instalments. But read it. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.


The Discovery

yawn yawn this is the boring part…so you can skip it out…but I bet half of you ain’t even reading this anyways.

I missed that beloved bundle of dream-catastrophes which went by the name of Remix. So I looked it up on…and found some reviews on it, on a website called The name is definitely the most confusing thing; but I guess you have to speak your mind, through your mind(*and the internet *)! My first couple of reviews were rated Useful, and I was really happy with that, filled with a sense of achievement. Until I realised that you could have Very Useful reviews. After that I wouldn’t settle for any less!

The Art of RRCing

~RR-what? RRC, ie. Reading, Rating and Commenting!

Reading and Rating:

Try to read the whole review(unless its so unbearably boring, in which case you should inform the writer). And then give a rating…its just a click of a button! Why not just give one? It may not mean a lot to you, but it does to the writer!

At first rating used to be some sort of silly game for me. Someone rated my review Somewhat Useful, I’d rate theirs the same. Someone rated my Very Useful, they’d get the same rating back. I used to get so mad when a person came along and gave me a Useful rating, after I’d put in a lot of effort to gain a long chain of Very Usefuls’!

But then I realised that the ratings were named so for a reason. Now I rate on how useful I found the piece of writing; how informative/ humorous/ descriptive/ original/ thought-provoking it was. I rate on quality, not quantity. I don’t rate it VU just because the writer is a Star one, or very popular and I want to be a suck-up. I don’t rate NU out of spite or revenge. I rate the review decently, even if I hate the product so much that I wish I could put it in a box and blow it up.

You know what I really don’t like? People who give your review a low rating just because they have something against the product you’re reviewing, or their views differ from yours. Its understandable if their review was a bit rubbish, but if they argued their point well then why the low rating? Everyone has different opinions, and they should be respected! The same goes to when a person tries out a new style of writing.


To criticise or to compliment? To commend or to complain? All can be done so through a little comment. I always leave a comment if… a) I think my rating needs to be justified; b)I disagree with something written; or c) the review was fabulous!

Even the smallest of comments makes me happy! I like them much better than ratings for some reason. *No offence to ratings, you’re still great and everything:P

You could just leave a comment saying “great review!” I’m sure it means something(*like I didn’t understand a word of it but I’ll say that just for the sake of saying it and keeping you happy *), but there are so many things to write about! If someone specifically tells me to comment on their reviews, then I just leave a stupid comment like that…because if I haven’t already commented on the review it means I don’t have to say!


Other Features of this Wonderful Place

Star Writers:

Ah yes, that weird and rare species of Writerus Starus, more commonly known as Star Writers. I honestly and truly never wanted to be a Star Writer, and never will. When I first read the “guidelines” I was a little confused, but intrigued. Then I realised that Star Writers were those random people who get advertised on the front page(*I mean, home page *). They are a very interesting bunch of people…The…um…Chosen Ones. But I don’t understand why you need a photo in order to become a star WRITER.

M2M Service:

Mouth 2 Mouth resuscitation? Ewww, I hope not!

Let me tell you out of experience: m2ms are quite fabulous really. No, not to befriend a stranger(although I’m sure they some in use for that). But m2ms are an ingenious way of basically suc*ing up to someone in order to get them to RRC your reviews/ trust you! “I adore you’re writing style…I worship your sense of humour…and oh my gawd, you look absolutely gorgeous in your photo! Are you a model?” Lol, isn’t it great?

Trust List:

What’s up with the “trust”? I don’t trust anybody or anything on the internet, yet I have a whole load of people on my Trust List! Hmmm, maybe it should have been named differently…The people on my list are those who I think write well, or come across as nice people. Or send me a billion m2m’s containing trash and rate every single revu of mine just to gain my “trust”. Whatever! I have to add them to get some peace…

And then I discovered the joys of the Trust List button on your profile, which allows you to delete people without them knowing until they check who they’re trusted by. Bliss…oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that:S But I’m beyond the point of botheration now. So if you’re on my trust list at the moment, and have stayed on it for a while, then you can presume that I like you:)


My favourite things. And the most important. They are the main things of this site! Some people are just crazy, some annoying, and some I-wish-I-could-strangle-you people too. Some people who create multiple accounts(* call me ignorant, but I still don’t get the reason behind that logic). Some people just contradict themselves too much(“I hate seductresses. I get seduced by long wet hairs.”). And some people who write reviews on where to pick up prostitutes in Bangalore. Well, they make the site fascinating(oh man, I’m running out of adjectives *).

==> continued ==>

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