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Now The Earth Shattering (Part-1)
May 14, 2005 04:00 AM 1900 Views
(Updated May 14, 2005 05:39 AM)

There is a cynic in everyone and either its quietly resting inside raising its voice everynow and then to make a counterview of the original, So before I land up myself into the Examinationsssss(well 5 s for 5 subjects), let me just shatter 2 reviews that will be on MS and its members, so this is about Mouthshut, I have already rambled praises and flowers to MS in my review on website of MS, since the space is gone forbidden I will take this opportunity to combine website and my general thoughts on Mouthshut, So Read on.

Since 29th Aug'03 I have jumped into this, MS is everything plain speak, superb write ups, reviews, poems, advices, frustrations and absolutely be sir per reviews as well. So MS has it all and for everyone, before that its also a resource, My Andre Agassi review helped a school kid in USA to complete an assignment from the info I provided, I was thrilled with that. So whats good with being a resource, the whole internet is one but in my opinion its MS which serves as an *Effective Resource, The real effectiveness of MS comes in people deciding on the basis of the content provided by MS, Another thing that MS is really turning out is Writers and these are hi-tech, comp savvy, key shatterers who no longer are with long kurtas, old jeans and big specs they are the ones you read. Now way MS takes care of Junk reviews is alright and in that regard no problems, very recently a member who thought of reviewing every topic on MS as if she has a plane to miss and train to run behind was removed well.

Now MS is also confusing in its modus, Ask why?, First of all it should have never got into topics like Worst Reviewers, See in very Afrank opinion I would say if there is a topic to write on then one should write on it but ofcourse the language remains objective criticism rather then KHO(Kick him/her Out) kinds, So let the intent of the topic remain and how about starting it again with renaming it to say 5 Most Can Do better reviewers, so MS take notice. And WHY-THE-HECK is 5 Best Reviewers is suspended to write on, :-:(For Confusion).

See its always good to have plethora of writable topics and this is where MS scores like anything and if you still dont find it.Mouthpad remains as the place to j-h-a-a-k-o, but wait do I find some Member Advice not required kinds, well the cynic in me would tell * How about few advices like Opening a bottle, advice on picking up the reciever, advice on sneezing, advice on not snoring, advice on any damn thing, Now for this I have an answer(make a meaning out of it), Psyxx says that A Can Opener should be able to open Cans in his advice on can openers.:-)

About flagging and banning members, well if content is utter sh** then ban both the member and delete the review, but what is content in few of his/her reviews is an eye opener, so as Cooler(cool_tanmay) says Ban the criminal and not the crime I mean reviews.

Read-Rating-Commenting, Oh so many arguments on this whether to rrc or just c, well I feel MS should make it compulsory for members to read and rate, I might even add that a member cannot comment unless and untill he/she rates the effort, it confirms the presence, And as far as the comment goes well they are upto one's choice, Simple you can't expect me commenting on Chandramukhi(A south Indian movie), Did you get that people?:).

Way the Star Writer's are decided, I simply wont add anything, MS is confusing here with the guidelines of 2001, so in my opinion if I am a star writer then its a Extra Icing on my cake else Cake khaane ke liye to hum kahi pe bhi jaa sakte hai.



Umm go sip lime water n comeback, meanwhile This is the Trailor of my Sequel of this review

The Earth Shattering(Part 2), The Lenghhhhhhhhttttttiiiiiiieeeeest REVIEW of MS ever

~Coming soon to join 50 reviews on your screens, Its a Cticize' review.~


## About http:\ ##

START:Well the main page is more scrolly, I mean MS should reduce the space given to high rated and low rated section on the right side. The main page should be visible at one go rather then through a scroll bar. I apppreciate reviews going up from 30 to 50:-), The cooler opinion is shared again that please make the review of the day from the 24 hour day that passed by rather then coming up with a year old rather then a month old review, See a simple explanation to this is if I would have Wrote first on MPKDH praising it:-) then I might have been review of the day but with NU tag all over, that means even the impact of the review changes so the time frame matters, I saw a review of Bajaj Hudibaba Caliber 115 as ROD a few days back, I guess the bike is phased out. Hall of Fame/Best Debut/Community Center/Member News-Fine with me:STOP

START: MS Take Notice, When a member writes a review, he/she submits it and then comes to know that there is a big mistake and needs to corrected, the review isnt still properly indented so he/she edits it again n again to make it perfect, but reads by now are 25 and member ratings are 5, so I suggest is a MEMBER LOCK, if its in use a member can edit his review ample times without actually finally posting it, something like a preview, once the lock removed, the review can be posted then.STOP

START:MS Take Notice, When we recco a product and give 1 star to it and similarly we dont recco it and give it 5 stars, well simply a Validation should be put i.e. a popup prompting the member of highly rating and not reccoing it and vice-versa, This can be done as you read it ways STOP

START: MS Take Notice, Well please put a product pic in its reviews, coz its the products that bring the reads on MS, remember mnc123(Milind)'s Unicorn review touching 30, 000 almost, by 10, 000 reads Unicorn didn't had a pic for it and same with Super Splendor in initial days. If you can do it for entertainment related reviews then why not product.Bolo Bolo Tell Tell.

START:In order to ensure more members join MS, it should provide them something special, I suggest you is a New Member Zone which will feature only reviews from New MSians on that particular day and the members remain there for say 3 days if not more.STOP

Feeeew enough, I am not the CEO of this site, I know Faisal is reading and thanks a lot for Mr.Kevin(Exe. Asst.) to help me with his time to discuss about MS.

Rate and Comment Shatter Karo

© Cticize 05, 2005

PS: How about a MS Booklet slapped on Bad Product Manufacturers(taken from Donkey), I am listening to Chaiyya Chaiyya nice song.

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