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Mummy! Where art thou?
Aug 11, 2004 07:38 AM 2903 Views
(Updated Aug 11, 2004 07:44 AM)


A Mother means the world to anyone...she is your GOD, your advisor, your guardian, your protector, your humdum, your best friend...

Most of all...she is expressive, emotive in her language...and when she's not, you know that inside she is overflowing with love and emotion.

Bollywood mothers on the other hand, have a hard time capturing a lot of the sentiments one associates with Motherhood. Okay, I agree that movies aren't real, and it's pretty damn hard recapturing the essence of Motherhood...but, one shouldn't totally take that excuse and deliver a performance so bad that leaves it the audience aghast.

~Worst Actresses enacting the role of a MOTHER~


Aiya! She is expressive...goddamn yes she's expressive...she makes you cry...what? Oh no, you don’t cry from all the pain and empathy you feel with her character…you cry because she is soooooo bad, she goes WAY over the top in every single movie.

Her method of expressing her tremendous grief is screaming, dressing in filthy attire, speaking with a wavery voice, acting hysterical, having long and unruly hair which she hasn’t brushed since she vowed upon her dead husband’s soul to avenge his death or whatever.

Melodrama galore.

Karan Arjun, Ram Lakhan, Anari, these are just some of her hideous attempts at portraying Motherhood on screen.

She has the same role…widow, would like to see death upon her enemies, has a lot of faith in her sons, and preaches them that murder and bloodshed are the only ways of revenge…doesn’t believe in peace…is boring and monotonous, has the same determination to see blood, doesn’t mind if her own sons turn into murderers as long as HER wish is granted…Selfish…

Kamini Kaushal

First of all, I’m just guessing that that is her name…because I have seriously forgotten…if anyone knows, please do tell me.

She was the grandmother in Chori Chori.

Aiya! First of all, her Punjabi is terrible, I’m sorry, she just doesn’t pass in that section…couldn’t she either learn her role properly or discuss it out with her director?

Second of all…she tries tooooooo hard…she deliberately tries to make her voice sound fragile and broken…you know, kinda like when we pretend to be old and we kinda shake our voice? B-e-e-e-t-a-a-a-a-a…it would help if you took on a lamb’s voice…or better yet, imagine SRK in Darr…=)

She has no emotions, which is quite a relief if you’ve just been terrorised by Rakhi, no acting abilities, no nothing.

He laugh is fake…her attempts at being the understanding grandma fall flat, so do her attempts at being the ‘cool’ grandma who knows the ways of the youth of today.

Worst of all, is her wig. It’s so noticeable…ok, that’s the costuming people’s problem, but it wouldn’t be so noticeable if her acting wasn’t so bad. And omg, I haven’t even gotten to her ability to cry…hangs head in shame

Himani Shivpuri

Understanding…this one word never reaches Himani when she’s attempting her luck in enacting a Mother on screen.

In the two movies she’s acted as a Mum…the two that I can painfully remember, she didn’t once remind me of a mother who understands the sorrows of her daughter’s life.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge, MPKDH are her ‘trophies’, mind you, both these movies fizzled out at the B.O.

In MDK, she is so bloody annoying, all she manages to do is laugh her fake laugh, crack ‘funny’ jokes, and force her one and only daughter to marry someone…just for the sake of it? Or is it coz it’s no good having a daughter who’s just about to start Uni, to stay unmarried? Did she ever notice her daughter’s pain? When her daughter is distressed…does she go after her and find out the problem? Oh no, she leaves that up to someone else.

Did she even see that her daughter wasn’t really comfortable with Uday? And then when the climax came…phittey mu tera! I mean, there’s your daughter with the sindoor in her hair (even though that was a tad bit fake)…and all she does is just stand there…ah hello?

MPKDH, she has no clue to her daughter’s feelings….first make your daughter fall in love with one guy…then, realising he’s the wrong one, force your daughter to forget about him and fall in love with the next…come again? Her attempts at being funny…or acting as the pissed of mum don’t register no impact. She’s terrible.

The next two…I can’t remember their names…=P

Mum of Hrithik in MDK

She never appealed to me as being the motherly kind…I mean she was fine in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, but I don’t know…she either speaks a little bit too fast I reckon…she needs to slow down her dialogue delivery…or, it’s just me.

There is no evidence to suggest she feels any emotion…any pain, and when she does…it’s not convincing.

In MDK, her son is married off to another girl right at the time of the wedding day…does she interfere and ask…”hey, what the heck is going on here?”…NO, of course not, her son needs to learn independence.

I don’t know…it’s just that she doesn’t exude any warmth if you know what I mean? Like…she’s just there…that’s it…

Mum of Uday in MDK

I have no idea whatsoever on what her shub naam is. Her face remains expressionless…whether she’s happy, sad, angry…whatever…

She’s also quite boring in her speech and her face remains plastic. In MDK, in the climax when she’s there for her son’s wedding…but at the last minute, he gets dumped…at the mandap. Does she even display any trickle of emotion? Does the audience see her distress or anger at having being humiliated practically ( I mean, they come with the baraat, but her son doesn’t even get married).

In Aaina, when Amrita leaves the house…her plastic face fails to reveal any emotion…she sheds no tears…I mean, she might be trying to look shocked…but come on, that’s just taking it a bit too far.

Her laugh is fake, her emotion bhare (filled) scenes leave the viewer shocked and appalled. I mean, she’s like an older Amisha. Expressionless.

Is she fit for motherhood? Yeh, and will Mallika ever put her clothes back on?

Honourable Mentions

Jaya ji in K3G

She left me in a fix…I couldn’t tell whether she was crying or laughing half the time…very melodramatic.

Hema ji in the start of Bhagban

Hang on, she’s the mother of adult men…and also a grandmother of a grown up poti (granddaughter), and yet, she runs down the stairs with such ease that it would send all of us 'youngers' to shame. Understood that she’s taken great care of herself (she has), but come on…she does NOT look the part of a mother in the beginning?

There are many many more…

These actresses are the worst in their section…they know zilch about portraying the greatness of a mother. They know zilch acting anyways…but you see, that is what they do, they just “act”…they never try to portray the “real” thing. You never feel moved by them…no impact jaani.

=) Ciao

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