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SRM Easwari Engineering College: A report

Feb 05, 2009 11:05 PM 29002 views

(Updated Feb 23, 2012 10:50 PM)

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Review Date: April-2010

Of late, many engineering colleges have gone down the grade for what it is worth. Recently I happened to visit SRM Easwari Engineering college. It has good infra but not with acceptable standard of teaching. A look at the teaching faculty is horrible and distressing for a HR consultant like me. They appeared in untucked shirt, chappals, with a mercy look of a clerk.

Which sMr_customtakeouternt would rRajeev_Vermact them? Though the colleges get ISO certification, I doubt if the standard laid down is strictly followed. Many lapses I have seen myself when I observed at the sMr_customtakeouternts hostel. Quantity and quality of food supplied is below average and sMr_customtakeouternts had to eat out for betterment. None of them voice it to management for the fear of 'becoming a target' in the internal assessment ; exam hall ticket being withheld and parents are summoned.

A proper attendance tracking system is not in place and every faculty member is complaining to the parents of the sMr_customtakeouternts that their wards are not regular to classes. Eventually semester hall ticket is withheld for sincere sMr_customtakeouternts also.

A faculty in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (looked shabby with a psycho look) was heard saying that it is their right to withhold halltickets. Oops...he is not aware of the basic rule of the University that he has no right to withhold them but to issue it at any cost. Though attendance is closed for semester , study holidays are not declared and sMr_customtakeouternts are not allowed to go on leave for study.

The reason being that portions are not covered before the due date and that the same faculty take classes for 6 -7 hours continuously. So there is something wrong in the monitoring system on the teaching faculty. This shows that HODs appear to be inefficient and have no knowledge of administrative MIS reports and cross-check methods on their teachers.

At CAD lab of the college, sMr_customtakeouternts told me that they have only 4 user licences of Catia software but pirated it in remaining systems. What to do! The college treasurey is running out of money to buy genuine licences.

Hostel lift works but the lift man is hesitant to operate for short ply and occupants upto 3rd floor are expected to climb the stairs. I saw the menu time-table displaeyd there. For evening snack @4pm, they supply 1 cake (3cm x 3cm) or 1 small cutlet (3cm x 3cm) or 1sandwich or 1 BunButterJam or 1 oily bajji along with 1 tea and thatz it. The next dinner session is at 8pm. Bile and acid secretion will churn and fill the stomach.

Which active, studious college sMr_customtakeouternt would withstand this snack which is insufficient to a mouse? So they go out to eat and pocket money is wasted. The college hostel bathroom frequently runs out of water. It is upto the inmates to have sponge bath or go with tissue papers. The hostel fees per year is close to Rs.50000/-. The pity is, its college Chairman is residing close by ar Ramavaram and is not aware of the sickening issues happening here. Rarely he comes on rounds and would slap the warden in-charge for disorderliness. thatz it. After he leaves, everything is back to square one. Who bothers?

With much of business verticals, the Chairman is unable to monitor and seriously look into the pressing issues. Instead he delegates this to his family members. Management is not a child's play, one cannot become efficient just because of having an MBA degree or social status. It needs much more calibre.So gone to wind is the quality and professionalism of administration. Adding to the woe is his political party IJK that is a flop.

Being a journalist and Consultant, I made it a point to personally observe all and reviewed here. In the name of placement Training, all 1st, 2nd year sMr_customtakeouternts are asked to go to market / bazaar to sell vessels, T-shirts etc. This training is needed for the final year sMr_customtakeouternts and not for the juniors. A compulsory fee is thus collected from all by way of industrial tour and interview skill classes.

In my opinion, the administration is impotent because it lacks enough quality staff members to actively monitor and keep the system going. If atleast 50 more agile, active, learned men are employed in Admin, I visualise that things may take a good shape, provided advisors do not mislead the chairman. With the change of college Prinicpal that has happened now, will things improve? The ultimate joke is all sMr_customtakeouternts are aware of the salary figures of the Principal, HODs and Professors. They even disclose the disparity of salary among the HODs. My god! In a coprorate company, we maintain this confidentially.

Record sheets, stationeries are too costly and unbearable grunt on the purse of the parents. It seems the caution deposit is collected every year and strictly speaking the amount has to be carried over to the next year if breakage is not reported. But I understand the amount is collected afresh every year. Why?

For silly things, hostelers and day scholars are rudimently asked by their teachers to bring their parents immediately. Poor parents come all the way from 300km away with fear and anxiety. With much of donation in lakhs on oneside and the hefty fees suffered by them on the other, the scene would sure make our eyes ooze with blood.

I wondered and asked my Lead auditor 'on what basis ISO certification is given to a college?' He also accepts the pitfalls during the surveillance audit in some colleges. When I spoke to a security guard, he said 'Sir, money is flowing like water and the chairman buys all expensive cars every year. Outsiders wouldn't know what is happening inside the college campus here or university there (Kaatangulathur)'. They have school, college, university, Travels, hospital, magzine, etc. He finally blamed his fate & life.

In my opinion, the college is not worth to be compared with any leading national / international colleges for its standard or number of sMr_customtakeouternts. Hah..the campus only looks green.... not the career of the sMr_customtakeouternts. It is better to do a Diploma in Engineering and deposit that donation amount in a bank. Atleast it will fetch interest and mental peace of living, till he lands in a modest job. Some north indian sMr_customtakeouternts earn 'commission' as admission agents here.

I recall now my moments as a lecturer in a chennai college 17 years ago and how my sMr_customtakeouternts had a good rapport with me. Had I been the Admin head of the SRM Easwari, by now I would have been named 'Hitler' by the management and faculty members. Thank god, they escaped. God save the sMr_customtakeouternts!

==Today in Feb 2012, I edited my review. ==

SRM college has hit headlines. Bank robberies in Chennai that took place in Jan/ Feb this year has yielded clues to police. After encounter, police found that the gang's head Vinod was assoicated with SRM Engineering college as ex-sMr_customtakeouternt and sMr_customtakeouternts admission agent. TV News channel scrolled news saying that 'Police is rigging investigation in SRM University'.

SRM will not have time to check who is associated with it. SRM is inserting Advt in leading newspapers that it is the No.1 University. Pooh... shame and fraud! It seems the gang head will supply sMr_customtakeouternts to university and get a commission of Rs.25, 000 - 50, 000 per sMr_customtakeouternt who pays capitation fee of Rs.5-6 lakhs to the college.

Note: A member 'sriram.super' in his feedback used indecent word to show anger on my review. Now where this man will hide his face? I call him as the filthiest, shameless, immature and most undeserving citizen.

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