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Jan 04, 2006 04:10 AM 6262 Views
(Updated Jan 04, 2006 04:10 AM)

As I have always been an outspoken person I could hardly relate with people who got shivers if the teacher asked them to read from the book in the class.I was amongst those who would fight to get the biggest paragraph to read.It was only when I came to college and made a friend called Neha Manchanda(i hope NM never reads this).well with time we became really good friends.But I could hardly believe her when she wouldnt attend the class because the prof was expected to ask questions in that lecture,which for me used to be the most useful and ''interactive'' part of college studies.she would tell me that she's ''runing away''.(enough bout NM)

Then I landed to do my MA at Ambala(dont even dare to ask me where is it and why I went there?)a small town in Haryana(200Kms from Delhi).Some how this NM experience increased when I saw EVERY girl on the campus that I knew,faced this ''running away'' infact added to my frustration and is adding by and by with my each passing day at Ambala.It is impossible to be with people who dont talk.forget Public Speaking or dilivering speeches.

In today's world,if u want to achieve success there's nothing that can help you more than ur own self.The first hurdle u face in the race of job finding is,GD and then you move on to the interview!!!its the vocal power that works for people from call center agents,radio jockey's,TV anchors,news readers,journalists,managers,etc it would not be wrong to say that having good interaction skills is as important as having a degree.

these are from my notes collected during my days with the SD College Theater Group and also my school(of 12 yrs)who's stage I still hear misses my blabberings and the mics I am sure miss being used by me:-

SPEAK LESS...might sound cliched..but why I rank it at the top is because I know that I still lack in this area.But trust me it works every time I follow it.Its wiser to be silent than speaking wrong.This might also sound paradoxical,amen when I am talking bout speaking how can I suggest ''dont speak''..BUT DEAR THATS NOT ''DONT SPEAK''..SPEAK LESS..being to the point is fun..saves energy!!!and people value ur words if u use them rarely if u keep talking all the time people turn deaf!!!

BE TO THE POINT...At times we start speaking for the heck of doing so.thats when unwanted and irrelevant subjects and facts are exposed.And this is the part of the discussion u MOST REGRET later.silence plays the trick much better.

A TIP FROM THE SPEECH THERAPIST..this one's a tip my speech therapist at the drama club gave ''LAY STRESS ON THE LAST WORD OF YOUR SENTENCE'' doesnt it sound senseless??well it did to me initially.But slowly I adopted it in my personal life and day-to-day speaking,and it does work!lets try right now,try reading the following sentence first just the way u do and then read it with the last word spoken loud,clear an forcefully.(you have to be clear with the other words as well but lay stress on the last one)


now tell me doesnt it add a zing and thrill when the ''you'' is highlighted???well it does the one you are talking to is pulled..he/she understands that he/she is important its him/her that you love!!!! :)try any other sentence and see the difference!!!(temme if I made sense there??)

SPEAK WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN...This happens to be what I would call the ''worst case syndrome''.when someone keeps agreeing with you just for doing so and what they believe in is something totally opposite!!!

this reminds me of my middle school days when my house incharge(Manna Barua Ma'am)would give me the subject for the debate and then ask me to speak in favour of it just because no one else wanted to do so or because she had already given my name for the ''for the motion'' catagory!!!!Gosh,what would follow were great mugging up setions and still I would get stuck at places,but she would never buy it if I said I cant speek on this because I dont believe in what I am talking and I oppose it completely!

God has no where made a rule that you have to support and be a party to the ''mob mentality''.it will help u because (i)you will advocate ur view better with all your views since you are convinced about it yourself and (ii)you will be happy at the end of it for talking what you wanted to.

can I add some more to this one?Even in your personal relationships,dare to speak your mind out.While accompanying my friend to her blind date,i was nearly shocked by the way she talked,i knew it wasnt her!!She went on to eat a chocolate ice cream which she hated otherwise.on asking her later she says'she dint wanna loose the guy's attention'!!! me I know ALOT of guys and know exactly the kind of girls they like,and any normal guy would hate to be with a bimbo who has no mind of her own and would just go on ''yes boss''ing him!!!(right guys??)

USE YOUR KNOWLADGE...well this one involves great efforts ;))it does.But knowladge doesnt mean reading encyclopedias or huge,fat books.knowladge can be gotten even from a masala movie magazine.There are millions who even depend on Punjab Kesari for their knowladge(if u know what I mean??).life is what u see it as...u can simply raise issues around you and relate them to the so called major social problems.

I recall here while speaking on the issue of the harassing of women in marriage,at an inter college debate,i spoke about the maid who works at my home,her husband being an unemployed(out of choice)drunkard,who would steal her money and beat her and her 3 children,and how she still went on supporting him and justifying him even when one day the police caught him trying to burn her back with a hot tawa.and I was highly appreciated and won the debate as well.

so u see though you must read alot and keep track of the happenings around you but even if you dont wanna do that.use atleast your basic knowladge..COMMON SENSE...if you remember God gave us that!!!

KILL THE ''I AM OUT OF THIS'' ATTITUDE...One thing I want everyone reading this to remember ALWAYS is,every dog has his turn.if it is not your turn today it will definitly be yours tomorow.this is one reason for which I hated NM.she would not go to a general awareness workshop,coz she ''had better things to do''.and the better things were go home and sleep.she would not want to participate in a paper presentation 'coz ''it takes a lot of efforts,and I can live without it as well''.well so can the other 98% of the world.But if you really want to be someone,GET UP AND TALK!!Stand apart.

Why I mentioned this here is,if you are the one who remains silent believing you would never have to talk,you are will never have to talk as long as you want to just pull on.the day you want to rise in life,you will have to speak up!!!So why not to it right away.

friends''the freedom to speech'' is our birth right why not make use of it.I hope my effort proves helpful to you in some way or the other!!Do write to me and lemme know i'll be honoured.

keep talking.


PS- I am sorry if I was too personal..but I write about issues close to my heart...and sorry NM.but have to confess youve changed for the better in the last 4 yrs,well company does matter ;))lolz.

and to the creepy people at SD theatre group.if I mentioned u here does not mean I hate u less.i still never wanna go back to that group.i would do anything in the world but act with you slimy idiotic Ambala in that shell and die there I dont care.and specially you Mr. Ashok Lehiri you Sk and you SK bigtime!!Wait for your turn to harassed us enough and I owe u one!

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