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Medical Care:

Staff Attitude:

Civil Lines, Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana 141001, PB


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# Welcome to DMC&H - We are waiting to kill you.
Feb 14, 2020 01:56 PM 1504 Views (via Mobile)
(Updated 30 days ago)


Medical Care:

Staff Attitude:

Bluff, Cheating, and Experiment on ill patients in every department in DMC hospital, Ludhiana. I closely observed DMC as a hospital and Dmc as a college, as I was there for 21 days because my mother was admitted in the gastro department under the supervision of dr. Omesh goyal.

The inexperienced Students(Junior doctors those are actually student) of dmc will play freely with your body.They will be the in-charge of yours medical condition after senior doctors depart from the hospital.Senior doctor neither will pick your phone nor of resident or student cum junior doctor after his depart because he will be busy in his opd consultations in evening at his home.

Students doing their residency and acting as independent doctors and their inexperience are main reason for high mortality rate in College type of hospitals, Whether Government, aided or private.Government, Senior doctors and hospital administration Should have strict control on medication prescribing habits of their inexperienced doctors, independently. e.g. In ipd if you will be suffering from minor problem at night like nausea, hiccups or headache etc. in that case Student cum Junior resident doctor will not be aware of adverse effect of tablet or injection and about dose adjustment, according to patients sensitive medical history especially of old age person or senior citizens.He or she will not be able to diagnose the actual problem of patient because of inexperience and will try the treatment as per his or her handicapped knowledge, Which can take life of the patient.Chances of misdiagnose and wrong treatment therefore resulting in death of patients would be 100 percent at that moment.Doctors doing their residencies are doctor in training.

Major culprit is hospital and college administration which appoints students(Preferably doing dm or other degree) as Resident doctor or independent doctors in day or night in ipd, also surprisingly in Icu and emergency too.In demanding situation their student cum doctors would be bearing incomplete degree and insufficient expierence to treat the critically ill patients.They will fail to protect life of patient.

Infact in dmc type of hospitals, your senior doctor will hand over your dear one's life to their student doctors and they both senior and junior doctor by making a team will kill you or your patient in DMC.

They killed my mother on 10th feb 2020.

Kindly do not visit even as OPD patients to DMC doctors neither in the hospital nor at their private clinics. Otherwise, You will find yourself in their trap.

They use the protocol or agreement of putting the patients in front of their students in IPD/ICU/Emergency of DMC, as per the guidelines of DMC college and hospital management.

Public should know this truth that in dmc hospital ludhiana, In ipd and more importantly at night, their resident doctors, ICU and emergency doctors are majorly students doing pg or doctorate degree.they are not an highly experienced doctors.Hospital administration is making fool of innocent public.There is nobody LIABLE for resident doctors treatment.

Plz note Dr. Sumit of gastrology is a Student cum resident and Junior doctor with half knowledge, he is presently associated with dr. Omesh goyal in the Gastro department till date and both these doctors are overconfident.

DMC College management and their Senior doctors(Those are teaching faculty too)wants to keep their students happy instead of Saving lives of patients because college does take heavy fees from their students and thus to increase the practical experience of each and every student, they allow them to do experiment on our loved one family member's or patients.This is the crime story of that every hospital those run an educational institute for Mbbs, Md or Dm medical Degrees or other courses for students(along with nursing) parallel to their hospital.

The motive of these types of the hospital is to earn money, money and only money from their medical students as well as patients.Their main source of the revenue are Students and their college.Are They just bringing the ill human bodies in hospital with help of their opd doctors for practical expierence of their students.They have liscence to kill the patient.

DMC is actually a College more than a hospital, which I personally believe.

Other Non - Teaching hospitals also hire students on their merit for an internship or fellowship programme(Junior doctors) but may not allow them to do experiments with their patients because their major income is from hospital.Even A Minor teaching hospital can be the reason of death for the patient because of its working and teaching nature.So Plz ignore teaching and Minor teaching hospitals doctors even in their opd for the treatment, to avoid the risk of Sudden death of patients espically of Senior citizens and children.

So it's up to every individual he/she wants treatment in College like DMC Ludhiana from inexperienced students like doctors in trainings or in a hospital having a dignity Because this factor cannot be fully denied that important role of "doctor in training" means Resident Junior doctor will not come to play during your stay in ipd.

Plz carefully read that Resident Dr. Sumit(of gastro) here is used to do experiment with Patients and now Unfortunately it was the turn of my mother.He is careless and a big bluff maker with sweet language. If you are admitted or care of under Dr. Omesh Goyal and resident dr. Sumit in gastro department of DMC then change your senior and resident doctor immediately or plz take discharge from hospital as soon as possible, before it gets too late.Junior doctors experiment becomes more horribly dangerous in the evening or at night(or on Sunday) and it is difficult to fight for Patients life with the adverse reaction of medicine or injection in the night because Doctors available on duty/in Icu would also be a student doing Md or Dm, like always.This also happened in our case.

Almost All Senior Doctors will be absent on Sunday because of the weekend and they will not pickup your phone..

In our case, My diabetic mother who had cirrhosis of the liver, firstly suffered from baclofen induced metabolic encephalopathy(Coma)She was pushed in gastro icu for coma or for that reason which was fully and 100 % preventable and then after approximate 8 days - from an injection Perinorm(Metoclopramide hydrochloride) induced sedation, cardiac arrest(heart block or AV block) and hypotension(low or Nil b.p).She suffered from Fungal sepsis and hospital aquired infections due to her forceful admission in ICU because a GABA Pentinoid was given to her in AKI resulting from a Prescription error or medical neligence, made by a junior cum resident doctor.Impaired renal function was already associated with past medical history of patient, in fact this student doctor failed to write her medical history at all.Ofcourse also When Perinorm injection has to be given blood pressure was already 90/60 at that moment but dr. Sumit denied this fact because he had half knowledge and it has been said that there is nothing more dangerous in the world than a little or half knowledge about your profession.There was no need at all to try a such type of potent and Controversial injection for nausea and earlier the baclofen tablet for hiccups, as per present or past medical history(related to heart and kidney) of patient, Which lowerd the b.p. more and more and helped in promoting the shock to patient, according to a Retd. senior doctor.Both type of treatments(given to my mother) have been majorly denied by intelligent and experienced medical experts in reduced renal function and CAD, in whole world.Both baclofen tablet and Perinorm injection are already well established for their potential adverse effects in medical field, for killing the critically ill patients in reduced kidney function and cardio-vascular problems or coronory artery disease.

Plz note sometimes in a case Patients sudden, intentional or forceful admission in icu from ward etc. of the hospital may be the pressure of sales target of that particular hospital for the concerned doctor.

Malpractice happened and Consequently my mother died but She always wanted to live.Two times independent experiment was done by a Junior and Student cum resident Dr. Sumit Singh(of Gastro department, Studying DM degree).He is a doctor in training but independently prescribed that Controversial drugs which were seriously harmful for my mothers condition.

Is running a medical hospital for sick people is a funny game.?.

Resident and student Dr. Sumit Singh(Studying DM) Makkar of gastro department in dmc hospital ludhiana does not know the serious side effects and adverse effects of medicines/injections(he does not even know the required injections has to be given slow or fast)according to the condition of patients of every age. Dr. Omesh Goyal and other senior doctors will always try to protect Dr. Sumit. DMC hospital management and their doctors will keep experimenting till your Patient die. Dr. Omesh goyal allowed Student Dr. Sumit to continue his foolish experiments on my mother by saying that he is his team member.Dr Sumit according to him, is a superior doctor though he has incomplete degree of gastro or concerned branch.

The persons those act like independent doctors after four or five p.m.(evening)in dmc types of colleges cum hospitals, would be mainly or actually students doing their Pg or doctorate Degrees having NIL expierence.

Unfortunately, our patients and loved ones are just a body for them only just because of this that they have to earn from students of their medical college as well as from public.I think, Appointing the Students or resident doctor as full fledge doctors is serious organised crime and bluff against Society and human beings.

From where I will get my mother back. I am feeling guilty, Plz mom forgive me and give me the punishment for my decision to get you admitted in a worst and a butcher hospital-like DMC Ludhiana. Mom, I cannot live without you. Plz come back.

I urge the public, Protect the life of your loved ones by making the wise decision and Say Goodbye forever to DMC type hospitals in fact that hospitals those run educational colleges parallel to their hospitals.

If you are admitted in any hospital or has been adviced by your doctor to get admitted in case Plz be aware of your rights and ask for qualification and expierence of your attending consultant dr. of night duty or resident/icu doctor also confirm about hospitals Shock preventing team from counsellor because in emergency or icu department because of infection of icu, A disease sepsis or fungus sepsis called A SUPERBUG oftenly occurs for senior citizens and infants or children which gives very short window to save a patients life. Severe or serious Sepsis can anytime bring Septic shock in which b.p. falls and organs of body starts to dysfunction, In case you are in icu of a hospital with age of 65+diabetic+impaired immune system etc. and your two or more organs of body are not properly working for example heart, kidneys or liver etc. then you are perfect candidate for Sepsis or Fungal Sepsis and Septic shock.Infact, if in a hospital there is no medical shock preventing special team of experienced doctors in icu or hospital, Patients mortaility rate will be very high and unfortunately on death certificate of patient no hospital will tell you that patient has died from Septic shock because it's hospitals legal liability to prevent patients from infections, Sepsis, Septic shock and Fungas infection of blood and infact from all hospital acquired infections(HAI).To avoid the medicolegal process they or their doctor may establish the heart attack or any other fake reason for death and you will be in mystry for whole life that how our patient can suddenly die..You will be thinking that Yesterday or at home he or she was totally fine and was talking too.... You would have so many questions in your mind and Septic shock or deadly infection of icu may be the killer of your patient or relative, which is in most cases in these days.Do you know 3rd leading cause of Patients deaths in USA is Medical errors or Medical negligence by doctors and hospitals.India is still a devolping country and lots of data remains hidden of reasons of death of a patient in hospital.Kindly Be aware of your and your elders rights because loosing a Child/Elder or Mother or Father is like a lake without its ends.

Tell these hospitals or doctors to stop killing our elders and infants from hospital or ICU acquired infections as we need them badly.

Kindly bear in mind that Prevention is better chan cure...even for us and for a physician too.


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