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Cost of living has brought big wall between two

Nov 25, 2012 05:59 PM 5492 views

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I wanted to write a review on cost of living and Arundhati Roy has written a book and I am making use of cost of living as a subject matter and hope it will satisfy the readers, COST OF LIVING.

Cost of living is a sleepless night feel for married people especially.Cost of living is a great terror feel for a boy who has graduated and what next becomes.Unless cost of living is met, education cannot be met with and it makes mother worry, father to stop next degree and friends choosing different jobs and the fear of

becoming lonely and only person without an assignment or job makes the boy to feel so restless. COST OF LIVING IS LIVING FIRE UNDER.

Each minute as one stroll in city the cost of living one can experience by METER feel. METER MEANS RUNNING IN AUTO OR FARE.Imagine family has to visit relatives to attend a function or marriage, in city it is so pathetic feel because you get a dinner but the cost of visiting the place is so much pale face one become , in Bangalore to visit one end to other end the auto fare will be at least 400 rs two way, and if it is late, the cost will reach even 500 COST OF LIVING IS REALLY VERY PAINFULL.

When the purse is empty sunday becomes simply to rest on bed, repeated taking tea makes wife to know the purse is really empty, all they will do is late evening to move out of apartment and have pani poori and chats that is all, so slow pani poori one after another plate is ordered so time is killed and time pass ofcourse with least budget that anyone can afford. IF YOU CANT AFFORD ONE PLATE PANI POORI IT IS ALL TEARS.

Yes it makes ones eyes really wet, how bad is the situation lack of money means unable to have one plate and this cause one to be very cautious lest any one familar sees ours one plate pani poori. COST OF LIVING IS LIVING WITH FEAR.

When the purse is thin, a sudden visit of relatives means that day you have to shell down at least five hundred rupees, how it can happen take one kilo apple, buy one kilo rice for fifty rupees, sweets and chocolates gift for the visitors all can cause a depletion of five hundred rupees. WIFE GIVES AND YOU ARE UNDER DEBT.

When you cannot afford this five hundred and it is really true story feel, hence the look of looking down on you by your wife means cost of living is a torture, visit of relatives is a real hell feel for a person who earns not enough to maintain the family. COST OF LIVING.

IF you have two kids, both want something for the sunday, morning daughter took ten rupees, son took twenty rupees and it is all vapourised and they ask you to go out. cost of living and two kids in on two wheeler.

IF the travel is more than say 30 km and the fuel is low, you need at least one hundred rupee, since tomorrow is monday and today is sunday, daughter and son really want you to take them to some place where the kids want to hold your hand and feel my dad is with us. Daughter pulls your hand.

When the daughter pulls your hand as you are strolling foot path , the two wheeler is kept somewhere and she wants that that please get me, it may be just 200 rs and son also will follow and  you have to compromise with daughter this sunday for daughters choice and son should wait for next week. Son feels jealous.

Your daughter look teasing at your son and he hates her for not able to get, but he loves you too. Now you feel real lump feel, how can I face the world when my children desire is not met.This is the most touching painfull feel for a father who just cant hide his helplessness. YOU LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER BUT SON CAN WAIT.

cost of living is such a long subject, it can fill tens of reviews.Whole life for a man is filled with to meet

cost of living without pain and it is never a PLEASURE cost of living makes you to leave also.

Cost makes one not to shave well, cost of living makes one to use less soap, cost of living makes one to use so less tooth paste, many times you dont want to sqeeze so as to save for your daughter and son.

cost of living when it starts, the first thing you will do is, use less soap, use least quantity of paste, less pouring of hot water to save the current, and avoid lighting also where not needed. cost of living and your friends.

Any friend of yours can easily see your deep eyes, our eyes goes inside means you wont stare back at them lest they can feel your sullen face.When all are in the same boat till money comes, cost of living makes life really lifeless, no matter how pretty is your wife, how sweet is your daughter and how clever is your son and how much you love your father too, or mother nothing can make a persons life totally dull is just this factor cost of lving. Middle class to rich class alike feel.

cost of living makes one to worry can I fill petrol to car, car owners are so shy to fill fuel, ten ltrs cost near to one thousand, so bus or train is the only way to go out, but how long one can keep the car, son or daughter really want car ride but after too many naggings at last they know dad just cant take them in car. WHEN YOUR DAUGHTER SITS IN THE CAR AND PLAY MEANS.

Yes this is all teen aged kids or less than teen aged make use of their car, in the start they are so proud of your car now they make use it as a toy car. TOY CAR IS YOURS NOW SO SON AND DAUGHTER CAN PLAY.

The amount of painfull feeling as a father one just cannot show to the world cost of living means can you maintain your wife and children.

Most of the time in the beginning many thinks of having nice things in life, like good house, good clothes, car and two wheelers.The real cost of life starts when you have to take care of it.When we cannot take care of any of those iteams the first deadly sin is why did you buy it, for what show you owned it. I AM NOT QUESTIONING YOU.

Mirror mirror tell me, this cost of living pained face is it yours or mine and the mirror also feels just cannot face your own face when the cost touches you. IT IS BETTER.

When cost really hurt , one can sleep so deep, god hugs a person to give him such a beautiful sleep but when the daughter wakes the dream of sleep is gone. DAD LET US GO TO FILM SHE ASKS AND YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN COST GOES UP INCOME GOES DOWN

cost happens all the time.No matter what happens , tell me how many houses have spare tooth brush, spare soaps, spare kids soap, spare towels, spare bedsheets when the guest flood suddenly,

most important in cost of living is, have you considered sudden visit of a close relative. Men suffers a lot and woman keeps secret.

Secret means by chance there is no tooth paste, she brings from secret corner, towels everyday you grumble and she hand over a very fresh farm , towels and you sigh oh god I am saved. Cost of lliving costs before you build a house.

The cost of finishing a house goes on growing and if there is term loan of long time to pay, this long time

always comes to so early that few years you pledged not not one month due is pending but three months and fear lurks inside your mind and heart because ur cost has reached too high. Cost of living is creating new problems.

Entire govt officials suffer on cost of living, name any official working and he is actually cost calculating.

these govt officals have lot of problem connected with cost of living problem.

i am yet to find the richest person in india who has no problem regarding cost of living. cost of living cannot be hidden, the more you hide more torn shirt happens for you.Hence before getting married it is must and should we all need to deep think.

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