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Viyoooom.. Captain Vyom

Sep 07, 2011 11:19 PM 20447 views

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I was thinking to explore a famous genre for first time to write a review, and that was serials, but I was searching which serial should I choose to write a review, since I (just like many men, and Rajeev_Vermacially many husbands!) am not a fan of serials, esp. the serials which have stories, unlike game shows, competitions types, since they don't have ends. But yes, there exists a time, when every serial do have the endings, and only few serials I have seen till the end, whose reviews too I will touch soon (like the best serials I loved - Ved Vyas Ke Pote, Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat). But as of now, I am presenting a review of a sci-fi, ahead-of-time famous serial named CAPTAIN VYOM, which was aired on DOORDARSHAN during late 90s. Another reason for me to start reviews on these old serials is the fact that I want to give a healthy competition to MS's one of the great old-movie reviewer @jmathur sir, and what best to start with old serial, since I cannot beat him in reviewing of old Hindi movies. (Vaise, if anybody ask me to cast someone from MS to do a part of Captain Vyom again, I will take @fenil_seta, as he suits best to the character :P)

The serial was a sci-fi, whose central character is a superhero named Captain Vyom (played by MILIND SOMAN), he was a parajeev, and son of great scientist Dr.Om Swaroop (Milind Soman) and Parchhayee (Nethra Raghuraman). He was given a team of some exceptionally-powered soldiers to fight 12 great villians of all-time who escaped the prison located on a moon of Jupiter. The team was - Commander Pablo, Lieutenant Maya (Kartika Rane), Captain Blaze (Sanjay Singh), Dr.Zen (Divya Palat), Fuller, Syd-E, the android robot (Shehzaad Saeed), and Surya (Jeto Sanjana). The 12 fugitives are - Teja, Paras the alchemist, Chhalasur the illusionist, Mohini the hypnotic, Durgati the biologist (Sushmita Mukherjee), Morpha the shape-shifter, Kineto the psychic, Sonic - lord of soundwaves (Dino Morea), Venom the posisonist (Madhu Sapre and Achint Kaur), Gravito the gravity power, Computo the cyborg and Vikaal the sociopath (Rahul Bose and Ken Philips). Other main characters were Vishwapramukh (Tom Alter) and Astro Guru, Chandrakant Shastri. The serial continued for 54 episodes, and in the end the heroes won, and captured all 12 fugitives back.

This serial was directed by Ketan Mehta, who was a famous director, directed movies like Mirch Masala, Hero Hiralal, Maya Memsaab, and one more famous TV Series Mr. Yogi. The direction was perfect, sometimes looks odd, since the story was ahead of its time, and it was one of the early pioneer of science-fiction in India, when you have only 1 channel to watch - the great Doordarshan. And it was aired at Sunday mornings, the perfect time, when the whole family get a day off, and can actually watch this serial. I always waited for the sunday to come (Probably its aired time was 10:30 AM, I forgot actually, pardon me for any mistakes), but I alongwith my whole family, we watched all the episodes of it, and this series was a famous one. Milind Soman, was the find of this serial (like Fauji and Circus did for Shahrukh Khan, one tea-time serial and Reporter did for Shekhar Suman), and he acted as was asked. Most of the scenes were shot inside a room, as Rajeev_Vermacially they have to show either a sci-fi-headquarters, or a time machine/the spaceship Ulka. They used nice special effect which was new for the TVs, and the show was starred by famous actors Dino Morea, Rahul Bose, Kartika Rane, Tom Alter. Yes, the serial may be said an inspiration from any hollywood level movie/serial but it was one of its own in India, and created a legacy. This serial was enjoyed by everyone, but may be not suitable for some of them who didn't take interest in Sci-fi, but only drama and emotions. The best part of the show was it actually ends, unlike today's serials.

I enjoyed its starting tune, which goes like "Viyoooom.. Captain Vyom", that's why I chose this title. That time serials have a characteristic tune, which help them getting viewers, since if you heard that tune, you certainly run to your TV room for watching them, every serial have a famous characteristic tune, which played a big role in getting viewers, be it Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat, Mahabharat, etc. I would rate this serial 4.5/5, as I was a fan of this series, and would certainly like to watch it again, if I got the episodes. I am sure you all watched it too :)


one Q: Which MSian do you think will fit the role of SYD-E (I remembered this personality more than any other character) I do have a name, but you answer me, maybe I can give reply through M2M :P

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