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Can Love Happen Twice?

Dec 18, 2011 05:34 PM 167633 views



Love, like life, is so insecure. It moves in our lives and occupies its sweet space in our hearts so easily. But it never guarantees that it will stay there forever. Probably that’s why it is so precious.

The day I finished off reading “I too had a love story”, I had a question in my mind. Unlike you, I too asked myself, what would have happened with Ravin afterwards? Will he find a true love ever again in his life? Will he have same feelings for someone as he had for Khushi? How long he will bear this pain and cry till late hours in night? Everything has an answer in the dictionary of God. We’re unlucky at times to turn every page for exploring truth and its impact on our lives.

I grabbed the copy at 9pm and I turned its last page at 4am. Since then, I was unable to figure out my own thoughts about how did I find the book? Was I happy as I was eagerly waiting for this book? Was I under the impression that it will have a happy ending? I wasn’t thinking anything sort of, what I have got to read in this book. I’m here to pen down my thoughts about one known and unknown character to whom I have come across.

The story begins…..

Ravin- is a known character. He was failed in love at first. God has something else for him in fate. He loved Khushi deeply and passionately. It was hard to bear the pain so he wrote a tribute in the form of book to his dead girlfriend. Life doesn’t go as accordance to our plan and Ravin became the victim of it. Even after writing the book, he wasn’t able to move on with other aspects of life. On an offshore project, he went to Belgium and his life changed. He explored the beauty of that country. He met different people with different languages, color, faith and beliefs. He met his lost love again. He experienced happiness and beauty of love again. He met Simar. Sometimes we get attracted towards someone without any known reason, the same thing happened with him too. It became hard to digest, live, accept and imagine this fact that he was in love again. He had been in love in past but falling in love again? He had a question…Was it really happening too fast? Why was he getting attracted to Simar? Why did he like her? He showered all his pure feelings and affection on Simar as he did for Khushi. They roamed around, visited different places, saw movies, shared things and made love. They were madly in love. Was it enough to forget the memories of Khushi? Was it enough to get along with life? No. It wasn’t. It’s all about the choices we made in our life like he did. He suffered in love again. He lost in love again. Now he has two pasts…for which one he shall cry more, he himself doesn’t know.

Simar- A beautiful and charming girl from Gurgaon, who has moved to Belgium for completing her MBA degree. She met Ravin in Gym and they started meeting and hanging around. She starts visiting his home for having gala time. He starts treating her as someone very special in his life. Deep within his heart, he find it difficult to like a girl again but I believe it’s quite natural. Feelings don’t come with intentions, they come spontaneously. You cannot control them. Dare you control them and they destroy you. After spending 10 months in Belgium, Ravin comes back to India. It’s hard to bear the distance when two people are in love. They compensate their longingness to see and feel each other through video chat and phone calls. Simar comes back to India for holidays and Ravin meets her parents. After sometime, she visits Ravin’s parents in Chandigarh. Everything was going smoothly as one expects once in love. Simar moves to Belgium again for completing her studies. Change is constant and it starts taking place. Once they have made up their mind to get married, the problem starts. Simar wants to be settled in Belgium with Ravin. She wants to explore different parts but with Ravin only. Ravin doesn’t wish to leave his parents. He has a word with Simar’s parents and they don’t feel astonished hearing the illogical and insensible demands of their daughter. That’s how she has been raised and that’s how she will always be. Going through all the pain, madness, fights, annoyances, Simar finally decides to leave Ravin on 24 Feb, the same day when Khushi died and left him alone.

He has left on us to figure out the fiction and non fiction part in his story. I tell you my two cents:

Fiction: He wasn’t admitted to a rehabilitation centre because simar left him. He wasn’t able to move on his life after what Simar did to him. Why I think so? The way he loved Khushi, the way he was broken, nobody can ever make him feel the same pain twice except Khushi.

Non Fiction: He definitely met someone named as Simar. He must have fallen in love with her. He must have confessed everything to her the way he did to Khushi. He’s not married to Simar. That’s what I believe because she simply doesn’t deserve so.

My Views

Ravin has written this book with an intention of making Today’s generation understand the real meaning of Love. Today, it’s all about roaming around, having sex and break ups. One doesn’t understand the meaning of these three words i.e. I love you and take it as a statement to compliment anyone. If they’re serious, their family doesn’t agree and vice versa. People are so frequent in changing partners as they change other grocery items at home. How easy it becomes when we have a relationship without commitment Isn’t it? But I tell you what, nothing is easy in life. Commitment and non commitment has nothing to do with feelings of a person. Love has lost its real charm and affect. We are so fast in falling in love again. We have become super practical in considering he didn’t have this quality so I left him. Today, it’s all about the choices. Earlier we didn’t have any. I ain’t targeting anyone but this is what I have seen in my life also. How do I define myself? Well, I’m someone who is die-hard romantic and can never break the heart of a person who truly value and love me. Commitment has a meaning in my life as I don’t believe in making it till the time I know I’m ready for it.

People do live with memories- not sure how many and not sure how. Yeah they do live with memories. I know one of them. It is quite possible as Love holds different meaning for everyone who has experienced it.

Overall Ratings 3.5/5.

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