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Aziderm 10% acne, pigmentation cream

Jul 19, 2011 05:35 PM 126742 views

(Updated Mar 07, 2012 11:07 PM)


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Lot of us are trying lot of products for acne, marks, pigmentation.! but little people know about this Aziderm cream. Its becoz this is only prescribed by dermatologist. If U went to any skin specialist first they will inspect Ur acne, pigmentation condition then they will prescribe some Antibiotics like doxycycline, tetracycline and along with a cream like "Benzoyl Peroxide, Clindamycin phosphate etc. But these are made from chemicals(allopathy) might not work after some time/reduction in effect. Due to this the doctor may prescribe U an ultimate cream called "Aziderm"(contains azelic acid) this is made of natural ingredients. Its available in 10%/20% form, the 10% is suitable for non inflammatory conditions(mild acne) and U can use the 20% for inflammatory condition(severe acne). This is the most effective solution for acne(specially in severe condition) & can be used for pigmentation, rosacea, skin whitening

.-How To Use-

1) first wash the treatment area with cleanser. Normal soap can't remove the excess dirt&oil so need to use a mild cleanser to unclog the pores .

2) Just apply very lightly(I say again), don't apply it like "benzoyl peroxide". If U want to apply all over face(except around eyes, lips, nostrils) then half a pea size is enough. If U use too much it will block the pore from oxidization.

3) Avoid around eyes, mouth & nostrils.

4) Don't try to massage or rub.

5) After using this cream wash Ur hands with soap to remove the traces.

NOTE: This cream should be kept in a cool place U can place it in a Freeze(not in deep freeze) if Ur room temperature is more than 25C, over heating of this product can reduce the effectiveness. The results will take place after 1 week, if the condition is severe then need to use it for 3-4 weeks for best results. U can continue AZIDERM even after treatment to avoid further ex poser to acne, pigmentation.

The best thing about this cream is that no bad breakouts like "Tretinoin"(its the worst acne product), U may see a little dry skin, its normal & will get away in 4-5 days. Apply sunscreen lotion before going out or try to protect UR face at all cost. Most people discontinue this after one use(emptying) becoz of the price .

The main draw back of this product is that the price it costs 125Rs for 15Grams of "Aziderm 10%" cream, I didn't tried 20% cream coz my acne, pigmentation condition is very low. And 15Grams seems very less but U don't need lot of this cream to cure Ur concern. Just a little bit of cream is enough for entire face.

I am using this product from past 5 years along with Benzoyl peroxide(PERSOLATE 5%gel, never use creams), there is lot of commercial acne products available but non of them are "dermatologically prooved/prescribable". I want U all who facing the acne, pigmentation, scars, marks must try this product and see the result.


Stop using soap to Ur face use "CLENCER/Deep face wash". Use Apricot, Wallnut Scrub for every 3-4 days. Dead skin cells should be removed all the time other wise these dead skin works like "food" for the bacteria inside the pores and make the acne more painfully big. Sleep atleast for 8 hours, drink as much water as possible. Try to Exercise, U must sweat.

I recommend U to take vitamin tablets along with the cream to improve the completion from inside. Buy Evion 400Mg(vitamin E) costs 15Rs per 10 capsules, LIMCEE-500mg(Vitamin C) costs 12Rs per 15tablets. And most importantly ZINCOVIT(contains all the vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals, especially ZINC) costs 36Rs per 10 tablets. Zinc also prevents hair fall, dandruff. There is other brands available but much expensive. These are all safe to use supplements(take one tablet daily), no chemicals or other ingredients involved & without side-effects. The reason I mentioned U to take Vitamin E, C separately coz when U facing skin problems the skin gets damaged to repair damaged cells there should be extra nutrition is needed, normal doses can't support the repair. I am telling U with my experience, I am Food&Nutrition specialist.

Hope my experience help U to reduce Ur skin problems.

UPDATE: 07/03/2012

NOTE: I am sorry I forgot to mention.This cream is not suitable for sensitive skins. If U face any "redness or red bumps" then it means that U have sensitive skin and need to discontinue the product.

20% Aziderm is little powerful, U can use it if the 10% doesn't working much. But once U applied the area with 20% then need to wait for the full breakout before the next apply its usually 3-4 days. And I don't recommend the use of 20% on entire face only apply where the acne/pigmentation is most. U can identify the "effectiveness" of Aziderm on Ur face is that when U apply it U will feel little "stinging" sensation. And don't use other marks/pigmentation removal creams while its in use.

In case of sensitive skin with severe acne then the only option is "chemical peal" I will write a review about chemical peal(salicylic acid) soon. That U can apply at home with very little cost with great results. Give me a month, I am little busy.

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