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Last Updated on Jul 06, 2023

Reviews on Adarsh Gardens, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Mar 17, 2024 07:54 PM Read

I bought a project from them that was supposed to be delivered on Nov 2023, and they pushed that to Jun 2024. In their updates, nothing new was happening and so when I questioned them on the exact progress being made, they casually communicated to me that I will only get the possession in December of 2024. That is a one year and one month delay from where they were at.

Their team also does not respond proactively to holding them accountable, or asking them questions on why this is happening.
Jan 17, 2023 06:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

Cancelled the unit and waiting for refund from more than 3 months. But haven't received it yet, they don't pick up call and don't respond. By chance if they pick up call, they will say next month it will be.

You may loose principal and precious interest on your hard earned money.
Dec 27, 2022 12:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

Nowdays they are launching their projects off sarjapura road near pioneer, where people are already cursed by poor conditions of roads.They are just fooling people by laying down temporary roads just to sell their plots at skyrocket rate. After sell off these temporary roads condition become haunting. For real time experience just drive towards Gattahalli road , all reality state stardome in front of your naked eye.


Adarsh Developers - Bangalore
Nov 16, 2022 08:07 AM Read

These Adarsh workers are the worst I have seen. They dont have any work ethics and they dont care for neighbors. They have made the lives of the neighborhood miserable by causing health issues, dust pollution, noise pollution. They dont use any precaution or measures to control dust. Several families around this apartment complex have been complaining of dust, and noise. But no action has been taken to take care of this. Lots of elderly people and children are affected because of the dust that comes from their construction.
May 10, 2018 03:24 PM Read

The apartment is 14 year old. The Apartment complex is build on a Raja Kaluve(storm water drain) & in violation of State Government rules. The building is marked ORANGE - "marked as build on RajaKaluve" by the state government.

The building is on Survey No. 67. The Raja Kalue runs through the Apartment Blocks -"B", "C" & "D".

Basement Water logging is common during rains. The association members include employees of Infosys, Ex Government servants & some leading Industrialists. The members lace eloquently about "RULES", "REGULATIONS" & "MORALITY" but are quite on the aspect of non compliance / violation of building norms.

Investor / buyers should refrain from buying apartments in this complex. The average quote for apartment ranges from Rs. 2 Crore to Rs. 3.5 Crore. Given the violation & the recent high court / supreme court & Green Tribunal rulings, these buildings should come up for demolition. One may loose the investment entirely.

Couple of petitioners have already approached the court with PIL's

For details refer site-Source:

Look for survey no. 67 & Aadarsh Residency location for actual details
Dec 22, 2016 04:12 PM Read

I have booked a Villa in Adarsh serenity with a commitment that the villa will be delivered in 1 years time. I have compromised on the requirements and gone a head with Sample villa which was half built when I booked considering the faster delivery. Booked the villa in Apr 14 and signed the agreement in Oct 14. Now its December 16 yet no visibility of delivery of the Villa. Every time they give a commitment with a deadline but they do not honor the same.

least is mAnasultangement doesn't even bother to pick the phone and speak to clients. Their marketing team is for name sake as they have no control on project team. project teams circle @ their mAnasultangement with no support.

Highly unprofessional organization and throughly disappointed with their approach, I have never realized that a company with such a repute has no process in place to address customer complaints and more importantly inaccessibility of the mAnasultangement baffles me.

I do not think with such attitude they can survive in this competitive world.
Jul 11, 2016 04:12 PM Read

Moved in couple of months back paying one of highest rents in neighborhood of 42K+ with owner telling no maintenance. Just few months later I am getting a maintenance bill of 6000+ . and that is to be paid from start of lease .

That makes the total rent to 50K. With the current amount of cheaper apartments available in the area. I feel cheated and stuck now.

Jul 11, 2016 12:13 AM Read

Adarsh Palm Retreat Tower 1 is not at all renter friendly. Other towers(2 & new ones) are much better and organised.

Many Issues are there:

Maintenance fees: Crazy calculation of maintenance which can amount to 8K - 10K per month.

Greedy Owners: Just to trouble tenants, association asking for huge maintenance for 6 months in the past. Owners making tenants pay for entire maintenance.

Poor cost Management: As mostly tenants are paying maintenance, there is minimal control on maintenance costs from association.

Illegal Maintenance collection: Without an RWA, Association asking for maintenance which is illegal.

Traffic Issues: Although traffic issues are everywhere in Bangalore. But many times, you will spend 30-40 min just to get out of Adarsh onto Ring Road because of offices within Adarsh complex.

Degrading quality: In spite of huge maintenance being charged, the maintenance & house keeping quality is degrading everyday.
Jun 23, 2016 11:03 AM Read

Seven month before I want a plot in good and cool area and my family also had problem and  bored in this old house.

So, I want a plot immediately and good. My this dream is really happen by Adarsh Developers which is in bangalore.

These persons have best construction  quality. They give a beautiful plot in beautiful building. They tell me before that what is problem or not in this house and I was become happy by their truly communication and they didn't hide anything with me. I was really impressed by Adarsh Developers. I look for several plot before but I didn't liked but know I am happy and this is happen by only and only Adarsh Developers.
Mar 17, 2016 04:50 PM Read

These guys are better now with good construction quality and amenities . Money flow was tight for the builder before. We asked about the rumors about the money problems and land problems. They admitted that there was a problem. This is great because many builders try to hide their problems. We are happy that they are so transparent and not cheating people about the problems.

So its easy to believe when they say that they have sorted out their problem.
May 15, 2015 11:46 PM Read

I was trying to search review of some other builder and happen to find this review of Adarsh. Since I own an Adarsh apartment - so though of sharing my experience in a subjective way.

Quality of construction - superb. They have best possible quality. Inside the apartment - they gave everything exactly as they promised in agreement. Bathroom  fittings, tiles, doors everything is matching. no cheating there. amenities  yet to come in my apartment, but I am sure it will be same as promised.

Price - Very competition if you book early in the project.

ROI - tremendous. Because of super quality, adarsh properties have very high appreciation after they are completed. You would get very good ROI on them.

Delay - that is the only issue with Adarsh. they have tremendous amount of delay.

Customer service - I think it is not great but on the good side. I felt that I was treated decently with my requests even after buying apartment. Specially with project team(construction team) - they had fixed all issues in my apartment until after few months I moved in. Sales guys are as usual everywhere and I do not expect anything extra from them.

If you are OK with delay in the delivery - you may go with this builder. specially if this is your second house and for investment.
Oct 22, 2013 11:01 AM Read

I wanted to ask about Adarsh Palm Retreat, we are planning to buy a resale 3 BHK in Daffodil tower for around 1.2 cr which they say that we will get in Dec 2013. Is it a good deal or not?

What are the facilities given at present, since the club house is yet to build.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.
Jan 18, 2012 02:43 PM Read

Past few years they have worked with top to bottom of govt machinery to grab lands to make beautiful villas at the cost of countless ordinary helpless citizens.All complaints against them is thrown under the drain. Their well fed govt employee who are supposed to work for ordinary citizens has worked for their advantage. Day by day they are getting daring and bolder.

We all ordinary citizens are caught up in the cross hair of the greed. All kinds construction that you see in and around their properties are encroached on. I am just one of the many victims of this land shark.

Please come forward help the ordinary citizen by boycotting this builder.
Dec 10, 2011 09:08 AM Read

Can you give me details on the Tower 4 wrt the allotment date that was made. Which year was that? Seems you have been waiting for 6 years now for this tower to start?

I was shown a apt in the same tower now and they say completion is Dec 2013? Based on the progress so far onT-1 and T-2, what are your comments on T3/T4 completion? Do you forsee a huge risk investing in this?

Hope to hear from you!

Jun 07, 2011 05:49 PM Read

They had some problem earlier in that the BDA had not approved some parts of the project and they had to resubmit all plans and then recession hit Bangalore big time. However now they have all approvals and this project will be one of the best in Bangalore.

Besides banks are offering loans and institutions like Kotak Realty and HDFC have invested huge sums in this. Once the project comes up the rates will jump and it will be one of the most sought after in Bangalore.

The Marketing and design teams are highly professional as they took me through the design of my Villa and construction is ongoing. Let's forget the past- those who have booked in 2005 if they want to sell now I am willing to buy at 20% higher price than what they paid in 2005.
Jun 06, 2011 05:04 PM Read

However Adarsh Palm retreat has all facilities but you will not find any public transport inside.If you do not have any personal vehicles then u r just like handicapped. Auto guys demand very high price & some does not want to go.At least two cars require if you want to stay in this premise.

Now it is looking nature friendly but after completion of all phases it will be equivalent to concrete jungle. Personally I do not like this.
Sep 11, 2010 08:22 PM Read

I am writing this review to caution anyone planning to buy a property with Adarsh, specifically Adarsh Palm retreat where I myself committed a mistake of buying a property.

My experience:

INORDINATE DELAYS: I have yet to get possession of the property which was launched SIX years ago. This builder launched the property even without a single approval in place. Worse than that, even the land on which the property was supposed to be constructed did not belong to the builder. The plan was launched on assumption that the builder would be able to arm twist the owner of the land into selling to Adarsh. That never happened and ultimately few wings had to be removed from the plan. To compensate, additional wings were added into original T1 and T2 plans to "recover" the cost.

LIES AND SHAMELESS LIES:Their marketing and project people are bunch of BIG liars. I mean really BIG, SHAMELESS liars. Agreed there are schedule slips on most of projects and marketing etc. do tell small lies to customers. But at Adarsh, there is no limit to lies. They will give you an execution schedule knowing very well there is not even a remote chance of even coming close to schedule. For example, they will tell you lifts are going to be installed in building in couple of months when they would not have even ordered lift equipment. These dumb excuses will drive you mad after some time and you will feel your intelligence is being insulted by providing such lame excuses. They will keep on giving you deadline for completion of property, keep on missing that, keep on shamelessly giving new deadlines and acting as if nothing has happened. BUNCH of SHAMELESS LIARS.

PONZI SCHEME: The real reason for these inordinate delays is that builder works on a model similar to a PONZI SCHEME. It took money from customers of Villas and apartments and invested mostly into buying huge land bank. In India, there are not many regulations on shady builders and they can divert your money anywhere they like (unlike an escrow fund in western countries). The builder has no money to construct the properties it committed to finish earlier. Want a proof? Visit APR Bangalore and you will see the hotel building construction has been stopped for at least couple of years now (it makes no sense to stop construction on hotel as it has been built with Adarsh's own money, umm T1/T2 client's money). Shangari La has moved out due to deadline misses as they did not have one sided legal agreement with Adarsh unlike other customers of Adarsh. T1 has been completed for two years now but does not have outer paint yet. THE LATEST PLOT IS TO SELL OTHER TOWERS AND USE THAT MONEY TO FINISH CONSTRUCTION OF HOTEL, T2 AND MAY BE SOME VILLAS. ADARSH IS DEMANDING 25% DOWN PAYMENT FOR OTHER TOWERS (T3-T8) . SOUNDS MORE LIKE A PONZI SCHEME TO ME.

On the liquidity crunch side, I have known from highly reliable sources that THEY HAVE NO MONEY TO FINISH THE PROJECTS THEY PROMISE. BELIEVE IN ADARSH'S DEADLINES AT YOUR PERIL.

I visited Adarsh's main office last year and I found one employee hunting for jobs in Adarsh office. When I casually asked her about the job hunt, she naively told ADARSH HAS NOT PAID HER A SALARY FOR LAST THREE MONTHS.


PS: I don't want this post to be a story, but if you are still interested, please read on.

LEGAL TROUBLES ARE STILL THERE: Go to APR and you will see that front boundaries of T1 and T2 are still not there and there is still some steel shed to define the boundary. Ever wondered why?

This is because T1 and T2 are part of single (survey) approval but Adarsh sells them as separate properties. The road in between, as per approved plans, belongs to Park and open area!! THIS BUILDER HAS NO ETHICS AND LEGALITIES ARE STILL NOT IN PLACE. I WONT BE SURPRISED IF SIMILAR LEGAL LOOPHOLES EXIST IN VILLAS/OTHER TOWERS. THESE HOLES CAN POTENTIALLY BE BIG HEADACHES WHEN YOU DECIDE TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY IN FUTURE.

EXECUTION TIMELINE: From what I have seen, the other towers (T3-T8) will take 10-15 years to complete and I am not kidding here. Remember, they will have a common clubhouse and other facilities and that will be last priority for Adarsh to complete and will be done after LAST tower is build. Would you like to live in a community where you paid money for clubhouse will get only after 15 years? I will not.

Given all this, my conclusion is that it is not worth buying a property with Adarsh given so many unknowns (legal troubles, hopeless execution etc) There are other builders in BLR who will probably give you almost the same quality with much more peace of mind.

==Update Nov 21, 2010:

More proof that Adarsh will use your money to indulge in shady land deals. See the story below.

==Now it is a well known fact that current Adarsh projects are languishing due to paucity of funds. But that does not stop Adarsh to lend money to others at 7.2% interest rate and possible become partner in land deals with them.

They take the customer's money at 0%, lend it to others at 7.2% or use it themselves to buy more land. for themselves. THESE CHEATS WILL USE YOUR MONEY TO FULFILL THEIR GREED, BUY MORE LAND,  AS I MENTIONED ABOVE. HANDING OVER YOUR PROPERTY IS LEAST OF THEIR CONCERN.

Ample proof they have not changed their cheating ways of playing with customer's hard earned money to further their own business interest (which is not delivering your preoperty on time).

As media disclosures shifted the spotlight on her during the day, Shobha conceded that she was involved in the purchase of  166 acres of farm land in Kodagu sometime ago. On record, the land in question was bought for Rs 3.5 crore.

The purchase was made in the name of what appeared to be a fictitious company––Kapila Manjushree Apparels. Shobha has shown herself to be the company's managing director with her brother Lakshman Gowda as one of the partners. She had availed of a loan of Rs 3.5 crore from Bangalore-based Adarsh Developers to buy the land. Adarsh Developers gave her the loan without any security or agreement.

Shobha had given #18 Crescent Road as the address of Kapila Manjushree Apparels. However, no such company operates from the address. She claimed that #18 Crescent Road was her residence-cum-office when she floated the company.

When contacted by Deccan Herald, Shobha claimed that she had arranged money for the land purchase from Federal Bank by pledging her BDA site in Bangalore. But she also conceded to having borrowed some money from Adarsh Developers at 7.2 per cent interest for the land deal. She, however, claimed that she did not know the exact amount of loan borrowed or how much of it had been repaid so far.
Aug 25, 2010 11:02 PM Read

Similar situation -am very frustrated -blocked substantial amount in December 2005 for the same Tower 4 -endless mails and years of agony that I have been going through - you can keep writing/ calling...they will not reply -if they do it is deflecting statements or some stupid unreliable statement. I went for Adarsh having seen palm meadow and thinking they are reliable -unfortunately my experience has been very bitter -i feel they are heartless -same experience as you mention -suddenly i.e recently they claim they have obtained BDA approval -asking for further payment -how do you part with hard earned money? -when they are sitting on my few lakhs for almost FIVE years!!!!! (can they be trusted that bda approval has in fact been obtained by them for this project??)

Their Agreement is one sided -it is a joke!!! -they can sit on a customer's money for years on end -and you get nothing in return -and if their payment is delayed by just a fortnight the agreement states they can cancel it and make us liable -what *^@+!!!.

For delay in delivering the flat on their part the agreement states they will pay you Rs 2/sq ft per month!!!! after taking their own sweet time to deliver -3 years on paper from the time they commence –God alone knows when!!!!! and this is after making you wait for 5 years -and no idea when will the project really commence??!! Number of inconsistencies and no transparency –they exploit our desire for a dream home –let’s see –time will tell.
Aug 20, 2010 09:11 PM Read

I do not agree. I have recently booked a apartment in Tower 3 and the hospitality and the comfort I have good is very good. The Staff and the people are really nice. The place is developing like heaven. Once you own it you shall see it how you feel. The construction work is also good and I have visited the site 3 times so far and it does not ever give me a hitch of any such things which has been mentioned in here.

I would still recommend anyone for this and it seems they have already have a full booking of the tower 3 which the construction is going on full swing.
Jun 27, 2010 12:47 PM Read

Hello. I would like to open up a discussion on Adarsh Palm Retreat tower 4. I recently became aware of the horror stories around Tower 2 which was recently completed. This discussion is specific to Tower 4 which is an under construction upcoming project.

I have booked a unit in tower 4(now Block A - Bougenvilla-block 1).Fancy names apart, they have given me an allotment letter after paying the booking amount. After 6 months there is no news about the project. They keep telling me that they have got all approvals and ask me to make the remainder payment. My bank tells me they haven’t received the building approval.

Does anyone know what’s actually happening in ground zero with tower 4 or Bougenvilla?

Very much appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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