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Project Details of Vandana Celesta, JP Nagar Phase 7, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Opposite Chaitanya PU College, 4th Main Road, Bank Of Baroda Colony, J P Nagar Phase 7, Bengaluru 560078, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Vandana Celesta, JP Nagar Phase 7, Bangalore

Oct 21, 2017 04:55 PM Read

Below are the list of frauds made by Vandana builders by cheating Vandana flora apartment buyers of HSR layout

  1. promised videos calling - not installed

  2. promised 2 lifts - installed only one cheap class lift

  3. promised cctv cameras - not installed

  4. poor quality doors - doors are turning into powder

  5. poor quality windows - windows are falling apart

  6. poor quality construction - all the walls contain leaks and dampness

Vandana are the No.1 fraud builders in entire India.

Their own close relative who bought a flat here discloses that even he was cheated by Vandana!

They will do anything to loot home buyers of their hard earned money!
Aug 20, 2017 08:27 PM Read

I would advise people to clearly stay away from this builder and don't get fooled. The builder is involved in civil and criminal cases for deficiency of services and cheating people.  The many complaints include poor quality of construction, no proper documents obtained from BBMP including  OC, CC, Khatha, legal handover not done, double selling of flats, high handedness, brazenness, rampant deviation from the original plan, parking irregularities.

Once the builder sells the flat, they act as if they dont even know you and treat you like some outsider . Many residents are suffering due to the callous attitude of this builder and are at the mercy of the civic authorities. Please dont spend your hard earned money on this builder!
Jun 29, 2017 12:00 PM Read


Date: 10th January 2015

Legal Notice


Under the instruction of our clients who are the residents of Vandana Earl Court, VGP Layout Main Road, Kudlu, Bangalore-560068 we do hereby serve upon you the following notice:

1) That our clients(several flat owners) have purchased flats in good faith at your apartments located at Vandana Earl courts, VGP Layout Main Road, Kudlu, Bangalore-5600068. The clients had procured the flats either from the Managing directors of Vandana Earl court Mr. T. Sudhakar and Mr. K Ramesh Babu or the land owner Mr. Jayaram Reddy.

2) That even after a contract has been executed by Mr. Sudhakar and Mr. K Ramesh Babu or by the land lord Mr. Jayaram Reddy, Vandana Infrastructure has not complied with the contractual obligation of completing the project within time. Moreover, the company has joined hands with the landlord and has been suppressing information with regard to the project status and the authenticity of the papers and documents of the property.

3) Further, our clients state that Vandana Infrastructure has not completed the Earl court project on time and the promised amenities has not been completed causing inconvenience to the residents.

4) Our clients further state that the builder and the landlord of Vandana Earl court do not have a proper security system in place and that the builder and the landlord have been letting vehicles that do not belong to the owners to be parked inside the apartment premises.

5) Our clients also further state that no proper information regarding the project or documents relating the property were handed over to the clients at the time of the purchase of the property and the clients were extorted money. The clients were forced to pay a booking amount before handling over the relevant property papers.

6) Our clients further state that Khatha, EC and OC has not been executed by Vandana Infrastructure and we hereby call upon you to provide a proper status of the project completion and execution of individual khatha and Occupancy Certificate.

7) Our clients’ further state that an unreasonable maintenance charge has been levied by the builder in association with landlord though the project is still not completed and have been extorting our clients to pay.

8) Further, it is noticed that Mr. A.K Naidu, a partner of the builder and the landlord have trespassed the property and have physically assaulted few of our clients demanding to pay the maintenance charges for which a criminal suit

has been filed along with a complaint registered at the Addl. Commissioner of Police at Bangalore against the managing directors of Vandana Infrastructure Pvt ltd and the land lord of Vandana Earl courts. The clients further state that Vandana Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is using money power and muscle power to extort innocent flat owners.

9) We also understand that Vandana has similar compliance issue with other projects as well and suitable legal action will be initiated along with media releases about the fraudulent activities of Vandana Infrastructure.

10) Our client further state that money for BWSSB connection has been collected from flat owners which was not procured and however a cheap quality Sewage treatment plant was installed by collecting exorbitant sums from our clients. The electricity connections also need to be transferred to the individual flat owners at the earliest.

11) We call upon you to refrain from harassing our client either directly or indirectly through your persons to any residents of the apartment. If found severe legal action would be taken.

12) Our clients further state that the building work and amenities are not provided as per the plan. In the children’s play area STP has been constructed in the original plan. To add, the STP has been constructed right in front of the apartment posing potential health hazard to the residents. The pollution control board certification, if any has be provided to the clients at the earliest.

13) It is also further stated that you and your staff are allowing strangers to park vehicles in the extra parking space in the basement meant for guest of the flat owners.

14) The possession certificate for many of our clients have not been provided even after the registration and occupation of the flats for many owners.

15) Under the light of the above facts, we call upon you for the following:

a) To furnish all details relating to the property situated at Vandana Earl courts within 7 working days from the date of receipt of this legal notice.

b) To complete the project along with the amenities and handover the Khatha, EC and OC to the flat owners at the earliest.

c) To stop all illegal activity such as allowing vehicles from outside to park, sending henchmen and anti-social elements to threaten our clients, stop extorting money by collecting maintenance charges and ensuring that safety and tranquility of the apartment owners are safeguarded.

d) Refund of the money collected for the BWSSB connection to be refunded to the flat owners from whom money was collected to be made within 7 days of the receipt of this notice.

e) A compensation of Rs.50, 00, 000 (Fifty Lakhs to be provided to our clients along with the cost of the legal fee for the mental harassment and delay in completing the project within 7 days of the receipt of the notice in the interest of justice.

f) Failing which appropriate legal suits in Civil/ Criminal, Green bench for environmental violations and the attention of the media will be brought in to ensure that justice is done to our clients.


Vasanth Adithya.J MA LLB Amrutha Valli.J BSc. LLB Nanjunde Gowda Ba LLB Kreetam Law Associates


Vandana Celesta - JP Nagar Phase 7 - Bangalore
Jun 25, 2017 06:55 PM Read

Builder and landowners fraudulently sold visitors & 2 wheelers parking from the common area violating BBMP Plan.

Builder and landowners fraudulently charged for open, stilt parking spaces though they come under common areas and cannot be sold.

Builder and landowners by selling parking spaces separately charged twice for the same space after charging for flat & UDS.

Builder and landowners cheated the owners of their UDS share after already charging it from them once.

Builder and landowners allowed encroachment of common areas to favor those few who are in collusion with them and their fraud.

Builder and landowners made disproportionate parking allotments and not in proportion to the carpet area of the flats.

Builder and landowners charged parking again though parking cost was already included in flat cost.

Builder and landowners sold extra parking separately without the flat from the common area and visitors parking as part of their fraud.

Parking is a common area but Builder and landowners sold it illegally to cheat flat owners of their undivided share in common area.

Builder & landowners fraudulently sold the visitors' car parking which is part of common parking space of the residents.

Builder & landowners cheating and fraud by way of such illegal sale amounts to void sale and legally untenable.
Jun 25, 2017 02:42 PM Read

Amounts collected from buyers promising cauvery water connection.

Amounts neither deposited in BWSSB nor refunded back to buyers.

Fraud by misusing BWSSB to cheat buyers.

STP fraud by falsely claiming under BWSSB when the STP comes under amenities deposits collected separately.

No OC/CC, Khata, NOC, No STP CFE/CFO, blatant violation/deviation, Parking fraud etc.

Buyers beware! from this fraudulent builder!

-Vandana Earls Court Flat Owners
May 27, 2017 06:36 PM Read


I have been living in Vandana Earls Court, kudlu for the past 3 years and do not find any issues.

Construction quality is good.

Amenties are also good and nicely maintained

Amenties are as follows:


  1. Well equipped Gym

  2. Well Maintained swimming pool

  3. Children's play area

4.Jogging track

Association also very good and co-operative.

The location is very close to HSR layout .

very near to famous schools like, Narayana, kidzee, Sree Chaitanya

I recommend Vandana Earls Court becuase it is connecting point all locations.

I am happy with Vandana Earls Court Project Regards

Krishna Kumar

Vandana Earls Court, C -108
Jan 22, 2017 01:09 PM Read

No OC, CC, NOC, No Khata for building

Supreme court put stay order on regularisation/Akrama Sakrama

No licence for STP & amenities

Setback deviation/violation

No Cauvery connection

No proper drainage & sanitation

No proper Road, street lights

Fraud & cheating in maintenance

Parking fraud

Water crisis

Power fluctuation

Poor amenities

Poor quality construction

Poor infrastructure

Buyers Beware! Buyers Beware! Buyers Beware!
Oct 15, 2016 10:14 PM Read


The MAnasultangement,

Sri VandAnasultan Infra Projects,


Dear Mgmt,

As per the last meeting we were given nhassurances that the below specified issues shall be addressed & resolved in a time bound manner. We would like to give our feedback with rating on each below mentioned points and the actual progress seen on the ground towards ensuring a complete resolution.

Please find our response inline in red followed with rating to the requirements raised.

1.    3rd class power back up – As per the contract 24/7 power backup was supposed to have been provided from day one which has not happened at all. Not only during the day but even during the night generator is not operated and residents are forced to stay in dark without power whenever there is a power outage in the area.

(This has been started with immediate effect)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented. As always residents continue to suffer without any power backup despite being promised 24/7 power backup.  2/10

2.    Motor pumps fraud  – Most of the times we are told that the motor pumps are not working and due for repair whenever residents enquire about the reason for tankers supplying water daily when bore wells are supposed to suffice the water supply.(This has been rectified)

It may have been repaired but concern was also with other bore-wells where neither motor pumps nor any cables have been provided. Motor pumps and cables need to be provided in all the 6 bores for meeting future requirements once apartment is fully occupied. Need a long term solution and not temporary repair work for only the existing 1 or 2 bore wells currently running. 2/10

  1. Bore-wells fraud – It is not clear as to exactly how many bore wells are there in the premises.  It is claimed that there are 6 bore-wells but it is seen that only 1 or 2 are functioning while the rest are lying covered somewhere without anyone’s knowledge. Moreover water tankers are found coming regularly early in the morning for supplying water.  This is hardly expected and is a major source of concern for the residents especially for a new project with half the occupancy.  Also just dug up bores are of little use without the required cables and pumps and cannot be counted as complete bore wells.( As of now sufficient water is there and once automation is in place there will be no wastage)

There may be water sufficient for the current consumption needs while the apartment is still half occupied. Residents are concerned whether the same would be sufficient in years ahead when there will be full occupancy and consequently more consumption. Motor pumps and cables need to be provided in all the 6 existing bores for meeting requirements in the long run once apartment is fully occupied. 2/10

4.    Maintenance & corpus fraud – There is complete apathy as far as maintenance is concerned even though advance maintenance amount had been collected at the time of booking itself from every customer. Other than water & electricity no other worthwhile maintenance services are being provided as of now.  All components within the term maintenance are dismally lacking to justify any maintenance worth the claim. There is no specific person assigned for maintenance that the residents can approach with their complaints.  In December 2014 there was an email received by the residents informing them that one Mr. Anasultannd was assigned the task of maintenance but he left within few days of that communication without any substitute assigned after that.(ETA is Saturday 20th June, post which it will be ongoing basis with regular cleaning and maintenance. There is a plan to increase more facility mAnasultangement people)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented and we don't see any positive change in the degree of maintenance. The quality and standard of maintenance continues to remain poor & lackluster with only some cosmetic touch given here & there with nothing worthwhile to write about. 2/10

5.    Trespassing – Many a times it has been found that unidentified outsiders are loitering inside the building misusing the amenities/resources meant for the residents. Outsiders from surrounding areas are allowed by your associates/partners inside the building to misuse the resources much to the dismay of the residents.  Outsiders were found to be brazenly using the swimming pool, gymnasium, children play area, parking area meant only for use by residents currently living here.( To mitigate the same Allotment of Car parking slots to avoid outsider nuisance – ETA 26th June and Name plates to will be provided to customers  by 1st July)

Contrary to your claims this has not implemented and blatant violations continue to happen with no security measures taken to mitigate the same. The above mentioned dates already crossed and neither car parking allocation nor name plates provided. 1/10

6.    Poor security – There is a complete lack of security inside the apartment with a constant threat to the safety & security of the residents. It seems the untrained & inexperienced security guards are kept as dummy for name sake just to account as part of maintenance by you. There is no security protocol being followed nor are there any checks & balances for providing a robust security system.  Some residents even reported that fuel from their 2 wheelers got stolen while they were out of station.  As against the claim of round the clock security in brochure there seems to be only round the clock insecurity for the residents! CCTV should have been installed in the premises as a standard which was not done.( The security agency will changed and will be in effective July 1st 2015)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented so far. The same unprofessional, untrained, inexperienced, boys are being continued while the dates mentioned for overhauling the security system already lapsed. As against your claims the same incompetent & hopeless security agency is continued without any change whatsoever. It is nothing but a mockery in the name of security services being provided as part of the claimed maintenance. Round the clock insecurity remains a prime concern for all the residents. 1/10

7.    No Terrace Sheets – Water logging due to absence of proper sheets becomes a serious issue especially during the rains. Water logging breeds mosquBrianbalakumarans and insects in the premises making residents vulnerable to diseases.( Adequate terrace sheets will be provided within a period of 1 month – 17th July 2015)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented so far. Water logging continues to happen as usual while the residents are waiting to see sheets fixed over the terrace. Note that water logging during monsoon gives rise to mosquBrianbalakumaran menace leading to deadly diseases like dengue, malaria making residents highly vulnerable.  2/10

8.    Lifts out of order– The lifts go out of order very often putting the residents, especially elderly people to severe inconvenience and some residents who got stuck inside the lift found that the alarm system was of little help in a panic situation with no help available from the security.( Complaint has been logged and Ticket No is 36112175 . ETA – 2 weeks for resolution and observation as per Schindler)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented so far. The lifts continue to malfunction and frequently go out of order in all the 3 blocks with no resolution in sight for the hapless residents. 2/10

9.  STP fraud  – The sewerage treatment plant installed in the premises has become a source of nuisance for the people with sludge water being released inside the blocks allegedly with no provision for an outlet from the plant. As per standards the STP is supposed to have flush connection with every flat which is missing. Moreover it is built so close to the dwellings that residents are forced to inhale the toxic gases & chemicals released from the plant while in operation.  The strong toxic odorous gases released in the air poses a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of the residents and in total contravention of enviTestingronyental norms. As per PCB standards STP is supposed to be minimum 20 feet away from the nearest dwelling which is not followed in this case. Drainage & sanitation systems are not adequate resulting in problems like sludge, pollution, filth etc. STP backyard has become a dumping ground for all kinds of junk and rubble making it a breeding ground for snakes & reptiles.  Snakes have been found recently lurking in the STP backyard posing a threat to residents & mainly small kids.( STP motor problem was there due to which water was let out. Motor Issue has been resolved hence it will not repeat / reoccur)

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented so far and STP continues to be a source of major concern. Sludge water is being released out in the open all over the open space within the building premises. The sludge water is released daily in the mornings through a hosepipe from STP into the BBMP drainage hole much to the anxiety of the residents. There is no proper provision for outlet built into the system and the sludge water is released manually here & there in direct violation of standards prescribed for an STP in a residential apartment. Sludge, pollution, filth continue to pose threat to the wellbeing of the residents in absence of a quality certified STP. 1/10

10.  Parking fraud  – The proper parking allotments are not done for the owners yet which is causing lot of confusion and inconvenience to the residents. Proper parking allocation will not only remove the confusion among residents but also stop the menace of unauthorized parking inside the premises which seems to be currently quite rampant due to lack of parking allocation. Also the parking slots need to be uniform in size & equal for all residents to avoid any disputes later.( To mitigate the same Allotment of Car parking slots to avoid outsider nuisance – ETA 26th June

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented so far. Unauthorized & Illegal parking continues to be rampant and outsiders are found to be misusing & abusing the parking area in absence of a proper parking allocation. The above dates already crossed without any mitigating measures taken so far. 2/10

11.  Rain Water Harvesting fraud – There is no information with regard to the type of RWH system installed in the premises and whether it meets the quality standards & specifications as prescribed for conservation of rainwater.( It is implemented and shown to residents)

This needs to be looked into in more detail.

12.  Fuse stolen – Frequently meter fuses are found missing from the meter box.  Some flat owners face problems regularly because of this.

The promised safety bracket to cover the meter boxes is yet to be provided. 2/10

13.  Intercom fraud  - Intercom facility was supposed to have covered all the 3 blocks. Currently it is only limited to a single block with no provision to interact with residents in other blocks. Few days back fire caught the intercom junction box @ B block and security guards were found dousing it with water which is both dangerous & life threatening. Proper fire safety system for preventing such mishaps is completely missing in the apartment.(This will be attended too and ETA is 1st week of July)

Contrary to your claims this has not implemented so far and intercom facility continues to remain standalone with 3 blocks totally isolated from one another without being covered under one intercom system as promised. 2/10

14.  3rd class Gymnasium – The gymnasium is not fully equipped and has insufficient equipment mostly of local brand. The windows don’t have mosquBrianbalakumaran mesh for air circulation.Equipments will be services ETA  17th July

Not done yet. 2/10

15.  3rd class Party hall –There are no fans fixed in the hall and the windows have no mosquBrianbalakumaran mesh. People have been asking for fans from a long time which is kept pending.  It is inconvenient to both residents and their guests during functions without these basic infrastructure and cleanliness available to them. 2 Number of Fans will be provided by 26th July and MosquBrianbalakumaran Mesh ETA is 1 month

Not done yet. 2 fans are not sufficient and minimum 4 fans need to be provided for the 4 switch points. In fact 6 fans are supposed to be provided as per the hall dimension. 2/10

16.  Solar equipments fraud - Solar heating equipment s were supposed to have been provided in the building which is not done.( As agreed in the meeting it is not feasible under present circumstances)

This is supposed to be provided as per the sanction plan and seems to have been purposely overlooked for unknown reasons. 0/10

17.  3rd class work inside flats – Not only there are lingering issues outside but residents are facing lot of issues even inside their flats where works are pending for months without any notable progress.  There is carpentry, plumbing, painting and electrical works pending in many of the flats already occupied for months now.  Many were forced to hire workers from outside to get our work done at own cost rather than waiting for the promised workers from your end.( ETA for minor issues is Saturday 20th June and for major within a span of 1 month.)

Most of the residents are still waiting to see their issues promptly attended to & resolved even though they have given the list of issues pending in their respective flats. 2/10

18.  3rd class Children Play Area & Landscape – There is enough scope for improvement on landscaping to enhance the beauty & ambience of the premises & the children play area with lights etc. Streetlights along the jogging track inside the premises would enhance both beauty and utility of the jogging track. Also there was a plan to provide a senior citizen park for use by the old & elderly that is left unfulfilled.( Edges will be shaped like a curve and columns will be encased with rubber ETA 26th June)

Not done yet. 2/10

Few other points discussed like tube lights not working( ETA 26th June), Electric wires hanging outside( ETA 26th June) will also be addressed.

Dates crossed with no action taken to address the concerns of open electric cables hanging within the premises putting the children at high risk. 2/10

Regarding Ownership and KEB Power meter name changing requirement Builder will sign in the NOC form given by KEB and Khatha . Fee for the same should be borne by the respective flat owners only).

Contrary to your claims this has not been implemented yet. NOC for meter transfer have not been received despite several reminders already sent asking for the same. 0/10

We convey our utter displeasure at the current pace & quality of work done by you in ensuring a satisfactory resolution to the above issues and hope that instead of mere nhassurances & promises actual work will be carried out on the ground in order to address the above concerns by the end of this month with specific details given to us on all of the above with timely updates.

Overall rating - 2/10

Overall rating - poor

Recommendation - Avoid

Thanks & Regards,

VandAnasultan Earls Court Buyers Group
Aug 30, 2016 09:44 AM Read


Been frank I read review and validated since I wanted to buy the house.

All the review which had given more 3 star are fake. Builder have paid the money to put reviews, this is pretty much common. To validate this you go to the building on weekend, find few resident of that building. You only need to initiate the talk they will speak everything.

All the review with 1 star review are the reality. I wish if we had -5 to rate these Vandana-Infra cheaters.

Lot's of problem with no legal document, construction quality and amenities.
Dec 01, 2015 08:33 PM Read

Please don't buy from vandana group, I booked in Vandana tejyesh, panathhur, in june2014, they promised to deliver on Dec 2014.

But now its dec 2015 still not delivered, also there is lot of hidden charges, also Land documents also not proper, deviation in plan, wrong calculation of UDS, Now they are asking extra money for OC and A khata.My suggestion is please go for reputed builders, may be some bucks extra but no future problems.


Nov 18, 2015 10:56 PM Read

I am sorry to say this but the builder has shown complete apathy towards the residents of vandana earls court. The builder has been very brazen and shown a blind eye towards all the promises made.

No proper security, half the equipment in the gym are not working, swimming pool is poorly maintained, garbage not picked on time etc.I guess he has made violations and hence not giving OC, NOC certificates.

Everyday I live in fear that something outwardly will happen and BBMP will come knocking on our doors although I had the builder verified by the lawyer twice.
Sep 06, 2015 09:09 AM Read

These are very unprofessional builders. Don't go with pleasant talking of marketing people. Talk to builders' and partners, they don't know how to speak to customers. Once you buy their flats, they will show their actual nature. They will not fulfill what they promise. They will promise to give you A Khata before you buy, but they will not give anything after that. As soon all the money cleared to their account, they allow anyone to speak to them.

Quality of buildings, quality of service and quality of maintenance are very poor. They don't take any approvals from any authority. They just take land approval from BBMP. Post that they will not apply for any other approvals or NOC from BBMP, BESCOM, PCB etc. They do all kind of deviations to income more money and easily allow people to do modifications in their own flats. Hence they do not provide important documents like CC, OC, KHATA etc. After all flats are sold, they leave without providing any handover or documents. Please file RTI in each respective departments against these builders, you can come to know the truth.

Best of luck if you are already in grab of this builder.
Jun 28, 2015 12:42 PM Read

I am planning to buy a flat in SAI VANDAnasultan BRINDAVAN prj. Can some one help with the CC, OC & KHATA details of this project. Also about the homebasics.

please drop your comments to my INBOX( .Thanks a lot in advance..
Jun 07, 2015 03:10 PM Read

Since there were violations in building construction against the approved plan, builder is not ready to process the OC with government authorities, due to that residents are denied OC. There are deficiency in service provided by the builders in terms of STP, power backup, cleaning and etc.

BWSSB water connection agreed initially was denied by builders without returning money collected for specific purpose.
Jun 02, 2015 07:13 PM Read

  1. OC, CC, NOC missing for building.

  2. Full of deviations & violations.

  3. Incomplete, poor & substandard amenities without permissions/clearances from the departments/local bodies.

  4. Poor quality of construction with cracks both on internal & external walls.

  5. Poor maintenance with garbage all around.

  6. Total lack of security with rampant trespassing/unauthorized parking.

  7. Incidents of breach of security, thefts, miscreants, local rowdies, anti-social elements, henchmen, history sheeters, hooligans, goons, mafia sent by builder & his associates to harass the residents.

  8. No BESCOM/KEB/KPTCL approvals obtained.

  9. No individual electricity meter officially transferred to buyers.

  10. No individual parking allotments given.

  11. Bad construction with violation and widespread leakage/seepage from walls/water pipes.

  12. Deficiency in services/Unfair trade practices.

  13. Rampant violations/deviations/deception/malpractices.

  14. False representation of facts/exaggerated claims/suppression of facts while booking.

  15. Non-refund of amount collected for BWSSB/STP/Amenities not delivered.

  16. Inordinate delay in delivery of flats.

  17. Frequent voltage fluctuation due to insufficient load capacity.

  18. Misleading statements/giving false assurances to dupe customers.

  19. Non-compliance/corrupt practices/bribe culture to hide truth.

  20. Manipulative/fraudulent practices/exploitation of customers.

  21. Tampering of facts/misleading advertisements//tempting brochures just to fool buyers.

  22. Discrimination with customers based on extraneous considerations.

  23. Extending undue personal favors and using as proxies a handful of boot-licking colluding individuals(basically a set of chamchas) to fool the general public.

  24. Illegally sold extra parking space from visitors parking quota to be challenged in court shortly by other residents.

  25. Citing case as an excuse trying to blackmail & fool the residents and trying to obstruct and interfere in the process of law with the help of few proxies having no say in the matter.

  26. Possession certificates, individual Khata not issued.

  27. Siphoned off maintenance corpus fund collected in advance from customers and fled the project leaving it incomplete without giving any kind of handover.

  28. Using his proxies manipulating and harassing & imposing an invalid association on them  without any legal status just to fool the people and escape.

  29. Cheating, fraud, false promises made to secure bookings and defraud buyers.

  30. Extortion for sale deed registration asking bribe money from customers apart from stamp duty and registration cost with intention to cheat.

  31. Resorting to criminal intimidation/trespassing/blackmailing/physical threat/violence against law abiding residents reporting lapses. Matters escalated to Law enforcement agencies/Attorneys/Law Courts/Crime branch police/Press & Media etc.

  32. Several cases filed against builder for indulging in illegalities/criminal misconduct/cheating/fraud/trade malpractices both in criminal & civil courts.

  33. Not having CREDAI accreditation.

  34. No provision of proper bore wells or cauvery water despite collecting funds for the same.

  35. Basically a gang with mafia nexus to cheat the customers of their life savings.

  36. Court notices and summons issued against the builder for personal appearances for trial.

  37. Half the residents in the building supposedly enrolled as complainants for initiating civil & criminal legal proceedings against the errant builder.

  38. Fear of demolition a constant threat posing at the residents from the govt. agencies.

All in all, a devious, dubious, dodgy & bogus builder! Yet another IVRCL in the making!

May 29, 2015 03:59 PM Read

They dont know what customer means, they feel they can ride on the customers by slowing down the work and not allowing to do any changes to the plan and constructing extra floors. Sending some workers to create nuisance in apartment compounds etc. For any pending work they will tell tomorrow we will do for sure, you call them every day they will repeat the same thing.

If you feel like buying any flat is better to go for a completed project than under construction apartment from this builder.
Feb 26, 2015 10:27 PM Read

Satisfied with Spring woods apartment. Recently booked a flat in vandana.Negotiable price with all the amenities.Had a good experience with marketing person and the marketing manager.

Right from the booking till the loan sanctioning, the process was smooth and good with nice customer service.Cleared legal document of a Project and flats are quite good.

I will refer my colleague to book a flat  in vandana.
Feb 26, 2015 03:23 PM Read

Few days back I had  visited 2 projects which is in  HSR Extension by Vandana Builder. I feel its nice I liked the Construction of Vandana Earls court its spacious and even Marvel project is also quite good . am planning to purchase a flat in Earls court in march.

I even had a talk with marketing people they were kind helpful. According to me I feel there response towards there customer was good.
Feb 26, 2015 12:25 PM Read

After long time I saw a good apartment which is near H.S .R Layout Extn, VANDANA MARVEL of VANDANA Builders & Developers. Noise less atmosphere with a reasonable price, compared to other builders and they are giving standard quality and  specifications.

These builders are also flexible to do alterations as per our need. I am purchasing a flat in vandana marvel in December 2014.i visited the apartment yesterday working progress is very well they may be give a position at a promising time .i feel very happy to purchasing a flat with vandana infra.  they have a office at H.S R layout.
Feb 25, 2015 04:22 PM Read

Quite Good.I had booked a flat in Spring Woods for me had a pleasant experience with Vandana Builder & team helped me out well.

Right from booking till loan sanctioning, the process was smooth and coupled with class customer service. Cleared Legal documents, & flats are very nice and I'm satisfied with all the amenities

I will refer my friends also to buy a flat with Vandana.

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Vandana Celesta - JP Nagar Phase 7 - Bangalore

Vandana Celesta, JP Nagar Phase 7, Bangalore Photos

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