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Project Details of Unitech Residency Greens, Sector 46, Gurgaon

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Unitech Residency Greens, Sector 46, Gurgaon

Dec 27, 2017 03:56 PM Read

Unitech is full of cheaters. Their sales man hardly have any ethics and will do anything to cheat innocent customers.

I bought 3 bhk flat in Unitech and was promised a covered parking, however I am given an open parking on possession.

The details sent to me for confirming the sales mentioned 1 parking and there was no mention of the type of parking. when I enquired further I came to know that on sales form they on their own have mentioned open parking, I have no copy of the same.

I am going to put the case in consumer forum. Even after writing to directors of the company, no one bother to resolve or correct wrong practise of their ales team. I am sure they are cheating lot of people like this only.

Please be aware of such cheaters and do not buy their properties!
Feb 24, 2017 11:49 AM Read

Unitech is worst company which I ever seen. This company's flat is at very high price which is unreasonable. You have better flats than Unitech under its price. And its flats not too suitable for everyone. And they do not their work under given time. And many important works are pending in its many society. And if I go on its staff courtsey is poor, you don't expect of this. There are many of things which must should be but you will never seen. So I would not recommend Unitech.
Feb 12, 2017 01:31 PM Read (via Android App)

This group has raised so many problems to indian investors. This is blunderbaaz. Never invest in this company. I had invested Rs. 50000 in 2013. Even in 2017 I have not received my money back. Company is totally failed to survive. They are not repaying investors. I had opened a fixed deposit number 1233710 in year 2013. Still I am waiting for repayment of my invested amount. I have seen on google when I searched about this company that many people have invested lakhs of rupees and unfortunately they lost it. The chairman of this unitech group must be roaming without any tension and the people who lost their lakhs of rupees are suffering now. Customer care also not responding. Government is also not taking any action on this company. Its surprising. Dont ever invest in unitech group.


Unitech Residency Greens - Sector 46 - Gurgaon
Feb 07, 2017 01:22 PM Read (via Android App)

UNITECH nowdays has been a very fraud company.They make money out our own pockets by luring customers , by showing them higher dreams and all these money is invested into share market and they earn higher returns from our own hard earned money.

So, please never get into their traps and before investing into any real estate company check all their prior records.
Feb 03, 2017 07:34 AM Read (via iOS App)

Unitech builder is now a days very bad situation.

it is a corrupted real estate.

on ancient time it is good now a days he is not work properly.

if any one can invest in unitech for purchase a house so they company not give easily possession of house or not full fill the terms and condition those are wrriten in contract.

or main draw back they not give salary to his staff properly. So staff not Maintain the work or not do properly.every day staff doing strict or there are many cases are filed against the unitech.

on ancient time it work good and mostly person preferred unitech but now a days it is to much irritatingly.

now a days nobody want to invest in unitech becuse every person has fear if money loss then where we will go or if he think go in court so court matters are very slowly process. so no body easily want to invest money.
Jan 31, 2017 07:27 PM Read (via Android App)

Invested Rs.50000 in Unitech Fd.They are not paying the amount even after maturity.No response to emails and no customer support.

Such a large builder but very poor work ethics.

Many people have filed case in company law board to release the Unitech FD payments but no relief.Whatever be the problem at least proper communication must be there.
Jan 30, 2017 04:19 PM Read

Hello guys we today I told you some major week point of unitech builder, uncertainty quality is too low

  1. seepage is major point in unitech society

4 week maintenance of running society

so guys there are many project in pending in gurgaon like unitech vista, crest, residency, garden 2, south park etc

also which society is ready to move seepage is see every flat .

so I can not recommend of unitech builder.
Jan 13, 2017 01:32 PM Read (via Android App)

Guys beware of unitech builder, no customer service at all. They are not doing business, cos 1 has to deliver the product/services as promised in, for the price one has charged their customers.

But they are customers for nothing and not delivering any thing.

There staff is very rude.

Their projects are most delayed projects in the industry.
Nov 01, 2016 02:05 PM Read

Unitech is the biggest fraud company on this earth. They have been gulping my hard earned money since 2009, promised possession of my flat in Unitech-Sunbreeze in Sector 69 Gurugram(Haryana, The Most Promising State in the Country), in 2012. They have vanished from the scene after taking 95% of the flat cost. Siphoned off money in their commercial projects and creating huge land bank and showed a big thumbs down to buyers by evading from the site.

They have been caught up in big scams like 2G etc and are evading the buyers since last 3 years. There is no one in the company left now to respond to the buyers queries on the probable date of possession. Probably its an endless wait.

They have been jailed earlier but managed to come out due to their stong political connections. Will Hon'ble President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and Minister of Housing, Government of India provide justice to poor buyers who have been left in the lurch by eating away their hard earned money. Even Banks like HDFC Ltd. are also party to this unearthed scam.

When in this country poor man like me can sought justice from the so called rulers/ politicians?

Ramesh Chandra and his sons might be another bunch of Mallya's waiting to evade away from the country's legal system.

Really a shame, disgusting and discouraging environment, that even after almost full payments we will never get roof over our heads.
Jun 26, 2016 04:47 PM Read

I purchased the flat in Unitech the residences noida in year 2012. I was promised delivery of flat in 36 months from date of builder buyer agreement. The agreement was done in april 2012 going by agreement i should have got the possession in year april 2015.

I visited the site in 2015 and was shocked to see that unitech has completely abandoned the site and no Constructionguru30 activity of any kind is going on. When we approached the unitech office in noida they give evasive replies. However since unitech failed to deliver the flat we sought a refund of amount with 10% interest but unitech did not responded to our email, letter regarding refund of amount with 10% interest.

Their conduct has made us to reach to the conclusion that unitech is a big fraud company and mr Chandra is shamless person. If anyone has purchased the flat in the unitech the residences noida please mail us immediately at as such i am of the view that we should take collective action against the Unitech.
Jan 12, 2016 02:58 AM Read

Early morning lessons.! It's amazing how structured teaching can make a life of a beginner golfer so easy .??Nice course, friendly people.

If this was an 18-holes and not a 9-holes, it would be a very good place to play If you’re looking for ultra spacious luxury apartments with panoramic views of a signature golf course.

Then this is the ideal place for you. Unitech Golf and Country Club(UGCC) is a 347 acre integrated luxury township located at Sector 96 on the Noida Expressway with excellent connectivity to Delhi
Dec 08, 2015 10:39 PM Read

I have been working at Unitech Builders full-time(More than a year)


Moderate work pressure and no long working hours. Good office space and infrastructure. Well experienced middle management and good opportunity to learn.


Salaries are heavily delayed as much as by 2 months - this is the current scenario in 2013 in NCR region. No communication from HR about delayed salaries, every month its a guessing game. Employees have not been paid the yearly components of their salaries like LTA etc. for more than 2 years, now company is handing out 3 year FDs of the amount instead!

Staff is demotivated and depressed therefore work suffers and general mood in office is low. Do not join if you have any other options and if you do try to first find out the current inside scenario by speaking with a few employees, dont believe the HR.hope this helps someone as I was unaware of all this before joining the company!
Sep 26, 2015 09:16 AM Read (via Mobile)

A realtor(realtor) really 420 cheater. Swallowed deposits from public by avoiding interest payments& returning of principle amount to depositors

Made unaccountable profits but shows debit balance to Company Law Board to avoid repayment to innocent depositors on whose shoulder the company flourished. My sincere advice to all investors only to rely on national, scheduled banks& post offices where at least your principle is safe.
Aug 02, 2015 03:22 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am a unit owner of a flat unit in Unitech uni-homes 3, Tower # C3, Floor# 8, Flat # 0805?.

Ideally this is possession time for this project but our bad luck, Unitech has not even completed the structure still.

and above all they have no plans to resume construction  and even not even ready to return our hard earned money back:(
Jul 19, 2015 07:44 PM Read


There can't be better review than this- Any Lawyer to take this matter can mail me at

All mails written to them are in chronological order, there are many other mails that were sent other than these.

Just imaging our mental trauma, my father who is 65+ has to run from pillar to posts and Collage Group is sitting on our hard earned money.

Dear Prayag Ji,

I hope you received mail of Rahul Ji.

Kindly reply.

You can forward this to concerned executive of collage group if required. We need reply from any of the concerned person who looks after booking cancellations and refunds.

(Refer attached screenshots)

FYI Your group is selling flats of Uni Homes- Bhopal(project in same campus) via e-retail platform of

Condition is that booking amount will be refunded if booking is canceled within 15 Days.(Refer attached screen shots),  booking amount is only 10, 000/- Rupees

Our Case- We paid more than 2.5 lacs and canceled booking in less than a week- Still we are made to run from pillar to posts, I wonder whether this allotment done at first place?-I wonder if we should have bought it from Snapdeal rather than directly from Bhopal executives!- Is this a policy paralysis of Unitech or some personal issue of some random executive who is delaying things?

Should we trust Snapdeal more than your executives even in matters related to collage group? If answer is yes- do let me know so that I can inform other gullible investors at Snapdeal and other platforms!

What is surprising to me is Unitech is a trusted name and I don't think ever Unitech can treat customer like this.

If you want us to reach personally at either of Bhopal/ Gurgaon office, please confirm- Dr. AK Bhardwaj(myself) have already met your executives regarding this matter, my son has met and called multiple times in vain.

Revert on this issue. This is pending for so long now, resolution is required at the earliest.


Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj

Shiva Bhardwaj

PS: Kindly note that I am using this mail ID(Registered under name of my son Ankur Bhardwaj)- Please call me directly if required to verify.

You can call Dr. AK Bhardwaj(Myself) at #(Number registered in your records)- confirm.

PS:Your Bhopal executives are refusing to accept communication from our end- this will only delay things- nothing more! Money has been paid via cheque and everything is on record. Infact Mr. Sachin Mishra GM- Commercial Shruthisharma Bhopal verbally, and on record from his corporate mail ID have promised to refund amount after cancellation charge.

Hence, If we do not get promised money back within 30 Days(From today)-) we will be forced to take help of Judiciary. This again is a request to reply, do not think otherwise!

I hope we understand that  buying time repeatedly, delaying things deliberately and misinterpreting, making false promise at time of booking and at time of refund wont help either Collage Group or stakeholders in this matter.

I would suggest to take a firm call on this matter and refund what is promised by Mr. Sachin Mishra and others at time of booking and cancellation. On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 4:10 PM, Rahul Rastogi  wrote:

Dear prayag

Pls reply to him.



From: TheOrca0007 . []

Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2015 9:12 PM


Subject: Fwd: Request for cancellation- GIP Mall Bhopal- Shop # FF-036

Dear Rahul,

FYI- Please refer trail mail of Sachin Mishra sent long back!

Tried calling you today at your office landline(Gurgaon) could not connect as perhaps you were busy in meeting.

Please let me know status of refund, 1 Years have already passed.

This should not take so long with so many understanding people like you working in Unitech.

If you want proofs of payment/ allotment letter/ cheque receipt etc, please let us know.

Waiting for your revert.

Thank You,

Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj

Shiva Bhardwaj

Ankur Bhardwaj

  • Forwarded message -

From: sachin mishra

Date: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 4:07 PM

Subject: RE: Request for cancellation- GIP Mall Bhopal- Shop # FF-036

To: Ankur Bhardwaj, vikrant dubey

Cc: a bhardwaj,

Dear Ankur

Please  confirm deduction of Rs. 38804/ as cancellation charges.



From: Ankur Bhardwaj []

Sent: 14 May 2014 09:40

To:'vikrant dubey'

Cc:;'a bhardwaj';;

Subject: Request for cancellation- GIP Mall Bhopal- Shop # FF-036

Dear Sachin/ Vikrant Ji,

As discussed on mobile between me and Mr. Sachin Mishra(General MAnasultanger- Commercial Shruthisharma, Unitech) on 13th May 2014- here is what has been conveyed to me by Mr. Mishra regarding refund of booking amount(? 2, 58, 692/-) for shop # FF-306. i. The process of refund of booking amount for shop FF-036 paid to Unitech Via cheque no. 000002(Bank of Baroda- Chilla Road, Banda) has still not been initiated ii. It will soon be started from Unitech’s end, I have re-requested to start the same ASAP. iii. All the formalities from our(customer’s end) for initiation of refund process are over- As asked by Mr. Vikrant, I have already handed over written application requesting refund(refer attachment), and original copies of Allotment letter and receipt to Mr. Sachin Mishra in person by visiting Unitech’s office at Bhopal on 10th of May, 2014. iv. The refund process will at maximum take 30 business days and refund will be done via cheque.

Hope I have covered the entire discussion we had on telecom, kindly confirm if there is any miscommunication.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Ankur Bhardwaj S/o Sri. Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj & Smt. Shiva Bhardwaj(Customers who have paid booking amout for Shop# FF-036)


From: Ankur Bhardwaj []

Sent: Friday, May 9, 2014 3:30 PM

To:'vikrant dubey'

Cc:;'a bhardwaj';;;

Subject: Request for cancellation- GIP Mall Bhopal- Shop # FF-036

Dear Vikrant,

Please note this mail is request for cancellation of our booking against shop no. FF-036, in your upcoming GIP Mall Bhopal.

Booking  amount of? 2, 58, 692/- has been paid via cheque number. 000002(Bank of Baroda- Chilla Road, Banda) & thereby allotment letter for this shop has been provided to us on 5- May-2014.

Primary reason for cancellation: Since, my mother who is diabetic patient has suddenly been hospitalized yesterday and we need cash for her treatment urgently, this cancellation is requested.

I hope as promised earlier, the money shall be refunded fully, especially considering the booking has been cancelled within a week of depositing booking amount via cheque.

Regret that this deal could not be completed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please let us know the procedure for refund initiation process.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks & Best Regards,

Ankur Bhardwaj 17

S/o Shri. Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj & Smt. Shiva Bhardwaj

From: vikrant dubey []

Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2014 12:03 PM

To:'Ankur Bhardwaj'



We received the scan copy of cheque against shop no FF-36 which is showing your interest in this particular shop as you discussed regarding this shop, this shop is currently available with us, its true, previously we sold this unit to Mr. Agarwal but we shifted to him at ground floor in unit no. 59, 1898 sq. Ft. so said shop is currently available with us. Regards

Vikrant Dubey From: Ankur Bhardwaj []

Sent: 25 April 2014 21:08

To:'vikrant dubey';'a bhardwaj'



Dear Vikrant This is to confirm meeting on 3rd of May 2014, regarding shop. F-036- we are confident deal will go through.

Kindly confirm the timings, and please send reply as requested in trail mail below(To ascertain ownership status of F-036) Thanks & Best Regards,

Ankur Bhardwaj 17

From: TheOrca0007 . []

Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1:24 PM

To: vikrant dubey; a bhardwaj


Dear Vikrant,

Attached is scan cheque as requested by you for shop F-036, kindly note that this is not meant for REALIZATION before our meeting on may 1st week, sending scanned copy of the cheque is  just a token of interest from our side and is done since it was asked by you. Also please confirm via mail that shop no.(F-036) is currently unsold and no one is alloted this particular shop at this moment(Please send a mail to keep this on record, to ensure smooth deal ahead)- During our last meeting we have been told that this shop was earlier sold to some Mr. Agarwal, and he has shifted to a new shop I hope Unitech has canceled his allotment so kindly confirm the same via mail.

My father Sri. A.K. Bhardwaj will meet you regarding this deal on May 1st week.

Thank You,

Ankur Bhardwaj

xxxxxxxxxx On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 10:50 AM, vikrant dubey  wrote:

Dear Sir,

As discussed with you regarding our upcoming retail project “THE GREAT INDIA PLACE” – BHOPAL, please find the attached herewith E-Brochure & floor plans.


  1. 7, 00, 000 sq.ft. of Built Up Area of Mall.

5 Screen, 1200 seat Multiplex(Approx).

70, 000 sq.ft. for food court on entertainment floor i.e. 2nd Floor.

  1. 2, 00, 000 sq ft amusement centre on 2nd floor & Terrace.

  2. 1, 00, 000 sq.ft. hyper mart for two big formats.

  3. 1, 00, 000 sq.ft. Anchor stores for two big formats.

Parking for 1500 cars(Approx).
Jul 10, 2015 02:14 PM Read (via Android App)

I bought a flat im unitech horizon. Build quality is horrible. Plaster from walls is coming out. There is severe seapage problem.

Walls are very weak and the material used in construction is below average. There is no authority to listen to me. Please don't buy any property from unitech.
Mar 17, 2015 12:37 PM Read

I booked my apartment in 2009 at The Residences. Unitech was to deliver my flat in 2011 but its already mid of 2015 and have not seen any progress from builder side to offer possession in 2016 also.

We have written a letter to respected Chief Minister of Haryana about the matter and asked to do justice. You can see the copy of the letter in
Nov 07, 2014 06:41 PM Read (via Mobile)

I booked my flat under UNIHOMES3 sec 113, ITS 28 MONTHS NOW,  the completion deadline of 30 months seems impossible and they may not even deliver this by 2016.

There has been nil progress over the site.

Hundreds of buyer’s are being fooled and why there is no strict action taken by the government on this matter?

What is the future of this project?

Sep 28, 2014 05:00 PM Read

If you are a prospective buyer and looking to book a Unitech property.pls avoid, to spare yourself from the harassment and financial pressure we buyers are facing. Better to go for newer builders, who has better cash flows to complete their project.

Don't go by the brand we all did the same mistake by booking Unitech properties(as we didn't have the true feedback and reviews back in 2012, when we booked the property)


Unihomes 3

Sector 113, Noida
Sep 25, 2014 01:40 PM Read

I booked my flat in Unitech Unihomes-III 3 years back, so far I have paid 95% of the amount but yet to get possession of my flat. the progress of work is very slow.

Seems it will take another 3-4 years for my flat to be ready. may be more than that. I am not getting any update on the construction status and any completion date from Unitech.

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Unitech Residency Greens - Sector 46 - Gurgaon

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