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₹46.2 L - ₹93.8 L
Possession on: Nov 2016
Status: Ready to Move
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Project Details of SJR Palazza City, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Near Wipro Corporate Office, Sarjapur Main Road, Bengaluru 560035, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on SJR Palazza City, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Jul 30, 2021 10:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

Highly cheater builder ever show in life,

1 month not able to fix gate

2 month not able to fix loose tiles

Evening not bother to call back client.

Don't expect for quality, commitment and product from MR SJR Vijay.

Engineer and project team act like highly unprofessional and working without knowing the basic facts of construction.

Lastly, they don't have fund even to finish your unit but facts is some misappropriation.
Jun 15, 2021 09:39 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have done registration on 31th March 2021.

From that day they were not completed the flat. After that lockdown happened and now they keep saying that no vendor, no labour this that and giving so many escuse. Some time they don't respond at all.

It's been 3 Emi has been deducted and these people don't understand this.

From my point it's waste to buy flats here.please don't buy .
May 18, 2021 05:48 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am staying here for past 2 yrs really happy I love the open space and ppl living here. I bought 2 bhk my kid enjoying in this society


SJR Hamilton Homes - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore
Mar 16, 2021 08:35 PM Read (via iOS App)

Hi I am planning to purchase a flat in SJR parkway homes. I visited the location and the project looked beautiful from outside, as I entered the main gate thier was a beautiful and lavish 3 storey club house. 7 blocks that stands inside the project and beautifully done. There are 2 swimming pools , 2 gyms , a huge party hall, a badminton court, half basket ball court as well.

There is a multi level parking and a coverd cricket pitch.

A beautiful and serine place for children and elderly people who spend most of their time at home specially in this pandemic.

Thank you
Jan 10, 2021 04:47 PM Read (via Mobile)

Excellent experience - I recently bought the flat in Blue Waters by SJR and will rate my experience as excellent due to below reasons:

  1. Transparency in pricing – No hidden cost, whatever was discussed and agreed at the time of signing the paper was the amount demanded

  2. Ease in the Registration process – No To and Fro and no longer wait time. I just spent an hour in the Registration office to close the registration process

  3. Documentation support – all inputs were provided to my bank guy without any hassle

  4. Unit completion – As scheduled and will be handed over per the commitment

  5. CRM – Though a bit of improvement at junior level but got lot of support from senior CRM's

My special note of thanks to Ghanshyam, Romesh and Philomena for their help and support during the entire process.

Appreciate it....
Jan 05, 2021 10:35 PM Read (via Mobile)

Mr . Vijay reddy is md of sjr primeco .he is doing business with zero ethics. He built the company to loot customer money.

He has diverted customers funds and invested in his commercial project to make his personal asset..

He is big fraud . He not even taking care of his employees..

Project delayed for 5 yrs..

Vijay reddy is emotional less peron
Dec 06, 2020 07:13 PM Read

Great location and equally great planning . Recently went to see the property and spoke to some of the residents, . there are some teething problem but in the price given at this location, I will go for it any day .
Dec 06, 2020 04:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

Beware and check if you are buying from SJR or any third party. It has several third party vendor. Sharing flat buying experience from one of its vendor called Creative space . People are lier, don't trust their words. After getting the money they start threatening if you ask reason for delay in registry and handover. Sanjeev(sales agent) was my point of contact. SJR finishing quality is very bad and they don't even complete the finishing. After shifting to Hamilton homes came to know several other issues e.g. STP, security, housekeeping, generator auto start, open unsold flat which is shelter of monkey, sometime even no water, club house has no lift, gym doesn't has basic things(like weight), gym is always dirty, low boundary wall with no wire fencing, CCTV shortage, few cameras been installed which is not functional, common lighting is not proper and sufficient. SJR is master of giving false hope. Marketing team is expert lier and flipper. They will promises a lots of things and will no hesitate to give you wrong information to manipulate your buying decision. Be aware of SJR and stay away from Hamilton Homes and other SJR projects. It's not trustworthy and reliable builder. All experience is real and all residents will agree with it.
Oct 22, 2020 12:19 PM Read

If there was a negative rating I would have given it. Long review but I am having to write this after 4 months of mental harassment.

I booked a lake facing apartment in Sjr Bluewaters Hamsptead A tower on 1st August of this year after finding the view from the unit pretty, it was the only remaining lake facing as it was told to me by the sales executive Satyam.

The unit below us had an extended balcony which was of course not a part of the sanctioned plan but still they took some extra money and extended the balcony for that customer which not only encroaches upon the lake but ruins the privacy of my apartment completely so they promised they will put cement slabs to manage that.

Now comes the time when I am trying to get the sale agreement done, I applied for a loan and get it approved etc, I expected that they would already put the slab, when I reached out to the CRM team they dont have a clue. Another 2.5 months go by for getting a simple confirmation. I paid more than 5% of the total price as booking amount already. 100 phone calls later they tell me they can't arrange those slabs so basically my unit will have 0 privacy, I couldn't agree to that and requested cancellation, and this isn't my fault. I had some concerns about them receiving OC as per NGT there should be a gap of 100 mts between lake and the building which wasn't being followed but they said OC can be "managed" apparently by bpaying some money, that is bribing. Moreover back in September they applied for OC it got rejected already. After the hassle I had faced I asked them if they can give me another unit which they couldn't so asked for cancellation.

Now for the last 3 weeks some of the CRM team members like Ashwini and Sujitha mentioned they will expedite my case because it wasn't my fault that there was a miscommunication. Dhanalakshmi is apparently their manager and manager of the CRM team which is appalling to digest because she is so ill behaved and arrogant, she would not pick up your call or respond to your mails or texts, then finally when I was able to reach her she practically told me on my face to fck off and she cant help me, she is going back on her words and I have proof and now deliberately delaying it from her end so that I suffer. So much for going for a reputed builder like SJR.

Now coming to SJR, firstly I am extremely disappointed to find out that a reputed builder like SJR with so many properties all over the city, would have such a unhelpful and rude CRM team, funny CRM stand for Customer Relationship Manager/Management and this is one such example of relationship they are having with their customer. Their sales team and CRM team has no proper communication between themselves, their leadership will hardly bother to solve your problems, you cant even reach out to them directly as they are protected by a CRM team who will not help either. I am mailing Ghanshyam now but of course hardly any help from his side yet.

After this entire doldrums I did some research and reached out to some of the existing residents of other properties and they faced more or less the same issue, they delayed their projects for years, there has been protests out side Palazzo City, Sjr Watermark has already got its OC cancelled due to encroaching onto the lake, people living in the existing properties had so many complaints against Sjr!

So if you are planning to buy a property from them think twice, do not believe anything the sales team or crm team promises you initially. I still haven't received by refund and when I asked for an update all I got from Dhanalakshmi is I can't help you.

My question to the SJR leadership, why do you treat your customers like shit? Or do you think our money is petty and a customer's sentiment doesn't matter at all?
Oct 14, 2020 04:16 PM Read (via Android App)

Real estate is always about location and the location of this gated community is awesome bang on the main road. Propery is nice with full of amenities however the builder is delayed the peoject by more than 2 years and cannot sure when they are going to complete it with the club house because it seems to be very large amount of amenities and facilities what they committed. Over all you can take the location advantage, all the IT and teck parks are near its vicinity.
Jun 18, 2020 01:42 PM Read (via Mobile)

I liked the project

And specially the sales guy named satyam, he is very good the way he convinced was impressive and booked the lake facing unit in BlueWaters.
Apr 07, 2020 03:56 PM Read (via Android App)

Its like a dreamhome.u ll get the hospitality so excellent and incredible and the staffs are well spoken and it is in the epic centre the exact place of a working family to live in and also very importantly the office, schools , all requirements are so must definitely visit and think about this dreamhouse, I again highly recommend to the working family to grab the opportunity and contact the owner of it.the negotiation is quite ok and satisafactory and you will surely love this
Jan 11, 2020 01:22 PM Read

Project is good both in terms of location and how its looking in the completion stage but hope to see improvement in customer service.I am hoping that project handover will be done in 2020 and all promised features will be delivered .
Dec 03, 2019 08:43 PM Read (via iOS App)

I am happy with the site layout and liked the spacious carpet area planned. Marketing person was kind enough to accept the delay on handover due to SJR Mgmt. related things. I am eagerly seeking to talk and get feedback from owners and tenants who stay here to know more facts.
Sep 11, 2019 08:13 PM Read

These guys are bloody bunch of greedy people and they can go to any extent to manipulate your bookings in their favor. We never can trust them.


Also, high voltage power lines goes inside this property and hundreds of studies worldwide have shown that living next to high voltage power lines and other parts of the power transmission network increases your risk of cancer and other health problems. The closer you are the more you are bombarded with dangerous EMFs.


I was planning to book a flat on 2nd Sep, considering it as an auspicious day(Ganesh Chaturthi) and I had shortlisted few flats to go ahead for the booking on that day.

I came in contact of SJR blue water marketing team at a later stage, and they started discussion to go for property and we had multiple discussions and negotiations before and on the day 2nd sept-19. After 3 rounds of discussion on 2nd Sep, we go ahead with the booking for the 3bhk 1680sft(7th - 10th floor flat) flat and provided the cheque.

However for next 2 days I didn't hear from them and then when I called them asking for the update, they asked me to come to the project and choose the flat. When I visited the project to choose the flat, to my surprise, they started showing 1st and 2nd floor flats and asked to choose one. When I questioned that we did the booking above 7th floor, the guy(ashutosh/Satyam) told me that how does it matters to me if it is 2nd floor or 9th floor. and asked me to choose one from 2nd floor. When I denied and asked to return the cheque, they proposed for 5th floor flat asked for 2 more days to wait to check and confirm. As there was no communication from them, when I demanded for an answer quickly, as I am looking for a immediate confirmation, they said the flats are not available and I have to go for re negotiation with higher price.

when I inquired again, came to know that, they never did the booking even when I paid the cheque on 2nd sep and signed the booking form. Today they asked me to come for renegotiation for flat booking with higher price. When there is no flat available and they didn't proceed with my previous booking, which flat they wanted now to sell?

Please note: I have copy of all the proofs and can share further details.
Aug 18, 2019 07:00 PM Read (via Mobile)

Have a flat booked at Parkway homes. book in 2013. It's been 6 years and the place still looks like a construction zone. 4 buildings are still under construction. Possession date was 2016. 3 years delayed. Zero response from builders or anyone on site. They built all the floors almost 4 years back, so most of the money is with them. Now building work is almost stalled. have read reviews about Fiesta also being delayed by 4 years or so. The fact that thugs like this continue to be in business is shocking. RERA is ineffective and sucks.

If there were anyway to sell the damn thing I would. Afraid to register the flat because they would then not even complete the rest of the flat. Even if registered not sure how to rent out the only property in the whole building which is complete. I wouldn't want to live in such a place myself. Don't even want to think about availability of basic amenities in the place.

Cheats of the biggest order. Stay away from any future projects.
Jun 25, 2019 03:37 PM Read

Hi all,

After all reviews I removed palazza city from my mind. But after speaking with few of marketing team internally I was clear and bought a flat in palazza city with 1813 Sft. Kindly don't write useless reviews which makes our precious time wasted. Guys trust me project is very good. One should understand that they started 6 projects at a time which made them to suffer because of market conditions. I cant name few big builders taken money for plot and apartment and looted us, at-least this people are completing the project better thank management.
Dec 20, 2018 07:28 PM Read

They will 1st trap you with sweet talk and hype there project then you will be a gone case. Cheap quality, highly unprofessional, and delayed project. Dont buy from this builer at all or else ready to feel cheated. Plaster coming out in the projects and they say we are providing best quality. They never respond you phone and mail once they receive money. When they require there payment they will threaten you to pay asap.
Mar 09, 2018 02:07 PM Read

There is one project which this group is going to launch in whitefield, oppo to the ITPL wherein the land belongs to the KIADB and allotted to them dubiously so be careful before you invest in the project.

This project may be both commercial and residential type of integrated developments to attract gullible investors.

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SJR Palazza City - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore

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