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Possession on: Jan 2016
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Radiance Aikya, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Location and Highlights

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Radiance Aikya, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Sep 20, 2020 10:12 AM Read

Fake promise. Poor construction. No quality. Late delivery. No professional service. If you are going to purchase then I can bet you will get more frustration.
Sep 01, 2020 04:10 PM Read

I have booked a flat at mercury for its location and the best price offered to me. It is the best project in and around perumbakkam.

Radiance Mercury is the best option for first time home buyers as it has a wide range of options with respect to the budget.

Very good project and amenities, good location, well developed and planned for good ventilation. Nice and quality project

Looking forward to moving to Mercury Community soon.
Feb 12, 2020 05:18 PM Read (via Mobile)

The 5-star rating provided by any person for this company is fake. Either it's their employee or a well known person of the company.

I'm a resident of Radiance Empire. Personal experience after successful completion of 1 year in the building.

Firstly, Finishing is so bad, it's recommended not to drill any holes into the wall because the plastering falls off like sand while drilling. Our curtain brackets came out ripping off the wall plaster just after a week of installation. The maintenance team told us that we didn't know how to drill holes into their walls.

Secondly, the car parking has not been planned properly during the initial stage. There's no proper space for guest parking and there's no space to leave our bikes in the property. Either leave it in your car parking spot or somewhere around the building uncovered. This creates a lot of unnecessary tension among the residents.

Thirdly, there's no proper response from the maintenance team after repeated calls also. After sales service is very bad.

Fourthly, Exterior painting is bad. The texture is so bad on the exterior leaving so much dust on the walls making it hard to clean. No proper cleaning is done after completion of work either.

Fifthly, due to flaw in their design, there is a lot of water storage problem in the apartment. We ourselves are building UG sumps now after forming the association.

You will receive infinite number of calls from their financial until your payment is complete. Later you'll not even receive a proper reply from the company people when asked about something. Instead of giving a proper reply they show attitude towards their old customers as if they're the most busiest people on the planet!

After forming an owners association in the apartment within 4-6 months of handover, a lot of problems are sorted on our own using the maintenance money.


Thanks for reading.


Radiance Aikya - Anna Nagar - Chennai
Nov 03, 2019 05:54 PM Read (via Mobile)

The roads are very worst in Radiance Mercury project especially to G block , since sales office is before this block they do not bother about this because customer does not get the chance to see this already handovered g block.

Rainy season two wheeler get skid because of muddy road , once a lady fell down with her Kid because of the slippery road, whenever raised this as concern they will just sand fill temporarily.

Very poor after sale service and keeping the promise.
Sep 26, 2019 12:32 PM Read (via Mobile)

Exceptionally pathetic connecting road to G blcok. Radiance management should do somethinh about it.
Jul 30, 2019 01:23 PM Read (via Mobile)

Radiance team has done poor quality job in Empire. We facing lot of issues in regards to quality of construction.

Team simply do not care once sold and handover.
Jul 23, 2019 11:15 PM Read

Dear Flat Buyers in Radiance

I am in the process of finalizing my new flat. During this course I checked the Radiance Thorapakkam project also.

While checking I found there is a lot of major water leaks in the common areas.

In the few of flats shown to me by the sales team also having the water seepage inside the flat.

I don’t know civil work is very tough or equivalent to rocket science.

Why this builders are not doing the quality work.

As a buyer we are not having time to construct our own flats.And we are depending this builder. But this builder is not even pouring water in the wall plastering.

But if any of the flat buyers delay the payment for 20 days immediately the interest rate will be applied to the customer.

As a buyer we are paying the money for every corner of the common area also.

We need to fight with builder to close the common area leaks.

Fight with builder for the already available leaks arresting work If not the association needs to spend huge money for the rectification.


Raja Thiruvenkatam.
Jul 19, 2019 08:56 AM Read

Dear New Flat buyers & Existing Flat Owners

I recently searching the flat to buy and while searching for the good developers I found the Radiance apartments in various places in Chennai.

And few projects checked from my end.

While checking I found the execution of the work is not carried out in quality manner.

I am able to find the water leak in many places in the common araes.

And few of the location the fire pipes also getting leak. There was a lot of dampness in the external wall due to water leak in the rest rooms.

The project may be completed only 2 years before. But within short period there is a lot of water leak.

The Radiance Management needs to give important for the quality to get the repeated customers.

Raise the questions about the common area issues with the builders sorry blood suckers.

Every customer is paying money for common area also. Please understand that.


Senthil Saravanan
Jul 15, 2019 12:12 AM Read

Dear New Flat Buyers

I had bad experience with Radiance reality(Mandarin) while finalizing the cost for my new flat. Initially the flat cost per sq feet plus other cost like amenities, car park, maintenance, carpus costs are informed by sales person and during negotiation the price are reduced and agreed some rate(That means there was a reduction in the per sqfeet and reduction in the car park).

After booking and stage payment the price reduction initially agreed rates was not accepted by the sales person.

The problem is the sales person booked my flat is resigned and left the radiance, once start paying the money even after showing the all papers from my end the new sales person was not agreed the earlier accepted price.

At one point of time, he informed that, the price reduction will not be possible and if required I can cancel my booking.

After going for the bank loan and after getting 2 stage payment from bank if I want to cancel my booking assumes the time loss and money loos to me.

I tried to contact the chairman of the company several times, but the sales team not allowed me to meet the chairman.

Finally I payed the money what they asked.

The new buyers needs to take care of this kind of issues with this builder.


Jul 12, 2019 02:49 PM Read

Dear Flat Buyers

I am also bought one flat in Radiance Mandarine. There is water leak inside the apartment during every rain. In the all 3 toilets the water leak / dampness damaged the living and bed room walls.

The developers representative attended 6 times to arrest the leak. Even now they are not able to resolve the issue. Apart from that in 2 toilets there is a reverse slop in the floor tile and the floor water is not at all drying.

I don’t know before doing the finishing works in the apartments, how the quality control team is checking and carrying out further work.

Since all the 3 toilets are leaking I am not able to use my flat. I settled full amount to the builder and I am paying EMI to the bank. But my issue is not resolved.

Out of 3 all 3 toilets gets leak. During every small rain the wall dampness from the exterior wall(inside) and paints are getting coming out.

One of my friend visited my flat along with me and after seeing the flat he told me I bought the second hand flat. After hearing that word from my friend I feel very bad about choosing of this builder.

Still I have faith on the developer that, he will resolve my issues.

My experience with this builder is confirming me that, the builder is not having control on execution. That is the reason all 3 toilets gets leak.(100% Failure).

I am able to understand that, in the construction industry this kind of issue is common. But 100% failure is not common. While enquiring with other buyers in my campus, few of the other flat owners also have this same kind of leaking issue.

Builders need to take care of the future projects in terms of quality.


Jul 11, 2019 11:25 PM Read

Dear All New Flat Purchaser in Chennai

Be careful while buying the flat in Radiance Reality.

I already purchased the flat in Kazhipattur Radiance Shine in 2016. I took the possession of my flat in Feb 2016. From the date of possession till date my flat is having the issues in plumbing and electrical.

Many times the builder’s representative came and tried to arrest the water leak problem and electrical problems.

But they are not solved the issue till date. See for the past 3 years the builder is not able to solve the issue means the construction of flat is equal to the rocket science.?

Even in the Srihari Kota while sending the rocket the scientists will do the count down. Sometime due to some technical issue the rocket launch will get postponed. But within a week time again the launch will happen.

Even though I was not paid the money equal to the rocket why the builder is not able to resolve the simple house related electrical and plumbing issues for the past 3 years.

For the past 3 years the engineering team is not identified the water leak is due to plumbing or civil work.

All my interior works are damaged due to water seepage.

If you take the electrical part we are not died, other than that all the electrical shocks we experienced. The house wiring is not carried out as per the industrial standard.

There may be few reason for not resolving the issues.

1.) If I was not paid the full money to the builder the builder may not resolve the issue. In my case this is not applicable.

2.) If the builder is not having money to resolve the issue- I am not having any doubt on this. Because to resolve the issue the expense may not be one lakhs rupees in worst case.

3.) If the builder is not having the technically competence persons- In my observation the chance for this 99%. Because for the past 3years the engineering team visited my flat more than 20times.(That means the developer is having intension)

I am planning to buy my second flat in Chennai, while trying to review the new projects constructed by Radiance I found few of the reviews in the mouthshut about the Radiance and I thought I need to share my experience.

The builder is having intension to give good product. But the builder is not willing to spend money to employee the good engineers. Or the builder is cheated by the employee.

Unless otherwise the builder, employ the good engineers the builder cannot give good product.

This needs to be understood by the builder.

Also the builder needs to send out the existing employees who is not performing good.




Jul 11, 2019 08:27 AM Read

Dear All Mouth Shut Viewers

I seen the other 2 Mouth Shut users review about the Radiance projects quality of work in the mouthshut website.

I also needs to share my experience in the Radiance Project.

I am also one of the Radiance customer . I am also having one flat in one of the radiance project. My building is a high raise building.

Since my building is a high raise building as per fire norms the building needs to have the firefighting systems. In my building the firefighting system also installed.

But the quality of work in the firefighting system is not up to the mark. The welding quality of the fire pipes are very bad.

Normally during fire the fire pumps will be switched on, that time the water will be pumped with high pressure in the fire pipes. While the water is pumped with high pressure in the pipe lines, if the pipes joints are not carried out properly there will be a laeak in the pipes.

While there is a fire, if the pipes are gets leak how the fire can be controlled.

The bought my flat one year before only. Within one year there is a lot of failures.

And the fire announcement systems are not working properly. The speakers are damaged. Even the maintenance team is not able to do the mock drills frequently.

Within one year so much damage happened means the quality of work is questionable.

The builder is not concentrating much in the execution of work same like sales. Because they worry only about the sales. They are not worried about customer’s problem, customer’s safety.

Even now there is a leak in the fire pipes in many places. I am insisting the association to call the fire dept for the inspection again.

This type of fire systems is not new to the industry. These systems are in the field for more than 70 years. I don’t know why this builder is not giving important in the quality of work.

Either the builder is not having enough knowledge in the engineering. Or the builder is not interested in the quality of work or the builder is not interested to employee the effective engineers for the execution.

Also my apartment had the toilet leak during the taking over of the flat from builder. The engineering team took 3 months to resolve the leak issue. This shows the builder is not having knowledgeable execution team.

New buyers, insist the builder to attend the all internal flat issues for not less than 3 years. Also give important for the common area engineering problem.


Jul 10, 2019 11:20 PM Read

Dear All Radiance Customers

I purchased the flat in Radiance Mercury . And after taking the possession from builder I was planned to do some interior work in my flat.(Like wooden works, false ceiling works, and additional lighting works)

For doing the work I engaged the one of the interior vendor and allowed him to do the physical inspection. While doing the inspection this interior vendor identified that, the electrical work executed inside the apartment is not as per the Indian standard and the neutral and earth wires are looped between the

hall to living,

living to bed room 1

hall to bed room2

Kitchen to living etc.

If there is a any fault in any one location of the area like fan, fridge, washing machine light etc. due to this loop wires the entire flat may go the tripping issue, if the tripping is not happen there may be electrical short circuit and may lead to electrical fire.

This mistake is happened due to poor workman ship and no proper supervision.

By seeing the issue which is clearly showing that the work executed contractor cheated the developer or the work executed contractor and he supervised person jointly cheated the developer.

If there is a loop between any two location, we can accept the issue is due to some human error.

But all the location in the apartment is looped. By seeing this interior vendor informed that he will not do any lighting work in my flat.

My self also accepted not to do any electrical changes in my apartment. Instead of taking the power supply form the existing wiring we done the additional lighting with plug arrangement and used the available builder installed socket to use the additional lighting on.

While doing the interior works the safety tripping also not worked and the interior contract labour also gets electrical shock few time.

Now also whenever there is TNEB power failure, even though the DG gets on the power back up will not work.

During every power failure, I need to call the maintenance person to switch on the lighting.

Why this kind of major issues made by the execution team. Why the developer is not engaging the efficient engineers to monitor this kind of life saving works.

As a buyers we are not able to spent time to construct the house and we are depending the developers to carry out the job.

But the developer is not employing the right persons to carry out the work and playing with our life.

Like me other buyers also may faced some other issue. If they share their experience the new buyers may discuss with the sales person and if the sales person face this kind of issue from the new buyers, definitely the builder will rectify the issue without additional cost .

And also if the management come to know this kind of issue the management will try to do some quality work by employing the effective engineers.

I need to notice the civil issues in the coming days. Then only I can able to share my experience with respect to civil works.

One of other customer shared his experience in the other 2 Radiance projects.( He also dropped his plan of buying the flat in Radiance).

While reading, that also seems to be poor quality of works.


Jul 09, 2019 11:53 PM Read

Dear New Flat buyers in Radiance / And Already purchased Flat Owners

I recently decided to buy the flat and while searching for the good developers one of my friend suggested to check the Radiance apartments in various places in Chennai.

I visited the Radiance Mandarin & Radiance Royale Apartments.

I took one of my friend who is having the knowledge in the construction field.

While checking the both places he found that the plumbing work carried out by the developers is not at all up to the mark.

My friend checked and says that, Even though the materials used by the developers is market best brands, the way of execution is not in line.

The working way is very horrible. This shows that, there is no skilled engineering team used and skilled labours used, and no quality in place.

Or the project head who takes care this 2 places is not involved much in the quality. By seeing the project condition definitely for the carried out works the contractors may received their payment.

If that is the case the payment passed person is not worried about the quality or no one is questioning him.

By seeing the work quality in the common area the rectification of the defective area is practically not possible.

If the defect is inside the apartment, the particular flat owner will follow with builder and get the work done.

Since the issue is in the common area, even if group of team go and approach the builder, easily the builder will convenience the owners and ensure no additional money and time is spent in the common area work.

Due to that, there will be a frequent water line issue and which will affect our day to day activity(due to break down).

Not only the plumbing issues, any common area issues will not be attended by the any of the builders where they completed the works.

All the above issue is due to no proper supervision, no skilled engineers in the work locations/ no quality control team in the premises.

If at all there is knowledgeable and sincere engineers taken care these works, this much of issues may not arrised.

If the builder is not able to sell the all apartment with in one year from the date of first occupants, all this rework cost needs to be under the builder account only.

Instead of spending money in the rework if they have the right people these issues may not be arrived. The builder also needs to evaluate him self whether there is a technically competence persons available for every work.

Many builders doing this mistake by not employing the right people for the right works. The builders thinking that, they are able to complete the works with less manpower but end of the project by doing the rework the builder is spending the money more than the money which needs to spend as a salary for the technical competence person.

Note: All above observations are only external . I am not aware of the internal work quality.

Any of the occupied customer need to share their views in this forum then all buyers will get some additional information.


Feb 21, 2019 10:03 PM Read (via Mobile)

Radiance – One of the names that stood tall with respect to quality. Among many front runners, perhaps, a coincidence that we decided to listen to their projects, firstly. Indeed, that was the last time we had to search for better builders as Radiance Mercury Project in Perumbakkam had offered everything we were looking for!

Quality is not only seen in their buildings, rather, it is flown to their employees too since these guys are thorough professionals and best in business!

A noiseless place which we loved the most and the price of it was very much within our means, something that’s much appreciated! We couldn’t have asked for a better deal than this project.

We are happy campers and would certainly recommend.
Feb 21, 2019 09:20 PM Read (via Mobile)

We recently bought a house in Radiance Mercury. Competitive price with high quality. Very calm place to reside with family and with good amenities.

Radiance staffs were very friendly and helpful throughout the process. We just love to recommend this project!
Feb 20, 2019 03:40 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have purchased a flat back in February 2018 and found this place an awesome one excellent one. Excellent building quality with good aminities. Good locality close to the IT Corridor . Good schools around the area. 24 hour Global hospital nearby. Metro in pipeline. Worth for money investing here.
Jan 24, 2019 06:11 PM Read (via Mobile)

Radiance charged 18% interest for delay payment at handingover stage and based on customers request and several negotitation with them. CRM team took initiative and reduced to 8%. Thanks to CRM team for customer support. Near to completion and ontime delivery. Overall empire buyers final request borewell water provision and hope radiance will deliver the best.
Oct 15, 2018 11:53 PM Read

Proud owner of Good property @ happening spot in Chennai - RADIANCE MANDARIN

Great service by CRM TEAM members

Value for money I paid

All items in my wish list / requests for changes were fulfilled to the fullest satisfaction.

Today it’s almost close to premium apartment in many respects
Jun 23, 2018 01:27 PM Read

I was in the process of purchasing a home from Radiance Realty at their Lakefront project. As an NRI, Its tough to find a reliable property developer or agent to help us through this journey and we were fortunate to find Radiance. They are transparent and reliable. Their pleasant team keeps us posted on the progress of the development process, allowing us to relax. They accommodate my tight schedule when I wish to visit, which speaks volumes of their dedication.

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Radiance Aikya - Anna Nagar - Chennai

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