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Project Details of Nitesh Hyde Park, Hulimavu, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

49, Hulimavu, Begur Hobli, South Taluk, Bengaluru 560076, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Nitesh Hyde Park, Hulimavu, Bangalore

Apr 04, 2019 11:28 AM Read

I have had a bad experience with these people, they don't stick to their word, keep doing delays in projects. They never returned my money and keep postponing my payments after cancellation. I don't recommend anyone to invest in their projects or company
Oct 07, 2018 09:45 AM Read (via Mobile)

My uncle had purchased an apartment. He took bank loan and paid the full amount. Since 3 years they have stopped construction at all. We are ready to move to court for this.

I thought nitesh was a reputed builder. But a class builder is just fooling people.
Jun 26, 2018 01:08 PM Read

I have purchased a flat from Nitesh. We paid money in 2009 and got possession in 2016 after several flimsy reasons for delay. Not even 1 rupee in compensation for the delay. None of the amenities promised are ready even now. There is no gym, swimming pool, park etc. While those can be atleast considered beyond basic requirements, we dont have permanent electricity or water connection. Every month, BESCOM comes and cuts the temp electricity and the residents will have to make arrangements for getting it reconnected. If you look at the quality of construction, it is worse than any free houses handed over by the governments.Pathetic.

Overall, the mentality of Nitesh is to not provide value for the money taken, but to invest the collected money somewhere else. I get a feeling that the management has got some major connections to get away with this kind of brazenness. So, to avoid any major headache/heartache, run away if you see Nitesh Estate anywhere.Knowing their company ethics, it is not worth spending your time with them.


Nitesh Hyde Park - Hulimavu - Bangalore
Jun 26, 2018 11:55 AM Read

Been residing at Nitesh Hyde Park for these past few torturous months and can whole heartedly say that I wouldn't buy a house from Nitesh Estates even if a gun was placed to my head. Electricity woes, WTP problems, poor quality construction, unpaid staff and unending delays. These sufferings are not unique to Hyde Park project and one can easily find near identical tales of sorrows from betrayed owners / tenants of Forrest Hills, Flushing Meadows and surely few others, posted on Facebook or other Social media. Uninformed buyers are drawn by impressive full page ads in leading newspapers and with Virat Kohli as brand ambassador they are duping them into believing that Nitesh Estates is premium high quality, reliable and trustworthy. In truth, one has to just visit any of their so-called delivered projects to realise what a sham business it all is and how helpless it's residents are. I hope people who are thinking of investing their hard earned life savings(current and future) on a dream home from Nitesh Estates, read this review, do their research and stay away from falling into their trap.
Jan 18, 2018 03:49 PM Read (via Mobile)

They took 95% of payment. Work stopped for More than 4 years.

All false promises.

Management don't respond to customers. Even, there's a clause on compensation for delay. That too, they're not paying. They're not sharing with customers real problem. Waiting for my flat to be completed for more than 4 years after due date committed by them
Sep 08, 2017 02:37 PM Read

Nitesh Estates started Nitesh Virgin Islands 3 yrs back. Booked a 2 BHK apartment, paid the booking amount.

I had read reviews on Nitesh Estates of being extremely slow, poor & lethargic in projects.

After three years I realized why they had the word "Virgin" in this property. They wanted to take money from 100s of gullible buyers and keep the land "VIRGIN".

They have even pulled down the board from that property now. The project has been shelved.

To surprise, they never reached out to me for cancellation and refund.

One fine day being fedup, I called and got to know that project if not happening. I asked for cancellation and refund of booking amount and LO. I was in another surprise.

Nitesh Estates does not have money to pay back the buyers and it will take atleast 6 months for them to mobilize the money.

You want to invest in Nitesh, my suggestion is to put your money together and put fire to it and enjoy peanuts sitting around it. Atleast, you know you burnt your money and Nitesh is not enjoying that money for luxury vacations and luxury cars
Aug 06, 2017 06:34 PM Read

I bought a place in NITES_Companyh Hunter valley during pre-launch .Last year they informed that project wont be continued since they don't have approvals.Since then I am waiting for refund of initial amount .Have sent countless emails and visited them but they are simply not returning the money. is there anyone in the same boat.

Would be good if there are other NITES_Companyh Hunter valley buyer waiting for a refund, we can come together and explore all the options on how to get our money back. Reach out to me at
Jul 31, 2017 07:51 AM Read (via Mobile)

I purchased Nitesh flat and the committed date of shipping turned into sep 2013 they may be almost past due by using 1 year. Now whilst after I requested for a reimbursement they despatched me the subsequent mail. PLEASE don't buy NITESH flats.

Reimbursement for put off

"We would love to appraise you of a severe problem that we had over the last couple of  years  with our major contractor M/S Ramki Infra , a 3000 Cr organization of repute. This organization become engaged after due diligence, but the agency got embroiled in investigations via various groups & could not adopt any work due to a severe monetary crunch which has affected all their tasks throughout India, and we became a victim in  instances, Nitesh Flushing Meadows being considered one of them.

Having finished 70% of the task, we could not discover a reputed enterprise to take the work forward and we had been confined to maintain the Ramki crew,  however, manipulate the development and financial commitments on their behalf.  At the same time as this rely of engagement between us& the contractor is solely our obligation, you will admire that an enterprise of the dimensions& fame as Ramki Infra winding down production changed into not even remotely foreseeable. We have been presently doing the subsequent on behalf of the contractor;  sourcing of labour, steel, concrete and different infra shape gadgets. Ramki Infra, has been retained best because of statutory reasons eg taxes.

while that is only our predicament,  it is best truthful that we replace you of the actual scenario . common shipping moves, sand lorry strikes etc which led to acute shortage of raw substances at site limited us from venture production hobby as a planned hobby. further to these, the cost of steel, cement& sand have extended exponentially which has critically impacted the projected costing .

in spite of the above impediments, we were that specialize in completing the venture and have been directing our sources closer to this . lots of you who have been journeying the assignment have stated that that is visible  . you may respect that there is no compromise within the creation, be it the sort of elevator, sizing of lower back-up strength, turbines, kind of painting, landscaping, as also  accessories& fittings . hence we aren't in a function to don't forget a reimbursement. "
Apr 09, 2017 05:31 PM Read

Very very bad builder . They have not completed project NITES_Companyh Flushing Meadows inspite of taking all money from owners during handover.They have not given basic power connection facility like bescom to the project yet .They took long time and delay in handing over the apartments to owners . Clearly they are cheating the house buyers by taking money for project and not completing it . Even the Constructionguru30 quality of the basement and sewage treatment plant is very bad and not unto the mark and residents are facing daily issues with the same . They don't show any zeal of completing any of the same . The residents of NITES_Companyh Flushing Meadows are already going through a lot of hardship due to the lack of bescom power connection since last 2 years .

Advise if you want to save your hard earned money never buy any house or project from them as they don't complete it and play on the money of consumers and customers .

Unfortunate owner @ NITES_Companyh Flushing Meadows:(
Apr 06, 2017 09:27 PM Read

I'm one of the victim residents at  Nitesh property - "Nitesh Flushing Meadows", Bangalore. We(residents of Nitesh Flushing Meadows) don't have electricity connection(BESCOM) even after more than 2 years of possession, though we have made all payment to the builder before the flat was handed to us. We are spending our hard earned salary to buy diesel for the generators. .Surprised how they have fooled even Virat Kohli to become their brand ambassador. But I'm sure, he'll end his contract soon considering the mass fraud done by this builder. Some points to mention, applicable for all Nitesh residential properites:

  • Delay in project completion - 3 years or more

  • They force people to sign maintenance agreement for long duration - 5 years/7 years or so before handing over the property and charge a  very high maintenance rate to the residents.

  • Non-functional STP.

  • Completely dependent  on tankers for water supply . As STP remains non-functional,  water charges to buy from outside will always be high.

  • Maintenance staff always go on strike as they don't pay them regularly. Outcome could be no security in the premises.

  • They don't pay to their vendors. So vendors don't provide service. Outcome for this could be non-functional lifts and many more.

  • Last and most important, no electricity connection(running on generators).

I can write a book on how Nitesh cheats people, in fact.
Apr 04, 2017 07:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

If you are planning to buy with this builder you are entering into deep trouble. He does not provide even BESCOM after delaying it forever. Takes all money but provided nothing. We are sad owners of nitesh flushing Meadows. We are paying 5k in addition to 6k maintenance to keep our electricity running with DG.
Mar 23, 2017 12:09 PM Read

Don't fall prey to their nice talks, marketing, Ads and Virat Kohli's Ads. They are number one cheaters. Their words and communications doesn't have any value. They will be very nice when you are booking an apartment but you will come to know their reality after 1-2 years. They literally struggle to complete any of their projects. They just put blame on contractor and other people to escape. Their customer care is worst when they start failing to hand over the project.

I booked an apartment with them in 2011 thinking there are very good developers but till today even after 6 years I haven't got possession of my apartment. They never give compensation. If you ask they say they don't have funds to compensate nor complete the project. Also their CRM team send threatening email when you ask some questions withholding the payment or seek clarification.

Beware of this Builder!
Feb 28, 2017 04:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am also an unfortunate resident of Nitesh hyde park. This place will make you feel like you live in a very backward village. Just to few more things like rooms stink because of bad ventilation system. Sewer water falling in parking area. Facility using water for gardening despite of scarcity due to miss management. Poor quality of Bathroom& kitchen firings. No bescom connection. Pipes getting jammed because of a black substance that come with water and list goes on.
Feb 24, 2017 03:42 PM Read

Stay away from Nitesh Estates, don't go by flashy ads of Virat Kohli. I am a resident of one and they have duped us of the sinking fund, no maintenance and above all after 2 years after OC they still have not given BESCOM connection. They never fail to gobble up money and extracted good amount for BESCOM as well and now "Extracting More".

For initial project Nitesh Estates gets a temporary electric connection bribing BESCOM. Thereafter, after residents purchase and move in BESCOM removes the connection. The project runs on DG and the maintenance claim to spending huge amounts and extract money from residents. They use this tactic so as to arm twist resident to pay up more later.

Later they will send you court notices to pay up large sums because of electrical payment, it is their business modus operandi.
Feb 14, 2017 08:03 PM Read

THE NITESH ESTATES IN BANGALORE is the decent builders.their complete every project with honesty and used good raw materials for the building of the flats.they build every flats with keeping in mind all the requirements of the daily needs.they keep great parking place for their and other facilities are available near to their every project.they charges are quite low comparing to other builders and provides great customer service.the staff behaviour is also decent behaves in a respective manner.thanks.
Jan 16, 2017 02:37 PM Read



Dec 09, 2016 08:22 PM Read

I am a resident of Nitesh Flushing Meadows. Delaying the project is one aspect of Nitesh Estates, but worse than that is their poor maintenance of the property. They force the owners to sign a long period(5 or 7 yrs) of maintenance in the name of NPML(Nitesh Property Management Ltd.). The ugly story starts from here. They won't pay regularly to the security staff, housekeeping staff etc. So, it is common that these people will go on strike every now and then. Nitesh apartments will run without any security for many days in such cases.This is a big security risk as any stranger can come to the flat. This happening at many of their projects like Nitesh Forest Hills, Nitesh Flushing Meadows, Nitesh Ceasers Palace and many more.

Moreover, there is indication that company is on the verge of closure due to high debt. So, please stay away from Nitesh Builders
Nov 13, 2016 12:50 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am writing this review to make the readers think 100 times before putting the well deserved cash in Builder Like Nitesh where their Punch line - Expect more does not oblige constant projets delivery and guarantees. I can let you know a few points to take a better choice While offering - Sales group will attempt to draw you to any degree. Delaying the project is the DNA of the gathering Senior administrators like CEO, CRM head does not convey the experience and gravity to client. Communication is despicable. CEO confers the dates which are not concurred with Middle level Managemant and they(Nitesh people) begin to discuss about it before the client. Exceptionally provoke to gather the cash and a few updates. No reactions to client messages. No demonstrable skill amid project implementation and delivery. They are very unprofessional and their only motive is to lure money from the customers
Oct 25, 2016 10:40 AM Read (via iOS App)

I have booked my property in Nitesh Estates Hyde Park in the year 2010. Their commitment to handover the Apartment was in the year 2013. But they have not given us the poccassation up to till now i.e after completion of three years even of their Committed date. In between since last three yearsNitesh Estates have committed the various dates and promises for completing of the construction schedules of the Nitesh Hyde Park Project, in which they have totally failed in all of their Commitments.

Hence I will never Reccommend to any

one for investing in Nitesh Estates.
Oct 03, 2016 11:45 AM Read

I am an unfortunate owner of flats in two properties of Nitesh Estates - Hyde Park and Cape Cod. Its been more than 6 years and I am still waiting for completion and handover of my flats. Every aspect of Nitesh Estate is pathetic right from project execution to customer relations. The sales guys will entice you will all things nice about Nitesh Estates but that's where the good part ends and then you are sucked into a web of lies, deception, false promises, threats, bullying, shoddy quality - every bad thing you can imagine - you will get it from Nitesh Estates and its staff.

While I have suffered both financial setbacks and emotional distress, I would advise any new potential buyers to be extremely careful and avoid Nitesh Estates projects at all costs. And mind you, this holds true for all other Nitesh Estates projects as well - Columbus Square, Caesars Palace, British Columbia, Chelsea, Hunter Valley which are all in deep trouble as far as completion is concerned. Its the same story everywhere and the list goes on. You can cross verify these facts from any buyer of Nitesh Estates properties. Even if you think of Nitesh, my advise is that you first speak with some existing buyers before you take a decision

There are much better, sincere and honest builders in Bangalore and I see no reason why anyone should knowingly commit a mistake by choosing Nitesh Estates over other premium builders. They are only good at fleecing customer's money and nothing else!

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Nitesh Hyde Park - Hulimavu - Bangalore

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