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Possession on: Dec 2019
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Mantri Energia, Thanisandra, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Rachenahalli, Thanisandra, Bengaluru 560045, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Mantri Energia, Thanisandra, Bangalore

Oct 24, 2015 09:58 PM Read

Mantri developers are name sake Banglore #1 developers, But I realised that Mantri is a useless organization in terms of commitment. They have no commitment at all, they would have forgot about the meaning of commitment too.

For the Mantri Celestia project which they started in 2008, Mantri missed 6 deadlines till now and again postponed the possession(7 years already completed) . If the construction will go in same pace we may not get possession in 2020 also. All the ladies and gentlemen who wants to buy any property with them, be sure that in the construction agreement, they will mention that they will pay a penalty of around 2.5 to 3RS per SFT for the delayed period, but they will not mention the end date of penalty in the construction agreement.

So you will be ended up paying both the bank loans and rent which is proportionally more than 15 times than what the penalty they paid to you. I agree that every builder has challenges like non availability of cement or labor, but not such that they missed 6 deadlines which is not acceptable by any customer or atleast me. All Mantri victims, please share this on facebook, so that we would have helped someone not to become a victim like us.
Sep 23, 2015 11:49 AM Read

Mantri builder is the one of the famous builder of Bangalore and Chennai. I was looking for apartment and after doing so much research I selected Mantri.

Because one year back Mantri builder was having the impressive offer in pre-launch pay 20% now and 80% after the construction, even the pre EMI will be given by them and most impressive part is that we are getting the double the investment and this offer was only in Mantri web city.

I saw the model searched everything about offer and location and I felt this worthy so I booked the apartment.  I like the quality what they are giving and even I am happy with their service. I got my all papers on the time and even my brother booked the apartment as Investment. I don’t like only there duration of completion but it is okay I am getting the good quality things so not worry about it. Well I already recommend about this builder to all my friends and I will recommend this builder to everyone.
Sep 13, 2015 12:47 PM Read

I have bought apartment in mantri tranquil 2009.I do not recommend this builder  even for my enemies.

  1. They do not deliver on time - Delayed completion one year late

2.Collected maintanence free -  deposit(few lakhs) and refusing to pay back to the owners even after few years handing over to association

3, Builder team did not know how to install pressure pumps for better water pressure in high floors more than 10th floor.

4.Flooring tiles will pop out within two years

5.Walls will crack and seepage will come in top floors

6.More over they will employ all unprofessional plumbers/electricians in mainatanence team to overcharge the owners

Initially they repaired for crack and again it has come. water pump will not work in top floors

Do not  carry away by their marketing campaign and completely disappointing to customers.


Mantri Energia - Thanisandra - Bangalore
Sep 08, 2015 04:09 PM Read

Mantri Developers launched this project in 2010 as a super luxury, high class, iconic project with lots of hype and fanfare.The delivery commitment was March 2014. Payment stages were related to casting of floor slabs. Floor slabs were cast very much on schedule, but balance works were not done at all. 95% payment was taken in April 2013 based on casting of last floor slab and reassuring possession by March 2014. However, after taking 95% payment, the balance works on the project were deliberately slowed down and till date(Sept 2015) there is no firm date or commitment to complete.

The CRMs are only making false promises and buying time. The top management are out of reach. They are not willing to answer any queries and address any concerns of customers. Meanwhile, the quality & specifications are also being compromised & downgraded unilaterally. Customers who booked in early 2010 and have paid huge amounts of money(in excess of 1 crore) by Apr-may 2013 are left in the lurch and suffering huge financial losses.

The agreement signed at the time of booking is totally one sided and heavily loaded against the purchaser, for example: compensation for delay is only Rs 3/- per sft(Rs. 6600 per month for 3BHK, equiv to a return of approx. 0.7% pa), whereas if the purchaser delays any installment, he has to pay 18%pa interest.

On one hand, the developer is not able to complete & deliver any of the ongoing projects, new projects are being launched every now and then with innovative schemes to lure & trap the common man, such as.double your investment in 3 years, No pre-emi till possession, etc. Till 2009-10, Mantri developers had good track record of quality & timely delivery but  now for reasons best known to them, they are not able to deliver. Anyone who is mulling investing in Mantri Projects, Beware!
Aug 19, 2015 01:45 PM Read

WORST SERVICE From Mantri Taxi Office- 1] Such a Mess.They Don't worry about Customer Time & loss happen due to them. We booked a Taxi on 14/08/2015 for 5.30 pm with mantri from kadubisannahalli to anad rao circle. Taxi did not arrive upto 6.30 pm.

I make 4- 5 call to mantri during this 1 hr, & atleast 10-12 calls to driver to come fast at pickup point so that we will be not late for our outstation bus at 8 pm.

At 6.30 pm mantri taxi person giving another driver number, who again asking me where to come? while telling this at their office, they don't take any action, or any response. 2] Their Drivers don't know the route, they took extra hour in travlling, & charge us double for their mistakes. Experience of Cab booked on 4/8/2015
Aug 02, 2015 09:39 PM Read

Mantri developers are nothing but scam. rating them number one in india is a absolute blunder. They have no commitment at all, they would have forgot about the meaning of commitment too.

For the Mantri Synergy project which they started in Chennai in 2007, Mantri missed 4 deadlines till now and again postponed the possession to mid 2011. I agree that every builder has challenges like non availability of cement or labor, but not such that they missed 4 deadlines which is not acceptable by any customer or atleast me.
Jul 05, 2015 12:38 AM Read

I am a NRI and had booked a flat in Mantri Lithos under 20-60-20 PEMI scheme which they told me a perfectly legal and will be mentioned in main sale/construction agreement.

After paying 5 lakh as a booking amount, when we got Agreement papers, the papers didn't have a mention about this PEMI scheme at all. When I complained about this, they said it's normal and they always have one agreement for all and they don't include any special PEMI scheme in general agreements.

Then I asked them to provide a legal supporting document to declare this PEMI but they provided me on white paper with some useless text which doesn't have any legal bindings. After trying out several times I found they have nothing but ill intentions, and they just want to pull customer money by any means.

I realised that Mantri is a useless organization in terms of commitment. Later finally I decided to cancel my booking due to this fraud. Ideally they should refund my full money with interest and penalty which they seek in case customer does the cancellation on their personal reason. But in this case it's their fault and I was forced to cancel it hence now I should ask penalty form them .

But They told me that 25000 will be deducted if cancellation is requested. I agreed on deduction as I wanted to my money back asap, but as soon as I said yes, they took u-turn and replied money will be refunded when unit will be sold. Already more than 4 months has been passed since cancellation requestd and I yet to get my money back:( Guys, let me tell you all.

I am an NRI and called them 1000 times, they don't care their customer at all. You can't invest on 1.5 crore property without all proper legal documents. I've seen so many post where customer have complained about PEMI scheme where EMI to customer is not paid back on time and they had to wait for several months. However, still they don't provide any legal documents for such scheme and what action will be taken when they do such delay. All Mantri victims, please place your complaints here so that we would have helped someone not to become a victim like us.
Jun 30, 2015 02:40 PM Read

Mantri group are the one of the best builder in Bangalore Known for there quality and service. I worked in Real estate company and I felt Mantri is the best among every one.

customer can rely, believe on Mantri developer because what ever they will tell you during meeting or client meeting you will get all included the property.

Just few days Back Mantri was having one scheme for their property called as Mantri web city It is a nice property and in the terms of quality they are very clear and they don't compromise with quality. you will always get number one quality.

Mantri web city was having scheme for double the scheme give 20% now and Pay 80% after the possession  and they will pay you double the Investment for example if you are paying 12 lakh you will get 24 lakh. when you want to sell your property.

And all Pre EMi will be given by Mantri Builder. there was a huge rush for client to book flat in Mantri Web city with this scheme. Mantri builders are giving the original proof for there scheme because they don't want people to think wrong about them. They have so many completed project in Bangalore Mantri serenity is one of the best creation.

Mantri builder are always trust fully and you will feel there service as the nest customer service in the Bangalore in Real estate company. you can call them any time there customer care service will reply you soon will come to your home to make you understand and to understand your requirements and they will give you good price so that you will not even feel for further negotiation. They will give you good time to deposit your cheque and even you will get notification message for your required payments if you forget in your heavy work loads.I have strong believe on the Mantri builders and on theirs projects because they have all the legal documents and they have BBMP approvals if you want to see they can give you the carbon copy.

Good Aspects about this builder is that They are not selling home flats they are selling relationship of trust with all their customers, they are so fast in customer handling, solving their queries, showing the best home in their budget and making their Dream in to reality with the different scheme so that they don't feel burden for their loan and heavy EMI.

I didn't saw any bad aspect about Mantri but some times project completion time will differ what they say not more only 6 moth and they already take a grace period of six month, so over all it a trust full builder just go and book your dream home.

Mantri builders will full fill all your expectation and will make your dream house true. I recommend Mantri builder to the people who wants a trust full relationship with the builder and who is looking for good quality home with strong customer care service and you will get at reasonable price without any kind of deviation in your project.

I hope my review will help you to find your dream home.

May 26, 2015 08:57 PM Read

Friends, please don’t buy any thing from Mantri. They are cheaters of highest order. Now after delaying the possession for more than 9 months, still no assurance of a possession date. When emailed them, I have received irresponsible and senseless responses from them.

The RM, Abhishek was even more rude and manner less in his response when queried about the delay, not even an inch of acknowledgement about the pains customers have to go through & absolutely unapologetic.  His response was like – “I don’t care about the delay, why did you agree for the compensation mentioned in the contract?  “.

There are other employees who have given me equally irresponsible responses – Mohan Babu and Kusama.  Their customer service is so horrible, the name “we care” should be changed to “we don’t care
Apr 16, 2015 02:09 PM Read

I got an Interview Call on 14 April, 2015 for a position in Mantri Developers. One Mr. Sagar from  Resource Partners(Mantri's recruitment consultant) called me and described the JD. The designation will be Finance Manager who will be responsible for Financial Modelling, Income Valuations of real properties etc. I said ok after considering the position and JD. Next day I visited Mantri’s office for an Interview. The interviewer was a WELL-POLISHED WELL-SPOKEN Dumbo(do not want to disclose his actual name in a public forum).

When I was trying to locate Mantri's office, I called up Sagar. He neither picked up my call nor did he call back afterwards. I felt there was most probably no point to attend the interview. They had already selected someone, I could guess. They would just waste my energy, time and money(Petrol is not available in Bangalore free of cost, of course) and they actually did waste my time.

The job profile as described by Dumbo at the time of interview was different from what Sagar had described. The JD turned out to be MIS reporting.

I am a Graduate in Finance, an MBA and also a CA Final Candidate. Dumbo was most bothered about my leaves required during CA Final exam. I was not trying to join Mantri as a burden for them, of course. I would manage my CA Final exam within the allowed leaves as a regular employee. What big deal was there? As an employee at Mantri one is entitled for at least 10 days leave in a year. Isn't it? If at all I required Exam leaves I would have managed within allowed limits. I don't understand why some interviewers are bothered about all things other than the most important things.

After that he started giving me unsolicited advices. Like you should not take stress in life by taking up job and CA exam together blah blah… Dear I have much better people in my life to take suggestions from. Talk to me regarding technical things for which I was being interviewed. I didn’t go for any marketing/ sales/ broking job there. I went for a job where technical background was the prime requirement.

His next unsolicited suggestion was to concentrate on CA Final rather than concentrating on Jobs. I know boss, how to balance many things in life. I have been managing jobs with much bigger responsibilities than your MIS reporting job. I know what is to be prioritized at what time. I didn’t require such advices from Him. I have to run my family also. I do not have money making machine. I went for an interview, not for taking suggestions.

His next suggestions made me furious. He said… “You need to hone your accounting skills. That will be better.’. I was shocked. The loser was giving me gyans on Accounting skills…  Accounting was not at all a subject matter in that interview. The role was in Finance domain. Even I didn’t talk about it. He unnecessarily started talking about all these. As far as technical expertise is concerned, I challenge him on any assignment. If a line has to be drawn, I will draw it better than him.

He was such a confused soul… He was not sure about how to reject a poor guy who went for some employment with some good impression about Mantri as an employer. His statements were contradictory. I do not know how he deals business transactions… Maybe the brand for which he deals does all the work for him. When a brand like Mantri is already existing, an individual is insignificant. Deal happens just like flow of water.

He dishonestly wasted my time and did my Bheja Fry with his foolishness. Rejection did not hurt me. His immature attitude and inexperience did. And that is the reason I am writing this review. Rejection is more common than acceptance for me and rejection is not the reason for writing such a long review. His behavior is the reason.

Finally to take his insulting behavior to the extreme level… he started reading my skills loudly in this manner… so and so skills blah blah blah. so and so skills blah blah blah. Those were not blah blah blah my illiterate darling. Each word about my skill sets is a hard earned true asset for me. I didn’t include them in my CV just to falsely impress interviewers.

Here I am not suggesting anything based on my experience at the interview. I am just expressing my true and reasonable unhappiness about an employer for whom I preserved huge respect since 2004 till 11 a.m. 15 April, 2015.
Mar 21, 2015 03:11 PM Read

I am a kind of person who likes to invest money in property making. I decided to buy a flat in Mantri group . But there were some rumors about it regarding their delays and all.

I confirmed all those rumors and finalized to buy an apartment over there. It was a good decision by me to buy an apartment.
Jan 23, 2015 10:15 PM Read

Never ever invest in Mantri property, they are cheat, top to bottom, every one is lier, not only one project, across most of the project. They are cash strapped and just trying to get money from customer through false commitment.

I invested in Mantri Espana thinking its a high end apartment and will have good value for money but the Mantri really screwed it up by delaying the project. I thought Mantri is a professionally run organization but turn out to be one of the worst builders around.

They give false commitments and keep on changing dates, they don't have 3 months visibility on there project, how can somebody say that project will be ready in 3 months and then project get delayed by more then 9 months, either there project team is dumb or they just lie and they do it across the board.

Their team sucks, top management, Snehal, Sushil give a damn to customer complaint or ask, they don't even respond rather they direct all queries to GM Raghuvinder Pathania, who doesnt know how to communicate with clients, he feels that he is don't a great Cavour by responding to clients, he is just useless, Mantri seems to have kept him to handle all the unhappy customer by pushing them. He is more of a goon for Mantri's to deal with client.

Don't know where to go now, stuck with them by paying for my apartment that's why warning as many people as possible not to get in trap.
Jan 20, 2015 07:00 PM Read

Mantri espana is a great example of commitment from Mantri developers, they just kept making fool out of customers. The project team is so pathetic that they don't have3 months visibility, Ms. snehal mantri and her project team confirmed to me that they will deliver the apartment first by Se-14 and then Dec-14( dates which always keep on moving, have been moving for last 6 years) but till date the project is not near completion. I'm surprised that in Sep when they confirmed about Dec-14, they didn't know hat they will be able to do in 3 months.

One of the worst developers in India, would recommend all to refrain inverting / buying any Mantri property. There sales team give big promises but they are completely flat on commitments.

I really doubt the capability of Pathania( GM), he has no clue about the project, hardly meet any client and understand the word credibility. Looks like Mantri has kept him as " Security Gaurd " for this over all project. The worst professional I have seen.
Jan 08, 2015 04:54 PM Read

I remember when I was a child, the old Bangalore, the green city, we now dearly miss. When our Joint Family decided to move out of our over crowded and polluted neighborhood we chose Mantri Lakeview. Not only does it afford a clean and green space for my children to grow up in but also a wonderful activity for my mother-in-law who loves spending her time at AOL ashram in the evenings.

It's located to other places with the NICE road and an upcoming metro(a drawback since it doesn't seem to be completing!) It's a tranquil place and a great plus is the amazing neighbours, they all match our sensibilities and it isnt a place where we would have any issues with anyone. All our amenities are perfect and we love our home.
Jan 06, 2015 06:37 PM Read

After thorough research across multiple sources, we finally zeroed in on Mantri Lakeview for our very first home. Starting from our interaction with the sales team our buying process has been smoother than smooth.

All our queries, small or important have been answered at the fastest possible time with the utmost patience. Our handover though late was fairly compensated. After hearing several horror stories with other builders we consider ourselves lucky to be taking this step in our life with the trusted Mantri. I would heartily recommend Mantri Builders to one and all.
Jan 05, 2015 01:26 AM Read

Mantri a Professional Cheater - I have a simple employee.taking loan had purchased a flat  in Mantri Celestia in 2009. till now he has no basic human value to handover the flat to the buyers.

This was my first investment with a high trust on Mantri for my home. He has cheated and no proper response atleast. Mantri has taken 95% of disbursement from Bank and cheating all the owners and not even providing proper agreed norms.

Useless fellow Mantri.they will have a dogs death. how many days he will live cheating poor innocent buyers.
Dec 31, 2014 10:55 AM Read

One of the worst builders. Alpyne is delayed by more than 1 year. Even after such a huge delay the management seems to behave as if all is well.

People who purchased are the worst sufferers as they had made plans to move in December 2014 and also had arranged to admit their kids to nearby schools.

Now they are not even telling the possession date for Phase-1. So much for their experience & professionalism!

The management does not communicate with the customers and only busy in collecting the awards. Everything left to the incompetent CRM team. Mails sent to Snehal, Sushil, Wecare & Feedback IDs are not responded to.

There is no proper feedback addressing mechanism. Very pathetic people and horrible experience. Please do not put your hard earned money in their projects.

Terrible company and I am regretting now.
Sep 20, 2014 09:26 PM Read

Mantri  is a reputed builder . Based on this brand image I booked a flat in Aug 2011 and locked up nearly 76 lacs. They were supposed to hand over possession in November 2013 . It was then postponed to Nov 2014. Now they say it will be done only in March 2015.

The compensation agreed upon is a paltry 3% per sq ft which is pittance. at the time of booking we never believed that the project will be delayed by years and therefore did not bother aboutht he low compensation.

Request other buyers in this project to come together so that we can ask the builder for fair rental value as compensation from Nov 2013 till date of possession.
May 17, 2014 04:14 PM Read

I have been trying to get a residence of my choice for a long time. After a lot of searching and researching, we came upon Mantri Developers. This is my third home and personally, I feel nobody has instilled this sense of confidence in us.

Their project ideas are fresh, innovative and up to date. The lifestyle amenities that they provide are also an extravaganza. Then clubhouse is a beautiful place to relax yourselves and the lush green lawns and gardens are amazing. Another thing that I really admire about Mantri Developers is their sense of commitment towards customer satisfaction.

We have bought a house at Mantri Synergy in Chennai and it has been one of the best experiences. Any complaint/ query is solved effectively and also taken up by the builders. The amenities that they provide are also reflective of a community lifestyle that they urge from us, as residents. They aim to create a community that will nurture, nourish and support each other.

Apart from that, then technicalities are also well met. Electrical plug points are sufficient and bathroom fittings are well designed. Water treatment is practised and thus, drinking water is not a problem. Also, we have water conservation technologies that help to save water. Environment consciousness is evoked by the technologies that Mantri has installed in the complex.

Therefore, Mantri Synergy has redefined my notion of a perfect abode and helped me nestled comfortably in the kind of space that I have always needed.
Apr 29, 2014 02:34 PM Read

Mantri Developers has started a scheme for all smart investors to double their money in 3 years, see the PR extract here:

"The new year brings in added reason to celebrate as Mantri Developers  presents a lifetime opportunity for its customers to double their investment in just three years. Furthermore, the customers get to own a residential address at the city’s most talked about upcoming residential  project - Mantri Webcity.

Mantri Developers assures to double your investment in just three years on investment for Mantri Webcity. This one of its kind offer by a leading real estate firm which is assuring 100% ROI as a value add to its customers. Suppose one wishes to buy a home in Mantri Webcity worth Rs. 60 Lacs – 20% of the total value of the home which in this case is  about Rs. 12 Lacs will be the customer’s contribution the balance amount of Rs. 48 lacs will be paid through a bank loan. On the bank loan customer does not have to pay any interest till March 2017 and on the customer’s contribution i.e Rs. 12 lacs, Mantri Developers will assure 100% return, which is Rs 24 Lacs by March 2017."

By looking at the advertisement, like most of you, I thought its one of the the best risk-free instrument available in the market. So, wanted to get more details to make sure their assurance is reliable; called up bunch of sales guys from Mantri as well as other sales channels like IndiaHomes & India Infoline to get more details.

But, after talking to all of them, realized that there are so many hidden factors, which can bring you sleepless nights.

Here are my findings:

  1. The price per sqft is highly bloated(not even close to other competitors in the same region/area), which was even accepted by their sales executives. They are asking 4990 per sq.ft as a base price and a sub-1000 sq.ft apartment on a ground floor is going to cost 60 lacs. So, if you are planning to buy this for keeping it for yourself and not as investment, you are paying almost 50% premium than the market in the same segment. And if you are looking it as a short-term investment of 3 years, you are already paying the price closer to what it could be after 3 years.

  2. Like most of their projects, the efficiency of super built-up area to carpet area is below industry average. So, you are actually paying much higher than other builders.

  3. Now, lets come to their "assured double your investment in 3 years"

After series of serious discussions with their executives & managers (as we were looking for group booking of 5+ units), they provided with a term sheet on their letterhead (an eyewash to fool common public), which cannot be referenced during any legal issues. After insisting them to provide the term sheet as part of sale agreement OR as an annexure to sale agreement, they clearly stated that, they cannot make the terms neither as part of the sale agreement nor as an annexure and hence it doesn't hold any legal value.

  1. The terms sheet has a clause that if the investor/owner decides to return back the property, he/she should inform the builders six months before the proposed possession date. But, there is no assurance when the investor would receive the refunds.

  2. Although they mention about interest payment during pre-EMI period, there is no clause about missing payments.

So, Mantri is trying to get the project funded by individuals (like crowd-funding) using their credit rating, at a cheaper interest of 10.5% p.a instead of lender rates of 18-24%

It's a very clever & deceiving scheme, where individuals would invest based on the brand value & there is no guarantee that they would stick to their terms as its not legally bound.

Please understand all the consequences before investing in this project or scheme.


  • Kj

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Mantri Energia - Thanisandra - Bangalore

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