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₹61 L - ₹76.1 L
Possession on: Dec 2019
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Mantri Energia, Thanisandra, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Rachenahalli, Thanisandra, Bengaluru 560045, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Mantri Energia, Thanisandra, Bangalore

May 08, 2018 06:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

100% money taken by Mantri upfront. Buyers shelled out 20%& balance 80% via bank loan. Mantri promised a date but project delayed by over 4 years! Just imagine the plight of buyers who are paying huge interests on bank loans. Mantri has worked around RERA guidelines& is totally unresponsive to the pleadings of buyers. It cannot get worse than this. For all the awards they seem to get, this whole thing is a nexus& a scam.
May 02, 2018 03:27 PM Read

I had invested in this project in a buyback scheme. They had promised to give the returns and clear the bank loan by August 2016. Till date, they have not been able to do that. I know of hundreds of customers who have been cheated on these lines.

Customer service is bad as the CRMs have no idea what they are talking about. It is almost useless talking to them. The building progress is pathetic as well. Already delayed by many many years.
Mar 19, 2018 10:00 PM Read

Please do not buy any property from Mantri builders as they are no more builders. In fact they are one of the worst builders now. These commitments are for namesake. Despite of pleading and requesting them, neither they are providing our flats, not are they responding us with firm commitments for delivery. They do not even brother to respond. They have kept an EA who replies on their behalf and she never makes nylon firm commitments. Just to check about Mantri properties. check the reviews and status of all list goes on and you will not find even a single project which is delayed less than at least 3 years decide diligence while making and dealing with Mantri builders.


Mantri Energia - Thanisandra - Bangalore
Dec 28, 2017 11:47 AM Read (via Mobile)

Booked flat in 2011 for delivery in 2014. Now we are about to enter 2018 and yet to get the flat.Arrogant and careless management and care a little for the buyers, who have fully paid and being exploited now. This company and management is not aware of two words -Service and compassion.
Nov 11, 2017 12:19 PM Read

It had been a great nightmare to deal with Mantri Developerrs for their project -Mantri Webcity. I am an owner of an apartment in Parcel One of Mantri Webcity.

They promised to pay Pre EMI But paid only three four instalments. Now there is neverending assuarance - " we have some internal issues and will get back to you soon". Two years have passed but that "soon" never came.

They made an offer at the time of selling their apt that they will provide a Modular Kitchen with the flat. They did not do that. They kept postponing. We had to occupy and decided to make the kithen and requested them to pay atleast the minimum sum for their offer. They gave a CREDIT note of Rs One Lakh. Afet one and a half year we asked them to encash the credit note. But again the same answer - " will get back to you ".

Registration was done in 2015, but the car parking, for which payment has been made, has not been alloted so far, and one has to find a parking place on daily basis.

There has been seepage in one of the rooms in our apartment, for which we are run ning after their CRM( who keeps on changing) for last two months.

It is literally impossible to get any respons from their Executives. One has to be LUCKY to meet them by face to sort out your problems.

They have collected our hard earned money by making promises, which they never kept, and giving offers which they never made.

The intention of writing this piece is to save somebody, if at all possible, from falling in to the trap Called MANTRI WEBCITY.
Oct 24, 2017 08:40 AM Read

I booked a 3bhk apartment with Mantri at the Webcity project and also paid a sum of Rs.1, 00, 000. Even after 2 months there was no developments in the paper work and all our requests to make minor changes to the apartment and the documents were declined. The draft document that was sent had everything in favor of the Developer and in case we failed or delayed a payment it would cost us dearly.

There was nothing holding the Developer responsible.

I discussed with my lawyer and he recommended that I get out of this project, since there are 1000s of unhappy customers in multiple projects of Mantri. When initially booked the apartment, they said if there were any issues on Mantri's side they would refund the amount immediately.

When I actually cancelled the booking, they do not want to refund the money and now say that they will only pay it back once they have sold that particular unit.

I will be raising a complaint with RERA and I'm willing to spend Rs.1000 for it aswell.

Anyone thinking of purchasing Mantri Apartments, please understand that they do not have funds and are waiting for your money to proceed. Eventually, they will go bust because of RERA penalties. Once they go bust, all ongoing projects will stop and all the customers who have put their money in Mantri expecting to get an apartment after a few year will be running pillar to post trying to get a legal solution. Trust me, Mantri Management will escape and the customers will remain unhappy.
Aug 23, 2017 08:02 AM Read (via Mobile)

I booked at flat in Webcity in 2014 with a promise that it will be delivered in 2017. In 2016, they said flat will be delivered in 2018. When 2017 came, they said it will be delivered in end of 2021.

So this is a never ending cat and mouse game.

I would suggest buying read for possession type of properties only.

Avoid Mantri. Very poor service.they just want to collect money and keep delaying projects.
Aug 22, 2017 02:17 AM Read

I booked webcity for investment under 80:20 scheme and they are not paying the installments since 6 months and the position date has been moved to never ending date.I am planning to approach legal way . please reach out to me we can file a case under new RERA . I have few friends who are willing to put a case as well. don't let you money get stuck with this cheaters. I am surprised such a big company is doing such thing and no one is there to oppose.

I put all my kids money in hope it will grow faster . learned a lesion of lifetime .
Aug 12, 2017 08:32 AM Read (via Mobile)

Having heard of fine of construction and precise service from massive names, I referred to as into Mantri Developer's toll free number(18001210000). I dialled the options for Bangalore and Alpyne appts. It took me 3 calls and a few waiting in beetween to get someone to receive the decision.

I with courtesy stated that i'm searching out a few facts abt the assignment. I hear returned somone talking in hindi with a impolite tone. saying " I am driving now, call me later". I used to be taken by surprise. due to the fact I expected to attain some courteous patron care exec. I reconfirmed if it's miles a person from Mantri and asked if i'm able to communicate to a person else(hoping to find a person plenty well mannered than him). He said "whats the hurry?" Hinting that Ican call him later after he is not any greater riding! How do I recognise that.?.

I have heard of excessive headedness and tough coping with of clients from this builder in a few in advance cases as properly. I have at the moment dropped the idea of thinking about Mantri developers after this incident. no longer being certain, if this is the kind of response you get for inquiries, what may be expected once the cash is gone to the other aspect!
Jul 31, 2017 09:49 AM Read (via Mobile)

Residing in Mantri Synergy is normal miracle!

even though Mantri nevertheless thinking that they have got completed the challenge from clients perspective however no longer pretty from felony angle even after 18 months of forceful handover of 500 peculiar residences. There are 100 odd having legal war with Mantris. they have achieved a first rate task on structural and landscaping which is quite eye catching and they had completed a decent job on club residence even though I would not name it world class however it is right sufficient for us.

that is wherein positives prevent!

can you consider there is no bore well for 750 atypical residences in 10 acre land? They claim nicely can deliver water for 750 bizarre devices! The stated properly got dried up in two days when the occupancy reached a hundred!

Then preservation - Their personal property control arm, Propcare with under staffed(but over charged customers) did pathetic activity but charged us Rs 2.5 psqft plus Rs 1500 PM for Water and Deisel charges! if you own a 1500 sqft condo in Synergy your month-to-month maintenance costs alone would be nearly Rs 5000 PM. eventually inefficient and totally vain Propcare rescued themselves out of Synergy!

No Water(every drop of water is being bought), number of Transformers isn't enough sufficient to deal with our electric usage ensuing in negative our electric and electronics equipment.

No Sewage disposal - STP stopped operating whilst our occupancy degree reached 400(almost 60%) and Mantri remains operating in this to fix this(for almost 4 months).

Patta transfer did no longer happen, of entirety certificate, Approval file, has not been furnished.

Heavy water logging in a number of the car parking regions.

They charged Rs 20000 for Piped gasoline connection for which they laid a rusted pipes and defective meters with leakages. in place of the use of Copper pipes they have used rusted steel. Now it is turning into vain.

WiFi connection - With tons fanfare BSNL and Mantri claimed that they have got installed the first Fibre Optic Wifi in Synergy but none of them working, IP television is definitely vain. They charged Rs 15000 for this from 750 citizens(same with PipedGas).

Clubhouse membership charges - they have accrued almost 7.five Crores from 750 residents for keeping the membership house which they're no longer handing it over to the association.

that they had mortgaged the land with PNB then with yes financial institution but not delivering the originals to the affiliation - they ought to surrender this to affiliation when they finished the assignment.

so that they technically by no means going to finish and keep the association and investor guessing all of the time.

The worst element of all is that they occupy few devices and maintain their staff however using electric equipments considerably(A/C going for walks 24 X 7) but as opposed to paying energy, they have got connected the wiring to the commonplace - that means, all 750 members need to proportion the energy costs ate up by way of Mantri body of workers individuals who are strolling their gadget mindlessly.

Their u.s.calculation, Sale location calculation had been challenged by way of many which in keeping with them now not correct and infact they'd overcharged clients.

a lot for his or her brand!
Jul 15, 2017 12:18 PM Read (via Mobile)

Stay away from the Mantri Pre-EMI Schemes. We end up paying almost 100% and with a promise that they will reimburse the EMI till possession. After sometime, they stop paying the EMI. They are actually using your ability to get a home loan to fund their projects. Once they stop paying the ore-EMI, you will have the double whammy of paying the EMI to the bank on a loan that you have taken in full.

All their staff are untraceable if you want to speak to them.
Jun 25, 2017 12:13 PM Read

Mantri developers has put hoardings in Bangalore and full page newspaper ads about a "NO EMI offer" in three of their projects(refer attachment). This might be too tempting to invest.

First. this is not the first time Mantri Developers is offering this scheme. This scheme was first offered in 2013-2014 time frame. And despite cheating customers through this scheme earlier, they're still continuing to offer this scheme in the market. I am posting this message in the interest of general public to warn buyers about this ponzy scheme.

The way the scam works is like this. You will pay a down payment. You will then get a loan for the rest of the flat cost and give the loan money to Mantri as a lumpsum amount upfront. Mantri Developers will assure you that they will pay pre-emi for the loan till possession. They will also give you an agreement in a sheet of paper that they will pay the pre-emi.

In reality, Mantri developers will stop paying the pre-emi after few months. And since the loan is in your name, if you dont pay the pre-emi then your loan will default and your CIBIL score will decrease.

There are 100s of consumers who bought flats in Mantri's projects in 2014-2015 time frame in the No-EMI offer scheme. Mantri developers has not paid 7 months pre-emi for all of them currently. Several people couldn't bear the cash crunch and have defaulted on their EMI. Those buyers who defaulted have also received legal notice from the bank for the default. Their CIBIL score has gone for a loss.

Moreover the original agreement was that the builder will pay pre-emi till a certain possession date. Now the possession date for all webcity towers has been delayed by more than 2-3 years. Builder is not continuing the pre-emi for the delayed period and buyers are forced to pay pre-emi during the delayed period.

My advice to prospective buyers is to avoid buying flats in this scheme. The developer is exploiting the legal loopholes in our country to lure new buyers/customers to buy flats in this scheme. Would advice people to buy fully constructed flats that's ready for registration and has proper OC instead of putting your hard earned money in such innovative schemes.
Jun 23, 2017 02:28 PM Read

I had booked Mantri Serenity in 2013 and the possession date was promised in May 2015. I opted for the 80- 20 scheme where I took the full 80% of the loan and paid it to the builder. However, the delays kept building up. First, the possession was promised on November 2017. Now again, the possession has been delayed to June 2019. Further, Mantri is stating they will not pay the Pre emi any more. The full brunt of the emi will now ave to born by the buyers and Mantri will continue to enjoy our money free of cost

Please do not go in for the 80-20 pre emi scheme. Its a big fraud. I regretted it as soon as I opted for it. But now I am stuck. My impression of Mantri has really fallen to the lowest levels
Jun 14, 2017 03:03 PM Read

I have given an advance of Rs. 1, 00, 000 to book a flat in Mantri Serenity flat number N1301. The marketing representatives of Mantri developer have done a lot of false promises to me. They have initially told me that the total number of flats will be 2100 in the premises of Mantri Serenity, now they have increased the number of flats to 2700. They have not told me that if I am going to sell the flat before registration I have to pay 4% charges to them. There is a presence of Storm Water Drain(SWD) in the premises of Mantri Serenity as stated by the BDA Commissioner, they have not informed me in this regard. When I asked about this, they are not replying. Marketing people told me initially that I will get Rs.70, 000 cashback but now they are telling me that I will get only Rs.30, 000. Initially, they had told me that I will get an amount of Rs.7000 per month if there is any delay in possession, now they are telling I will get Rs.3000 per month only. I have asked them regarding the construction, building codes, 5 years warranty of the infrastructure and earthquake codes but they are not replying. They are not telling the truth of the project. I have asked for the certified copy of floor plan of the flat with dimensions(both the rooms, kitchen, balcony, utility, hall, toilet, foyer etc.) as an annexure with the agreement. They are not replying regarding this also. Now I feel that I have been trapped by Mantri representatives. Is such a marketing policy good where there are contradictions in statements?

Friends beware of such builders whose marketing people make false promises.
Jun 03, 2017 05:23 PM Read (via Mobile)

I worked at Mantri Developers Pvvt. full-time More than a year.

In this Development services ia bad. In site nothing for a safety professional.

Worked as a Safety Professional in Mantri. No Safety Induction, No Safety Training, No Safety Documentation training, but u have to do everything in paper. Safety is in Paper work only. No Safety at Site.

Every month there is an audit which conducted by a nontechnical safety supervisor. Housekeeping is the Major issue in his eyes., Dear HSE person, Safety is 0. not recomntng. Customers service is bad. Not Good Compare to others developers.

Advice to Management

While planning for a project, allot a specified money for Safety also. otherwise everything will be in Paper Only. Product Implementation patheric.
May 09, 2017 05:43 PM Read

Prior to buy MANTRI projects, just talk to any of their existing buyers(EX: Mantri Webcity).

They are 100% Cheater and Fraud . MANTRI Builder would never handover you your dream HOUSE, they would keep asking money throughout your life by using different - different way and techniques.

It is 100% guaranteed that they have never ever delivered any single project as per their commitment, they would ensure to take your 150% money by showing so many mouth watering offers .
Apr 28, 2017 09:53 AM Read

Make a right choice for investment. Delay in project completion is the biggest issue added up by not listening or resolving any issues construction, plumbing or maintenance issues in your house. Delay compensation is also kept extremely low and incompetent as compared to money invested, this itself gives a clue that they are going to make the apartments ready only after lots of delays. The customer care service is poor. Also they may offer free kitchen but they delay the development too much there too, that you will think several times to do it yourself, but you might face a deadlock situations. Also they will not start the free kitchen works until you pay them all 100% amount and take possession in advance.  they take many months to make a simple small kitchen which should have been given upfront free( if offered) at the time of possession itself. You don't get the keys before registration, so you cannot do much work in your house until you complete the registrations. Professionalism and co-operation seems to lack. Several times they complain about labor shortage/problem. Also looks like they don't handover the flat in neat and tidy condition. Not sure for how long the debris will be scattered in you flat.
Apr 23, 2017 08:17 PM Read (via Mobile)

I don't have mantri developer's flat but in future if am planing to buy a flat definitely I will choose mantri developers flat only. Because the design of mantri developers flat is so attractive and stylish. We I can identify it's easy mantri flats other builders. Am a ex sobha developers employee but I like mantri flats.while designing Both exterior and interior they more conscious about utility and design.ther quality products.the selling prices is little more by comparing other builders but we will get 100% satisfaction.
Apr 08, 2017 05:55 PM Read

I am an investor in Mantri Webcity Project Buyback scheme. 20% was paid as my initial contribution and 80% was released by PNBHFL bank as lump sum to the builder. Builder assured to pay the pre-emi every month and return 2x of the original contribution at the end of 3 years. We all invested in this scheme as this was floated by a so called reputed builder and backed by a national bank. Currently, I am sitting on a backlog of 5 month pre-emi that is yet to be paid by the builder. My buyback already ended in August 2016 and the builder has not returned the 2x of my original contribution yet. The so-called reputed Mantri builder has simply cheated and fooled customers in this 20:80 scheme. We've sent legal notice to the builder and as a next step filing a lawsuit on them for breach of contractual obligations. Unfortunately, in this country we have to resort to legal recourse to get our own money back. I would advise all potential customers/NRI buyers not to fall into this trap by Mantri builders.

I have to select 1 star in the rating below because I couldn't provide any rating lower than that.
Dec 21, 2016 10:46 AM Read (via Mobile)

I made a mistake by investing in Mantri Navratna. It's miles the largest financial mistake of my lifestyles. They sincerely not even bother to reply to you once you ebook the condo, except for payment. Their personnel in Chennai Lokesh talks as though he is a Ladu labakku dass, doesnt even have the courtesy to talk civilly with consumer. The mission is behind schedule by means of nearly 4 months from 15-mar-2013 to 30-june-2013 and the Mantri body of workers doesnt deliver cause of this put off. After coming in contact with one in all my friend who additionally unfortunately invested in Synergy, i'm worried approximately the excellent of the construction. Even GOD cannot store me from those money monsters. Please additionally go through the following https://Container.Com/s/ffe1bf162d556cf64bde

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