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Possession on: Feb 2017
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Project Details of Mana Karmel, Avalahalli, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

193 & 194, Kodathi, Near RGA Tech Park, Off Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru 560103, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Mana Karmel, Avalahalli, Bangalore

May 30, 2018 08:37 PM Read

This is a very unfortunate incident happened to me I was trying to reach toMr. Kishore Reddy

CMD of Mana Projects for a CPM deal and other important matters, their web site has one number 767655xxxx

and does not have any other contact details in their website, after 5 days I get a call yesterday saying

what do you want,

no salutation or politeness, and on my request to transfer the call the EA for chairman, why do you

want to contact chairman, I need to know all details then only I can allow you or you cant do any thing, I had a very fair impression about the company and next day tried again, the same guy Nandesh I believe

speaks to me again same goonda voice, if people in hot sales line behave and talk like this,

I can imagine what will be the sales status of the company, poor kishore sir has to take note of

this first hand CPM cum customer feedback and have a proper IVR system or attach a call center to handle

the precious enquiry which can be a sale or a serious enquiry, first point of contact in real estate is

gold mine if people like Nandeshhandles, it would be a disastrous situation to the company,

I have the recorded versionof him, will upload it .Dear Kishore sir take note of this and take swift action,

brick by brick you have built the organisation to be bought down by Nandesh .
Dec 20, 2017 12:00 PM Read

Visited Mana Tropicale few weeks ago along with a friend. Who actually was looking for green apartments.

A home with a lot of plants & trees etc.

It's been one of the best project that fit in all the requirements that my friend Rajath wanted.

Quite impressed with the project as it has trees everywhere. Completely enveloped in nature.
Oct 22, 2017 06:19 PM Read

Hi guys,

I contacted Mana for Mana Tropicale project and you won't believe they came with a new price every day.

I am sure they might be having lots of customers residing or whoever has bought the house. But, being too head weight because of few customers don't fetch anyone success.

I first spoke to Mr.S(Name not disclose) on 15th Oct 2017 inquiring about the price for Mana Tropicale and you told me that it’s approximately around 70 lacs for a 3bhk. In fact, the same was conveyed to me over the chat on the official website of Mana.

I was not fine with the price for that location and requested to quote me A discounted price and then he came back with the price of Rs.4500 per square feet and all-inclusive even including the GST quoted around 88 lack for a 1634 approx square feet while I was still feeling it quite high and requested him to come back with a discounted price and then he came back with a price which is RS.4900 which was, even more, higher than whatever was quoted before. On asking the reason for an increase in the price within a day he mentioned that it is a premium apartment well I still requested you to come back with a lower price and yesterday he quoted me 4500Rs.

I told him that this is not a game played over here and wanted you to come back with a final price and today you mentioned the price at Rs.4700 and I felt he must be joking.

It is only been a week since I have been communicating with him and I feel how irresponsible is the management and how pathetic it would be for me to go ahead with a project like Mana who is uncertain and unclear in their words.

I feel very disappointed to have thought of buying a flat with Mana, but the only reason I thought of being a mana family is I am a nature lover and I thought to be in mana I can be close to nature, unfortunately, I feel mana is only about making money out of emotions.

I escalated this and then the EstateOne guy called Mr.V contacted me and he started playing tactics.Mr.V from EstateOne called me up to clarify all the confusions that were created. Well, I thought of giving him a chance to correct everything and assured of giving us the best price that we cannot refuse.

When I asked him to tell the price he kept playing Hide and Seek and sent us few apartments to finalize.

The attachments did not include any of the flats that Mr.S had sent us before. Also, even on asking multiple times he never sent us the breakup cost sheet nor disclosed us the price per sq ft.

Today 22nd Oct 2017 we had a telephonic conversation and the price he came up was no different from the one that was quoted. On asking the breakup cost all Mr.V had to tell is as per RERA he cannot disclose. Well even I am aware of the RERA act and its nowhere mentioned that the cost shouldn't be disclosed. In fact, each and everything component's break up should be transparent. However, we noticed that he is trying to sell the unit that he has blocked for himself.

I have a friend who has already bought a flat in Mana Jardin for a decent price and also they are paying less maintenance. Mr.V has quoted us a maintenance of around 1.3 lacs wherein my friend is paying hardly around 10k quarterly basis.

Even after our friend gave us some cons of the Mana builder we still wanted to inquire about the project and give it a try and we did so hope for a good deal and a good customer service.

But, I am very disappointed and unhappy that Mana is losing its name even before gaining one in the market.



Mana Karmel - Avalahalli - Bangalore
Aug 09, 2017 07:49 AM Read

I'm one customer of Mana who was cheated by the builder. They charges more VAT( luckly GST replacedit), Shows lot of facilities in their project. However reallity everything will be substandard .Also they loot the corpus fund they collect .

They says parking is based on first cum first serve basis, However you will get option to choose and all good parking Mana keep with them

  • They will tell water will be based on broewell, Please chekc with their projects, mostly depends on Tankers from Day1

  • Their Customer service and the Senior people are not at all seems to stick on what they promised/ agreed .

  • Looks good, bad quality materials

Jul 29, 2017 09:57 AM Read

Mana Projects is a Bangalore based real estate developer and it was established in 2000, for the property development, contractors, construction and infrastructure projects. Mana has fine-tuned the art of imagineering and cutting edge ranging from a blend of engineering and imagination to build spaces that exceed the expectations of our investors. They laid emphasis on vision and innovation has ensured that we are able to deliver quality that sets us apart from the rest. For their splendid work in the real estate sector they won Asia Pacific Property Award in 2014-15

this company offering the finest quality of construction and delivering the projects within the promised timeframe in reasonable cost. Mana intends to create a unique setting, superb infrastructure, that helps you rejuvenate and feel refreshers integrity and business standards. All their projects are distinguished for prime location to functional design, green elements, Business Parks, with highest quality construction, aesthetic appeal and optimum use of space and natural light among others. Mana built a new benchmark in the real estate industry with latest development and creative thoughts and modern ideas.
Jun 22, 2017 05:52 PM Read

I recently contacted Mana Group as I was interested in buying a villa at Mana Tropicale. Their customer service team explained me everything in detail about the property. Later, their operations team took me to the site visit. I was extremely impressed with the project and booked it last week by paying the token amount. From now on I'm definitely going to to use this service. Please recommend it to everyone.
Jun 21, 2017 02:44 PM Read (via Mobile)

I was happy with the planning and design for my flat in mana candela, looked like builders were inspired by some of the great designers in the world and maintain some great quality standards. The brand mana is well established and I thought it was a good idea to be with them so, I booked a flat in mana candela a few months back.
Jun 20, 2017 06:31 PM Read

I am an ex-employee, had worked with Mana Projects for more than two years. I genuinely love the company because of their offerings and work culture. The zeal to provide the best place strives the real estate group. Strong internal team a lot of good satisfied customers are the reasons behind the success of the group. Mana is doing a pretty good job in providing service to the customers. And finally it is very good place to work & lot of work satisfaction.
Jun 20, 2017 04:05 PM Read

Mana Developers is one of the leading construction company which maintains quality standards. Of course, it is one off the most reputed brands in Bengaluru. One of my relatives have purchased a flat at Mana Jardin. I have seen the place and the project looks impressive. The locality is also good and there are greenery and cleanliness around. The developers have so far focused in Bengaluru market and have been successful, they should look forward to Pune markets as well.
Jun 20, 2017 11:50 AM Read

Mana Projects create the perfect mix of Indian+ Western designs while articulating the projects. The properties look too good with the Indian feel. Moreover, the operations team helps the customers with simplest of doubts, also helps in execution work of formalities and it too good. Overall extremely happy with the support so far.

Their current project Mana Tropicale is so beautiful, in a way the company is doing CSR activities and promoting nature.
Feb 12, 2017 08:36 PM Read

THE MANA ROJECTS are the great builders.they first started they work in bangalore and developed they business widely.there aere the fastest growing constructions.they complete every project keeping in mind the desires and wills of the customers.they do every work keeping in mind that customers does not have any issue.they complete every project with using quality materials and with honesty.they customer service is excellent their treat customers nicely.this is the best construction company in the market.
Feb 06, 2017 11:01 PM Read

The Mana Project is one most fastest growing pvt. sector across India. They are known for its planing and getting things done according to the customers will and desires. Mana has .began in bangalore first construction as we know about but it is also growing like anything which un believable but we have to belief in it. It has its own design and way of making constructions more effective. It provides very good customers services to make sure that not a single customers needs to thinks about the problem of service,
Dec 02, 2016 04:14 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends.I know very well mana projects professionally and I was associated with this company and I proudly say that mana projects has good quality projects as well in finishing, locations and give importance to nature means landscaping in all their projects good aesthetic , so plz visit once and enjoy the beauty of their works
Nov 24, 2016 09:08 PM Read (via Mobile)

I advise Mana tasks to anyone who's thrilling in buying a flat. They offer us a well established flat in Whitefield that is sincerely splendid. They knowledgeable us at some stage in the procedure and spoke back without any hesitation to my each question regarding development of flat. Now their initiatives are getting into Sarjapur street. We pretty propose them because every builder didn’t offer what they promised but Mana did for us. Thanks very a whole lot to them.
Jun 29, 2016 10:17 PM Read

The one thing with Mana has been the openness that they've had all through this time. They've not pushed me to stay with them and have been willing to refund the money at all time.

They have been professional in the dealing, and have provided me enough time to get things reviewed by the lawyer. They've gave me enough options to stay but at the same time they've also been never pushy.

We've also seen the work they've done at Uber Verdant and we felt happy seeing that.

There are a lot of builders and a lot of villa/apartments in the Sarjapur Area, and everyone is entitled to their opinions in terms of the service and the overall experience. For me, the experience with Mana has been very good.I've decided to stay with Mana Foliage and have since moved to a bigger unit and with similar pricing as earlier.
Jun 28, 2016 12:42 AM Read (via Mobile)

If you are planning to buy a villa/plot, want to live in peaceful, serene, lush green and secured community. Want to be strategically located in city(near to schools, offices and markets) go for Mana Foliage.

I have compared other projects like Geowne, Manar, Nature Habitat etc but what Mana is providing is far better than what they have. Their 30*50 villa have unique features. Measure it on proximity, looks or built quality Mana Foliage stands at par.
Jun 17, 2016 08:54 PM Read (via Mobile)

I had been to mana tropical for a visit last Saturday.

It was an amazing experience its a totally different idea. It's got a unique feature of tree hugging balcony were in the tree actually comes through the balcony with private gardens for each house. It seems they have plan of planting over 700 trees in the project it looks like a house within a forest.

I am amazed with what the executive in tropical presented and I believe mana being one of the best in real estate market in terms of keeping their promise this project is where I would find my dream home.
Jun 05, 2016 11:53 AM Read

We booked a villa in Mana foliage in Dec 15( villa number 64). The builder promised us that it would be a gated community with only villas. We even paid the builders over 11lakh+ other legal fees and paperwork charges.

To our suprised in Around February we got a mail from their office saying that they the project no longer was a exclusive villa project and was not even be a gated community. It was really very shocking for us as it came as a total suprise.

They even reduced the price of the project which they were ready to offer us as wel but this ment that there would be  cost cutting somewhere and things would again not be the same as promised. Another thing how can a person trust someone who changes the whole plan of a project overnight. So We decided to backout from the project. We then tried to get intouch with the bulder for the refund but they would not answer our calls and we could only get in touch with them when we called them from a phone number that was not known to them. They finally returned us the money which we had given them for the villa but refused to give the money taken by them as paper work charges and other fees. Not to forget that we even lost out on the intrest on 11lakh that we gave them. When we asked the builder about returning us the money that we lost which I think should be amounting to about 20 to 30 Thousand they refused bluntly.

My understanding of the bulders now is that they make promises which they cannot keep and that they are not honest to their customers.

Please you be very careful in dealing with them
Apr 13, 2016 05:59 PM Read

A big down fo Mana Foliage for confusing the mana Foliage project to their customers. Its a flop from their end for the first time. Villa community now changed to a Villa Plot where charges are high with cheaper building options.

This clearly shows them they are going in the reverse direction, a nice place to live but lacks security and safety with access to other villa plots. where too many people coming inside will always be an insecurity.

Better to avoid and wait for other builders lined up in those areas.

No great amenities as promised before, not so much grenery, reduced price means lower quality. so think and decide before going ahead.
Aug 27, 2014 11:24 AM Read

I am planning to own a flat on Sarjapur road from Mana projects and inquired from the people about their completed project mana jardin.

They said that they are courteous and prompt. Complaints are handled swiftly and efficiently. Senior staff is accessible without the usual barriers that are associated with large companies. However I am planning to buy a flat in mana projects and would like to know your opinion.

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Mana Karmel - Avalahalli - Bangalore

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