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Possession on: Dec 2021
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Kolte Patil Developers 24K Opula, Pimple Nilakh, Pune

Location and Highlights

24-K, Opula, New DP Road, Pimple Nilakh, Pune 411027, MH

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Kolte Patil Developers 24K Opula, Pimple Nilakh, Pune

Jun 19, 2022 09:01 AM Read (via Mobile)

"Pet Friendly"? No.

Do you know while this society allows pet parents stay in the society with their pets, but they make sure to cause practical and mental trouble guaranteeing one unpleasant living. Pet owners please don't consider living in 24k Sereno
Feb 05, 2022 08:28 PM Read

Suppose to get possession in December 2020 as per agreement, all the payments are/were made on time or before time. 90% payment is already made. we told we will pay remaining right now they give possession letter. They got 6 months extension due to COVID, hence understandably possession would have been in June 2021. We are human we though they will give in December 2021. We were nice till December 2021 and started following up as the owners do not have primary residence and are sr. citizens. Based on customer service experience very generic answers were given. All the civil work for the building is done then why not give possession for building whichever is finished when you are already late to deliver the project on time.

With their size and experience as a developer, tits hard to believe that PMC authority will not immediately inspect the building and finish the paperwork expeditiously, seem to be not co-coordinating with PM C for an inspection? Inspections are mere check list based in these modern days where there should be standard form and check the quality and safety aspect of the project. Would not take more than 2 to 4 for one building for which civil work is completed.

Seems like project team is coming to work and going home and just making their days and least bother about offering any service? Don’t understand why anything do when someone can’t give timeline and meet timeline. Please take retirement.

We are very upset with the kind of same and same feedback given during all other visits and calls. To some people now they are telling March 2022 and some June 2022 someone in heaven would know which is true or probably working/non-working corporate bosses should know the answers. Now I understood why pune is following far behind Bangalore, Hyderabad in its performance as a city. Feel bad that the city has corporations which does not care much about value of time and timelines.

Please deliver the home immediately even one day is too much late now.

Feb 04, 2022 11:30 AM Read (via Mobile)

We booked our villa pre-covid in 2020.Whilst other projects are already completed, they still give excuses of pandemic and keep postponing the possession date . currently they have extended further to Jul 2022.we keep requesting a mere callback from senior management to understand the situation, but seems even this is too much work for them.even we call them, they hung up telling they are busy.

Builder is focussing only on the other projects in progress along side and have ignored Ivy villas totally, as they are all sold out and buyers dont have any option but to wait.

NO sync among the teams .no transparency.No professionalism. Just enjoying a builder brand and harassing buyers!


Kolte Patil Developers 24K Opula - Pimple Nilakh - Pune
Jan 21, 2022 05:40 PM Read

They are selling flats by more than 30 to 40% price when you compared other societies in same area, also construction quality is not good then why should one pay more money only for Kolte Patil Brand? The valid price for 2 BHK in this area is 70-75 L and 3 BHK is 1.10 to 1:20 max however they are selling at 1.60 and more.

There are many complaints as well about construction quality those who have bought flats here
Nov 25, 2021 12:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

When you ask them on possession dates, Kolte Patil team says "Do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go" nothing will happen. THEY ARE ARROGANT.

The project is super slow, they never tell the customer on the timelines. With that said it means once they sell the flat then they forget the customer. Beware. I even forgot that I have booked a flat here, every month my EMI make me remember that yes I own a flat here.

They don't care about customers, now a days it has become easy to neglect customers.

By the time I get the possession, the building will go for redevelopment. They talk one and deliver another. Already they are slow, now they have increased the possession date on MAHARERA without informing the customers. You can see how pathetic it is.
Oct 04, 2021 01:46 PM Read

Dated- 3rd Oct Sunday

I had booked a flat in Life Republic sector R16 in Dec 2017 and due to unfortunate pandemic the possession date was shifted from promised date- Dec 2020 to Dec 2021 but still they were verbally giving tentative timelines for April, May, June 2021 etc. to which you have to agree as it is one of unforeseen situations and was well accepted.

3rd July 2021 I received a mail of intimation of completion which says that they will now start the possessions and will reach out for final payments and site visit and they will send out invites soon. In the month of August, I saw several possessions happening and patiently waited for my turn but nothing came up. In the month of September, I mailed them twice asking for the tentative possession timelines for my flat and appointment for site visit as I knew if I will reach out directly they will make 100's of excuses like- staff is busy, you should have taken prior appointment, security clearance and a new one- not allowed because of COVID but no luck they ignored those mails.

As I didn't hear back from them till October so I decided to visit their office on 3rd Oct, Sunday just to avoid 2nd October excuse. I was welcomed with the words like- "you should have taken appointment before coming" to which I replied that I have mailed twice but there is no response to which I get an answer- "Don't you know appointments are taken on call" which ignited the conversation. Coming to the main point why there is delay for my flat while others are getting possession. Answer- you can go and check your flat first to which I questioned if we will get the keys or the flat is open to which you hear back- "we don't work on weekends, you should come on weekdays" to which I said it is difficult to come on weekdays and you hear back- "you have made lakhs on investment and you can't take out time to come one weekdays". Final question from my side- whom to reach out to if I want to see the flat today to check what work is pending. Answer- "we don't work on weekends, you should come on weekdays and you should have called before coming". This irritated me a lot and I asked that sales office very well works on weekends then why can't you show me the flat today should I go there and the answer is "Go wherever you want to. You can't do anything at least legally you can't do anything until Dec 2021" to which I replied- "that I will give such a review and feedback that it will you up".

After this I called this person's manager about this incident and to know the status he too schooled me on appointments without hearing anything. He politely said that he will check the status for my flat and call back which calmed me. He calls back within an hour giving me additional gyaan stating you shouldn't have abused my staff to which I agreed that I shouldn't have said it and I also mentioned that I was poked enough to say that but he didn’t listen and kept on repeating the same. He said he will get back to me after 2 days on the tentative timelines for possession and an appointment for site visit so I am waiting to hear back.

So the bottom line is they can say whatever they want, they can threaten you not to handover possessions until the final date and sales office works on weekends and not the admin/possession team so if you have made lakhs on investment please find some time on weekdays that too after prior appointments and the same rule doesn't apply when you go for buying the flat. Moreover, I booked the flat and I was not in country for around 8 months after booking it and all the initial payments and demand letters went smooth over mail communication but things change once you have paid the amount.
Jun 09, 2021 01:49 PM Read

Project Three Jewels.

I will request you to not purchase flat by looking name kolte patil.

Please wake up, this is no more a trusted builder.

They don't follow proposed construction date on MahaRERA. You will purchase the flat by looking at RERA site but you will be bluffed.

When ever I email to Kolte patil customer support they never reply on email but they call on mobile number.

And on call they will simply tell that "Don't tell us any thing, we are at very good speed" but if I show them there own construction progress report & RERA date, then they start to talk in very insulting way.

They never tell when the project will be completed, so as of now I don't know when I will receive the flat bcoz its aready passed MahaRera proposed date.

So you want to purchase a flat and always want to get insulted and want to receive project on so much delay(I don't know how much delay they do bczo I have still not received the flat.) then go for kolte patil.

NEVER PURCHASE A FLAT FROM KOLTE PATIL. this is no more a good builder but the worst builder.
Apr 04, 2021 05:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

I paid Rs 1 lacs but due to documentation issues I was not able to proceed with the purchase. Kolte Patil is not returning the money.
Mar 05, 2021 11:06 PM Read

City Avenue is located in a very prime location in PCMC and is Mumbai-Pune Highway facing. The project consists of a commercial building M and residential building N.

The residential building consists of spacious 2 BHK flats and has all the facilities needed. 24 hours water, rare power cuts with common area and lifts power backup and 30+ wonderful amenities. Really recommendable.
Mar 05, 2021 10:56 PM Read

Only one thing that is attractive about this society is the location, it is located in a very prime area in PCMC. But there are many negatives.

1) The approach road to the society is in a very pathetic situation for quite long time. Reaching the society by car is very difficult.

2) There is no proper security for the society, you can enter and exit anytime without any records. Even the visitor management system works now and then.

3) You cannot open the bathroom of your flat, the flush water has such a foul smell. This is because of the STP being faulty from day one.

4) If you are a tenant, you have to pay charges for each and every thing. Move in, move out, using gym, swimming pool and amenities, using lift etc. etc.

5) The facility management people are very arrogant.
Mar 04, 2021 04:26 AM Read

No refund after paying the Token, people are waiting since long, be transparent KP Group. Its not good doing like this
Feb 24, 2021 10:21 AM Read

A very well maintained and clean society with all necessary amenities. Spacious highway facing flats. Excellent location accessible to shopping malls, schools, hospitals etc.
Feb 22, 2021 02:25 AM Read

Very bad construction quality. Most of the flats which got possession 2 years ago has now leakage or seepage issues. The flush water always stinks and the reason being the STP is not working properly and not able to be repaired by anyone. Namesake amenities, not even a single one big enough to cater the need of 500+ families.
Feb 06, 2021 11:00 AM Read (via Mobile)

They ensured of full refund in case of cancellation of booking amount but now no one answers call or emails. Sales team that I have been in contact with - priya Chouhan, Shridhar Mudaliyar, Suraj

Update: after almost 4 months now, these morons contacted me through a third person (abhishek) , sent me a picture of check drawn on my name for refund and informed me that they will dispatch the check only if I delete all negative reviews. Shame on Kolte Patil, you wouldn't have landed in such a situation if you would have respected your customers in the first place
Nov 07, 2020 07:46 PM Read

Please be assured that this is genuine experience otherwise I have no interest to write reviews as such. I am hoping that this review will be useful for potential buyers.

So here is the my experience.we booked plot in Nora which is gated plot scheme in Life republic.

First of all they charged exorbitant prices on plot compared to what is being sold nearby but since it is brand, we still paid for it. For 1770 sqft plot they started with 1.16 Cr and came down to about 80 Lakhs.We were all happy to see our dream home in the making.

One mistake I made was, I did not read reviews before purchase and one fine day I read in reviews like this that there is Garbage Depot coming in and it is also available in PCMC plan.since the agreement which we signed mentioned to give full refund and hence I thought I was saved and had opportunity to correct my mistake.

But Kolte Patil sales and CRM teams denied that 100% refund would be given but since I had documents they somehow agreed to give full refund in 30 days.

I went to collect after 30 days and I was told that it is not possible to give refund after 30 days and told me to come back after 1 month and they assured me about the same on email as well.

Now just before 2 days of committed date for refund they simple sent me email that we would not be able to issue refund due to some technical issues.(all fraud nothing real).

Now I am given date 15 days later.I will update whatever happens.

So be aware.this is fraud company and they employ employees who are rude and think that they are super heroes.they will not pick up your phone calls, they will not answer you on email.

Remember there is going to be Garbage Depot coming do your research before you decide to buy.again this is my own experience.Be aware for your hard earned money.these builders are there just to maximize their profit.

Their CRM and Sales teams are hoax teams.
Sep 22, 2020 01:27 PM Read (via Mobile)

Kolte-Patil had a such a good name, but it’s following down the drain now. I bought a flat in Life Republic Pune in 2013.

> Possession was promised in Dec 2016 but was given 2 years late in 2018.

> Instead of compensating for the loss and delay in possession, they slapped maintenance charges on us for that time. Which was hilarious and no one paid that anyway.

> The Quality of the building was below standard to say the least. I am being nice saying this. The tiles were laid all wrong, I could easily tell it was done by unkilled workers, paid much below standards. They don’t care about their staff or employees or customers

> I was asked to pay 3L extra for stilt parking but given open tin shade parking which got completely distorted during high winds and rain in monsoon. Thank God my car was not in it or i would have to pay a lot of money to fix it.

> Post sales team people are complete jerks and are only paid to listen to people complaining and getting mad, so the real execs who are responsible for all the things going downwards don’t have to deal with the complaints.

> Kolte-Patil have proved now and again to many owners including us that they don’t care about quality services or customer experience or value for customer money. They only care about squeezing all they can from their customers to fill their own pockets.

I have uploaded the photo of the tin shade parking I was allotted even after paying 3L for stilt parking under the building. This tin parking was destroyed in rain and wind. They should have given us the stilt parking under the building, but guess they don’t have enough spaces for everyone who paid 3L extra for parking.
Aug 25, 2020 08:33 AM Read

I invested all my hard earned money and builder is cheating me over parking place, maintenance and what not. they make you fool by showing all fancy stuff during the initial visit but nobody will tell u the reality . I would stay away from life republic.
Aug 25, 2020 08:19 AM Read (via Mobile)

Lot of paid reviews or own people posting reviews will not change the apathy of the Lootle Patil group to the owners.

The Lootle Patil group has already taken money and given a beautiful tin open park space whereas they had promised a covered parking for all. Moreover there is no uniformity amongst the allottees. Allotment made on own will.

Manmani maintanence demand have made us restless.

No clarity from anyone on Property Tax

If you are buying the property from Lootle Patil group think this "Your possession and delivery and maintenance are subject to our discretion and we will ensure to make your life challenging and miserable. You are required to be taking a discrete decison on buying here."

I would say Don't buy here.
Aug 02, 2020 12:57 AM Read

This group is formed to raise concern for the fraud done by Life Republic Project, Marunji, Hinjewadi govern by Kolte Patil Group to spread awareness and seeking justice.

Buy property is the dream of every common man and I also have the same. As this is my first property, I want to purchase my first property from a good builder, who has a good reputation, strict to their commitment, transparent, and customer-centric. After taking with the sales team found Kolte Patil, Life Republic project was more prominent and value for money.

During the initial discussion, the sales team explained as this is a big project, so R3-A wing has 252 flats(total 21 floors and each floor has 12 flats) and there would be 4 level car parking, 2 in the basement and two upper basements. Second, he also told me there is two option for the parking i.e. 1. Default parking which is open with some shade. 2. Stilt parking just beneath the building.

There are no charges for default parking(option 1) but for stilt parking(option 2) there is a cost of Rs 300, 000/- and a sales team also told as per some regulation builder could not charge for the parking area so Life Republic project is showing as “Other Charges” in price sheet and taking the money against the same head.

Because of the good reputation for Kolte Patil, commitment from the sales team I opted for option 2(stilt parking) and paid the amount of Rs. 300, 000/- as “Other Charges”.

The above-said story happened in 2013 and till 2020 all things will consider fine but reality comes on 6th Mar when I get to know option 1 parking(open parking) is allotted to me. I visited the Life Republic post-sale CRM team on 7th Mar 2020 and back to back on 8th Mar 2020.

Initially, I thought there would some confusion and approached to CRM team. I was sure to issue will be resolved by the CRM team itself but after two full days of discussion with them, I understand the scam they have done. The behavior of the CRM team is like we are committing a crime when talking about parking allotment issue. I met 3 sales repetitive in two days.

It was height on the second day when one of the repetitive starts using abusive language, I was stunned when hearing all this and totally scared. As soon as I came out from the Life Republic CRM office, I met with one more owner with the same issue, and then onward I was surprised when 100+ owners are associated with me within a week for the same issue.

Still, I was positive and schedule a meeting with the senior representative Mr. Deepak Patil with the help of the managing committee which was held on 14th Mar 2020. This meeting was attended by 80+ owners out of the approx. 60 owners are a victim of the said scam.

During the meeting, Mr. Patil understood the issue and tell us to drop a mail to him so that they can take it to the higher authority of Kolte Patil Group and also suggest to opt other channels to raise this issue otherwise you will not get justice.

This might be a small issue for a big builder like Kolte Patel so we understand and send mail to Mr. Deepak Patil on 17st Mar 2020. With the expectation, he would take this to the senior management. But even after 120days, we did not get even a single response from any authority of Life Republic Project or Kolte Patil Group.

Again, I decided to send another mail now this time we kept senior management of Kolte Patil in the group with the assumption may higher management did not know about his issue. So, send another mail on 30th Jun 2020. This time, I was very much sure to get some response from higher management and will get justice but not even a single response from Kolte Patel Group

As of now, 100+ owners are identified as the victim because of the same cause so roughly builder has a scam of Rs. 30, 000, 000/- and are increasing day by day.

I specially bought flat in the Life Republic because of the reputation of Kolte Palit group and trust to the sales & then CRM team blindly but with very sorrow heart I have to say I was totally wrong and shame on myself to put my hard money and saving of 10 years in this group.

The builder has looted all R3 sector innocent owners who trusted on the words given by sales representatives, the builder has backstabbed 100+ peoples in terms of Parking Allotment Scam and I am one of them.

Seriously still did not believe, a big group like Kolte Patil will do such kind of cheap things with their own brand.

Request to all please do not comes into the trap of the Life Republic or Kolte Patil sales team of any project. They will be looted your hard money via false commitment and will behave like morons after-sales.


Sarvesh Jain
Jun 22, 2020 06:34 PM Read (via Mobile)

It's been 7monthd after flat cancellation, still I'm waiting for my cancellation cheque from Kolte Patil Life Republic.

As per their policy cheque should be given in 45 day, but in my case they have hell lot of reasons.

At the time of booking everything was ok and so fast. But it is not the case in case of cancellation.

It's a kind of government office where you have to run behind people. Even after visiting site office multiple times, still the staff and everyone out there will not help you, they don't answer your calls, even a person is present at site office at reception it is being told that he is on off today, you will be given a number which is switched off, and more over even if you send messages they will read and ignore, etc etc.

The worst experience in life where you have to beg for your money to a reputed builder.

I will never ever recommend anyone to buy or invest.

These are related to cancellation. They have other issues with site too, so many complains regarding township, services, etc.

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