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Possession on: Aug 2016
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Project Details of Hiranandani Lake Verandahs, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Next To Hulimavu Lake, Akshay Nagar, Begur Hobli, Off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru 560068, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Hiranandani Lake Verandahs, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Oct 04, 2016 11:14 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am considering deciding of putting resources into North Bangalore and have been searching for 4 room open doors. From Yelahanka as far as possible up to Devanhalli. Searching for either great condo or manors? Imperative to have a decent group life. Any recommendations? Considering contributing at the Hiranandani Devanhalli Villas.any proposals? I think they are great manufacturers from their name in Mumbai. Is it true that this is a decent area to move-in 2-3yrs down the line? Particularly considering great schools and access to employment centers. Has anybody put resources into this property? Any remarks? I am considering deciding of putting resources into North Bangalore and have been searching for 4 room open doors. From Yelahanka as far as possible up to Devanhalli. Searching for either great flats or manors? Critical to have a decent group life. Any recommendations? Considering contributing at the Hiranandani Devanhalli Villas.any recommendations? I think they are great manufacturers from their name in Mumbai. It is safe to say that this is a decent area to move-in 2-3yrs down the line? Particularly considering great schools and access to employment centers. Has anybody put resources into this property? Any remarks? Much obliged!
Sep 20, 2016 06:57 AM Read

I have purchased multiple properties in New York and not a single time did I experience such nightmare. I do understand there are regulation issues, but what made it worse is having a relationship with your group. I din't expect this level of unprofessionalism and non-transparent behavior. I regret this transaction and hope this nightmare comes to an end. Hirandani lied to me during purchase as I had asked them a list of questions. I asked them because I knew you cannot trust these companies, and this was before/during my signing of the contract. I was not told of any of these delays. Rather I was told that Hirananandani would not start a project without the approvals, I guess that was a BIG lie.

I am a bit surprised by how unprofessional Hirandani management/ marketing team is in managing/communicating the delays. There are few thing that are under their control that they can do better, but they are just not bothered. Lack of communication creates rumors and its certainly bad for your brand name and for us as well as investors. The least you can do is erase the rumors by communicating out clearly and frequently.

This three months Dramabazi is on going for years. At this point, you should take a call to cancel the project and return our deposit with interest.
Jun 13, 2016 08:19 PM Read

To all my friends, pls do not ever consider buying a property in Hiranandani projects, I booked an apartment in Bangalore(Hill Crest) in 2011 & they haven't yet given the possession and their team is non comital of any dates in near future.

I am in process of considering cancellation & looking at all legal options available to me by law.pity that there are so many projects & builders in this country who continue to cheat the consumers & yet the media is only focusing on cases in & around Delhi, I hope this reaches our government & the prime minister & a law is soon in place to check such malpractice by builders.Shame on you House of Hiranandani.


Hiranandani Lake Verandahs - Bannerghatta Road - Bangalore
Feb 11, 2016 04:32 PM Read (via Mobile)

In my House of Hiranandani audit, I might want to highlight the remarkable administration that I got from the business staff. The general population that my spouse and I cooperated with were splendid and made the home purchasing prepare simple for. This is our first interest in property since we got hitched, and all my suspicion about property dealings in Bengaluru vanished, on account of the expert state of mind of the business staff at Hiranandani.

The building is beautiful too. It feels like we have ventured out of urban bedlam and into heaven. Trees line the walkways, and the sheer assortment of greenery demonstrates the accentuation that the engineers pay to make a home as naturally cordial as could be expected under the circumstances. One thing that hits you straight away is the absence of contamination, and you can inhale unreservedly. For somebody who has been in the city all her life, the air here appears to be a great deal more'breatheable'. The house is not deficient as far as courtesies either and the lavatory installations are astonishing as well. Everything else had been dealt with by the staff at Hiranandani.
Feb 11, 2016 04:12 PM Read

I visited their site office in Devanahalli with the intention of enquiring about the Villa. Well.the trouble started as soon as we entered the premises where the security guy at the entrance, was more interested in gossiping with his colleagues, than directing us to the site office. We kept on driving with no signs showing us the way to the site office. We passed the site office and ended up in the actual construction site. We directed back to the site office where I had taken a prior appointment at 10:00AM to meet the sale executive.

When we entered into the site office, there were two executives talking on the phone and one of us signaled us to sit down. We waited for about 10 minutes hoping someone would come and talk to us. I was also very thirsty driving about 50kms, but no one asked us for water or anything, instead I saw the office boy serving coffee to the sales executive who continued to be busy talking on the phone. After about 15 mins or so he realized we are getting restless, he kept the person he was talking to on-hold and  asked us if we can go and see the model villa(Ha.ha.). We were accompanied by some guy. When I asked him how are we going to the construction site, he humbly said, sir, your car!. Well, okay, I said fine.

We proceeded to get into our car, he straightaway went and sat in the front passenger sit leaving no choice for my wife to occupy the back seat. Realizing this, I asked him to move to the back and he obliged. We went to see the villa, which appeared to be not a model villa(hence the ha.ha.above) but someone's unit which was already sold. He let us inside and said we can walk around and take a look and got it into the call.We said, that is enough and drove out! This was my experience of a customer who went with an intention of buying close to 3Cr Villa!
Dec 28, 2015 09:55 PM Read

I booked a cottage at House of hiranandani, Devenahalli project in 2010. The project was suppoed to handover in 2013 and after 2 years of delay, we finally get a notice to take the possesion. The builder has decided not to compensate customers as per their own wish. When you speak to their GM of CRM - Mr. Kumar, he says that we should be obliged to hiranandani as they didnt increase the prices of project inspite of steel and cement price changes. Since the cost of project has gone up due to delay, they have decided to not compensate. What kind of joke is this? These arrogant builders are taking people for ride and the only objective is to make money by all hook or crook. ZERO  accountability

After being forced to put in writing, I got an amazing reply from their GM CRM. He says that there is some Rs1400 interest which is due I our name due to delay in payment at some point of time in last 5 years. Guys you got 1.3+ crore on time and now you come up with this lousy excuse of 1400 interest which makes customer ineligible for delay in project by 2 years. Technically hiranandani didnt have funds to make this on time.

Aug 28, 2015 04:30 PM Read

I made a advance payment of 20 Lakhs towards Hiranandani for a 3bhk( Kingston towers) Bannerghatta Road, during Feb 2013, at the time of booking, they promised the completion of this project by 2017.

I understand, till date they have not even got the approvals, and their sales team & CS team has a standard answer  "  Approvals are in the final stage and awaited any time "

Tired following up with their CS. I tried checking about this project in several forums but cannot get any convening answer .Could some one throw some light on this project!
Jan 17, 2015 11:42 AM Read

I have bought a 4BHK Villas of 4055 sqft. Reason for choosing House of Hiranandani: Reputed Builder in the Industry

Pros: Neo Style architecture, Quality of work, better resale value.

Cons: A little costlier then market price but will have better resale value in future.

Recommendation: Yes I will recommend this Builder to my Friends. My cousin had apartment with HOH he told me one thing
Jan 04, 2015 03:00 PM Read

These people are very bad. Their work is pathetic. No proper responses. My sister cancelled the booking and the it was very difficult  time for her.The staff is so bad that may be because of the attitude of the management. My sister came to know of the quality and we went to construction site without their knowledge took pictures.

The contractors and staff were speaking bad about the Builder.
May 14, 2014 03:56 PM Read

I am advised by HOH that the clover block of Devanahalli project is scrapped and investors are refunded the money or given an opportunity to invest in other blocks at appreciated prices. Is this true? The response by email is different than the one I get on the phone by their customer support reps.

This is adding to the confusion. Earlier they said the soil test has failed. Now they say they haven't got approvals for clover, but when I ask them to confirm over email they refuse to confirm. I am highly distressed.

Feb 22, 2014 01:10 PM Read

As one can see from the list of posts here, there has been undue delay in delivery of properties at Bannerghatta. I am sure the case may be the same for the rest of Bangalore also.

This Facebook page has been created, so to get all those who have been affected by this delay, to come together and join hands.
Jan 14, 2014 01:44 PM Read

I had booked an apartment with HoH(Bannerghatta road)  in Dec 2010(Lake varandah's LV1302 A).

the experience since then has been pathetic.

What was promised during booking:

  • Project will be completed by 12/2013.

  • Block work will proceed in parallel with slab work.

  • HoH will ensure the expansion of the approach road and it will be 80 feet road before handover of the project.

Midway, they had run into issues with club meadows and the construction had pretty much stopped for this building. However they ensured that it has no impact to the proceeding with Lake Veranda's.

Its been 3 months now that the slab constructions have been completed and 95% of the project money has been paid to the builder but there is no sign of proceedings after this. The block work has been pretty much stuck up at 11th floor and there is no one person who is able to provide a good explanation for the same.

Suddenly the new dates of handover seems to be Mid of 2015 which is close to a year and a half delay and nobody has the courtesy to explain this / communicate this to the end customers.

Moreover the customer support team is extremely unprofessional and non transparent. They have been very prompt in charging late payment even when the delay was from their end so far(obviously none of those issues are clarified yet) and conveniently they have forgotten to communicate/compensate the end customers for all the delays that is being shown now.

The agreement has been drafted by them according to their convenience again where the late payment penalty is almost negligible. I am not sure of the reason, but there seems to be no one accountable for the issues and to address the concerns from the customer which is extremely frustrating.

I am looking for a forum where I can connect with the  buyers of Lake Veranda apartments and cumulatively take some actions.

Any pointers will be very useful.

Thanks and regards,

Sep 06, 2013 08:12 PM Read

A few years back I was about to book one of Hiranandani upscale flats in Chennai but had to drop the idea due to the financial constraints. But now I have no choice but to repent my decision as the rates have appreciated drastically. Now I work as an employee of Siruseri IT park, which is conveniently located opposite to the Hiranandani upscale Egattur OMR complex.

The Upscale complex boasts of impressive architecture that adds great market value of the project. Furthermore, recently I came to know that in order to complement the mega scale commercial development, Upscale will be offering self-sufficient community structure so that all the necessary services are available nearby the residency.

I also have a friend, who is an IT Professional and is looking to relocate in Chennai for job opportunity. I've advised him to check out the new phase at Egattur. Hoping the construction turns out to charm its buyers.
Aug 08, 2013 06:37 PM Read

I decided to step into the House of Hiranandani/Upscale project and discussed it with my relatives. I guess it was a lot talked about and discussed topic with my family in Bangalore. I did a proper research and looked over the property dealings in and around the area and realised that practically it was a pretty good deal after all.

Frankly speaking, there were a few times I felt restless and had a hundred questions for the authorities, which did get answered..every single time! After the stipulated amount of time currently the property rates have shot up, this has happened really soon and the area is well developed too.

Good customer care service! Must say! Keep up the good work!
Jun 27, 2013 11:11 AM Read

This builder is a clown, and a dishonest clown. Their Club Meadows land deal had not settled when they were selling the flats, and we had to deal with a relocation and orientation change of the building site. Their sales guy tried to change the pricing after the advance was paid claiming some bogus reasons.No employee sticks there for more 12 months and every call is handled by some new employee who has to deal with the mismanagement that happened before.

In the Bannergatta project the sales guy talked of acquisition of 35 acres all around and cleanup of the neighboring land, and the marketing material talked about walkway around the lake. Now nobody talks about any cleanup and some small shops are popping up around including roadside bars, which will become permanent if HN does not move on some further acquisitions. We are just praying for nice construction and the architectural beauty to come through - praying because when you go to the site you see a whole bunch of sub-contracted work going on. If construction is managed the way they run everything else - God help us.

We signed up nearly 3 years back, the project was due for completion this year.the builder protected himself from any penalties by delaying the actual agreement signing for 18 months and then set documented dates from that timeline.  I have bought from Sobha and Century and never had to deal with so much crap.   Can't wait to get to the end of this dealing with HN and get possession.  If you want to sleep well, buy a completed HN house if you can afford it or go to another builder.

= update from Jan'16

The buildings are nearing completion and expect possession in 3-6 months.

The apartments have exposed Red Sprinkler pipes in every room. This something every luxury apartment plans and hides away. These horrible eyesore is in every room - thick 4 inch pipes protruding everywhere. The Builder says get false ceilings put to cover this.

In addition to the unplanned cost of many lakhs, this also takes away the whole advantage of the high ceilings as one would have to give up a foot and half of head room and end up with a standard height ceiling. Luxury apartment sucks.

Club house has yet to start construction - 5 years after project's commencement.

This builder should be avoided like the plague.
Apr 25, 2013 09:08 PM Read

Hi ,

*I plan to cancel the deal after paying around 6 lakh in advance.

Reason :- They are yet to clarify or acknowledge my mails regarding basic query on VAT and ST charges details.*

The condition "Please note that any liability arising out of ST and VAT Works Contract Act , Sales Tax etc including all other statutory payments levies etc in respect this transaction shall be paid by you at actual upon demand by us"

This condition is yet not clear. Awaiting basic reply on the calculation on the Basis and if the payment paid by me will be paid to the gov. is yet to be answered.

Any owners of the society please let me know about your findings on these as CRM and Sales are did not bother to answer any Question.

Amit Roy
Apr 16, 2013 05:55 PM Read

House of Hiranandani have launched a Project Nera Hebbal and are collecting money even though they do not have any permits.

I booked for a flat based on a wrong assurance from them and I am struggling to get refund.

My advise is not to book any flat with House of Hiranandani.

Apr 05, 2013 03:58 PM Read

I am very convinced about Hiranandani Upscale properties but little sad about the delayed possession. This has happened to me and my friend our flats booked in Bannerghatta. I request the management to give timely possession.

I hope this message reaches across the right channels as I desire to suggest your properties to two of my NRI cousins from USA. Please do give us timely possession.

By the way thanks a lot.
Mar 25, 2013 07:33 PM Read

I got into the deal because of the good name they carry. but the project (building) was delayed for over an year without any compensation and on asking the reply was that the company is also making losses, well , customer is not a party to entertain loss or gains they have.

Then they have been putting extra charges every month and after several mails and proofs that the amount has been paid, they just ignore it without any replies and keep on adding interest on top of it. They have a horrible customer service and looks more like an extortion rather than demand letters.
Mar 18, 2013 04:11 PM Read

Hiranandani Upscale is easily one of the most distinguished projects ever done in and around Bengaluru. I have booked a flat in one of their Bannerghatta buildings. I am just eagerly awaiting my final possession which would take 2-3 months.

But I must say that I am bit disappointed with the increase in cost at the last moment. I was promised possession in March but it will take another 2-3 months for that to happen. I request the concerned management to look in to this urgently as humble request from an enlightened customer through this portal. Hope possession is provided before rains.

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Hiranandani Lake Verandahs - Bannerghatta Road - Bangalore

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