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₹71.9 L - ₹79.2 L
Possession on: Aug 2018
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Hiranandani Kingston, Begur, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

Next To Hulimavu Lake, Akshay Nagar, Off Bannerghatta Road, Begur, Bengaluru 560068, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Hiranandani Kingston, Begur, Bangalore

Feb 17, 2013 03:15 PM Read

I would be grateful to post something about my biggest investment in this portal. Having heard of quality of construction and good service from big names, I booked an apartment with Hiranandani  at their B'ghatta location in Bangalore. Frankly speaking I am happy with all their services. Our relationship manager Ms Aswathy is very helpful and kind enough in providing excellent customer service. She bestows prompt responses for all our queries, that too in the wee hours and I do really appreciate that dedication.

Also I had some modifications to be imposed on my apt and this has been taken care nicely by Ms Harini and I can observe a swift and meaningful approach by their team. I am happy with all that I recieve from Hirnandani and I strongly recommends investing with them.
Feb 04, 2013 12:46 PM Read

These HOH guys are so adamant about the rates!! We have been speaking to them for their OMR Chennai project. We finally made up our minds to book and revisited them after 5 days. The sales person tells me that the rates have gone up and he cannot offer the old rate! It was a shock to us. Despite negotiating hard, he was firm on the rates.

On top of that he tells me that the rates are going to hike shortly again.

Not much to say, disappointed, but now reworking on arranging funds.
Jan 25, 2013 11:36 AM Read

We purchased a property at their Devanahalli, Bangalore project. The sales talk and selling is excellent. They have very nice brochures and the sales people will talk very nicely to sell you their property. The site visit with the model place will be very encouraging.

After you sign up with them, you are left high and dry. They do not communicate when the next payment is or anything. It is difficult to get hold of the person who is assigned for your project, they will either not answer their phones or if they answer they will have no useful information. They will say they will get back to you and never communicate back. There are several times I have had to escalate this to their management.

They also care less since it appears they have enough customers knocking on their door to sign up. If I were to do this again, I would choose a builder who is more accessible and communicative.


Hiranandani Kingston - Begur - Bangalore
Sep 21, 2012 05:57 AM Read

Post booking, all those 'glamorous' staff disappear (along with their promises). So called Customer service section have no information on the projects, status...even the payments ! Was shocked to see their office near hebbal.

All these despite several years of delay in execution & prolonged legal battles with land owners. before booking (a year back), I never believed in any reviews, now repent of being in this awkward position.
Sep 09, 2012 04:15 PM Read

It is shocking to hear that the construction of ashford project in electronic city is discontinued. I have asked for the legal papers and the developers always refused to share them with me. I have made an investment in this project which is dead. Ashwini from crm department, bangalore office mentioned to me that the project is progressing no more!! She has also apologized to me that this was mentioned by mistake as they had asked her not to announce it officially.

I had just called in to check on my payment status and this is what i get to hear.. I have invested a huge amount of money so far in the project which is a dead investment now. This is absolutely not acceptable to me!!!

Hiranandani is not recommended by me to any investors!!
Aug 18, 2012 01:02 PM Read

This project really sucks, NO professional people. In their Bangalore office few untrained people really set off their customers. They had land dispute till recently for which collected money three years ago. All that Hiranandani does is send flashy newsletter prepared by Neha Hiranandani, while she forgets to understand woe of customers and how they are treated by their Bangalore office security guards.

There is no reception.Mr Satish CS is manager CRM he never comes on phone fearing the agitated customers. There are many customer relation executives they left job because of these. Satish Kumar, Rajesh, Anees, Arpita, Mary, and more. I wonder what Neha Hiranandani and Surendra Hiranandani doing, if they do not take care of their customers. Soon they will be out of business.They really forgot what customer really means.

No body knows when this project is going to complete? Our money is at stake. Are they going to disappear with our money? or Are they going to complete their project? Many people here like me and NRI's have similar doubt on it.
Aug 15, 2012 12:51 PM Read

I would like to share with you'll my experience of attending an interview at Hiranandani Upscale, Bangalore, ORR, Banaswadi, so that you can think before joining this highly unprofessional company, which only has a big name in the market, and nothing else.

I got a call from their Mumbai office to attend an interview twice the previous day, and on the day of my interview to meet a particular person in the HR for the interview. She SMSed me the address, persons name and contacts. Hence I went over and was there 10 mins before my scheduled time of interview, (while I was on my way to the interview, I again got a call from their HR in Mumbai asking me if I have reached the premises and I confirmed I am on the way, which gave me a good feeling on her follow up).

SADLY Once I reached the office, there was a security guard sitting at the reception/secretary desk, instead of an actual receptionist and was extremely rude and unpolite, asking "who you want and for what purpose you have come". When I told him that I have come over to meet the concerned person in HR for an interview, he tells me he has not come to office today and is on leave. He then tells me if you have his number call him, instead of him calling and checking with a landline phone under his nose.

I then call the concerned HR person that was SMSed me by the Mumbai office and he tells me to handover the phone to the security. The security then speaks something to him and asks me to wait at the reception.

After 10 mins he then introduces me to the head of some other department who takes my interview for a junior post, while in fact I have a lot of experience and an MBA and was given to understand it would be for a senior post by their Mumbai office. He then tells me "ok we will now have a video conference with our Mumbai office. Please wait for sometime, as other people have also come for interview".

After waiting for around 20 minutes - where I can hear the office staff sitting and joking loudly on the other side of the reception area I am finally called to the third floor where the GM - CRM/Marketing from Mumbai is already on the TV and ready to speak. She introduces herself as GM. I was like thinking, what this lady does not have a name or what?. She was extremely unprofessional and rude, the way she asked questions and was acting like I am begging for a job.

I am wondering how a company like Hiranandani with such a big name in Mumbai conducts itself so unprofessionally to outsiders, I wonder what their customers must be going through. Can they not afford to have a receptionist, instead of a rude security guard? Can the person from the company be present as communicated to me by their Mumbai office, to meet for the interview, instead of the rude security guard coordinating things? Can they not be sure for which position my cv has been shorlisted by their Mumbai office and for which position I am going to be interviewed for, prior to calling me and fixing the time? Can the GM be more polite, by at least introducing herself by telling us her name or is she too big for that?

This was one horrible experience and the worst interview I have attended. Please we are not begging for a job and anyways would not want to be part of such an unprofssional set up.
Jul 14, 2012 06:42 PM Read

I would like to tell these people are real cheaters. One my friend bought one property and he cancelled it. He came to know all the inside stories of Hiranandani Upscale. These people dont have one good contractor you know. All third class contractors who has not even done single building properly are their contractors because they don't want to pay them. And the Most interesting part you know who leads the construction you know He is COO his name is Manish Jain in his life time he has not handled one project earlier he was in Reliance and he is good in cheating people and making money such are the people they have who are technically ZERO.

They claim their quality is good I personally went with my friend to the place of construction and observed so many cracks and the quality of material they use is Horrible they just advertise and people fall for that Come on guys be care ful I will tell you more You know who heads the projects in Bangalore One Seshadri and One more GM Shanbhag who had never worked on buildings in his life are leading the projects seshadri was thrown out from many companies and is a total bufoon and shanbag is has handled only Roads projects doesn't this sound funny and people are cheated with sweet advertisement and they don't know the inside stories. I am sure their quality is worst than small contractors of Bangalore.

And on top of You know who leads the Upscale Neha Hiranandani daughter of Surendra she is absolute "NUT" a "SADDIST" she does not know any thing about construction There was a person called Pithawala who use to handle the construction ealier who has good experience in Hiranandani Mumbai but he has pushed out because she wants people people who only licks they like employees with back bone she likes only employees who are jokers and nod their head only tunes. On top of you know Surendra is another NUT his wife divorced him in his 50 she ran away with one of his friends. These people are clear failures please think where you are investing. Their Quality is horrible please go and see personally their lands are in litigation they don't have any good employees all are failure from the market.

This is the facts nothing is exaggerated the original stories you can check. Please be ware of Hiranadani Upscale.

Thank you
Jun 23, 2012 05:07 PM Read

I booked a 2-bhk in 2009-10 during launch. They had many issues with this project since then. currently, the project is at 'laying foundation' status. They do not update their customers, not even bother to tell us on any amendments they did on the land lay-outs, building design, etc. and expect customers to accept all T&Cs b'cos they are reputed builder.

Customer support is Lousy, management is don't care, and very arrogant sales people who don't accept that the delay of 2-yrs' on this project but blame it on Govt. People like me who bought this property must be b'cos of 'Hiranandani' brand; they aren't up to the mark.

I will not recommend this brand to any one. The 'Powai-Mumbai" was the only successful project they had, they must be struggling for the rest .
May 26, 2012 02:45 AM Read

Hiranandani upscale/house of Hiranandani is the worst company I have come across my relatives bought properties in Hiranandani upscale/house of Hiranandani is the worst, my relative bought properties in Devanahalli and Bhanarghatta and one of my friend in Electronic city thinking these guys are same in Mumbai. They are crying now and realizing their mistake.

These guys are not the same. In Mumbai they are good  in Mumbai because of Niranjan Hiranandani but House of Hiranandani is  of Surendra and Neha who are the worst they don't know anything if you see the agreement they boof up that too no progress at all quality is the worst they could not make one villa in 4 years time.....hats off. They don't have any good contractors they don't have good employees. And on top of it, they say South Indian are stupid. Horrible quality and high prices.

Be careful they are the worst. Even a small contractor is better than these guys....
Apr 23, 2012 08:33 PM Read

I booked an apartment in HN Bannergatta project in 2009, Even after 3 years I am yet to see agreements. Besides no one takes responsibility and no proper answer to customer. Buyers are kept in dark. Besides this they had a land dispute and results looks like quite gloomy.

Plus unjustified demands of 18% interest penalty, frequent change in amount etc.  Even till last few weeks ago, they were not able to provide copy of BBMP approval, though they are claiming all the approvals are in place in 2012. I am not sure if our money is safe. Now they are asking for third installment even without providing agreements. So far no bank approvals are in place from banks like SBI, LIC etc.

It is really hard to get information, as staff here are involved in misleading the customers, as they want to buy more and more time without giving any commitment or penalty to buyer. Looking at present  tempo, I can presume, there will be many litigation filed on them, if they do not convince customer.
Jan 09, 2012 07:45 PM Read

I was planning to invest on the Club Meadows apartment in the Hiranandani Upscale project.

> First of all I don't see much advertising of the project in Bangalore, though Hiranandani being rated as one of the best builders in India.

>Reading through the reviews I was quiet shocked that they haven't' got the BBMP approvals yet in place. And they have been cheating on people that it would be done today-tomorrow-next week for the past 1 year.

I had met Mr.Ajit Mathews and he told me that BBMP approvals are in progress and would be done anytime soon. When's that going to be?

>They have started the constructions, but it's just like the basement of their first building.that's it.and nothing at all. Then will they be able to complete the project by 2014-2015 max.

>Coming to their model-flat, I was informed that it would be destroyed in 3-4 months as they will start constructing the children's play area.

Apart from this when I see the construction, I just cant find any other builders the quality provided by HN.

With all this in mind, investing such a huge amount for our dream house. I'm just too concerned. Can someone shed light on the same.
Aug 03, 2011 08:42 AM Read

I am thinking of making up my mind of investing in North Bangalore and have been looking for 4 bedroom opportunities. From Yelahanka all the way up to Devanhalli. Looking for either good apartments or villas? Important to have a good community life. Any suggestions?

Thinking of investing at the Hiranandani Devanhalli Villas.any suggestions? I think they are good builders from their name in Mumbai. Is this a good location to move-in 2-3yrs down the line? Especially thinking of good schools and access to job hubs.

Has anyone invested in this property? Any comments? Thanks!
Mar 25, 2011 03:45 PM Read

So called High end builders of mimbai - Hiranandani Group is openly on a cheating spree and follong hundred of consumers in bangalore.

They have been selling project on Bannerghatta Road for past one year, had a grand launch in august 2010 and claimed that they have all the governmemt approvals in place to goahead with the porject. And now 9 months after their launch, they claim that piece of land where they were coming up with Club Meadows block is on a disputed land and they havd stalled the development. Though only digging has been done in last 9 months. Now they claim that the land owner(politically connected) is asking for more money and they have with great ease decided to pass on the their business risk to their consumers who trusted them.

Now they want to shift the tower and go for all approvals from scratch with can have a further delay of 6-9 months. To add to this they are giving their customers a raw deal by not updating them on time and literally avoiding them and giving rude replies. They have changes the layout of the block and now what they are proposing is different from what they sold.

Firstly they are at fault for selling something they did not own. They have committed a criminal offence but unfortunately they can openly do this india because of their money & muscle powers. Secondly they are not reasdy to share documents for rest of their property and the new area which they claim to have bought.

If you a customer please join Yahoo group hiranandani_bannerghatta.

If you are planning they please wait and watch and make sure you get all the documents and get it legally verified. This project may be heading for trouble.
Aug 12, 2010 01:52 PM Read

I missed the oppurtunity of buying a hiranandani apartment in mumbai and today its beyond my reach by all means. My friends family had bought 3bhk in hiranandani powai in 1998 around1000 - 1500psf, today after 12 years it a whopping almost 20k psf. After some of the posh location in mumbai, hiranandani powai is best place to live in mumbai. I always curse my decision for not investing in hirandani powai. And many of you in mumbai will agree with that. The quality of life in hiranandani projects and the amazing quality of construction hiranandani gives, I guess no builder in india can give. Hiranandani properties are the best property investment an individual can make in India.

Distance: After reading their add that history being recreated at Bangalore, I rushed to see the project. After travelling almost a exhausting 60 km from the airport, which took almost 3 hrs (maddening traffic due to narrow roads and infinite signals) I reached their bannerghatta project. While entering bannerghatta road, you will see most of the big IT companies on the main road and also the IIM Bangalore. About 2 kms away from IIM, you will have to take a 1 km narrow road inside, in fact half km there is no road.

Location: We reached the location, it was empty land nothing started yet not even the foundation work. The location is in front of a small lake, I guess it would rather be right to call it a big unclean pond. It seems the locals where throwing all their household filth in this pond. Its local village kind of place, no posh location whatsoever but much better when you compare it to the slums of Mumbai. Also it is on the outskirts of Bangalore, but it shouldn't matter because the central bangalore is just like any railway station area of mumbai, secondly bangalore goes in circle with around 10 to 15 km radius. I can say I was completely dissappointed with the location, you can compare the project to hirandani estate in thane. But then again infrastructure wise thane is way better then bangalore. It will take another century for bannerghatta to come somewhere close to hiranandani powai, which is centrally located and a has billion dollar view of the big powai lake, vihar lake and the national park.

Price: As per the location the price 3900 psf seems bit high. But its always been like that, hiranandani always quote 1000 psf more then the market rate. One big reason is because the kind of elevation they give costs almost double the construction cost of usual building. But still I feel compared to the location and infrastructure around, the prices are too high, it should be around 2500 for under construction.

Pros: The only plus point I could note was that it had many big IT companies in its vicinity and some prestigeous institute, electronic city is around 15 km from this place. Also you get everything for daily household items nearby at reliance fresh, big bazaar etc. Reputed school and colleges nearby. I have no idea about water and electricity, but looking at the location it seems water and electricity is a problem.

Cons: Location not up market whatsoever, Infrastructure around very bad. Public transport is nightmare, So if you are not without your private vehicle, it will be like roaming in desert. Beware of private cabs and autos, they charge more then the busines class seats in airlines. No trams, trains, buses etc. By the time the metro comes at this location we all will be dead. Climate is still cool, but won't be for long for rising pollution level.

Conclusion: For somebody from mumbai I would say no, better look at hiranandani estate in thane its much better to live but for investment hiranandani bannerghattha is not that bad. For bangalore residents who haven't see hiranandani construction I would say yes, because hiranandani construction is much better then all the present indian and foreign builders in bangalore. You will only understand what I mean when the project is complete, it would be much better then the L&T south city nearby. Having said that I am not sure if its completely hiranandani project for its say builder name as "HIRCO". So look into all these minute details before investing.

I also had a look at hiranandani at devanhalli, except the airport there is nothing nearby for miles. I would say if you are in your 20's or 30'syou can book it for you retirement days or probably weekend or second homes.
Mar 29, 2017 04:43 PM Read

My husband and I had been saving money for 12 years now to invest in a luxurious home space. And now when we came across this project Kingston in Hiranandani, we quickly booked an apartment there. Kingston is located at Bannerghatta road and the project completed in 2019. So, in 2019, we plan to relocate there. Some of the amenities provided there are a premium clubhouse, swimming pool, children’s pool, a fully equipped gymnasium and exercise hall, parks and recreational grounds, badminton, squash and tennis courts, pool, and a billiards room. Since we both and our kids are big fans of nature and sports, this place seems ideal for us.
Mar 16, 2017 12:40 PM Read

My mother-in-law has been looking for a good property to invest in and I have suggested her to go for an apartment in Cypress. The Cypress project of House of Hiranandani has met my needs in terms of safety and amenities. There are amenities like clubhouse, supermarket, spa, salon, jogging track, a fully-equipped gymnasium, aerobics hall, etc. The Kempegowda International Airport is in close proximity of this place. This is a great convenience for my mother-in-law as she travels to Dubai frequently to meet her mother and siblings. I will be going to see this place tomorrow along with my mother-in-law to see how to go about investing in an apartment in Cypress.
Feb 21, 2017 02:37 PM Read

One really good thing about House of Hiranandani at Bannerghatta is that it is set within a tranquil lakeside sanctuary. The project offers beautiful views of the city. Another major benefit of staying in this area is that it is located near restaurants, shopping areas, and educational institutions. Having access to such things is a major benefit these days. Also, this place is just 12 kilometer away from Bengaluru's central business district. I have booked a 2 BHK apartment in House of Hiranandani at Bannerghatta and a thorough market research. I am glad that I made this decision.
Feb 18, 2017 04:46 PM Read

I recently shifted to Bangalore for my new job at an IT firm. Buying an affordable house for my family is a foremost concern for me. So I have been visiting many projects alongside the Bannerghatta Road. So far, I have liked Queensgate project the most as the architecture and finishing of Queensgate apartments are truly impressive. This project is developed by the House of Hiranandani group and offers 1, 2, 3 BHK constructions. I am planning to buy a 2 BHK apartment in this serene location. What I liked most about this project was the three level parking space. I believe ample parking space would ensure hassle-free parking of cars.
Jan 26, 2017 10:21 PM Read

I was planning to buy a property in Bangalore and came across Hiranandani’s massive and amazing structures. Bangalore is also known as the Electronic City because most of the IT companies have their base here. The city is well connected to other parts of the country through well-developed roadways, railways, metro and city buses. I love Hiranandani’s architecture and completely vouch for them. The properties at Hebbal, Devanahalli and Bannerghatta are the ones which I liked the most. The scenic beauty that encompasses the structures is what people fall in love with. Not to forget that, the amenities that come along with such great properties are all of high-class and superior quality.

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Hiranandani Kingston - Begur - Bangalore

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