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₹1.2 Cr - ₹2.3 Cr
Possession on: Jun 2022
Status: Under Construction
68% 2.91 38 Reviews Claim this business
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Project Details of Godrej Tranquil, Kandivali East, Mumbai

Location and Highlights

Hanuman Nagar, Kandivali, Mumbai 400101, MH

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Godrej Tranquil, Kandivali East, Mumbai

Nov 01, 2018 01:06 PM Read (via Android App)

I am inspecting that site for 3 month and I found that it is full of scan and wastage of money the money which is being spent on making it is going totally in the hand of builder there are not using all the money to make that residence in a proper way as it was expected by the honour and they are deceiving to them I wrote a letter to the owner that it is going to be a big scam and his suitcase is useful time for inspecting the side and the work which have been done for making it.

According to years effort it is clear that it will be one of bad residence ever made in India so is the owner will not inspect that site personally and will not take any strict step are the Builder then it is going to be a total loss of money and this may vary dangerous for the public because it will it is being made with lots of lots of an useful metal.

riddles in India's top building but because of having no effort and no inspection it is going to be made with less money and builder which is making the residence will give all the money in his pocket and me do a big scam in India I want to inform you all that you will be a great residence.

the owner is giving lots of money for making it residence to the Builder and dinner is keeping all the money in his pocket and using some money for making it and its structure and quality is being destroyed by the builders and the owner is not taking care of it he never gone for inspecting the site what is going on what work will be in then there's no matter for owner and the Builder is taking create fun of it and according to me it is not value for money and the money which is spend 28 it is a less and the money is given to the way that you can say that half of money is spent on the residence so now I want to get this message to the inside anfield.

I want to say that it is going to be very big is come and I want to erase all the details about this fact I know you are thinking that it will be one of best residence made in in India but it is all we into a dream it can't be that truth he was all the money in rain in the format of the Builder is not used in the money in the making of the residence I avail to all of you please get this message to the owner and ask him to get a direction to the Builder and try to make digital India history.
Oct 22, 2018 07:10 PM Read

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Aug 31, 2018 09:54 AM Read (via Android App)

My friend advised me to book this flat and our family aggres after visiting this property and that was a good choice because it gives us full satisfaction .all the basic facilities will be available their. And the behaviour of the owner is decent and friendly. Atmosphere of the building of our flat is worthy. Our flat will be fully furnished. I hope I get good results here.the old families staying in old buildings of godrej are happy and satisfied so we also took this decision and decided to book these flats.i hope my review is valuable for you. This is my genuine review for you. May be you also like this after visiting. Take full enquiries before booking


Godrej Tranquil - Kandivali East - Mumbai
Mar 01, 2018 12:28 PM Read

Horrible experience with the entire Godrej team in Bangalore, their management team like Sameer Adya, and the staff take the buyers to ride, they give a damn to the people who patiently beg behind them to get the unit registered . .They have taken 32 lakhs from me in Jan 18 its been 2 months, the entire Godrej team hitting us like a football, they have created so much mental agony to me and our family to get the unit registered .We have been begging behind them after paying such a huge money .Please do not even think to buy from these people .In the name of Godrej, they harass us .And they think, they can do any thing they want .
Dec 26, 2017 09:30 PM Read

Service Brief:

I have booked a flat in Godrej Summit in 2013 while you representive was in Dubai on 25-75% payment plan.

I made the payment f 25% and receive the demad letter in July 2017 for balance 75% payment.

Due to serious fall in the real estate I have requested for the below two options.

  1. Cancel my booking and forfit 20% earnest money and refund the balace amount.

  2. Give some discount on the Value so that its inline with market and I will take bank loan to make payment.

None of request was considered and I have been send reminder again and again for payment.

Now in December I have received the termination and suprisingly I was given the reason that I was offrred the rebate of Rs. 1000 PSQT(Total approx 17 lacs) and

I have not agree on it. While no such offer was made to me .

I have informed by mail Mrs. Chamanpreet Kaur on Dec 16 , 2017 that I have never received any rebate offer otherwise I would have cleared the balance payment.

She called me December 20th and said that Godrej will offer a discount of 17 Lacs and I should apply for bank loan approval.

On 21st December, I have contacted ICICI bank Dubai office for the same and applied for Home loan and paid processing fee.

Now for my surprise again today again I receive mail from her that rebate cannot be offered and we will go ahead with termination and forfeit 36 Lacs.

This bring me now no trust in Godrej Properties Customer Service and I need some Senior Management intervention to look in to the full details of the case.

I am ready to loose my 20% basic rate value which comes out to be 26 lacs as Earnest money as per my contract and balance 13 lacs should be refunded.

Their customer Services staff keep changing their statement and never listen to customers.
Mar 17, 2017 10:53 PM Read

I had fed up with Godej properties. They even cant provide all required documents for loan Assistance from Bank. But they very efficient in charging Interest on the payment delay. Never go for this builder.

Agreement send by them talks about there benefits and its one sided. Never trust on this builder, while selling the property they promise a lot. But once you booked, then they treat us like beggar.
Mar 17, 2017 06:09 PM Read (via Android App)

One of the global and very much popular properties of godrej around india. The best and ever relaxing and comfortable furniture it have is just fantastic. The model and design it pursue is always been a mark. One of the best engineer available for every project hit by godrej propertier. The way it construct and think is out of the world and designing, performance and lastly the complete satisfaction is done by godrej is remarkable. There are lot of other propertier sales and made but this is awesome.

Thank you
Dec 11, 2016 03:12 PM Read

Godrej ofcorse is the very big brand, which are into properties too, they have there properties almost allover India, In Mumbai they have like Godrej Platinum, Vikhroli, Godrej Serinity & Godrej Prime in Chembur, Godrej Sky in Byculla & Godrej Vihaa in Badlapur side etc.They are also comingup with new construction near mumbai  i.e. Godrej greens in undri projects.Price is low as compare to the market price in that area.but the work done by them is marvellos. Buying property by Godrej is completly recomendable.
Nov 29, 2016 09:21 PM Read

As the name suggests godrej we all know its know for its brand so it is fastly developing in property too.Godrej provides not only home but better living along with all amenities. quality of construction is excellent as compared to other brands in mumbai.You can get flat price as per market and project is completed as per schedule of planning and time.Means if u book flat than u can get possesion as said by authorized person also they give discounts on festive seasons so if ur looking for flat please try godrej properties.
Oct 26, 2016 01:31 PM Read

At present the godhrej infrastructure is the fastest growing infrastructure in India and the best option to choose for living and for business in real estate. it was awarded for it's quality construction and real estate services.its operations are expanded all over the India. the speed of development of this company was increasing day by day due to the rise in numbers of commercial buyers at present and in future.
Sep 17, 2016 09:55 PM Read

Godrej builder is a good and big firm. This is one of the financially strong builder in Mumbai.They keep their words which was given to the customer. Many projects in Mumbai are being developed by them.They have big team of skilled engineers as well as good technical team.The quality of the work is good. The rate of selling of flats is reasonable. They bring modern aspects in their construction.They build their houses with the need of environment issue.They are giving maximum carpet area to the customer as compare to other builder. They complete their project in time. They have their own RMC plant in Mumbai.In their company large scale of labours working there.Today it is better to select such a honest builder while we are interested in purchasing the flats in Mumbai so that we can avoid cheated by someone. Investing money in their project means getting the higher profit within short period. Having the experience of construction of tower in Vikhroli East completed in time bound period with good quality. So I would like to recommend this builder to everyone.
Sep 04, 2016 08:39 PM Read (via Android App)

I lot of heard about the godrej its a better way to exist the world they dont make only the the thing which we use in our day to day life the also deal with the propety, landloards, any many more big apartment they are the big investor in mumbai not only the mumbai but all over the india. Also I daily read about this company in newpaper magazins etc.??probably this comapany product are used in all over india so our india is developing.In this company many pepole are working to run this godrej company. Not about the properties but they also make cosmatic, and other thing.As im studing in the field of civil Engg.I heard about the company alot thank you so much??
Oct 20, 2015 06:27 PM Read

I am an investor of Godrej properties at mumbai. really they build home not building.House of Godrej  is a name that I got familiar with when I lived in Mumbai. I rented my first flat in their building in ghatkopar. I’ve recently had to shift to vikroli as I switched jobs and having gotten married recently decided to invest in property, becoming an owner .

The lush green trees also make for a stunning view in the evenings when I am watching a sunset with my wife. The company has delivered the property to me on time as well. I would easily recommend them to any prospective house owners. construction is superbb and building power is nice  100 percente gaurantee structure

Living in vikroli  was a dream because of the wide pavements, emphasis on helping residents maintain a healthy lifestyle and sheer design of the buildings. The amenities that this company offers are world class. If the electricity ever fails, the elevators are still running. Water supply has been taken care of, and I love the fact that they insist on sustainable development.
Sep 03, 2015 06:02 AM Read (via Android App)

Godrej properties are the good developers in the vikhroli there project is too great awesome fantastic the range of the flat for 1bhk is more than 1.5 crore the locality is all higher class locality every facility and amenities are given for the owner of the flat the security for entry and exist is very high security the whole buildings are under CCTV surveillance for 24 hours the railway station is too near from the Godrej properties the hospital is also very nery to godrej. The hospital is itself of Godrej name as Godrej Hospital.

The school is also next to godrej properties and the name of the school is itself Godrej high School. This is very good project of Godrej Its really a vood property developer.
May 04, 2015 08:43 PM Read (via Mobile)

Godrej properties is a another segment from Godrej who has many other products like Fmcg etc. Godrej is known for their loyalty and commitment since years. Godrej properties came into real estate as a player but has become the Giant in a very short span of time.

Godrej properties has a huge impact on the people as this groups provides an option to fulfil dream of a man who wants peace, harmony and nature around him because the infrastructure and amenities are provided by this group is far better than others also they consider about the nature.

Those who want a piece of mind can go to this builder and also the service is good at the time of Booking as well as after the booking also means after sales service.
Mar 16, 2015 12:12 AM Read

Worst people are employed as managers in Godrej properties, have absolutely no sense of customer satisfaction, will lie on you face, do not realise that people are looking to invest because of brand, and not because of these idiots.

Slowly and staedily these people are destroying the godrej brand. Showed interest in a project, and was taken for a ride, worse than expected. Please invest in godrej properties at your own risk, if you have to:). And Mr Godrej, if you are reading this, please do something otherwise your brand, which has taken decades to establish will dissapear into oblivion.

Regards, a former "Godrej" fan
Nov 13, 2014 11:22 AM Read (via Mobile)

You are likely to get into similar issues that you expect with small builders. Late possession, price rise, lack of transparency etc.

Do not expect a hassle free transaction with them. Will not get the peace of mind that you Hope for by going with a big conglomerate like Godrej.

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Godrej Tranquil - Kandivali East - Mumbai

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