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Project Details of GK Meadows, Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on GK Meadows, Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore

Mar 18, 2022 02:42 PM Read (via Mobile)

Bbmp A khata Good property , more open space , titles are clear amenities yet to complete its under going on recomend to purchase
Dec 10, 2021 12:31 PM Read (via Mobile)

Good location and good environment its well worth it, this is my first Appartment and am eager to move my flat soon!????
Aug 12, 2021 06:55 PM Read (via Mobile)

Things are falling to place now..

We will be shifting to our appartment soon.

Metro, good locality , solid structure are the key aspects of this project..

Peripheral ring road coming near by..


GK Golden City - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore
Aug 12, 2021 04:44 PM Read

I have a flat at GK Tropical Springs, Whitefield. The same has been bought by me in 2019. Project got delayed due to pandemic wherein labours left to their native and all. However post completion of Lockdown 2.0, things have started moving at far better pace. And now today Project is almost ready to get delivered, wherein several customers have already planned House Warming Ceremony next week. Builder has also started working on landscape and amenities simultaneously and planned to complete it soon by this month end. Looking at number of labours at site these this looks possible. We hope to move to our flat by this month alongwith 20 more owners.
Jun 02, 2021 11:24 PM Read (via Mobile)

Apart from the delay due to the pandemic and 2×lockdown, this project is one of the best project that I came across in Whitefield .I have visited couple of projects in whitefield where there no open space left, but in gk tropical spring there 70% open space left and the quality of construction is too good.we have to cooperate with the builder and get things done.
Apr 19, 2021 06:31 PM Read

I purchased flat with GK Shelter in GK Tropical Spring.

They delayed the project not in days, not in months but in years.

Initially they sold the flats saying the possession date is 2017, then they sold saying possession date is 2018, then 2019 and then 2020. Now they are selling flats saying possession date is 2021 July.

In case the builder deny any of my statement please ask them to show you the sale agreement copy signed by customer of the said year. The truth cannot be hidden for long.

They registered the property in RERA and then kept on extending the date in RERA by giving some XYZ reasons. They already took 3 extensions. Check on RERA website you will know the reality of this point too.

I guarantee they will not give possession even in 2021 July, check the number of labours working on the site to evaluate the same and in case you get any chance kindly get in touch with any of the labour contractor and ask them are the getting paid on time. You will be surprised to know that no one wants to work with GK Shelters as they never pay poor labours. Check the status of the lift, one lift installation is in progress and second lift is out of scope. Even the lift installation has halted due to lack of payment from GK Shelters side. If you ask this question there answer will be that the Schlender company labours are working in night time. What a funny answers. " Check the progress on lift installation after coming the next day ". it will remain same so here also there lie can be caught. Ask them from how long the lift installation is in progress. Its been more than 6 months now. To validate this talk to lift labours.

They are defaulters in karnataka bank by not paying EMI for long. To verify this check their status of loan by visiting karnataka bank.

In case after seeing all this you booked the flat then believe me Dilip and Gaitam will treat you like a slave and threaten you like you took their money.

I feel the person reading this review is wise enough to take your decision.

And the best part if you talk about any of the mentioned point Dilip and Gautam will say these reviews are fake and written by their competitors. Trust me no builders can compete with GK Shelters in fraud, they are the king of fraud.

Mr Dilip and Mr Gautam will destroy GK Shelters company for sure. Only geniune person left is MD of GK Shelters but since he is Dad of Mr Gautam, he is also blind in son's love.
Jan 03, 2021 03:12 PM Read (via Mobile)

Good community.the locality of the project is good. I would suggest you all to buy and won't regret for investing your money. Gk tropical spring..
Dec 20, 2020 12:29 PM Read (via Mobile)

These are the apartments where everyone can buy at a affordable price. The interior designs , the space everything is marvelous. One who is looking for their dream house this will be the good choice to buy over here.
Dec 20, 2020 12:02 PM Read (via Mobile)

The building Quality is excellent. Location of the building is exactly at perfect place. No so trouble in anyway, perfect in all possible way. GK tropical spring chansandra awesome place to stay at.
Dec 20, 2020 11:47 AM Read (via Mobile)

Except the delay in work due to pandemic.the builder as fulfilled all their flat is all set for registration.thanks to the whole team of gk tropical spring.
Dec 20, 2020 11:24 AM Read (via Mobile)

Best luxurious apartments at affordable prices. It’s having the best amenities and is in the best location.

Amazing interior work going on. Classy construction
Mar 16, 2020 05:18 PM Read

Its BBMP approved I have recently booked the flat here community and quality and construction ok, documents are clear
Jan 04, 2020 11:24 AM Read (via Mobile)

Please do visit there other projects before taking any decision, builders has run away before completing things and buyers are suffering.Even association formation is not done by builder, after first rany season compound wall failed down, poor construction quality and finishing, zero appreciation of property, many units still unsold.
Mar 17, 2018 01:14 PM Read (via Mobile)

I blocked one apartment in Gk tropical springs near Channa Sandra, Bangalore by paying RS 1 lakh in 2015. Later due to some personal reasons had to cancel the blocking.

Until now they haven't returned my money even after multiple follow-ups both by mail n call. Very frustrating.

In my opinion this builder cannot be trusted.
Jan 12, 2018 03:58 PM Read

To answer your question I would say that no association is formed yet. Builder has to complete the work before doing handover. Committee members are planning to file a legal and fraud case against the builder. He has not completed anything and just ran away. Already one person came to his office with police to recover his money, which this builder had taken in advance. this is the way to handle such folks. So all the new buyers please be aware that do not buy any apartment which GK Shelters owns.OC and all the handover documents will be mentioned before purchasing the flat but once your money is gone you are done for them and not required anymore.

There are some well wishers basically Khabri of this builder in our premises so be aware of them before taking up any decision to buy a flat in GK Golden city or any of his new Project.
Sep 02, 2017 07:19 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am baffled as to how to describe the grave situation. The poor construction of the building is surfacing everyday. The compound wall is broken once on 15th Aug it was not fixed yet and today rest of the wall also has collapsed. And the response is he doesn't pick the call and never visited the site and he is still maintaing the building. Such a pathetic attitude he showed when you call him.
Aug 16, 2017 03:54 PM Read

Before buying any flat from GK Shelter(GK tropical springs whitefield) .Humble request please visit once at GK Golden City to check Building quality, maintenance, amenities, management extra.


GK Golden City(Latest project of GK)

Haralur road, Near kudlu govt. school.


Try to visit any Sunday at 11 AM.(Weekly meeting time of residences)

Cheater is a very small world for GK Shelter Builder. Even can't rate a single star.
Jun 06, 2017 05:03 PM Read

I have been thinking of writing this for long now but kept on telling myself, have patience, things will get better. But then with these rogues around, I dnt think this is gonna happen anytime soon and thats when I decided to write this review and save others if possible.

So I bought a flat in GK golden city in the beginning of 2014. Back then their marketing guy, Mr Srinivas, met me as if he's my best friend. I was shown a model flat and I was told all the fittings will be exactly same as you see here, like Jaguar or equivalent bathroom fittings etc. The completion time promised that day was end of Nov 2014.

Within a few months time, the first shocker I got from GK shelters was about deadline. They said we never promised Nov end, we had said Dec end and a grace period of 3 months. 1 month seemed a small time so people agreed. But that was just the start of our plight. Next shocker came in terms of sliding windows. They started calling every customer asking if they want 3 track window or 2 track(2 track is without net). When we questioned them, they said, we never promised 3 track window, it was never there in model flat(the model flat was razed by that time). . I asked them to refund money for the window so that I can put it myself and they refused. We were made to pay for the third track(fro me it was about 12000).

The project is already delayed by more that 2 yrs(with grace period it should have completed by Mar 2015).

The bathroom fittings they used is Ess Ess(I dnt know since when Ess Ess became equivalent in quality to Jaguar). Aluminium windows are such cheap quality, they are not even fitted properly and it leaks during rains. The top floor flats leak from the top and sides. We were promised 3 lifts(2 passenger and 1 service lift). The lift used is very bad quality and has been getting stuck every now and then, ever since it was installed. The service lift is yet to be installed. They promised to have Fire fighting equipment which is yet to be installed. They promised STP and it is still not operational. They are yet to provide us all the amenities they promised(I doubt if it will ever happen). The earthing is not fitted properly and as a result we get current leak in electrical equipment.

The surprise was the kind of labour used. The guys who were hired for cleaning and doing the job of labours have been used for patch work, fixed electrical issues(they added more issues than fixing), painting etc.

The marketing person whom I mentioned abt in the start, had a spat with the builder and has been thrown out. They have not paid the labours, lift company, the guy who was supplying grills to cover ducts.

Initially when we were questioning the delay, they mentioned about unsold flats and fund issues. The only contact point for us was Mr Srinivas(the marketing guy). After he was thrown out, the builder stopped meeting us. When we formed a group and met the builder in his office, he was behaving like a hooligan. The father-son duo who manage this GK Shelters shouted at us as if we are beggars and not their customers.

Now this guy has taken funds from Bank of India to build the structure. Looks like they have not paid the bank dues and as a result BOI recovery agents had come to seal the unsold flats.

The builder does not have many flats left for selling but the land owner is still selling flats from his share. Save yourself from falling prey into this guys hands.

I am told that they had started two projects in Whitefield, one of them was stopped as they did not have enough funds to sustain. Now they have one ongoing project in Whitefield, GK Tropical Springs. I came to know very late what they have done in their earlier projects GK Lake View and GK meadows and thats how I fell into wrong hands. Save yourself. Don't believe any person claiming to have bought a flat with GK Shelters. They pay some cut to the people who recommend new buyers to them.

I would be very very happy if I am able to save any one person with this post. Cant put my name so please accept my anonymity.
May 01, 2017 02:40 PM Read (via Mobile)


I am writing this review as a customer of GK Meadows, were we had worest experience with builder, they will not respond our communication or phone calls, before registration only they will pickup our pH calls, after registration they will not pick call if we call 100 times also they will not pick, unfortunately if they pick they should us if we ask some thing to clear, if any one going to purchase flat from gk shelters I strongly suggest don't purchase from them the worest builder in Bangalore
Mar 02, 2017 08:13 PM Read

I am making the statement with my full consent. So called GK Shelter could not be called a builder, but certainly a scrap dealer. I have a flat in GK Golden City project which they claimed to handover by 2014. Now we are in 2017, the project is long away.

Here are the list of debacles we face every morning now:

  1. Builder claimed there are 4 bore-wells. But, tapes are dry every morning and day.

  2. Builder claimed 3 lifts in every block. Since 1 year only one of them is functional. The lift is of local brand which goes out of order every 30 minutes. Think what would be position of senior citizens, kids and pregnant women living in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 floors. Every days you would found somebody trapped in the lift. There is no intercom or saftey waning button in it. Service lift is far from dream.

  3. We did not have permanent electricity till Dec-16 and many of us burnt our appliances including washing machine, Kitchen chimneys, Microwave, refrigerators, televisions, fans etc which is countless.

  4. STP unit is not functional and builder is manually and illegally draining water to outside.

  5. Parking is not marked so far, and members competing for a shaded space.

  6. Bathroom fittings are sub-standard(SS brand) started breaking down in 3 months.

  7. MCCB / RCB is not installed in flats so far.

  8. Builder started charging the first 1 year maintenance without completion of amenities.

  9. Though they started maintenance there is no proper security person, electrician, plumber and garbage lifter in the society.

  10. Builder Gautham is either not ready meet society members or in case he meets gives false assurances and he is a shameless lair.

  11. There is no back up in the society although there are 80+ family staying in the society since last 1.5 years. And the shameless builder calls it a luxury property.

  12. Other amenities are far from possibility for now.

He just made a trick by allowing you to live in the society by taking money and registering in your name. So you do not have to pay rent outside. Please do not get TRAPPED by his marketing gimmicks, use your brain and refrain from getting cheated. If you need any more detail you are always welcome to visit GK Golden city property, meet any flat members and see the reality.

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GK Meadows - Electronic City Phase 1 - Bangalore

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