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₹73.06 L - ₹1.64 Cr
Possession on: May 2025
Status: Under Construction
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Project Details of Casagrand Majestica, Manapakkam, Chennai

Location and Highlights

4th Cross St, Lakshmi Nagar, Girigori Nagar, Manapakkam, Chennai 600125, TN

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Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Reviews on Casagrand Majestica, Manapakkam, Chennai

0 hrs 2 mins ago Read (via Mobile)

Best facilities are providing here this is very good i haven't seen this type of facilities anymore this is great
1 hr 12 mins ago Read (via Mobile)

That is very good flats and location is very good and prices is very goodfive star Packers and Movers were great! They were careful, efficient and professional. They took care of all my items like they were their own. I would use them again in the future.
14 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I am a resident here from 2020, till now(2023) they haven't fulfilled most of the promises that they have made...Pre sales advertising is top notch such that they would promise to do some stuff which they never really do ever , I mean this is a common thing for Casagrand franchise no matter where ever they build an apartment...apartment quality is soo poor such that you can't even hang a photo frame or clock on the wall of our house, you can find insane cracks and even if you hang them up they will fall down eventually.. this is just one of the thousand issues that I can tell about typical Casagrand apartments, you can just ask the residents of various casagrand apartments all over chennai. After sales customer care sucks, they just talk a lot and convince us that they will do everything for us, but in the end they just solve 1 issue and claim that they solved everything, they just keep dragging it for more than a year and they never really solve anything. Not worth to buy an apartment for almost 1 Cr, my previous individual house was better than this for almost half the first ask the residents who live in a casagrand franchise apartments then proceed with your choice...


Casagrand Irene - Manapakkam - Chennai
15 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Hi This is Ganesh Kumar, I am also facing the same problem with Casagrand builders. We booked a 3 BHk 1700sqft flat in their Majestica manapakkam project about one and half years back for Rs.4850 per square feet and now during launch time they changed it to Rs.5999 per square feet which is utter cheating by this builder and also they collected 2 lakhs in advance for booking.They are now giving some stupid reasons for increase in the rate. They have already delayed the project by about 2 years by giving a fake commitments to all customers. I was contacted by sales executive Siva and I used to be in touch with him continuously for the entire one half years and now he is saying he can’t do anything for the price change. I think many people have been affected by this builders scam mainly in this majestica project. We can create a forum by the affected customers and take this issue to the media level. Please contact me in this number 9940153361. so that we can move further against this builders scam.
17 days ago Read

I just wanted to share my experience with Casa Grand Prelaunch Booking. I booked a unit in Casa Grand Manapakakm new project(Majestica) with the rate of 4850 rs per square foot for 1700 SF on dated 01/04/2022. During the booking, I got the following commitment from them.

1. The Booking rate will never be changed for any reason.

2. There won't be any PLC charges for you.

3. The sales executive(Mr.Sabhari), He will be the one point of contact who made all the commitments.

4. I will get priority on unit identification.

5. Project will be launched in one month or maximum in 2 months.

6. They said, have completed full land acquisition already and waiting for approval.

The project launch had not happened in 2 months, when I called them the sale executive had gone from the company, and his manager(Mr. Jeyasekar) said the launch will happen soon, and I confirmed the same commitment with him also, he also agreed.

After six months also launch not happened, during that time the manager was also gone. I got a new manager(Mr. Loganathan) and AVP(Mr. Mathan), they also convinced me and they also agreed the same commitment again. I kept on calling them to ask about launch, launch. Finally, I got from them after 13 months on May 03, 2023, saying that the launch is going to happen and invited me for unit identification. But this time totally from a different team.

We went to the site to identify the unit with the happy moments, The new sale executive was showing the plan and model house. But he slowly started saying that the price got revised, you will need to pay 5950 per SF and not 4850 per SF to continue here. My heart is broken for sometime. They increased about 20 lakhs for my unit.

I started big argument with the project head(Mr. Mohana Krishanan) saying that, I waited more than a year to identify the unit by trusted Casa Grand and all their commitment, so and so. But the end of the day I came to know they all decided what needs to be done with pricing, and not at all bother about their believed customers, customer's dream house, customers trust and this is what their business' strategy as well. This is not only happen to me, more than 200 customers were held up in the scam.

We all know Casa Grand is a good brand, but behind the screen, they are running with good scam(called Business' Strategy). Their investment is customer's trust only.

1. Since we trusted them, we booked in their prelaunch booking by paying 1 lakh each and waited.

2. They secured their project and got 20,0100,000 Rs before launch too.

3. Now they thrown away those 200 customers by increasing the amount.

4. Their hope is that, they can get fresh customers with new rate after launch, they will get good profit.

5. But the same scam can happen to those fresh customers also after construction started.

6. Any situation they won't stick to their commitment.

7. They have various teams to manage those scam, that is what in my case also, the team got keep on changed. They have clear business' strategy(called scam).

My suggestion, please don't trust Casa Grand and don't go for it. Please don't go for any pre-launch booking with any builder, by that we will be locked and it will make us long waiting too.
20 days ago Read

Mr.Madhu was helpful in getting my issue(refund) resolved within the promised TAT and was quite willing to help me out.
Apr 07, 2023 02:07 PM Read (via Mobile)

Please do not go with the Model house and sales talks its all a sham…they just take ur booking amount against sold out flats assuring you of desired unit

Yet fail to communicate or keep in touch regarding updates and store our money in thier bank for thier advantage(interests etc)

I have been chasing them to return my token amount 1lac its almost a month now…i should have beleived the reviews put below by other people ….and not get bullied by the sales team.who dont pick ur calls to help you sort ur matter later.its all bloomy at the begining

Casa grand athens i trusted them because they are a big name

N did not hesitate to pay the token on day 1 itself

Im An NRI and i dont want any of the locals or NRI’s to invest in this fake firm

And google reveiws are the best to read before investing

Think twice be Wise
Mar 30, 2023 11:58 AM Read (via Mobile)

Very dangerous builder. Experts in telling lies. After registration of property in Casagrand Lorenza Project Bengaluru, he trespassed our property and demolished. Goondaaism. Does not respond, once the payment is received by him Treat the customers as beggers. Lodged a police complaint on the Builder. Waiting for response. Don't purchase and experience suffering later. Avoid Casagrand, your future will be grand.
Feb 23, 2023 10:30 AM Read

I booked a flat in Casagrand Zenith, Medavakkam for phase 2 in last March 2022. The casagrand team spoiled my dream by giving misleading information, fake TV offer, and finally did not want to refund the money. After one year of struggle with the refund team with hundreds of phone calls and hundreds of emails, they took 10% of the money and gave back the remaining amount. The team emotionally and verbally abused me through emails, zoom meetings, and phone calls. The booking document has very tiny writing that 10% money will be taken if you ask for a refund which no one will notice. The same thing happened to me. The mistake is on their side for giving incorrect information from the start. Even though they accepted the mistake they don't want to give a full refund. I advise future customers to think twice before you lose money with this project. It is a scam construction company with a political background.
Feb 15, 2023 09:51 PM Read

Hi Everyone,

Please read below before buying a flat in casagrand.

Consider you buy a 2BHK in Casagrand for 986 sq.ft. I am taking UDS as 50% for this which will come around 493 sq.ft(Dont know if they give you 50%, but let us take maximum). You have to be very vigilant pon UDS because UDS+ Construction cost excluding Depreciation will play a major role in resale. For instance let us consider you bought a flat in Casagrand and you want to sell it tomorrow itself. Please find the below valuation for your apartment.

1) Land Value: UDS sq.ft value at perumbakkam which will be

5000(builder would have had this land before 5 years so valuation would be even less) . This will come around 24, 65, 000

2)Construction cost per sq.ft. Let us consume all the luxurious promise that the builder make. The construction rate would not exceed 2K per sq.ft(they are constructing for past three years so average will be way below this, they could add to their margin). So it will be 986 2000 which will be 1972000.

3) Car parking: let us consider they give you a seperate car parking for 100 Sq.ft which will be Second is 100
5000(land value) which would be 500000

4) Registration and GST which will not exceed 3 Lakhs.( Maximum value)

5) Margin per flat by builder. If you add the values 1+2+3 i.e Land value+ Construction cost+ Car parking and add 20 percent margin, the cost will be 59.2 lakh+ registration will come around 62 lakh.

This is an hefty price you could pay for this property. eventhough casagrand will charge you 70 lakhs for this property, which would be 50 percent margin for a real estate. This is something no one should afford.

And the worst part is if you buy this flat today and resell it tomorrow for land value of 7000 you will get 60 lakh, you will not get registration and margin which is a loss. Please consider if land value increases at toad pace and years may pass and your apartment will get depreciated. This is a hefty loss. Please consider before buying flats.
Feb 09, 2023 03:07 PM Read

It is a very bad experience for most of the customers who bought.

We have paid 95% of money still we can't go and see our house without an appointment. The appointment will be provided only after multiple follow-ups.

They are not allowing even to take tape measurements for interiors.

They promised to hand over by June'22 now they say they could tentatively hand over only by April / May'23 that too it is tentative.

Casagrande never folllows RERA rules and regulation and not abiding to the promises they provide in their documents.

Dont believe the sales person words as they always lies and provide false committment.

I'm now advising my friends not to to buy casagrande projects for their worst customer service, false commitments, super delay in handover, violating RERA rules and irresponsible behaviour.
Feb 06, 2023 04:14 PM Read (via Mobile)

The icare management of casa grande was good. Mr.Manoj co ordinated and helped us with the finishing of our apartment. Thanks !
Jan 20, 2023 11:24 PM Read (via Mobile)

No point calling ur CRM agent or Mr Frank - CRM head or Mrs Sathisha. They are mere tools and act as what their boss says. Go and Meet Mr rajneesh Jain (CFO). If he doesn't give appointment (which he always does) drop a really harsh mail to (don't mind using any harsh words). If no reply, drop a further harsh mail to (MD)
Jan 18, 2023 08:08 PM Read (via Mobile)

Today every company works hard to improve customer experience and delight. Every company treats their customers well so they refer new prospects to them and their business grows organically. To my surprise, Casagrand is the only company I have seen so far who hardly cares about customer service. It is Zero. Their sales team works hard to convince and make you pay the advance money. Thereafter, it is a nightmare for you and your family. They will show you hell. Completely unprofessional CRM team who never replies to emails, never attends call, cuts your call replying "busy will call later", but we never get any call from them unless it's time for them to collect next installment of money from you. We will be left in a situation like left alone in sea without any life jackets. You need to swim to survive. In casagrand case, you need to wait patiently till they feel it's time to hand over. Casagrand Crescendo construction has been happening for ages and there are customers who are waiting for more than four years.

You and your family will loose your peace and won't have the happiness residing in the property even after investing heavy amount as the brand treats you very badly.

I wonder how such organisation sustains with such policies. Wish such brands get back what they deserve.

Never invest your hard earned money with them. Better go for individual house.
Jan 02, 2023 12:43 PM Read (via Mobile)

Never buy Casagrande properties, it is a very bad experience for most of the customers who bought.

We have paid 95% of money still we cant go and see our house without appointment. Appointment will be provided only after multiple follow ups.

They are not allowing even to take tape measurements for interiors.

They promised to handover by June '22 now they say they could tentatively handover only by April / May'23 that too it is tentavtive.

Casagrande never folllows RERA rules and regulation and not abiding to the promises they provide in their documents.

Dont believe the sales person words as they always lies and provide false committment.

I'm now advising my friends not to to buy casagrande projects for their worst customer service, false commitments, super delay in handover, violating RERA rules and irresponsible behaviour.
Dec 29, 2022 10:21 AM Read (via Mobile)

It's been 1 year still these people are not refunding my funds and when asked why will i not get my full refund they haveNo Answer at all . Their sales guy made blunder,

with regards to our swaping of flat

V late and poor response from their team. Just harrasment of customers to get their own hard earned money back
Dec 25, 2022 10:43 AM Read (via Mobile)

The attached tells it all as far as customer service is concerned. Poor business ethics handled by inexperienced staff lacking in maturity. Working in compartmental, customers are made to run pillar to post for getting refund. Persuaded to book several flats which was not intended and finally none. Finding to hard to get my refund from Casagrand for the flats booked at Tudor E 706, D 701. Lackadaisical response, leadership should check aspects related to business ethics. Will you respond!!
Dec 24, 2022 06:09 PM Read (via Mobile)

No.1 FRAUD in Casagrand organization. If any one try to buy Casagrand any build ..just come come enquiry about Casagrand by below address CASAGRAND SMART TOWN THALAMBUR here all buy tell..they will real stories about this BUILDER.






Dec 22, 2022 01:08 PM Read (via Mobile)

Never invest in casagrand... They have hired all losers and will never help u out.. sales will trap you and escape and for everything you have chase them.. biggest mistake is to buy a property here.. personal experience of being harrassed just to get my money back
Dec 21, 2022 11:15 PM Read

They are NO.1 cheaters. Don't trust them. There main aim is money.They call us for only money. They won't react for your douts.

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Casagrand Majestica - Manapakkam - Chennai

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