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Project Details of Brigade Omega, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

23/1, Banashankari 6th Stage 1st Block, Thurahalli Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, Subramanyapura, Bengaluru 560062, KA

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Brigade Omega, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Jul 25, 2014 01:04 PM Read

Had heard good things about this group. But they turned out to be just a bunch of cheap liars like many other builders.

Its been 7 months since they promised the delivery of my flat and that of others, and still they are nowhere near completion.They keep lying every time you talk to them, and they are such smooth talkers that there is not much you can do.

Very disappointed with this builder. Do not trust these guys.
Sep 27, 2013 05:28 PM Read

This is Narendra Gupta. I am basically from Madya pradesh .We moved to Bangalore when my father moved here through work. I have found Brigade Group to be a great real estate company. They are quick, and inexpensive as well as they were an absolute joy to have dealt with all. In Bangalore you simply cannot find a better company to have visited to buy a flat with them Brigade Group has really impressed with their way of working and staff looks after the customer.

The well-organized campus and site visits helped me to understand all the projects and the term and condition. I and my family member are very happy about our decision to choose a flat in Bangalore constructed by Brigade Group They have provided us a good community for living. We have recommended Brigade Group to many of friends
May 28, 2012 12:37 PM Read

Please don't buy any apartments in this place. The seller/greedy brokers will tell you that its close to Metro, Mall and 5 star hotel. But there is acute water shortage in this place, water is supplied only for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening on some days without notifying anyone, water is not supplied in the evening.

Even though the place boasts of having a store, vegetable shop and library...basic issue of water is bad in this place. Its sad that those who were staying in this apartment will also not reveal the truth, they would never say that there is water shortage but the fact is water is scarce in this place and the association does not do anything about this!

So if you are planning to invest here, think twice.


Brigade Omega - Kanakapura Road - Bangalore
May 03, 2012 12:59 AM Read

I have some experience at Brigade Gateway. The so called enclave has absolutely no privacy for the unfortunate occupants. The finishing of the living ’’match box’’ homes is much below standards. In no way can Brigade Gateway be called a premium luxury project which is being priced premium luxury rates. The man made lake will start breeding all kinds of mosquitoes very soon as the water is stagnant.

The hospital, Trade Center, Mall and 5 star hotel quality is much better than the homes. So just stay in the Balconies and look out at the astounding view for which the premium rates have been paid but do apply mosquito repellents before you venture out.  Happy'Encla'ving!
Mar 11, 2012 10:44 AM Read

I purchased a flat in Brigade Metropolis, which Brigade calls an enclave kind of development. Here are my observations about a so called big development from a big developer.

  1. the project completed way behind schedule

  2. customer service is atrocious. No one works with any accountability or responsiveness. You will NOT receive a response unless you have pursued a minimum of three times

  3. you will continue to receive hollow promises of action. until and unless the customers can unite, it is extremely difficult to generate reaction.

  4. the quality of plumbing and drainage is very bad. The common areas and common plumbings are prone to leakages. The plumbing shafts are designed in such a way that replacement of pipes cannot often be done without breaking masonry work

  5. the quality of walls and plastering are awful. You cannot hammer anything to the wall without creating a gaping hole in the wall.

  6. the joinery along the windows and doors are extremely bad. within two to three months they will develop cracks and the door and window frames will come loose

  7. the quality of wall finish is all wavy and you cannot afford to use a premium glossy paint; since they will aggravate the ugliness of the wall finish

  8. the clubhouse, associated with the property, is managed by Brigade Hospitality, who prefer one way communication and at every instance warn you of 18% to 24% interest. However they will not promise any quality of service nor will they be provide any justification behind the charges/terms slapped. E.g. my membership of the club mandatorily expires in 2050 and I do not know how many lakhs of rupees I, or my progeny, have to shell out to continue the membership. I need to pay annual fees and minimum usage charges in addition. The club on the other hand would unilaterally charge atrocious amounts for its services and food.

These are my observations during the period when interior works are being carried out, before I even have started inhabiting the place. I dread to think what will the construction turn into.

Net net, you should think very hard before you purchase for the purpose of your own occupation

Hope the above helps.
Mar 28, 2011 12:53 PM Read

Uncourteous staff with no sense of responsibility,

They have not been helpful at all, for all kind off services they promise and make you for weeks together.

Also the staff will not tell you the details of the moving in. I had taken 3 rounds of the gardenia office, still shalini of the desk did not give the proper details. and at the time, when our luggage truck was at the gate, they were creating a problem in moving us in. saying we do not allow move in at this time. however we had told them thrice about our move in time, .I amguessing the brigade gardenia association wanted some bribe to get our work completed. Absolute pathetic service.

People if looking for quality service, Should not be going for it. they do not have the same service as they use to earlier. its getting worst than the local builder.
Nov 27, 2010 03:00 PM Read

From outside, like landscaping, parks, Club are very good, as they are used to attract buyers. There are two very major issues which any buyer should be aware of. 1) Construction Quality - In majority of flats, things like seepage, poor fittings are there, once you buy Brigade flat, you will start seeing these major issues and you will feel that you have done a major mistake of your life. So, there is no point I'm paying premium price so get sub-standard flat quality.

Where as they will spent all your money in creating good good landscaping, park, construction of structure outside your house, so that they can showcase these to other buyers. Moreover, these Clubs are open for outsiders also. 2) Due to very poor designing, bedrooms are very small, so you will wonder whats the purpose of buying house with big area with small bedrooms, they. Pillars are not at proper place, which eat ups the area. Recommendation dont't buy Brigade by paying premium price.

Buy something else or with same buy a much better house with smaller builders.
Aug 20, 2009 07:41 PM Read

Previously I had written a review that was not favorable for BM. Times have changed, they have started concentrating the demands raised by the association.

Though i'd still say there are some issues that needs to be looked by them still prevails. Again, these issues I feel, wild is appearance and for all when the association takes charge completely.

Over the times, BM has grown and the reason why it is in this condition is ONLY because of the owners and investors who pushed BM management for their shabbiness of work. There are buildings that are still under construction, and most of the old folks from BM management have left Brigade. The new management seems to be little more efficientand they respond timely. for a long term investment or for living, BM has converted itself to be a promised land.
Jul 10, 2009 02:33 AM Read

I am writing this with deep regret following my experience with this company and their business practice. I always prided to do business with Indian company with reputation and felt that finally we have some companies with good customer service and keeping their word untill they provide the final product.

But unfortunately to my deep regret it was not the case with Brigade and my consceince of supporting company from Karnataka, India ( a local company which I prided) taught me a good lesson in the end. this again has reinforced my deep rooted beliefs about Indian traders being dishonest, dont believe their face, lies, painting the picture with nice words, very poor customer service after you have paid your money and list goes on.....

again like a wounded customer I along with my many others are just waiting with our fingers crossed to get the apartment and swallow this experience as if this never happened. (again following our Indian values and priniciples to be accommodative and flexible).

i dont know when business principles in India will improve and make difference to many of us. only option at the moment is to live with rogue traders like Brigade as we do in India.

Please be careful with marketing department, they are very nice with full of sugary and sweet talks unitll you pay your money. once you have made your payment that's it, , , , , end of story and new saga begins where they even dont want to talk to you, nor answer your queries. they dont even give you update, its like calling a government office. atleast in government offices you can go with some influence but here you are not listened untill you are ready to pay them for there next ventures like interiors, , etc., , etc., ,

hope people will get the message... its better to buy the property once its up and running and you have lots of money... not for people like us...
Jul 08, 2009 04:01 PM Read

I have been going through the reviews and am pretty much amused with the comments. There are reasons to be anguished but you cannot hold Brigade fully responsible for the same. There have been delays, but that should not be the only reason to be disappointed with them, unless few readers have bought their properties from them when the market was at its peak.

Just to put things in perspective, the integrity of Brigade as a group and that of its management should not be questioned. They are committed to delivering promises and hats off to them for pulling through in these turbulent times. If anybody knows other builders - example: Prestige, Adarsh etc.

To name a reputed few - speak to customers who have booked flats in their projects at Shantiniketan, Palm Meadows II Phase - things are so bad that work has stalled - no construction activity at site. Delays are understandable, but if the so called reputed builders do not even start work 3 - 4 years from date of booking you as Brigade's customers should be a relieved lot. Stop blaming Brigade and look at their positives to know the difference.Regards - A satisfied customer of Brigade.
Jul 08, 2009 02:28 PM Read

This is from one of the unhappy customers of Brigade Enterprises Limited(BEL) who has participation in their Brigade Gateway project. This is a crook management and they are well aware of how to cheat people ’’legally’’. They have drafted the agreements with some of the clauses such as - - Rs.4/sqft will be paid as penalty for more than 6 months of delay. - No penalty will be paid for ’’force majeure’’. - Penalty will only applicable if there are no modifications to the standard specifications given by Brigade.(Modifications include adding an extra electrical switch also)

Brigade group has an army of shrewd marketing people, who will go to any extent, to keep Brigade interests. Having, said this, the loyalist person in Brigade, is only so loyal as long as they are getting salary from the company. With this rate, BEL will soon realize that they have built a fort of small competitors around them, who together can ruin BEL. I hope the Brigade management takes time to read this and get its damn act together.

As a customer, I am worried about Gateway project, because -(1) It is delayed for more than 18 months officially. The handover date was March 2007. There are still no signs of handover. Worst Mktg and worst professionally managed company. No wonder the stock is trading around 70s, while its IPO was priced at 390. So you can only imagine the hype that this company creates. But public / people are not dumb, sooner they will realize and Brigade will disappear in matter of years.

(2) While we purchased the property from Brigade, we were led to believe that it is a company that will never delay a project and is a professionally managed company. But, after 4 yrs of dealing with them, it is easy to deal with local contractors, but with BEL, they are professional cheaters.

I wish the ISO people who have awarded the customer satisfaction certificate to them should read this or contact people who are real customers in BEL and then decide if they still want to give them certificates.

I am very very very dissatisfied with Brigade and suggest people, who want to do any kind of business with Brigade to think twice!
Jul 08, 2009 10:12 AM Read

Readers, Invest your hard earned money on something worthwhile instead of falling into Brigade group's trap (particularly GATEWAY project) .

I am repenting having invested here and have lost huge amounts because of their bad service. Pls. don’t get carried away by their beautiful brochures and colorful ads. For ground realities, talk to an existing customer and then decide.
Jul 08, 2009 03:17 AM Read

I was one of those who bought in to the Brigade Gateway project when everything was still on paper. This will by far be the best place to live/work/shop in If the project is completed like it was described on those glossy marketing material that Brigade.

Things started to sour when Brigade missed on it's time lines and trust me this is an understatement. We all know there are a lot of unknowns in a big project like this but the way Brigade handled these situations was/is totally unprofessional and full of lies. The least they could have done is to be forthright with it's customers but you have to ask what were they thinking; that they are selling realty worth 100's of lakhs to drooling, thumb-sucking kids!?

Think of a case of an acquaintance who commits to meeting you at a certain time/place and strolls in an hour or two late and blames all the people in the world except himself. This is the relationship that Brigade has cultivated with it's customers. There is a total disregard for commitments; in the past 2 years there have been at least 4 times when they have promised to handover at a certain time and have failed miserably. These people are living a lie.

My suggestion for would-be owners here is to wait it out until the end of the project and then see how things are because as of now no one including Brigade itself has any clue when the project will be complete or if you want to jump in now be prepared for a long haul. I know I have been in it for almost 4 years now!

As you can see that I have intentionally not named names. This post is not about bashing a individuals who are like lambs but the company and the unethical person running it from the top.
Jul 07, 2009 11:19 PM Read

We booked in Feb 08, and were promised delivery by Sep-08. This shifted to Dec-08, then Mar-09 and most recently Sep-09. Any guesses what the next letter will say? Monthly'progress' reports you get regularly talk in generalities that don't apply to your flat, but more importantly cannot be relied upon to be a truthful representation.

There is a google group(google search BGHOA if you need more details) formed to share and collectively represent our issues and approach the management with our concerns. While we have made some progress(example: a more real project progress report with real milestones that we can actually understand. And even these milestones have slipped by 3 months in the last 3 months!). The "Management'(and these are senior folks) we meet with stonewalls, lies freely and openly to your face, stalls and has no issues not living up to its words.

Multiple issues exist on the common areas, including basic issues like water provisioning, lack of open areas for children(the playground advertised in all brochures is suddenly for'school students only' - purely False Advertising in my assessment), no common areas in flats for residents, an underplanned "clubhouse".the list goes on.

Don't believe just me - talk to the 200+ members in the BGHOA Google group. Misery loves company, you see! If this is what one has to'upgrade' to, I shudder to think what the'economy' class Real Estate company would have been!
Jul 07, 2009 06:59 PM Read

The jist of my review is - Dont ever go anywhere near Brigade or any of its projects if you want peace of mind. Let me explain. It all started in 2004 and I am still suffering. Yeah 2004 and its not a typo. They took the first installment for a would be apartment complex and township. The claimed completion date those days was somewhere around 2006.

And now it is 2009 July, and am still not sure about when I can actually occupy my apartment. And even if I do, am not sure of drinking water supply, gas connection, dust free living. They have used every trick possible to cheat, lie and knowingly mislead people about deadlines. Not only that, they impose interest on late payments even if it is a delay of couple of weeks.

And they refuse to acknowledge their delay and compensate for a good 6 months citing unavailability of labor, cement and natural calamity(torrential rains). Their agreement clauses are so goddamn one-sided that you are actually helpless with a delay of 2 years. After all this pain, I have finally decided to take them to consumer court. Will update this review on the outcome. Please stay away from their projects. Dont ever recommend them to any one you know. Please spread the word about this.
Jun 26, 2009 04:51 PM Read

Wow! At first you would be impressed with the grand entrance, lush green landscape garden (under construction), fountains, and the friendly Brigade team (all women team- Ms Indrani, Ms Manisha Deb, Ms Bindu, etc) at Brigade Metropolis. Welcome! UPGRADE TO BRIGADE. As you enter the apartment you would not fail to notice the rooms have a beautiful view of the lush greens.

What you will fail to notice is that rooms are a direct import from Tokyo – you can hardly fit in a queen size bed in these. As you enter the bathroom, you would thank god that you are not taller than 6 feet else you would have hit the ceiling of these compact bathrooms. You would also thank your stars that you are not fat like American; else you might not have fitted into one.

The wash basin is the highlight of two bedroom apartment. It is beautifully made in black granite and white ceramic and reminds you of your village home/ farm house. It location is so critical that you can see your loved one brushing from kitchen, dining room and both the rooms. So Brigade truly believes in ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. So now everyone in your family will know the secret of your dental hygiene. The next thing you should ignore to look are the floors, else they remind you of your office canteen. Yes, they are made from the same non-vitrified, non-branded tiles.

And finishing is as good as the office canteen floor. So is there anything good about Metropolis? The Kitchen…. It is huge compare to the size of apartment, specially the three bedroom apartments. You begun to wonder if Brigade has planned the house in such a way that women should stay in kitchen and men in bedroom. But if big kitchen means good food; I promise you would get the best of food at Brigade Metropolis. Only if my spouse knew how to cook! What else is bigger in Brigade Metropolis? Yes the price you pay for the house. It’s huge! Beside the normal price there are so many additional things you pay. Name anything, it is additional and you pay extra. So if they say the house is of Rs. 60 lacs/- you must atleast have Rs 75 lacs as this will be the price you pay. So what is not big?

The house! The carpet area is approximate 70%. Now you know where your 30% of the house went. Yes, landscape garden, club, office and shops, etc. Who needs a big house when you have all these? Right! So when marketing team tells you that only few are left and you should grab them immediately! You should appreciate the fact that Brigade Metropolis is in making for last 5 years (booking started in year 2004) and it is another 2 years away from completion. So I am sure they would have sold upto 70% of the project by now. Last but not the least, is the marketing team. They have super human ability to disappear. Once they have done a favor of selling you the house. They disappear. Busy…..Busy…. trying to sell one apartment at a time. And there are as many as 1600 of them. So these wonder women become so exclusive that you would do anything to meet them, so as to ask them the only question you would have in your mind. Mera befook kyu banaya ?
Jun 25, 2009 04:25 PM Read

Brigade is very good in marketing. But their projects are delayed to a great extent. If you have lot of money and willing to wait for 2-3 years for construction. Go for it. Otherwise, they are pain. The management keeps changing their promises each time and will not reveal their plans to the customers. Customers are taken for a ride and my experience with them has taught me that one should not just go by brand name.Please think twice before investing with these people. They talk to you very well before you decide and will never talk to you later.They give false reports on status of construction, collect lot of money before hand and finally the customer has to end up paying huge EMI's without posession of flat. I talk of Brigade Gateway properties at Malleswaram, Bangalore

The amount of money they charge is staggering for a small match box like apartment. They will ask all money promptly but delivery of flat is not guaranteed. They pay a paltry penalty amount of 4 rs / sqft to customers. And they claim ISO certifications!
Mar 04, 2008 01:23 PM Read

This is my experience with Brigade group and their Brigade Metropolis project Bangalore. Brigade Metropolis apartments are not worth the money they charge. They dont even give Vitrified tiles! And they charge 1.5 - 2laks for their club membership which is mandatory! Buying a flat for 50 lac+ and you dont even get a free access to your club house inside your compound! Compare with other similar projects and you will find the difference.

Also I had to cancel a flat which I just'blocked'(not booked) for which they charged me the cancellation charges including the VAT paid to government(came up to 70 K). When asked about that they said they put the flat on hold for 25 days. They admitted that my flat has been sold for Rs.100 /sq.ft more after I had canceled it. They did not even care for my written request. And that marketing team sucks! They put you under tremendous pressure to buy the flat or else say the desired flat will not be available.blah.blah! And the way they increase their prices every month is faster than the speed of an express train! Metropolis surroundings area is all slum! Please compare the project with other projects before you buy from Brigade! One more money looter in Bangalore!

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Brigade Omega - Kanakapura Road - Bangalore

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