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₹28.16 L - ₹83.77 L
Possession on: Jan 2016
Status: Ready to Move
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Project Details of Ahad Euphoria, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Ahad Euphoria, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

May 04, 2013 01:01 PM Read

Possibly the worst possible quality of material is used..Cracks in almost all the look and corner of house....I got confused seeing the good ratings and purchased the flat..however people who gave good rating either have rented their house or recently purchased ...

People who are staying in apartment for 1 or 2 years are watching the music...Outside of apartment as well you can make out there are cracks and drainage pipes quality...Flush doors in house are broken or damaged in a year which are not capable enough to stop water in raining season....Honest suggestion don't buy from Ahad builder..
Apr 02, 2013 10:55 AM Read

I am resident of Silver County. It is very true Mr. Rahul that there was O.S No.946/2012. But we must appreciate the Builder on the very same day of somebody writing the number on the compound Wall.

He held meeting with us and assured that there is no legal deficiency in the documents and this project not only Scrutinized by bank Advocates.

But many Individual have got scrutinized the document through their own advocates.

In less than 30 days Builder has solved the problem & compromise has taken place through court.
Feb 18, 2013 02:23 PM Read

I am one of those buyers from Silver County who are not at all satisfied with what we've got.

It's not been even a complete year and we are already seeing large numbers of cracks in the building. And one can easily tell that its all because of the low quality materials they've used and also  of the ultra fast paced construction method they use which does not give sufficient time for foundation to stabilize.

Other salient problems : -

-Low quality products used - fittings, switches, solar geyser

-Bad project layout - No proper drive way to parking even for mid sized cars, No clarity on the exit ( if its on BBMP's or Private land)

-Bad water seepage

-When it rains heavily, basement parking floods with water

  • Outsourced security is of no use

  • No street lights on both sides of the apartment : approx 400 meters

I will once again recommend not to buy Ahad apartments. For the same price, you can get some other better apartments. Please do not compromise on the quality, there are other builders who will give you better products for this price.




Ahad Euphoria - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore
Nov 05, 2012 12:42 PM Read

I am one of the sufferer by buying the property from Ahad Builders, as they promise lot and their work quality is the worst I have ever seen.

I will not even give 1 as rating and if mouthshut allows me to give the score in negative rating, I will give the maximum in that category.

You please inspect to the Silver projects before you decide to buy. You can talk to the owners who really live there and facing the music to get the exact clear picture and the worth.

Right from their Parking lots, Stairs, Corridors, Main Doors, Ceilings, grills, lofts, rooms - everywhere the confusions will be there and the quality is the worst in all places. I need not mention about the sponsor items like, geysers, electrical fittings, wardrobes...
Jul 17, 2012 08:01 PM Read

Event though they finish the work on time, I will not recommend any one to buy any property from them due to the poor quality of work.

Silver projects are the best examples.
Jul 07, 2012 05:52 PM Read

Being at America I purchased an Apartment in Silver County without seeing the Builder & Apartment. I booked my Apartment last July 2011 & the builder helped me availing loan from State Bank of India today the Apartment is complete & I am enjoying rent.

During the Construction the Instalments for very frequent less than 60 days to make myself more comfortable. I had requested by my Brother in Law who is a Civil Engineer to update me on progress & quality of construction.

On three occasion my brother in law visited site at different stages of work & he updated me with most satisfaction.

I am very happy & longing to meet Mr. Mohammed Zaheer & wish him all the success.
Jul 06, 2012 03:43 PM Read

My friends coaxed me to buy from ahad builders and at end of the day i am one of the happy buyer reason is transparency possession of flat before schedule time and there is no hidden chargers.

I really appreciate the interaction of ahad builders team towards customers.after occupation if we face any small problems it will be rectified immediately.

Those who are interested to buy my suggestion is they can go ahead with ahad builders

Good luck ahad builders pvt ltd
Jul 05, 2012 11:27 AM Read

I have bought a flat in silver county and silver crown. I bought both in the inaugural offer time, I got a good deal for my money.

In that area no builder was offering me that price and complimentary wood work. So far, I haven't had any problems with plumbing and lighting.

I was so pleased with the value for my penny that I suggested them to my colleagues and also got a cash price for doing so ! and I am also glad that you can meet the MD and directors with ease and keep track of progress.
Jul 04, 2012 04:52 PM Read

We are group of people who have purchased in Silver County. we are having very smooth transaction with builder regarding service tax. we had our own doubts after March the collection pattern was changed for which we approached the Builders and these are his explanation which not only satisfied us but we also confirmed the calculations with our known people working in service tax department & Commercial Tax department.


> Service tax collected at the rate of Rs 2.60% for payment made by us till March 2012.

> Service tax collected at the rate of 4.06% for payment made by us after 1st April till date.

> The Builder also advised us to buy registration d.d's from self funding otherwise there will be service tax on this amount also as per the govt rule is service tax will be calculated. On all the gross receipt made by the builder and he further clarified that the pattern of calculation as follows:

Total Amount Received .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Less; Land Cost ..xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Less: 65% Abatement xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Charges .............................

Balance amount


Balance amount on which 12.33% or 4.06% is calculated service tax payable to builder. The same is remitted to govt for which showed us the monthly Challans. Which absolutely satisfied us. we are happy to purchase from AHAD BUILDERS PVT LTD
Jul 04, 2012 06:54 AM Read

I pity that some of you have had  a bad experience with ahad builders , but mine was very worthwhile. I have an apartment in almost all of their projects on Harlur road and am very happy to possess them .I do agree that they have some after construction problem , but not as much as some of you have exaggerated .

I mean having post construction problems , can be expected from any builder .

Like for an instance, my apartment walls had cracks on them , but they rectified it . But  on the other hand I don't like the woodwork that they give complimentary  !
Jun 23, 2012 10:52 AM Read

They built various properties in bangalore but they used very poor quality material and there are so many problems in there so called "Successful Projects" one of them is Silver S helter - HSR layout Bangalore.

Poor quality materials used by builder is creating so many problems for thehouse owners.

  • Breakage of Tiles

  • Cracks in ceiling

  • Water leakage ...and many more...

Never Buy Property From Ahad Builders.
Jun 05, 2012 05:59 AM Read

Advice not to buy. Horrible and disgusting quality. Seems like all worst possible quality of materials get used. Seems not yet delivered Khata for the previous projects completed 5 years back. All previous projects in Harlur road are in worst possible state, its just that the buildings are somehow standing.

There are cracks on every walls inside and outside. Bathroom water leakage almost in every flat. Major mistake in electrical connection with all cheap material.
May 06, 2012 05:59 AM Read

Construction looks good.

But the problem is suddenly how they have increased  their charges for existing customers also.

  1. After the budget they have  increased the Vat and service tax. It's not that they should not increase, but  then now they are charging Vat and service tax on registration amount also. It  does not end here, they are charging servie tax on Vat also(what the crap X-(  ).

  2. Earlier they were charging 2.6% servie tax, after budget now they are  charging 4.06% which actually should be 3.09%(Govt has increased service tax by  2% only)

  3. Today they are charging both the taxes on Car parking and  maintenance deposit, which was not the case earlier. Ideally both these taxes  should be charged only on theConstruction cost.

  4. They are charging new Vat  and service tax on the complete amount irrespective of the amount paid in last  financial year.

  5. They have not updated these changes on their website also  to trap the new customers also.

Please be beware before booking a flat. All  these things have happened even you have signed an agreement way before.

I  request respective Govt bodies to take a strict action against these unfair cost  practices and save customers.

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Ahad Euphoria - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore

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