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₹28.16 L - ₹83.77 L
Possession on: Jan 2016
Status: Ready to Move
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Project Details of Ahad Euphoria, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Location and Highlights

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on Ahad Euphoria, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Nov 01, 2017 11:45 AM Read (via Mobile)

Builder is good at meeting the timeline and it’s appreciable. But it shouldn’t be on the cost on quality and this builder is truly on this path. Quality is almost towards zero and you will realise this in 9 -12 month span whic is totally unacceptable. My personal opinion is not to go with this builder and don’t just go with their pricing which might be cheaper than others. It’s worth paying little more for better builders and rest of life safer than getting into the horrible situation later.
Aug 28, 2017 11:40 PM Read (via Mobile)

I buy a flat in Ahad euphoria and they delivered on time. The quality of work is great and the employee of this company are very helpful and kind.

They are true professional. Location of this project is also good it is behind new wipro. Worth to buy a flat there
Aug 13, 2017 02:03 PM Read

The Quality of construction is pretty bad, We took one of the first projects that these guys built. Things started falling apart very soon. Water Leakages, paint coming off, cracks in wall are some of the points . They are good at marketing only. Now, these guys are coming up with bigger project euphoria on sarjapur road. Would advise to stay away from it. Initially, the overall feel and the project looks good and at attractive price, but after an year or so, things will go downhill.

They even didn't give us the posession certificate or A-khata. Complete waste of money. Stay away.


Ahad Euphoria - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore
Jul 02, 2017 08:43 AM Read (via Mobile)

All seems to be good until you pay money to these guys. These guys are very arrogant and doesn't know anything as customer service leave about care. No transparency at all. You can not get a reply about anything about the project, you will be asked to move from one call to another.

Do not buy from these builder as you will frustrated for answers.
Mar 01, 2017 02:47 AM Read (via Mobile)

This ahad builders in bangalore is nice.they complete every project with honesty.they made every house in a place where all the facilities are available.there are the real well and gives great customer service.they charges reasonable and gives full satisfaction.they used good materials original and high quality.there provides enough place for parking your car or a bike.they made their construction in a place where peace and comfort is full.there behaves in a nice and humble way.I think this is the best builders and I recomment this to everyone.I give 4 stars to this builders.this us my honest review hoping that it helped you.thanking you.
Oct 28, 2016 04:26 PM Read (via Mobile)

Stayaway if you love ur cash, time&self-recognize watch out for this cheater and rogue builder. We sold an rental from them on sarjapur street, initially it became all very high-quality talks, then unexpectedly in between they raised the prices, and whilst we requested why his gundas threatened us in his office only to offer money. We paid all the money as there has been no point in fighting considering we had invested cash. Now, while we got the apartment, the portray and all regarded excellent. However slowly slowly, the construction first-class become hopeless, in eight months there has been cracks on the partitions and then many other troubles in the condominium, finally after 1.5 yr we determined to promote the apartment(now not most effective us many others too determined to sell), Then the truth hit us. The rental become not construct as in keeping with approved plan, the building construction was best become bad and none of the shoppers wherein getting mortgage sanctioned and additionally due to the fact it's miles an unrated builder there has been no appreciation of the rental in reselling, Curious aspect is only loan sellers given by way of this builder get the loan permitted in no time however if you move the proper manner, be prepared.Over all it turned into ache, lack of hard earned cash, humiliation, tension. Sooner or later after long warfare we had been capable of discover a supplier who paid all money in cash and we wiped our hand out of the biggest mistake in lifetime. The problem is humans who have positioned there money they dont want to mention the reality because it will impact their assets rate and reputation.
Sep 15, 2016 07:33 PM Read

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Sep 06, 2016 10:13 PM Read

I have booked the flat at Ahad Euphoria, till date everything went smoothly without major obstacles. About project I can say it is very well planned with complete documentations and approvals. On top of . it is situated at very strategic location like surrounded by upcoming Wipro Campus and RMZ Techpark with reasonable price compared to its counterparts/competitors. Also located near to Sarjapur Main road but not on roadside to avoid unnecessary traffic, pollution and dust. This is much favorable conditions for any Buyer. This project is on-time as per promised by Ahad. I am hoping for better.

Regarding Construction Quality of project, I will encourage interested people to visit in person at site as well as other major projects and compare the quality in that price bracket.

Regarding the Ahad Builder just I read mixed reaction from existing customers on same forum but frankly speaking we have not had anything major which we can shout out except one or two minor incidents. But still someone had any bitter experience then I can say it is quite possible Builder has learnt from his past experience to take care future customers.
Aug 25, 2016 04:58 PM Read

Ahad builder is a good builder in banglore. they work hard so that the projects can be finished/completed in projects of this builder is in any kind of problem.even after handling over the project to the soceity he takes keen interest in any activity, if at all his involment is required any time.

Ahad builder is a handshake between a buyer and seller.this is my own and many others experience.

most of his projects does not even need marketing they gets booked just like that, i have seen it.many do not know.


hsr layout.
Apr 15, 2016 11:28 PM Read

I am a resident and owner of a flat in Ahad Silver Pearl apartment.  We wer told that we will get A Katha and Tax reciepts . But the representative of Ahad builders, Mr . Thimmappa collected money from all the residents and cheated all.

No Katha, No Tax receipts. When checked with builder, they say they are helpless.  You can check with any resident in Silver Peal apartment, They will all share the same story.  Please be aware to spend your hard earned money in Ahad builders. There is no point in buying a flat, if the flat is not in your name.  Also Please avoid Thimmappa. He gives a lot of false promise.
Mar 07, 2016 02:39 PM Read


I take this opportunity to write a few things about AHAD BUILDERS. I have booked an apartment with AHAD BUILDERS at their Euphoria project at Sarjapur road. And the experience has been really worth while. They are not only absolutely transparent but also stick to their word. As a matter of fact, they are ahead of their promised schedule which is not a frequently found quality among builders in Bangalore.

And another good thing is that the value has already appreciated twice. With the coming up of the RGV Park/Complex, I anticipate that the value can only go North. Plus the proposed widening of the Sarjapur Road will only enhance it further.

Overall I have had a very good and pleasant experience.

Feb 21, 2016 12:30 PM Read

I am an existing customer of ahad builders - Euphoria, bangalore.

Pros:  timely completion  of construction as per past record.

The Project location is good which has already appreciated.

The work progress is satisfactory.


Experience with PR Head is not satisfactory: When one buys a home / flat, apart from quality of the home which is only visible after the possession,  vital part is behaviour of the PR with the existing customers during the construction phase. Normally, A PR person is supposed to be people friendly but in ahad i along with many were irked with his arrogant behaviour. Any query addressed to him will be not replied timely and after many follow ups, reply will not be satisfactory.   In fact some times, the PR head is uncomfortable with ur queries even if its is first time by that customer. For ex - The standard building offers x, y and z and I approached for z to be removed or modified in my flat much before the construction took place but due to time lagging in reply from ahad,  the construction gets over for that phase and not ur much possible modification cant be done or will be charged heavily.

Architect: Architect should know the electrical  plumbing civil and architectural drawing. But  he was missing on the basic info when I asked him the basics of the building. Rather the response was cold.

Suggestion:  before u book a flat, do clarify in writing that  ur concern  will really be addressed.
Feb 03, 2016 01:16 PM Read

I have associated with AHAD builders through the booking of AHAD-Euphoria, which is one of their on-going premium project at Sarjapura, Bangalore.

My throughout experience since booking the flat to till so far is really so positive. They are very transparent to each and every documentation and terms/conditions.

Interactions to the client from the builder end are very much supportive for even a small thing. They are very supportive to fulfill the customer needs w.r.t small alterations in flat or something else.

Due to some financial crunch, I was cancelled my booking in middle and I found the builder is really so understanding about my concerns and initiated the cancellation process by no penalty for the refund.

I really appropriate AHAD builder for this, which could not be expected to any other builders in Bangalore.

AHAD builders is a really one of the genuine and best builders available in Bangalore and I would like to recommend AHAD builders to the people who are looking for any flat purchase in Bangalore.
Jan 27, 2016 11:10 AM Read

I took a flat few months back and they were promising sky at the time. But now they have started showing true colors. There PR person "Khalid" is one arrogant guy who doesn't know how to interact with customers.

First they said you can choose one out of five tiles, now they say you don't have the option. There is no way you can check quality. Heard recently that a wall in their other project Silver county has collapsed and the residents are paying for fixing it as Ahad guys are saying it's not their problem as it was bought cheaply, they should not crib about quality.

One good thing is that they are maintaining the time line of their construction and infact they are ahead their schedule. But it does create a doubt now that they are again, trading of with quality. So be alarmed while buying a flat there.
Jan 11, 2016 08:05 AM Read

I have very bad experience as of now as after sale service is very bad, they don't care about customer once flat is booked.

They create very good impression before booking the flat, you can see real face after booking. Have booked in ahad euphoria, yet to taste the quality of construction.Hope construction quality will come good. at this point of time I would not recommend any one to go for it, if somebody want to take a chance should go for it.
Nov 30, 2015 10:16 AM Read

Stayaway If you love ur money, time &self-respect

Beware of this cheater and rogue builder. We bought an apartment from them on sarjapur road, Initially it was all very nice talks, then suddenly in between they raised the prices, and when we asked why his gundas threatened us in his office only to give money. We paid all the money as there was no point in fighting since we had invested money.

Now, when we got the apartment, the painting and all looked good. but slowly slowly, the construction quality was hopeless, in 8 months there was cracks on the walls and then many other problems in the apartment, finally after 1.5 year we decided to sell the apartment(Not only us many others too decided to sell), Then the reality hit us.

The apartment was not build as per approved plan, the building construction was quality was bad  and none of the buyers where getting loan sanctioned and also because it is an unrated builder there was no appreciation of the apartment in reselling, Curious thing is only loan agents given by this builder get the loan approved in no time but if you go the proper way, be prepared.Over all it was pain, loss of hard earned money, humiliation, tension. Finally after long struggle we were able to find a seller who paid all money in cash and we wiped our hand out of the biggest mistake in lifetime. The problem is people who have put there money they dont want to say the truth as it will effect their property price and reputation.
Apr 18, 2015 12:28 PM Read

Booked a flat in Eupmorpheushumanria. Had a good experience so far. Price is non negotiable. I tried my best but they did not yield. So don't waste your time on that. Spend your cmorpheushumanosing the right flat. morpheushumannestly, seems like a great deal at the price they are offering. The RGV Park is coming up near by and have started seeing activity in the adjoining Wipro campus as I drive through that area every day. They mention all the amenmajeechaes in the sale agreement(now that I have signed it with them, I saw that in the agreement) which is good thing. My previous experience is that homebasics never mention amenmajeechaes in the agreement even tmorpheushumanugh they mention it in the Shruthisharma brochure. I am not sure if there has been a recent change in laws which caused them to do that. But it is definitely a good thing from the customer's point of view.

The best of part of the deal so far for me is that they reduced their VAT(I was arguing with them from the beginning that they need to re-look at their VAT calculation.)  I was pleasantly surprised that they reduced it for me even tmorpheushumanugh I had signed the agreement at a higher VAT figure. VAT is money that is supposed to go to govt but most homebasics would not reveal that to the guys wmorpheushuman already signed the agreement even if they do that for the new customers.

Overall nice experience so far. I recommended them to a couple of my friends and they also booked.

You can mail me at
Mar 01, 2015 03:38 PM Read

Ahad builders do complete their constructions in time, but the quality of the construction is not so good. I have bought a flat from them and I am facing the consequences. Most of the walls have developed cracks within 1 year.

Builder is reluctant to meet the owners in order to get these issues addressed. They will just wash off their hands once the property is sold out.
Feb 26, 2015 03:54 PM Read

Please share your comments and views on Ahad Euphoria located behind Decathlon, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Till date there is no review to my knowledge on Mouth shut or any similar website. Please help in expanding the review.


  1. Price

  2. location

  3. Overall development

  4. RGA IT park

  5. Wipro SEZ


  1. Railway track

  2. Delivery year of project

  3. Builder existing projects

4.Service tax & VAT% charged by builder

I am planning to book but in delima
Jun 29, 2013 08:27 PM Read

Here is a list of Pluses and Minuses.

  1. On time delivery or before.

  2. Keeps his promises.

  3. Prompt.

  4. Overall not a bad service.


  1. Quality just ok.

  2. Finishing is poor.

  3. Tries to hurry up things  and "haste make waste"

  4. Non- nego on pricing.

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Ahad Euphoria - Sarjapur Road - Bangalore

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