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Project Details of AWHO Sandeep Vihar, Kannamangala, Bangalore

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Last Updated on Mar 12, 2021

Reviews on AWHO Sandeep Vihar, Kannamangala, Bangalore

13 hrs 1 min ago Read (via Mobile)

Never ever take apartment H26, 703 on rent. The owner is a complete fraud and will not return a single penny from your deposit money. Theif is the right word to use. His name is P Prasad Rao. Guys beware of frauds running such scams. Do not just go by the name. Please ask the agent the flat number and floor before proceeding.
Dec 10, 2021 02:41 PM Read

Lived here somehow for 3 years, one day someone tried to break in while I was away. Made complain to the society. Now society is making me responsible for theft in my flat and making me to leave. Logic makes no sense to these oldies .

run away . Don't think of living in this jail ever
Jun 21, 2021 07:42 AM Read (via Mobile)

There are pros and cons to living here. Let's start with the negative (just one) so we can end on a positive note :)


  1. Too many rules - Every society has them, but here it's almost mafia like for example UrbanClap is banned from providing services, apparently there was some incident with one flat of some dispute and now noone can get services from that company.

Another example is when I moved in only "internal people" were allowed to help me carry my furniture upto the flat to avoid spread of Covid19. The movers and packers would charge the full amount but internal people only keep the furniture in the flat, I had to do the unpacking myself. Later on I found out that these "internal people" were actually living outside the society. So that seemed to defeat the purpose and I had to shell out additional money.

There is very little you can do to reason out or use logic and some people can get things done with special permission so that's really unfair and unfortunate if you don't know someone in the management committee or are not a high ranking defence officer

Also if you are buying a flat here it requires permission from SV Delhi so it's a month long process at least, same when selling, the new buyer has to take a permission that process would affect an already difficult transaction of buying or selling real estate


  1. Shopping complex - there is an internal shopping complex so most of your needs can be met, there are some good shops close by too so no issues there

  2. Location - Close to main road so get public transport is not that hard

  3. Great view - From most of the houses you get a good view, except maybe Block H, which also has a serious stench issue (don't know why a septic tank cannot be repaired for 1 year now)

  4. Amenities like water and electricity, maintenance etc have no problems


AWHO Sandeep Vihar - Kannamangala - Bangalore
May 23, 2021 02:20 PM Read

Been living here since July 2018. And have already changed 2 houses. Keeping my fingers crossed that this third house proves to be a good experience for us.

The first one was a penthouse, way too big for our requirement. But, it had a nice view so we enjoyed living there for almost a year and had a good experience.

But, yes it's not friendly to interact with most of the Army families. Before asking your name most of them ask you if you are from defense or a civilian.

Never trust any brokers here. All are cheaters, once you pay them their commission they will wash their hands off you. Better to move in through a friend or owner directly. Went through a nightmare when we moved to a 4BHK in B5-1204 in November 2020 from the penthouse. All the 3 toilets were damaged, they repaired it temporarily and assured us that they will get it repaired soon. The owner, a serving officer & broker, the ex-army guy cheated on us and we had vacated the house within 4 months only. Somehow they managed to convince us that they are not getting laborers to do the desired task for a month. After one month owner started asking us to pay for bathroom repair by saying "since you have been living in this house for quite some time now". In Feb 2021, the WC of the common bathroom broke down and we escalated the issue to the MC. There was no support from the MC in this matter and they said very clearly that this is between the owner and the tenant and they don't involve in personal matters. on the same night owner instead of repairing the bathroom asked us to vacate the flat. When we told him that financially and because of the pandemic we would not be able to shift, he assured us that he will bear our shifting charges. We thought he is a gentleman. So in the morning, we called him to request that he should not deduct the one-month rent which was a part of the agreement and we will take care of our other shifting charges. He refused our request and said that neither he will pay shifting charges and will also deduct one month's rent & all the damages. He had the audacity to say this when we had submitted all the pictures & list of damages to him before we moved into his house. Many times it happened that he would do all the sweet talks in the night and in the morning he would refuse. In the meantime, we had pressure from the broker that we should quietly vacate the house as he is a serving officer and is much more powerful than us. Finally, to recover our 1 lac of security deposit money, we stopped paying him rent and asked him to adjust it from the deposit. The common bathroom was not in a usable condition and it was causing inconvenience to my parents who are in their mid-70s of age. Under these circumstances, we decided to move into another house. We came across one gentleman who gave this Colonel good piece of mind and somehow he agreed to return our security deposit after deducting 15 days rent instead of one month. We also agreed to it and vacated the house. Though everyone including the MC knew that the damage in the bathroom existed before we moved into his house, this owner deducted Rs. 6500 for the WC repair from the security deposit. This money is not going to make him rich or us poor, but he showed his character. Not only this I was in touch with his previous tenant also, she told me that he had deducted some 9000 Rs from her security deposit also for the same reasons.

We are working people, moreover, due to the pandemic we didn't get much opportunity to interact with other residents, but later we came to know that there are many such owners like him and many tenants have faced this issue.

Anyone looking out to buy or rent out this particular flat B5-1204 please take it at your own risk.

Talking about the amenities and maintenance of the society, it is very well maintained by the MC. There is a small market complex within the apartment where we get all the groceries, medical services, salon, boutique, optical shop, etc.

As long as you follow the rules and regulations(like access card of the amenities is issued to any 4 members of the family only), even though you don't understand them it is a nice place to live.
Feb 29, 2020 06:54 PM Read

Very bad society as the army people dont know how to respect public. The MC is money minded and treat tenants like servants. I lost the respect for the Army after started living in this society.

On top of it, too much of seepage issue as the construction is like government housing board construction. In another 10 years, the buildings need to be demolished and reconstructed as quality not going to withstand long time. 1 swimming pool for 1500 houses which is cleaned once 1 week. 1 small gym and 1 indoor tennis court for the entire society. So no time you get a chance to play since they have time restriction also and 100% to get skin infection if using the pool. Tennis court is not free use, you need to pay. Whether you use the facility or not, you have to pay for them. This way, this society no where fits the public and now everyone trying to sell it for crores which doesn't even worth 50 lakhs. Be careful buyers and tenants.
Nov 17, 2019 04:05 PM Read (via Mobile)

This is very nice and well maintained apartment complex managed by ex defence personnel. Complex was built by Army welfare housing organisation (AWHO) for Army persons only accordingly all first owners of flats here are serving or retired Army persons. Since AWHO is a No Profit No Loss organisation, these flats were alloted to Army persons at a cost less than market price. Some owners got these flats alloted to them not for self living but as a tool for invesent, pure motive of making quick buck. Now such owners are selling their flats. Since these flats are made for Army persons, who have got typical life style and they are majority owners here. Non Army person will find difficulty in adjusting to the environment. My advice to non Army persons, avoid buying property in this complex.
Apr 19, 2019 01:21 PM Read (via Mobile)


So I shifted here some 2 months back and so far, my experience has been good. The society is well kept, it is huge so taking nice long night walks and seeing the park inside the society is definitely a highlight.

Security is quite tight, but it won't make you feel restrictive.

But there are few things which I wish I had known before. I would've still rented this house, I just would've been prepared.

So firstly there's some documentation work that has to be completed. Timings are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. But before that have your rental agreement in hand. You cannot shift your stuff without completing documentation. ACC to me, if you come in day time, you can finish it in 2 hours max.

You will get move in slip costing 2300 RS, to be split amongst all tenants and when you move out, you gotta pay same amount. You will get parking tickets for your vehicle. And mygate app has to be installed and there's a lot of work before u shift. I wish I had known. But the houses are so beautiful, area is so green and we'll connected, that it all seems worth it.

I didn't have any bad experience with the Managing Committee. They have been cordial, but again I've only lived for 2 months.

There are big basket wending machines in the society. There is a clubhouse but it is chargeable for visitors. 100 RS or hour. For tenants it is included in maintainence. Society is slightly older, not all views are gonna be aesthetically appealing.

There are restaurants, shopping complexes and banks at walking distance. Good bus and cab connectivity, and PPL seem fine to me.

I really like how huge the society is, I love my morning walks here.

It is managed by retired army officers. I found them to be very professional and polite.

Maintainence staff is horrible though. Took me 2 weeks to a plumber to fix my flush. Electrician is quite good though.

Just be aware of these points. We didn't know, so it took us 2 weeks to get settled. Actually 3 weeks.

So be informed. Otherwise society seems good. And in my experience, almost every society has issues with bachelor's. So I don't take it personally.
Jan 28, 2019 06:08 PM Read

What to say for this society? Sometime MC( especially two ladies Anuja and Maninder) is so kiddish, you don't even feel like explaining and correcting them.Wife's of these army men feel their authority is more than Indian Law and even PM of India has to salute them. They made you feel that being a tenant is the biggest crime . You will be treated badly because you are a tenant. I read on mouthshut that someone mentioned Maninder to be sweet poison and Anuja to be poisonous snake that is very true. These two ladies have made every tenant life a hell in the society. Anuja, if by chance you meet her, her first question to you will be are you a tenant? have you submit MMC? do you know rules bla bla? She once met me in lift during my shifting and I was shocked to listen such stupid things. MC has very stupid rules coming here and there. They try to extract money in all possible ways from tenants whether its festival, clubhouse, function, amenities be ready to feed them. Maintenance just inculde lift, water and garbage collection. Once they came up with rule to collect 500 Rs for parking sticker, when some of us opposed, we were threatened, got notices to vacantetc and they try to break us in all possible ways. Owners are puppets of them. Maninder fix rent, will see which tenant wil stay where and how many family members are allowed? Funny part is they will charge you GSt even for moving and moveout(2000 rs), when you moveout they charge you electricity bill and later your owner will also deduct and then you struggle to get back from Mc. main agenda collect money( all planned by these two ladies) I have written to PMO to just keep a watch on such societies and there should be strict laws for such societies and authorities should check their balances, expenditures etc. I can really write a book on all illegal activities what they are doing. So better, don't buy or rent a apt there as when you get on rent, these people even take commission from the broker and they make sure broker is involved while they are renting out.When you move out, these army people wont pick your call to refund security( all preplanned)and your one lac deposit is just gone until you don't really fight for. Don't take any flat in D14 as Anuja stays there. So, by any chance if you have planned to take seeing big house with greenery don't take any flat in D14. Recently came to know they came with new rule, if you have party at clubhouse, and you are not ordering food from their restaurant, pay them 15% bill value of food you have ordered from outside. These people need tight tight slap.
Jan 05, 2019 07:00 PM Read

If you don't like to live in peace and need everyday fights and drama, please take flat in SV. The MC will definitely make sure your life is miserable. There are two ladies Anuja and Maninder who will not let you live happy, they will have full right to decide your rent, security, tenure of living, full right to shout on you, full right to tell you how many members can stay in your family, full right in your kitchen even. They sometime goes to the shitty extend of asking women about their menopause to assure sanitary napkins are not thrown here and there. You will definitely feel like in prison. First when you will go to book flat, they will direct you to their broker Kumar Raman who will charge you hefty amount and then these MC ladies will take comission on that amount and then will interview you. When your day of shifting comes, then your luggage has to wait for good five six hours as approvals are required from these boss ladies. Ok, finally you are settled, now pay them for every service. All amenities are paid. Nothing is freeout, here starting from pool till tennis. Then there arises discrimation

Owner rates are different and for God sake of you are tenant, be prepare to get differentiated like other community and ready to pay hefty charges. Tenants did lot of police complaints on them but these people are totally idiots. Once you move out, owner will stop picking it calls and u will never get your security.
Oct 19, 2018 08:56 AM Read

One of the Bakwas Society to live, only due to MC people. Especially the Ladies of MC are horrible. Maninder and Anuja together are the real pain for tenants. One is sweet poison and other is direct and together they are poisonous snake. Whole day they make strategies how to loot tenants as only tenants are the income source for them. These ladies use such shameful statements for ladies and bachelor girls, making them embarrass for their character etc. When you enter society, they take tenants interview and then fix rate of your flat as more rent, then more commission to them. They get 25% commission from broker. First broker will charge you and then these ladies. Whole MC is not aware what money these both are making together
Oct 08, 2018 10:59 AM Read

Don’t shift in awho Sandeep vihar has very limited amenities and high maintenance. MC behaviour are very rude and shameful. They will Impose extra charges for tenants.lots of discrimination between owners and tennats. specially for bachelor's they are treating very rudely and mindset are very sick. DON'T RUINED YOUR HAPPINESS.think thrice coming to ao
Sep 10, 2018 07:32 AM Read

I Stay in H tower of this building. Moved 2 months back only There were dscrimation, charging money for everything deliveries, sticker, celebrating festival etc etc, dnt know other charges as recently moved in, they were doing thinking they are army people and thinking civilians are meant to be tortured and like paltoon orders, thy should follow all their unethical orders.

Some of society tenant reps raised their voice and written points to be answered, Mc called whole society for that. My tower reps told me to go. I was not aware of the points before, but when I listened all tenants fighting for their rights, thus I realised how much mental torture they do. They were not even allowing main right of civilian, and answer to every plea they give, sorry this we cant allow. We will not. I was so surprised seeing this, and have loosen all respect for army people. DO they really think they are more than LAw, they can control every living? There was one lady MAninder Kaur from MC( with no offense, I found her very rude and very illogical)Surprisingly, some people questioned them on law and all, and they were having noa nswer saying We will see, we will see. One MC member(dont know name) loosen his temper, looking that I came back and now have decided to vacant house. Don't know the money in crores what they collect harassing people, thy go in their pockets or what, but I dnt want now to give them my hard earned money. So, If you dnt want to get harassed, shed money, don't join this society. Cam eto know tenants have done some police complaint, don't know how much this is true, but if someone has done this, that is very good. These people should be in bars . I support this.
Aug 18, 2018 07:53 AM Read (via Mobile)

Some ex army ppl always try to insult anybody on every some some ignorable matter. They allow try to non army ppl obligent their each and every rules which is unnecessary.

One of ex army retired person from block c always ready to shout non army ppl I think may be he is still think he is now in army and everybody should follow his rules and he get permission to interference in every netter. That ex army retired person think only he is very intelligent and all non army ppl are senseless. That person is shameful bcoz he shouted on ladies very badly.

Non army ppl feel they come into jail where lot of rules and regulations unnecessary.

In awho Sandeep vihar kadugodi, they give respect only army ppl. They think army men and women's are respectable and others non army ppl are non respectable ppl.
May 10, 2018 02:50 PM Read

Don't shift in awho Sandeep vihar society bcoz it's big but no amenities and maintenance high. Army ppl behaviour are very rude and shameful. They think only they are civilized and mannerful.

No doupt society is big but army ppl are domainting and 4000 Maintenance per month ??????

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AWHO Sandeep Vihar - Kannamangala - Bangalore

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