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War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy Reviews

Lengthy but Entertaining Story

Jun 20, 2017 11:18 AMRead

This is another big which was recommended by a friend who also recommended me Anna Karenina. It is very big. I was not wishing to read but I read this book. It gives very much details. Sometimes I felt that it is boring but if I look at the overall aspect of the book I find it a good one to read...Read More

War And Peace

Oct 16, 2016 12:07 AMRead

This book is bloated old piece of crap. How this even got disseminated regardless is past me, extensively less how it has been seen as a "show-stopper" for a significant long time. I had scrutinized this was 1400 pages of Tolstoy giving his perusers a dry, debilitating relate of the French assau...Read More

War and Peace : Best Book of all Time !

Apr 11, 2016 05:49 PMRead

Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ is a very vast epic based on Napoleon’s war with Russia. Tolstoy peoples his novel with a large cast of over Five Hundred characters and the first  publication year of this book is 1869 .First, Time I have read this book and I really loved it. At more than 1000-1600...Read More

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War And Peace

Feb 25, 2016 12:27 PMRead (via Mobile)

War and Peace .Very very boreWar and PeaceThis book is bloated old bit of poo. How this even got distributed in any case is past me, considerably less how it has been viewed as a "work of art" for quite a long time.I had perused this was 1400 pages of Tolstoy giving his perusers ...Read More

War And Peace, A Famous Russian Novel

Feb 25, 2016 11:19 AMRead

War and Peace is a world famous Russian novel, a nineteenth century creation of famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. It has received great admiration world wide.Background: The French invasion by Napoleon the Great on Tsarist Russia during the beginning of nineteenth century, had motivated the...Read More

Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books.
War and peace by Leo Tolstoy

Aug 09, 2015 11:24 PMRead

An epic novel by the legendary Leo Tolstoy.What a novel of such a wide panorama!Tolstoy skillfully brings before us Russia during the French Napoleonic era. Just like his other work Anna Karenina, we are again amidst the aristocratic and upscale families of Russia. Each person in the nov...Read More

Classical masterpiece

Aug 04, 2015 01:42 PMRead

It took me around 2 months to finish this book, and it was a long, tedious and laborious process, but in the end it was totally worth the effort.This novel is a work of historical fiction, written around 1869, and it is about the French invasion of Russia during 1805 which continued till 181...Read More

Journey to (wo)manhood- Boy to Man- War and Peace

Mar 07, 2013 03:33 PMRead

I grew up on War and Peace (WAP)A book by a Russian, on Russians, by a man who loved Russia. In short that is how I would describe it. But the appeal transcends boundaries. Nobody can read WAP and not be moved, not find one among the hundreds of characters to identify with. I have read the book ...Read More

Review of War and Peace

Dec 21, 2011 09:52 PMRead

The novel War and Peace was based on true events and historical facts. This novel taught me a lot about the war and gave me real outlook on how people lived their lives. Many people lives were ruined and others gained a lot of power. This novel was one of the most detailed and extravagant things...Read More

My feed back

Oct 06, 2011 07:48 PMRead

i admire the work of my great master I'm his secret fan I love to read his books war and peace is a great  book of him I salute his work this is a good for the ages above 11.i also thank this famous and the best  mouth shut website for publishing sir Leo mam  sudha's books and making the India's...Read More

~The Epic - War and Peace~

Sep 19, 2009 10:52 AMRead

I came across one of the book reviews in this space where in the contributor qualified Leo Tolstoy as “boring writer”. The comment was withdrawn when I elucidated the travesty associated with it. A humble request to all those who consider serious literature as “heavy dose” “flying above one’s he...Read More

War and peace

Apr 24, 2009 11:17 AMRead

I'm new to war and peace and have read 500 pages of it. Though I am able to appreciate Tolsto'ys writing I find certain areas boring. I'm 16.is it because of that ?help me

War and Peace Novel

Nov 12, 2008 12:05 PMRead

The Novel war and peace is world's biggest and most famous novel. The Russian writter Leo was a great writer who wrote the novel. About the novel it is said that the novel is world's greatest novel however Leo is not No. 1. When I read its 1st part I was amazed and I couldn't wailt for 2nd, 3rd ...Read More


Sep 22, 2008 09:26 PMRead

I started to read TOLSTOYS novels at a very young age of twenties, now I feel though myEnglish was not even one percent of the present level at that age I could feel this great novelwar and peace.ONE MUST READ IF THE HEART FEELS THIS IS GREAT.Age and lack of English, so poor stil...Read More

Russia society during the time if Napolean

Nov 03, 2004 05:28 PMRead

The book is a mammoth tome.This review is aimed at those who would like to read it but haven't had the time or are irked by the size.War and Peace is the story of 3 aristrocratic families : the Bezhukovs, the Rostovs and the Bolkonskys and how each member is changed during a)before the first...Read More

The best book I have ever read.

Aug 13, 2003 07:14 AMRead

I was getting a week off from my normally hectic schedule, and my local book club guy suggested I do some more serious reading than Harry Potter or Jeffery Archer. He handed me a copy of Tolstoy's ''War and Peace''.To be frank, the sheer bulk of the book was intimidating, and in the beginnin...Read More

An epic tome on russian imperialism

Jul 06, 2003 04:13 PMRead

Book ReviewWar and Peace - Leo TolstoyThe first thing that strikes one on seeing this tome is its sheer size. War and peace is an epic story on Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Russia and the corresponding daily life of Russian royalty.With no single hero, heroine or main protagonist...Read More

Tolstoy - An introvert and romantic

Mar 10, 2003 07:54 AMRead

Lev Nikalovich Tolstoy more commonly known as Leo Tolstoy, came very close to writing his complete autobiography in the book ''Childhood, Boyhood and Youth''. Infact he did write about himself till his acolosence. He put off the writing the rest of life's story for his last days but was never wr...Read More


Mar 02, 2001 10:55 PMRead

The novel ''War and Peace'' is very voluminous.It is the saga of a society in tumult.The setting is Russia.The cities of Moscow and St Petersburgh are the real dramatis personae in this book as is the whole country of Russia.The story opens from the first stirrings of Napoleon's assault on the c...Read More

Must read war & peace by tolstoy

Aug 11, 2017 09:32 PMRead (via Android App)

One of my friends and mentor recommended me this, which give you an idea regarding Napoleon & Russian war and the way at that time they think about war and how Napoleon got defeat due to bad & cold season of Russia And Tsar. The best of best. If you want to amuse it then I recommend to w...Read More

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