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Twenty Best Songs of Sonu Nigam Tips

Sonu Nigam-A revolution to music industry

Apr 22, 2015 06:36 PMRead

In 80s era Kisohre Kumar, Lata Di, Asha Ji were the voice of India.But then came 80s era and a music star was born.SONU NIGAMAn iconic music star from romantic to tragic, from sufi to emotion, from Pop to Rock.He has sang songs of every genre. He is one of ma favorite singer.Sonu...Read More

Awesome sonu

Apr 07, 2015 10:51 PMRead (via Mobile)

My 20 best songs of Sonu night are:1 kal ho na ho2 jee lu jaraa(agnipath)3 main Hu na4 jaan album5 kabhi khushi kabhi gam6 sangharsh7 kabhi alvida na kehna8 mujhse shaadi karogi9 soniyo10 apna mujhe tu lga( 1920)11 chori Kiya( dabangg)12 ishq13...Read More

Sonu as a singer

Jul 13, 2011 04:54 PMRead

Nigam is blessed with a very good Voice but now a days he is using his voice to sing less and cry more. He is a big fan of Great Mohamad Rafi but he can not become Rafi because Rafi sang with great devotion and in a dignified manner in which Sonu is lacking.In the reality shows which are sho...Read More

My most favourite twenty songs of Sonu Nigam

Jan 15, 2011 03:31 PMRead

Even the best words in all the vocabularies of the world fall short when we try praising Sonu Nigam's voice.So I just want to share my most favourite songs of Sonu Nigam. In no particular order -1) Saathiya Title track(movie: Saathiya)2) Is Pyar ko main kya naam doon(Movie: Mujhe kuc...Read More

Not 20 but some

Dec 26, 2010 04:01 PMRead

It is difficult to write a review about 20 songs; it will be too long and time consuming. So here is my list of some of the best songs by Sonu Nigam. There may be a few other good songs that I missed, and this list may change if I were to write this review again sometime later; but all these are...Read More

Sonu i luv u.......muahh -zeryab from lahore

Mar 29, 2007 04:29 PMRead

I am zeryab and probably one of the biggest biggest fan of sonu nigam.I like his voice as.as . like I don't have words to explain it .I think no other singer out there is better than sonu! yea I mean it. HE IS TOO GOOD. I like him as a person too and hes too good.Evry 1 here in pakistan love...Read More

Such a great voice

Jan 20, 2007 02:02 AMRead

I am a very big fan of Sonu Nigam like half of India. He is undoubtebly, the finest singer in the world. Choosing 20 songs from such a wide list is hard, but these are my choices.Saathiya(Saathiya) - This is one of my favourite songs, I cannot imagine anyone else singing it. Wonderful lyrics by ...Read More


Oct 14, 2006 09:33 PMRead

There is no doubt that SONU is no.1 now-a-days. There is no other singer who is supposed to be no.1. He owns GOD-gifted voice quality. I like all kinds of SONU, as I am a great fan of SONU NIGAM.But everyone had to agree that the sad songs no-one can sing more better than SONU.Now there are ...Read More

Sonu Nigam- a legend!

Jul 28, 2006 01:13 PMRead

I am sorry to say angelina or whosoever you are that what you have quoted in your article "SONU NIGAM the best? that cant happen!"appears to be only a publicity stunt on your part at mouthshut.com. I have watched the show that you are talking about and lemme tell you that what Sonu Nigam did or ...Read More

SONU NIGAM the best ? That cant happen!

Jul 27, 2006 05:40 AMRead

Yes I agree that he has talent. No doubt that he is versatile. He can ENACT n COPY many voices n many frequencies n pitches of  the voices but he SUCKS as a person. Belive me I heard him on the T.V. talking abt HIMESH RESHAMIYA n copying n exaggerating HIMESH’s songs and many others like bhupen ...Read More

Sonu Nigam-Is he the best singer in Asia today?

Jul 27, 2006 04:56 AMRead

SONU NIGAM. I have been eagerly following his career for some time now. His first noteworthy contribution to Bollywood was probably "Acha Sila Diya Tune". And his latest hit number is "Kabhi Alvida Na kehna".My best 20 songs sungs by him are:1)"Kal ho na ho"2)"Gumshuda"3)"Ae chan...Read More

Way to be a living legend

Jun 28, 2006 01:51 PMRead

Born on 30th July 1973 in Faridabad, pupil of Ghulam Mustafa Khan, started as Rafi clone, son of singer Agam Kumar Nigam is the most talented singer in the current industry1>Saathiya-Title trackIf I were to make a list of the most complex songs sung by Hindi singers this would even top t...Read More

Sonu Nigam Top 20 - A hard nut to crack

May 16, 2006 10:04 PMRead

Honestly, it was much more difficult to choose 20 songs sung by Sonu Nigam than composing a song for Sonu Nigam, myself. I have chosen the first 16 as the hardest songs, technically. The remaining songs are simple but sung extra ordinarily by him. The songs listed under are the blend of mind blo...Read More

Twenty Best!

Mar 10, 2006 01:08 PMRead

Twenty best songs of Sonu Nigam are-1.Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi .from KAL HO NA HO.2.Dheere jalna dheere jalna dheere jalna.from PAHELI.3.Sandeshein aate hain, humhe tadpate hain. from BORDER.4.Pehli pehli baar baliye, dil gaya har baliye.from SANGHARSH.5.Panchhi ...Read More

Sonu Nigam: A singer & A GENIUS ..!!

Dec 23, 2005 04:36 PMRead

It was the time of Gulshan Kumar(late 80’s and early 90’s), when a young singer standing on an artificial stage with lots of colorful light around him, used to sing Mohammad Rafi’s songs for T-series audio cassettes. He got his first break(hit song) in Hindi film Industry in 1995 with Achcha sil...Read More

''A listener's delight''

Dec 22, 2005 03:30 PMRead

.there are very few singers of present generation whom I really like, enjoy listening to AND ADMIRE FOR THEIR TALENT AND SINGING ABILITIES and SONU NIGAM is surely one of them.I won't call him a modern day RAFI, although his voice and style does resemble him.but anybody who follows music closely...Read More

**...SiNg AlOnG wItH sOnU...**

Aug 30, 2005 07:05 PMRead

Sonu Nigam is such a talented singer. He can cope with any sort of song, and his voice has a sort of cool zing in it! I found it extremely hard to choose his top 20, but I put in a few with haven't been recognised in any of the review yet! There are many more which are my favourite but I couldn'...Read More

Sonu Nigam's best 20 songs

Aug 11, 2005 10:30 PMRead

I am an ardent fan of Sonu Nigam. Well, the review I am going to write is my favorite list and it covers both film and non film numbers. It is a countdown of sorts.20.  Bol sajni - Doli saja ke rakhnaSonu takes this song to dizzying heights. This song is a hindi remake from a Tamil song ...Read More

Sonu Nigam's 20 Best Songs!

Aug 04, 2005 05:58 AMRead

Sonu Nigam is a great singer and I am a very huge fan of his. He is the most cutest guy I have ever met. His smile is so sweet and you wouldnt believe it. well maybe you will but he had a concert in Trinidad and I had met him and I like spoke to him for hours. It was so much fun talking to him a...Read More

A marvellous singer

Apr 13, 2005 09:49 PMRead

Sonu Nigam is certainly the best thing to happen in the Hindi Music Scenario in the past decade. Initially labeled as a Mohd. Rafi clone, Sonu came out of it soon and carved out his own niche with his versatility and an enviable range. The following Sonu Nigam songs are my favourites . These are...Read More

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