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Twenty Best Songs of Lata Mangeshkar Tips

A Living Legend

Mar 25, 2017 07:52 PMRead (via Mobile)

If goddess saraswati has truly blessed anyone then it has to be Lata Mangeshkar.Every single song of her is beyond something.Her voice, her simple looks, her way of draping sari and her sober behaviour has made her complete.My twenty best songs of Lata Mangeshkar are:-Dil deewana bin sajna k...Read More

Best of Lata Mangeshkar.

Apr 19, 2014 08:12 PMRead (via Mobile)

1.Lag ja gale from Woh kaun thi.2.Ajeeb dastan from Dil apna aur preet parai.3.Rim jhim gire sawan from Manzil.Dekha ek khwab from Silsila.Meri aawaz hi pehchan hai from Kinara.Dil hoom hoom kare from Rudaali.Kuch dil ne kaha from Anupama.Aapki nazron ne samzha from A...Read More

The Irreplaceable Queen!

Apr 11, 2014 12:22 AMRead

Of the myriads of'Lata-classics', it's really difficult to pick a few.  Even so, I give my friends a playlist where each song has a story to be told, and praise due from my end. Also, I've tried to limit myself to only solos, as duets would need a fresh review. Although it is meant to be chronol...Read More

Lataji is Bharat Ratna indeed!

May 07, 2012 03:07 AMRead

Those who speak Hindi and regularly listen to old Hindi songs would know Lataji's songs very well anyway, but I hope this review will help those who do not regularly listen to Hindi songs and who are keen to learn a few old songs of Lataji. I am mainly going to include her solo songs from the 50...Read More

My top 20 favorite songs of lataji

Nov 26, 2009 03:55 PMRead

Hi I am from Kerala; I love Hindi movies and songs. I usually listen to the new songs and the classics are listened very rarely. My father is a big fan of Lataji and he bought a big song collection of the melody Queen’s and I just loved many of them. It was indeed impossible to choose the best a...Read More

My favorites

Nov 02, 2009 11:18 PMRead

Hi I am from Kerala. I am a big fan of Lataji's. When you have 10000s of songs to chooce from it is nearly impossible to list 20! These are what I alwyas love to listen to.Satyam sivam sundaram(Film: Satyam sivam sundaram)I feel like bowing to her when I hear the superbly rounded up voic...Read More

The Best of the Melody Queen's songs

Sep 28, 2009 01:43 PMRead

Lata Mangeshkar is India’s greatest singer, known as the Melody queen. Born on September 28, 1929, Lataji started her career in 1942 and has sung filmi and non-film songs in more than 20 languages. Known for her mastery over music, this legendary singer is respected by Indians as the incarnation...Read More

My All Time Favourite songs of Music Legend Lataji

Aug 02, 2009 09:52 PMRead

To write about some of my all time favourite songs of Melody Queen Lata Mangeskar is a great previlage on my part which I can not express in words. My review is dedicted to Lataji to express my belongingness to this treasure of jewels which she left for us to preserve and maintain their shine....Read More

Tantana tan

Jul 17, 2009 01:05 PMRead

Niels Henrik David Bohr(Danish pronunciation: [nels'b?o?]; 7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962) was a Danish physicist who made fundamental contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922. Bohr mentored and collaborate...Read More

My top 20 favourites of Lata Mangeshkar

Feb 22, 2009 02:56 AMRead

Being my first review, I thought I'd write about someone whose voice I listen to everyday and gives me a sense of warmth, a blissful feeling really.It is quite difficult to pick up just 20 songs from the Lataji's vast repertoire. Anyway, here are my personal favourites, which I love to liste...Read More

Best Creative variations involving Lata Mangeshkar

Jul 29, 2008 04:32 PMRead

The first question that comes to my mind while picking 20 of Lataji’s best is: Should I simply enlist my favourite 20 songs, or should I examine whether my favourites would also qualify as the “best”?Let me explain my predicament to you. Consider the following sentiments:(1) I regard SD Burm...Read More

My Top 20 favourite Lata Mangeshkar songs

Jul 21, 2008 06:30 PMRead

It is hard for me to just pick 20 of my favourite Lata songs, with her beautiful voice she makes any song a classic. I will do my best to just pick 20 of her solo songs.Mausam Hai Aashiqana – Pakeezah(1972) A beautiful romantic song which evokes images of nature. It combines the longing the ...Read More

Lata Mangeshkar - The one and only voice.

Jan 04, 2007 09:26 PMRead

It is extremely difficult to select only 20 songs of Lataji. It is as easy as capturing sky in a match box. Lata is the ultimate female voice. I have listened to her song for over 4 decades and can never get over the same. I listen to her song again and again. How I love this voice! I would anyd...Read More

Will echo till the end of Time

Nov 11, 2006 08:20 PMRead

Fortunately  as a collector I have a plethora of rare gems to choose from but due to the limitations of this review many worthy artists will be omitted. In my list no Music director or Lyricist has been repeated.APPEAL - Aarti( Roshan)( Lyrics- Majrooh S) 62 -lahu ka rang ek hai-  this maste...Read More

Lata Bai : Ultimate in Indian Music

Nov 09, 2006 06:07 PMRead

Lata Mangeshkar is indeed the living Goddess of vocal music on the Indian horizon. An ultimate benchmark to follow. Whether she sang along with Mohammad Raffi, Talat Mehmood, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar or Kishore Kumar or Jagjit Singh, she has always left an indelible  imprint of her voice ...Read More

Belated happy birthday!

Sep 29, 2006 01:48 PMRead

I wanted to write a review on Lata Mangeshkar yesterday on her birthday(which one is immaterial.)but could not get time unfortunately, thatswhy writing today.I have no words to explain how enchanting and melodious her voice is, so I will only enumerate 20 songs sung by her along with movie's...Read More


Sep 28, 2006 07:11 PMRead

I am finding it difficult to define'Nightingale of India' Living Legend LATA MANGESHKAR. She is the most popular singer in India and abroad as well, as she has won the hearts of  millions of music lovers, and according to the Guiness Book of Records, she has rendered more songs than any artiste ...Read More

Lata sings and everybody cries...

Jul 31, 2006 04:44 PMRead

Hello Friends, whenever I think of LATAJi and her songs, it becomes really very difficult to choose few as best from the whole lot. But since here the review demands just 20, I am putting down here the few that have touched my heart and are the favourite of the legend as well.*1.Aayega a...Read More

My Fav 20 Songs of the Nightingale of India

Jul 22, 2006 03:00 PMRead

1.  Jaane Kya Baat Hai from the movie Sunny(R.D. Burman - Anand Bakshi - 1984) picturized on Amrita Singh2.  Kya Jaanu Sajan from the movie Baharon Ke Sapne (R.D. Burman - Majrooh Sultanpuri - 1967) picturized on Asha Parekh3.  Ab To Hai Tumse from the movie Abhimaan(S.D. Burman - Majroo...Read More


Dec 25, 2005 02:09 PMRead

Recently, as I was having breakfast, the telephone rang. A familiar voice announced, 'Konjam Kelungo, '(Listen a bit) and what followed was one of Lata Mangeshkar's melodies from the 1950s' film Shagufa — Apna pata batadey, Ya mere pas aaja, Dil hei udaas aaja. The caller was Manohar Iyer and he...Read More

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