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Tuborg beer Reviews

Tuborg:a amazing taste

Apr 27, 2017 07:17 PMRead (via Mobile)

I am not a customary consumer and I am likewise selective on what I drink. I go for women drinks like chose mixed drink beverages and brew on uncommon events. I could taste Tuborg Green brew and I can state that it is one of the best. From the sound itself Tuborg green obviously it was not green...Read More

This is the best beer at this price.

Jun 04, 2016 07:53 PMRead (via Android App)

Tuborg is the best beer I ever had at this price.The resons fot its best: -1) it is the beer with genuine quality.2) it have very good taste .You will not find any other beer at this rate as good as this.3) it also strong .4) you must try this beer once in your life you w...Read More

Disappointed product from Royal danish court

Apr 22, 2016 12:16 PMRead (via Android App)

Tuborg beers are made from Royal danish court.These products are available in beers and soft drinks also.Tuborg sells a variety of beers in different contries including: Tuborg green, Tuborg red, Tuborg gold, Tuborg lemon, Tuborg twist and alcohol strong tuborg fine festival.Tuborg has been ...Read More

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Worst Beer

Apr 22, 2016 11:10 AMRead (via Android App)

Tuborg is the worst beer of all.It is the king of waste beers.The taste is very very disgusting and the beer too.This beer is getting manufactured locally and its being sold cheap to the vendors and they are only selling this beer for the sake of profits.I have only tasted it twice and felt ...Read More

For summer and light enjoyment

Jan 16, 2016 04:32 PMRead

Beer  contains  alcohol in it but not that much that it would harm any one. its for every one and even doctors recommend to drink beer in summers as it is cold and does not harm your body if you drink in limit. and for that tuborg is the one of the best beers that you should drink or even try. i...Read More

Just enjoy

Dec 15, 2015 04:43 PMRead

Beer  contains  alcohol in it but not that much that it would harm any one. its for every one and even doctors recommend to drink beer in summers as it is cold and does not harm your body if you drink in limit. and for that tuborg is the one of the best beers that you should drink or even try. i...Read More

Be careful. do not drink beer.

Dec 14, 2015 11:35 AMRead

Current time the boys and girls prefer the beer for the party and freshnes. but you should know beer is not good for health. its a slow poison. this time beer is common drinks in party and the when friends togetherAs we all know, beer has a lot of calories. It was said that five beers have t...Read More

Moderate drinking... Tuborg beer

Dec 14, 2015 11:25 AMRead

Moderate drinking is good for you, and beer is good for moderate drinking. Everyone knows that if you drink too much, it's not good for you. Let's not pull punches: If you're a drunk, you run into things, you drive into things, you get esophageal cancer, you get cirrhosis and other nasty conditi...Read More

Awesome beer....monthly drinker...

Dec 14, 2015 11:01 AMRead

This review will help you .I am fan of this Beer. It is available in any wine shop .I remembered the first day when my friends drank me this Tuborg beer forcefully. The taste was bad first time, but then I enjoyed it and drank two bottles.This is really a quality brand and whenever I am part...Read More

Tuborg strong

Sep 16, 2017 05:59 AMRead

Its an attractive green bottleTried it many times and rated it a smooth beer compared to others.I think now selling very high in mumbia market compared to kingfisher strongoff late I have seen bottles beer getting hazy in beer and some sour tatse also.again some batches come, whi...Read More


May 24, 2017 05:21 AMRead (via Android App)

It is world's best beer. No smell tension which is great thing. Very lite and easy to have. Who don't have capacity to take strong beer they can go for tuborg beer because it is lite. Useful for youngsters and also for women. Price is also reasonable. So it is best beer in world for me no one ca...Read More

Is it a beer?

Jun 17, 2016 01:40 PMRead (via Mobile)

Tuborg lack the taste of traditional beer. The word beer it self is amusing.but after drinking tuborg it may not amuse you any more.My experience with tuborg:Aroma: Aroma is nice and refreshing.Taste: this is where tuborg eats dust.The first taste feel of the beer is nice.And whe...Read More

Tuborg beer

Dec 19, 2015 10:37 PMRead (via Android App)

It is a very quality beer. If you have this beer it will be in good taste. As well as the appearance of the bottle is really awesome. And opening a bottle is great. And the prices are also in a good rate. If you drink this beer its really a great thing you will have.

Tuborg Beer brewed to thrust

Sep 18, 2015 02:00 AMRead

As my title says brewed to thrust that's exactly how smooth and amazingly this beer taste. It has become my all time favourite beer in 2 years before it I used to have Zingaro another piece of smoothie. I still remember how forcefully had to switch to Tuborg just because Zingaro was no longer av...Read More

This one rocks

Jul 17, 2015 10:29 AMRead

Let me assure you that you won't waste your money on this one. Little expensive from other beers like Kingfisher.Knock out etc but it tastes really really smooth. This beer is highly recommended from me. Very less chances of hangover the next day.off course if you drink in limits. I like...Read More

Mind Blowing Beer

May 09, 2015 01:29 AMRead

There are many beers available in market but tuborg is all time favorite of mine. Me and My girlfriend always use to drink only tuborg beer earlier we drink kingfisher but now a days we dont drink kingfisher because it taste like roadside drink.Yesterday night we bought 6 beers of tuborg 3 f...Read More

Make you feel like king..

Apr 16, 2015 09:26 AMRead (via Mobile)

A party for boys never ends until you open a tuborg bottle and have fun. Last Saturday it was our friends birthday and we demanded for beer to have party he bought carat of tuborg there were total 12 bottles.I had kingfisher earlier but tuborg was the first time and I would like to share my expe...Read More

Simply Tuborg!!!

Apr 07, 2015 08:56 PMRead

Today I am going to give an review on Tuborg beer.In the rainy season  after playing cricket at my place, we went to a local bar to relax.I used to drink another brand which was Kingfisher strong at that time. There was an promotion which was going on  for Tuborg as the year was 2013 on a huge s...Read More

Feel the taste

Apr 20, 2013 05:54 AMRead

It is a best beer that I taste in my life...I really love it!Just taste it, feels like heaven on earth! Everyone who tastes Tuborg beer I think he doesn't like to taste any other beer... its a great beer in India.

Tuborg best affordable beer in India

Mar 21, 2013 12:38 AMRead

Whenever I get with tuborg, it takes me to some year back with my 2 friends and lots of tuborg. Good malty taste and give a hint of smell of mop flowers in it, really good if got pints of it and summer Sunday in Delhi.GRAB 3 and have fun, far better then kingfisher and godfather , gives a fe...Read More

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