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Ten Best Qawwalis of Hindi Films Tips

The mesmerizing Qawwaalis from Hindi movies

Apr 10, 2011 04:57 AMRead

Qawwaali is a unique form of song sung in chorus whose composition has a marvellous combination of beats in which meaningful and heart-striking words are strung like beautiful flowers in a huge garland. It is sung in chorus with clappings mixed by the group led by a male or female leader. Someti...Read More


Sep 15, 2016 03:23 PMRead

Hazrat Ameer Khusro R.A. starts quwwali in India,its a very old trend to sing a song in the name of Lord,Ishwer,God aur Bhagwan, I listened Sabri Brothers, Guys They are mind blowing singers,Oh my God there are various typies of ragas they sing,one of brother of sabri is no more now but though h...Read More


Nov 23, 2005 08:38 PMRead

QAWWALIS.something which is surely BUT sadly dying in films and otherwise, not many people know what a QAWWALI is.it was a kind of music and song, a mix of sufiana and classical, where there was a whole mix of people singing the song, the instruments used were mainly dholak, harmonium, ghungroo....Read More

Jhoom baraber jhoom sharabi…

May 06, 2005 04:40 PMRead

*Kaalii ghataa hai, aa aa, mast fazaa hai, aa aa.Kaalii ghaTaa hai mast fazaa hai, jaam uThaakar ghuum ghuum ghuumJhuum baraabar jhuum sharaabii, jhuum baraabar jhuum**Aadab, Zannab-E-AliQawwalon ki mehfil mein aapka swagat hai, mere saathi qawwal hein Akbar Ilahabadi, Bulleh Sha...Read More

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