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Ten Best Male Singers of Bollywood Tips

Suraj jagan is mere baby to SONU NIGAM

Apr 28, 2011 09:41 PMRead

==In the film "Pyaar Kaa Punch Nama" the track'Koi Aa Raha Pas Hai' is sung by both Suraj Jagan & Sonu Nigam but I think Suraj Jagan should hear the 2nd parah of the same song sung by Sonu Nigam ==

Rafi is the crown less king

Feb 25, 2011 09:46 PMRead

I have not heard the old classical singers. Hence, my favorites will be from 80's to till date. However, I could never miss Rafi's voice as it used to capture the nation through the Radio stations in 80's: Following is my list of favorite male playback singers:I. Mohammed Rafi(10/10): Which ...Read More


Sep 05, 2010 01:05 PMRead

Well, I think there are two sets of male singers in our country who are worth mentioning in any such review: -(I) The LEGENDS(II) The shadows of the legends(colloqually, 'copies')=(I) The LEGENDS: -=10) Yesudas-(5/10)-  Leave aside his diction and he seems to be the most orga...Read More

The synonyms of Music !

Jan 13, 2009 03:10 PMRead

Music is the soul of  heart. Yes, and the legends which give music a new definition are very special too. So, after researching very hard, I came to this conclusive list of ten best male singers of Bollywood till date:- 10. A R REHMAAN(5.5/10)- THE VOICE OF FEELINGS A R Rehmaan is the voice of e...Read More

Voices that haunt...

Oct 08, 2006 03:37 PMRead

Its difficult to name ten best male singers of Hindi movies, but I will still try as there are some very good singers who have touched my heart, so they must be good…1.MUKESH- First name that comes to my mind, who can forget his soulful voice…even right now I am listening to one of his non-f...Read More

The Top Five Male Singers

Apr 05, 2006 05:47 PMRead

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” - Victor Hugo Music has been an integral part of our lives from times immemorial. Here I am putting my thoughts into writing on “The Top 5 Male Vocalists”. I was at first hesitant regarding the choice of t...Read More

~If music is a building, here are the pillars...~

Jan 02, 2006 11:55 AMRead

Doctors say “Laughter is the best medicine”, I say music is equally good if you are a true music lover. The power of music can be judged from the fact that when Tansen used to sing in Akbar’s Darbaar, Oil lamps used to light automatically, without any source of light. I love music from the botto...Read More

Ye mera geet, jeevan sangeet....

Aug 25, 2005 04:20 PMRead

The men who really mattered…. The men, who brought in the difference to Hindi Film music…. The following is my small tribute to these great men.I have tried to give the list in the form of a count down. The order is my opinion of who has been the greatest… not who have been my favorites. The...Read More

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