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Sawaal Dus Crore Ka Reviews

Sawaal survival ka

Jan 01, 2001 03:08 PMRead

Know ThyselfThis ' SAYS ' apply to every body in the world.When ZEE annouces about SAWAAL DUS CRORE KA it seems that ZEE wants to settle some matters with the Big B.And some vested interests also took part in it and try to prove it that Big B will be a flop after Sawaal Dus Crore Ka...Read More

Remove the baldness of sawaal dus crore kaa

Dec 24, 2000 09:24 PMRead

Sawaal dus crore kaa should remove the hosts anupam kher and manisha as they overact too much in the show .there is no co-ordination because when anupam kher tries to give some suspence manisha ends it quickly by telling that you answer is wright.only 1 good like amitabh is enough as a host.

Flop show of th emillenium

Dec 18, 2000 05:23 PMRead

SDCK is the super flop of the millenium. A poor copy of KBc (even the sts) and ever poorer construction of the show, confused hosts and list less spectators are the highlights of the show. Suddenly unceremoniously it was taken off the air and worse than that the hosts were blamed for the show go...Read More

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Dec 15, 2000 08:55 AMRead

While Manisha and Anupam are great and talentedartists in heir own right, being a master of cermoniesor playing an anchor role live is a different ball game. One has to be a dynamic personality, with a natural gift of spontainity and warmth and at no stage should the audience feel that you a...Read More

Sawaal flop show ka.

Dec 14, 2000 06:45 PMRead

'SDCK'is a real copy of 'KBC', No matter that it is copied, beacuse it is fully flop show. The owners of this show blames the hosts of the show, how can you blame the hosts for the failure and that too the hosts are the filmstars. The money is ten times more than 'KBC' , but it all matters how t...Read More

Sawaal Bina Pati Ka

Dec 14, 2000 02:55 PMRead

Hey dont u realize that this programme flopped because it didnot had Pati in it as Crorepati has.Yes the programme started after a grand success of Amitabh's shows,but Sawaal dus crore ka was a flop due to many reason apart from the host and hosttess.Amitabh in crorepati given a boost to...Read More

SDCK - GR2BR !!!

Dec 13, 2000 07:22 PMRead

Hey all u guys,I m a hard working salaried guy, working with a finance company. My type of working hours are like approx. 10 - 12 hours a day. Well, I m telling you all this, to make you understand, that this show is being watched by me in the office..... Would it really be fair to compare a...Read More

Host of a program does a lot more

Dec 13, 2000 12:17 PMRead

I doesnt like this program because it is truly a copy of KBC.anupam hasnt had no such capabilities to hold the audience on their chair.the body language of amitabh is all mattering to florish the attractiveness of the KBC.the lifelines are much simpler to use or to understand in KBC....Read More

Cheater will never be popular

Dec 03, 2000 08:35 PMRead

Friends SDCK is still there only because of their big amountotherwise they would have been knocked out way earlier. This isbecause it has fully copied KBC and that is why it is not popularAccording to me if KBC and SDCK were two students giving theirexams in an examination hall I...Read More

The worst

Dec 03, 2000 09:37 AMRead

You hve asked a wrong question this programme cannot be compared to kbc infact it cannot even be compared to a cartoon film. it the worst .the looks of the set when compared to kbc has no matching .the biggest flaw is in the host while kbc hastthe superstar amitabh sdcka has frivilous anupam...Read More

Sawaal viewers Dhondhne ka

Dec 02, 2000 07:30 PMRead

Read my LIPSDON'T WATCH IT.No excitement, nothing to hold the viewers.Even Manisha is a waste. no coordination between hosts makes it a boring affair.The only GOOD (right .... you read it right.)point is that you have to answer 2 questions out of three, which gives the contestant...Read More

10 crores.. .but NO EXCITEMENT !!!

Dec 02, 2000 01:45 PMRead

For me, it does not really matter that ''Sawaal Dus crore Ka'' is a copy of ''Kaun Banega Crorepati'' which, if I am not mistaken is also a copy of the original program with the catch word ''Millionaire'' in it. What really puts me off is the dull, boring looks on the competitors' faces (but nat...Read More


Dec 02, 2000 06:50 AMRead


Koi shaq ya sawaal

Dec 02, 2000 03:13 AMRead

I agree with my fellow member that Imitation is best form of flattery, if they ever meant it. This show was supposed to compete with KBC, leave alone competing this show has helped people to guage that money is not everything you need a good show to watch.But Big B Fans like me should thank SDCK...Read More

Sawal ??

Dec 01, 2000 08:40 PMRead

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. I am sure the KBC team will be happy to see their show being copiedf in Toto at the other channel. But at the same time they must be mad at the levels of production the new show Sawaal Das Crore Ka has. KBC is a big hit because of the Big B and th...Read More

Cheap imitation...

Dec 01, 2000 07:17 PMRead

It is a fact that if the original is a big success the copycats tend to be cheap imitation. That is the sad story of SDCK.KBC was a novel concept in India. It had all the elements needed for success - great set, the charisma of Big B, the participant friendly style and the catchy phrases (Su...Read More

Sawaal iske existence ka

Dec 01, 2000 04:18 PMRead

I didn't expect ZEE to come up with this kind of stuff that to after knowing there competitor strengths, and weakness.They should have come with good idea, there main plot of 10 crore was cool as it attracted everyone, but they made the game so complex that, people think it better not to pla...Read More

Total junk show

Dec 01, 2000 03:54 PMRead

This must be one of the worst prog. of zee.they had hoped to counter kbc and the big b with this, but they have failed miserably.the sets look tacky compared to the sophisticated one of kbc.and the hosts are not even a patch on bachchan.anupam kher does not have that charisma , while man...Read More

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