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Remix Reviews


Mar 28, 2007 05:43 PMRead

R- Regenerating your spiritsE- EnthusiasticM- MarvelousI- intelligentX- XcellentRemix is about the life of the students in an elite school for the rich and the famous.It was the first show exclusively made for youth and very popular among them. . Teenagers today wish to l...Read More

Remix meri jaan

Jun 07, 2006 01:38 AMRead

I am a very big fan of remix.it is a part of my life.i think if this will finish iwill not be able2 live .i am a very bigfan of karan and shweta and I just love them as a couple.they rock 2gether.remix is dat kool serial jisko dekh ke main apne aap ko relax mehsoos karti hoon and I just 4get all...Read More


May 10, 2006 10:30 PMRead

Remix is by far the most entertaining serial if you just want to sit back and relax. I like the music, and wish they would create some new songs for the serial. Thankfully the producers have stuck to the theme and not changed it despite Tia and Ranveer declaring their love for each other.Its...Read More

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A must watch

May 10, 2006 09:44 PMRead

Remix is all about youth n teenagers , so widout any doubts adults won't like it . coz it says nothing abt a person marrying 3-4 times or a lady vamp trying to break a family n not a family wid 30 members. in other words it's d coolest n most happening show ever telecasted on television. it's an...Read More

Be cool or be dead

Mar 14, 2006 12:38 AMRead

I am speechless and lost for words as I write this review. No words can describe the load of crap heaped by Star One on unsuspecting viewers. To describe Remix in one sentence ''Four dumb-as* nitwits and their friends suffering from a deep rooted urge to look cool''The story revolves around ...Read More


Feb 06, 2006 04:50 PMRead

Remix is a wonderful show. A wonderfully brain - damaging, mentally-retarding show. Who was the genius at Star One who decided that teens today are like the Remix characters??? The following are the characters on Remix : a 'mentally challenged' teenaged girl who has trouble referring to herself ...Read More

Total Crap in a decorated exaggerated form

Dec 14, 2005 08:59 PMRead

Remix... One of the most ridiculous dramas ever aired on the Indian screen. I had the ''luck'' of catching a few episodes, not for the show itself but the unintentional comedy it produces from tryna act really cool stuff. The setting of the show is in a school which seems like anything but one. ...Read More

Remix- best thing on TV!

Oct 27, 2005 02:30 PMRead

I definitely recommend remix to everyone! Its a great new show which highlights the teen dilemmas and shows campus life in a very cool or as one would say it ''sufi'' way! Not only that, it teaches about drugs, obesity, hazards of online dating etc etc. And the style of remix is creating waves b...Read More

REMIX hai apna jahan

Oct 16, 2005 12:08 AMRead

I am noor & a very big fan of REMIX.I love the couple of YUVI(Raj singh arora)& Anvesha(Priya wal).They look very cute together.I have a club named REMIX.There r 22 member's in it.They have REMIX charecter's names.Im known as Anvesha(my club name).I simply LOVE REMIX.U all must be loving...Read More

Anvesha aka Priya

Oct 15, 2005 03:08 PMRead

From MAYO-AJMER to REMIXX ,Priya Wal has come a long way,here's a interview for all her fans out there.rj:hellopriya:hii.whats up .just got back from a hard day's work.so just chillingrj:whats ur hard day's workpriya:to make it simple it is shooting shooting n shooting.that is my...Read More

Raj Singh Arora

Oct 14, 2005 05:23 PMRead

This kewl review is on Raj Singh Arora, who acts as Yuvi in Remix, a popular teenage show on star one.(this review is inspired by sneha's review on Karan wahi of remix)this 24yr old handsome hunk has achieved a lot in a pretty young age. he acts very well and looks good onscreen, I have ...Read More

REMIX REvisited

Oct 05, 2005 06:21 PMRead

Its a good feeling to revisit School time, though there were few other school serials which were equally rivetting. I remember HIP HIP HOORAY on Zee TV, NEENV and SCHOOL DAYs on DD Television which would revolve around school and its beautiful memories. But I guess in REMIX what actually stands ...Read More

Cool and sweet school story

Sep 09, 2005 07:54 PMRead

Hey hi maurya high u all guys rock ind school. I like this daily soap very much. I dont miss even a single episode of it. I love to see u all. actually truly, I love to see this serial only bcoz of tia and ranveer.yup thats true. I love to see u both together, u guys r truly in love I want to sa...Read More

To ranjir and tia

Sep 06, 2005 10:58 PMRead

Please solve the misunderatanding as soon as possible and kill the villain arjun and pallavi. ranjir please don't hurt the cutest dream girl again and again.and tia please solve your personal problems with the cutest guy ranvir.you two are my favourite characters and some what your habits are ma...Read More

Remix hain yahaan!

Sep 06, 2005 06:19 PMRead

Agreed the name sounds a li'l gay, but dont go by that. This is one of the very very few shows that I watch nowadays(since i'm working out assignments otherwise), apart from the likes of gr8 indian laughter challenge and the simpsons.The show takes place in a hypothetical school Maurya High,...Read More

Remix rocks

Sep 06, 2005 11:38 AMRead

The word remix is basically divided into 2 parts 1st 're' i.e. rejunerated and 'mix' means mixture and together remix means to rejunerrate the mixture of our genration and in the serial the perfect meaning of remix is shown which shows our 21st century .the SENTENCES ALSO USED LIKE PUHLEAZ.....Read More

Big Dud

Jun 11, 2005 02:40 PMRead

Remix is Star One’s attempt at making a serial that appeals to school going teenagers, and having each type of serial in their box. Trying to imitate school soaps that are shown on every alternate English channel, they have injected the concept of Indian soaps in the dough, making it a fil...Read More

A cool teen show

May 06, 2005 03:39 AMRead

: HII luv the show, so I thought I may as well add my own review. The 4 main characters of the story are: - Yuvi, Ashi, Tia & Ranvir. and its abt how they all forget their differences and ultimately form the band ''REMIX'' (I heard its actually adapted from a foreign soap)Yuvi and Ti...Read More

The real charm of life-school life

May 06, 2005 01:13 AMRead

Hi guys out there must have seen the serial remix when I saw this serial initially I felt very bored that who are all these new characters but now now iam deeply interested in this serial I like the title song the most if u want the full song by aasma then go to star one off. site.the serial is ...Read More

Mast mast hai samaan........

May 04, 2005 12:43 PMRead

REMIX is the most rockin show now in town and also the gossip for everyone in schol\ols and colleges and here it is and now on to the top charts within the short span of 4months and making its way to top it up better the saas bahu sagas of ekta ka'poor'....here it is in detail.....TIA AHUJA:...Read More

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