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Red Bull Reviews


Oct 22, 2008 07:06 PMRead

FUSS OVER FIZZI had heard a lot about red bull energy drink including the negative effects especially that of the dreaded caffeine. Now, when one hears about a happening stuff, he or she would try despite a slightly negative publicity. It is as good as the temptation of touching the wet pain...Read More

Gives me wing

Jan 23, 2017 08:02 AMRead

Redbull is a diffrent kind of energy dring. in the begning I dint like it much but recently I tried it and it gave me such a nice impression from that day I have been drinking red bull daily. its a artificial energy drink. energy drink always gives energy. its available in can so its easy to use...Read More

Perfect taste

Oct 20, 2016 10:26 PMRead

I have been looking for such drinks that let you push your limits and stay you awake or something else which make you feel tired easily. I was sticked to monster energy drink but after it got ban I stuck to red bull again . I would recommend this to one who prefer doing or working in nights to g...Read More

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Perfect to stay Awake for long journey

Oct 01, 2016 08:00 PMRead

I usually only drink red bull when I am driving to my friends for two to four hours away.i don't fell tired after the long journey.i think it's always good however every now and then I run into the regular drink it's a very big bitter taste.occasionally I drink with pepsi and it makes a very nic...Read More

Usefull Drink

Aug 28, 2016 05:11 PMRead

It is good energy drink when you are studying and I used it too for, when I feeling sleepy in classes then used Red bull for waking me up and its really effective. you should also try but don't try 1 more then a day. I used in class when I feel tired and not be able to concentrate more in studie...Read More

Good refreshment drink

Jun 11, 2016 06:37 PMRead

This drink has change my life literally. It amazing. Well worth the money. Im finishing projects I never thought I would. I actually feel this drink has made me smarter. Thank u red bull. I know im a late bloomer to this brand but u got a costomer for life thank you. This drink is going to the s...Read More

Red alert!

Jun 11, 2016 06:32 PMRead

Red bull is international brand is also famous in India. This product contain additive substances that I noticed when I drank it last time.so, this product has potential to cause harm to childs because it is easily available at nearby shop and cause adverse effect on the health of children ....Read More

Should be avoided !

May 11, 2016 08:44 PMRead (via Android App)

This is a extreme energy drink and should be avoided as most as possible. I have taken it twice and the consequences were very extreme kind of things happens. Firstly it increases the metabolism. Extreme hunger after consuming this drink, after 2 to 3 hours. It contains a lot of caffeine which a...Read More


Apr 28, 2016 09:50 PMRead (via Android App)

Redbull is claiming from years that they are the best in energy drinks.That's why I once bought a Redbull can from a store, thinking that, this will help me to complete my rest of work at latenight.So at that time I was very excited to taste Redbull Energy drink, and be awakened overnigh...Read More

Worth Red Bull

Apr 13, 2016 03:35 PMRead

Red bull is caffeinated drink sold by Australian company.red bull is most noteworthy offering engery drink in the business sector. He took this thought, changed the fixings to suit the tastes of westerners.The Red Bull organization trademark is "Red Bull gives you wings. Red Bull was scrutin...Read More

Bad product for health

Apr 13, 2016 03:28 PMRead (via Mobile)

I am really surprised how red bull is really cheating and deceiving all  of us on the name of energy drink .this is completely made of the chemicals and hardly can dissolve into our blood which can give us an  immediate energy.Its product purchase price on 95 rupees for 200ml  . I forcefully...Read More

Very Unhealthy

Mar 15, 2016 07:53 PMRead

People generally think that drinking energy drinks will give them a lots of energy to go for the day but what they don't know is that it's very very unhealthy. It takes quite a toll on your body.An energy drink contains caffeine which is an addictive substance(more addictive than marijuana)....Read More

Good boost to work

Feb 23, 2016 05:05 AMRead

I, like many other students use redbull during exams when I've have to stay up a little longer.Thanks to its caffeine content.I believe a 250ml can contains 80mg of caffeine which is good enough for an extra 3-4 hour.Not very sure if it increases concentration, but yeah it does help ...Read More

Red Bull

Dec 26, 2015 09:20 PMRead (via Mobile)

It's a super energy drink and also very healthy. It's very intrested and very much like to drink.i like it very much.it's very beautiful. It gives body, mind a relax.i like it more and more.weakly 2 times I will drink.it gives me a very good change in my life.i suggests that everyone wants to ta...Read More

Red bull

May 06, 2017 10:45 PMRead (via Mobile)

Red Bull is the power energy drinkWhich is usefull for the people who is very lazy and getting tied with there workIt help the people to enhance there skill even when I drink this I feel energized fully and it also feels goodThis is better than any other energy drink I have ever seen...Read More

Good drink

Apr 01, 2017 12:03 AMRead (via Mobile)

Its a very good drink and some people think that it is similar to a beer but they are incorrect its a energy drink which provides energy to our body and I personally use this drink during study time so that when I get bored I just opens the can and then im filled with energy ready to work it hel...Read More

About health

Feb 19, 2017 04:54 PMRead (via Android App)

Guys it is an energy giving drinkMany thought that it is similar to beer but they are incorrect .It is just a healthy drink that refresh our body and gives us energyIt contains carbohydrates that is very important to our healthIta packeging is awsome the plastic used at tip preve...Read More


Feb 16, 2017 11:21 PMRead (via Android App)

It's best drink ever you take .It has best quality and it's test is really good . It's price are not much high and also it available on most of places .It so refreshing and give energy instant . It has best packing and it made of fresh things. So you can buy it and enjoy it. It's worlds best dri...Read More

Red bull

Jan 28, 2017 11:28 AMRead (via Android App)

The Red Bull SKiLLS 2015 took place in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. Red Bull SKiLLS unites all four classic skiing disciplines – Super-G, Slalom, Downhill and Giant Slalom – in one race at one slope without break and without change of skis. This innovative and unique race-format makes the competiti...Read More

Beyond the reach.......of common man

Dec 22, 2016 07:49 PMRead

Hi, today I here to review a energy drink redbull. I have been using this product since 5 month . I have been expends approx 6000 to 7000 on this product. but honestly I have exprience no harmfull effect on my health . as I am a athlete I need instant energy so my friend advised me to use this p...Read More

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