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Rage Of Angels - Sidney Sheldon Reviews

A pwerful gripping story

May 13, 2017 01:40 PMRead

Hi, Friends,I am fan of Sidndy Sheldon and Rage of Angels is his most powerful and gripping story from start to end. Once you start your never let it down and stop reading.It is about a lower Jennifer who starts from rages to riches, it has love, sorrows, hatred, success. Sidney Sheldon ...Read More

Rage of angles

Feb 14, 2017 03:36 PMRead

Hiii friends, sidney's first novel which I have studied is "rage of angles" I really liked this book he is wonder ful novelist.the story is about young attorney jennifer parker; she is a succesful lawyer. she gets into a series of ongoings that lead to intrigue with the mob and rival attorne...Read More

Sidney Sheldon - Rage of Angels

Aug 10, 2016 09:50 PMRead

This is my fifth book of Sidney Sheldon. He amazes me again. Beautifully written story that portrays the life of a young lawyer, many ups and downs, success and failure, love and hatred happiness and sorrows, yet she goes on as a survivor! Worth the time reading. One of the best books I ever rea...Read More

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Sheldon does it again!

Jan 19, 2017 08:13 PMRead

Sydney Sheldon has the ability to take his readers into the story and make them feel everything the character feels. This story was no exception. While reading this book I was transformed into the story, I found myself emotionally invested. The main character is a beautiful, smart lawyer. Throug...Read More

Another superb thriller

Jul 02, 2015 09:51 PMRead

The chief protagonist is Jennifer Parker, a young lawyer, who is framed for threatening a witness and sees the end of her dreams. Adam Warner, a fellow lawyer, believes her and helps her out.The story is about Jennifer's life from then on - from being a naive young lawyer to becoming the att...Read More

Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul.There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books.
My all time favroite

May 25, 2015 06:32 AMRead

After reading this book I could never bring myself to read it again, not that I did not like it, its just that I loves the book and couldn't bring myself to terms with the ending of this book. This book is completely different from other books of Sydney Sheldon, which makes it my favorite.Th...Read More

Fantastic book

Aug 05, 2011 02:52 PMRead

This is fantastic book .worth reading a good time pass and it just sets your adernalin in motion.Sheldon has written excellent book which keeps you stuck to book until you finish it .Really a best books I have ever read .his other books are equally marvellous but this has something more ...Read More

The Bestseller from Sidney Sheldon

Mar 31, 2009 06:46 PMRead

Sidney Sheldon is a master of plot twists, complications, and the emotional ups and downs of people's lives.His best selling novel Rage of Angels tells the story of beautiful Jennifer Parker, a rising young New York attorney who becomes involved with two very different men - Michael Morreti ...Read More

Rage of Angels - Sidney Sheldon

Jan 04, 2009 04:06 PMRead

As a reader we have read enormous amount of books and novels. Every second novel claims to be the best seller and guarantees to thrill you with action, romance or drama. Very few of those succeed in doing that and we as a reader continues our journey in search for a perfect novel. Sidney Sheldon...Read More

Rage of Angels - one of Sidney Sheldon's Best

Oct 15, 2008 10:26 AMRead

Rage of Angels is a thrilling-yet-predictable-yet-unpredictable yarn from the stables of Sidney Sheldon with a woman as the pillar of the tale.Jennifer Parker has it all that makes a Sheldon heroine – youth, beauty, brains, guts, luck, talent, and sexual appeal. She begins her legal career o...Read More

The best book i've ever read

Mar 11, 2008 05:58 PMRead

I'm really fond of love stories and Ive read a lot of books, but Rage of Angels is really the best!It has a great plot from the master story teller of plot twists. It follows a story of Jennifer Parker who is framed by a mafia man named Michael Moretti.Falls in love with another lawyer named...Read More

Good Thriller

Nov 16, 2006 03:59 PMRead

The story line is very interesting and the narration is truly very good. The author had taken special care in making the story line very interesting as you go on reading. The way he introduces the new characters and the way he narrates the personality of the character will make the personality o...Read More

A Raging story

Apr 21, 2006 07:47 PMRead

Where do you look to when you need a story full of suspense, thrills, twists, and of course some sex.....And another combination is that of a court room story.. which is this story , It makes a deadly must read type situation.bingo.. you guess it Sidney Sheldon.He is the master story tel...Read More

Sheldon #5, Spellbinding

Dec 20, 2004 04:22 PMRead

The beginning of 1980s marked a great new era in the history of modern fiction and this era belonged to Sidney Sheldon. He reached an unparalleled high with a series of masterpieces in the 1980s. In fact, the next 4 to follow are probably the best ever written by him.Year of Publication: 198...Read More

A contemporary masterpiece

Dec 20, 2004 12:04 AMRead

For all those readers who shy away from sidney sheldon cause they think he's too sleazy well this is one book that would change anyone's mind! rage of angels is one book that one could go back to reading again and again.It's not your typical courtroom ballad that john grisham lays down. This...Read More

Love & tragedy

Sep 09, 2004 09:15 AMRead

I have first read Sidney Sheldon's rage of angels when I was 13. Now that I'm 27, on my way of taking the BAR exams, I'm on my 3rd reading of the book on the 3rd copyI bought. Even thoughI have read it several times, the story still moves me like it was my first time to read it. To say that the ...Read More

Rollercoaster experience...

Jul 19, 2004 04:48 PMRead

Rage of Angels (1980) went to #1 on the bestseller lists the week before its official publication date, it stayed at the top for 18 weeks and on the lists for 42 weeks. I have started reading books after a long time and I am happy I got to read this particular one. The book has a very good pace ...Read More

A really exciting novel - lawyers and mafia

Jun 13, 2004 08:15 AMRead

Hellow Friends,I am not a regular reader of novels but read them in between for a change and mind you rage of angels was a really good novelI tried.This was my first Sidney Sheldon novel, in fact my first novel at all and I found novels so interesting thatI sacrificed some of my time of ...Read More


Nov 18, 2003 08:20 PMRead

Rage of Angelsis one of my favorite books of Sidney Sheldon or letme say the most loved one by me of the author.Its the story of Jennifer Parker and about the two most entirely different men in her life. What life has in store for us can never be predicted..the mysteries yet to be discovered and...Read More

Where Angels Dare to Tread

Apr 27, 2002 12:33 PMRead

This was back in my teens- when it was the INnest thing to be reading a Sidney Sheldon...I just wanted to see what was so great about him and so started off with Rage of Angels which was my intro to Sheldon.I just LOVED Jennifer.Vulnerable, yet strong, stupid and naive to begin with, goi...Read More

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