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Old Spice Reviews

The True Mark Of A Men... *

Nov 11, 2017 01:58 AMRead

Hi. We all know about this legendary brand "OLD SPICE", since its establishment the company is providing best of world class products to its customers in almost every range of shaving needs.An old spice aftershave lotion is best of best class among all men(i am only concerning here men not b...Read More


Feb 10, 2017 02:21 PMRead

I have brought is product 8 days ago and put it in the dust bin after 4days.This is the worst product. which doesnt long lasting but lasts Dark Spots on the body. it contains the high percentage of alcohol in it as compare to other brands . Smell was also not good as compare to other brands. che...Read More

Long lasting

Mar 05, 2016 03:06 PMRead (via Android App)

Comes in a white colored steel bottle, looks very durable, very strong. The bottle looks compact, also the bottle includes the ingredients, precautions etc. The bottle is covered in a red colored box.It has a clean/soapy, spicy-floral fragrance, the fragrance affects your senses in a good wa...Read More

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Good and cool

Dec 22, 2015 12:38 AMRead (via Android App)

Old spice is very old brand and good for our skin. It gives very smoothness and cooling freshness to our skin. Its after shave loation is also very good. My grandfather as well as my dad also use it and I am using it too. Its very effective and helpful. It dosent damage our skin and help our ski...Read More

Really mantastic

Dec 21, 2015 09:29 PMRead (via Android App)

Old Spice's appeal has been that vintage manly charm that has long been associated with the brand. The new fragrances capture that very fully. I have been told a number of times recently that I smell good. In a warm and humid city like Kolkata, where I live, people don't always smell good( to pu...Read More

A fragrance is a concoction of, as people refer in perfume industry, raw materials. These can be yielded from natural sources or synthetic ones. Perfumed oils are then dissolved into solvents like alcohol to maintain the aromatic mixture of scents. A higher percentage of concentration means a stronger fragrance, this determines how long the scent can last on your skin.
Man it notices awful, which antiperspirant?

May 06, 2016 11:08 PMRead

Yes, this is the response I got from my companions in the wake of utilizing old zest for first time. I was truly awed with its buildup notice in which it says'Smell like men', truly it ought to like'smell like sink'. The deo has awful smell that individuals will unquestionably keep separation fr...Read More

Old Spice - Old but gold!

Apr 25, 2015 02:13 PMRead

Old Spice is a really old after shave lotion.I have seen so many men use it since I was a kid that I thought it was an important part of shaving your face. Like a ritual, that you have to put a dab of old spice on your face every-time you shave. Then later on I understood its real purpose....Read More

The oldest yet the youngest

Apr 17, 2015 07:55 PMRead

I believe old spice is the oldest among the shaving cream and after shave lotion. the fragrances is unique of all. a person using old spice in any form stands unique due to unexceptional fragrance. its like OLD IS GOLD. its among the premium products in men's kit.Even though its the oldest b...Read More

So very musculine

Apr 08, 2015 06:07 AMRead

Old spice brand primarily known for its After Shave lotion, has been the most sought after brand in the market for male grooming. I've grown up watching my dad using this after shave lotion and now I am using the same.Then and now, this classic fragrance hasn't stopped mesmerizing me but now...Read More

Old spice the very name make the feel immortal

Nov 20, 2012 08:49 PMRead

If sheajan had used it, Mumtaz would have fainted with her eyes half closed and so shy she would have been in his arms and tell give me more of its feeling it is so.If for the first time you place it after the shave with meticulous touch with the blade, this after shave lotion one can use it imm...Read More

Its mark of a man.

Jan 11, 2008 09:40 PMRead

Its M A R K      O F    A     M A N , Really every man should have O L D  S P I C E in his kit . I suggest every man should use this brand bcz its MARK OF A MAN.OLD SPICE is as old as gold.Its frgrance of ORIGNAL is realy a fragrance of a MAN. I have used five shaving brands in my life but I...Read More

It's A Man Thing!

Sep 18, 2004 07:50 PMRead

For some queer reason, the single most important factor responsible for young boys to realize their manliness completely and to understand their responsibilities fully is not the independence their parents give them or the trust they seem to put in them, but, astonishingly, the fact that now eve...Read More

Old Spice – Spice of Life

May 19, 2004 10:22 PMRead

O Fortuna- velut luna - statu variabilis, - semper crescis, aut decrescis; - vita detestabilis - nunc obdurat - et tunc curat - ludo mentis aciem, - egestatem, - potestatem - dissolvit ut glaciem. – From O’Fortuna in Carmina Burana by Carl OrffWhat's in a name? That which we call...Read More

My Dad Used It

Apr 05, 2001 03:23 AMRead

I remember this product from years ago when I was daddy's little girl and he always smelled so nice. To me it has a clean, outdoorsy, manly scent.I have known other men that wear this also and although it is not my very favorite scent on a man it still is nice and brings back a lot of memori...Read More

Old is not Gold!

Feb 12, 2001 02:42 PMRead

Old spice, quite a few years back, was a well-known & trusted brand offering a good quality product .. that was before the deluge of the slew of after-shaves jostling for shelf space in the crowded market now. Old spice, then, used to be a premium product among plain stupid competitors like ...Read More

Spice of Life

Jan 31, 2001 02:46 AMRead

Remember the Old Spice mariner, dressed in a burly sailor cap and pea coat with a seagoing burlap sack slung over his shoulder? Old Spice aftershave is younger than ever, despite turning 64 this year. It is a mature product for young men. Though the mariner has disappeared, replaced by sailing s...Read More

Old Spice Orginal Deodrant. Really bad experience

Apr 26, 2017 07:49 PMRead (via Android App)

I bought it from retail shop. The product lacks the fragrance which is required for a deo. I bought this product expecting the quality of shaving lotions which this company produce. Deodrant not good and does not last for 15 minutes. Really waste of money. They should have done a better job on t...Read More

Old Spice

Feb 16, 2017 07:54 PMRead

Old spice is a very old brand and is widely used by all men across the world. This is one of the famous brand of all times and is readily available in the market for an affordable price.I am using old spice deodorant since 6 months and I feel very happy once I use this on my body.Once applied on...Read More

Smell like a men.

Feb 15, 2017 02:01 PMRead (via Android App)

As I go to many parties I need deodorant to smell nice and fresh in the parties. I have used many deodorants until now but Old Spice's deodorant is something different and special for me. It's bottle design is not that modern but the perfume in it is modern which is the most important thing in d...Read More

I Just Love It and You Will Too..MUSKY..

Feb 02, 2017 08:30 PMRead

I Just Recommend you to Just Smell its fragnence Once. You Will Definitely Buy It and will not change your colon for a long time thats for sure, Just like me. my friends always love my colon. It represents my fragrence.It had been Almost 10 years now and still hasn't find any close match. you do...Read More

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