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Nutrilite Protein Powder Reviews

Very strengthening

Feb 09, 2017 01:01 PMRead (via Android App)

Nutrilite protein powder is by Amay. As its well known that Amway products are very famous and best products.Nutrilite from amway have many protein powders and other powders for various issues like body growth diabeties joint pains weight loss etc.My dad had recently purchased the amway ...Read More

Nutrilite A way to healthy lifestyle

Feb 06, 2017 06:44 PMRead

I remember my parents bought nurtilite when I'm kid. Then it became a daily product which we used to consume every dayAdvantages:1) Immunity power booms! The common diseases which comes regularly are gone, Really some like fever, cough, diarrhea became rare in our family2) Proteins a...Read More

Best protien for health

Oct 13, 2016 11:40 AMRead (via Android App)

I am using nutrilite product for about 3 years. They delivered to costumer what they say in words.People often think that the protien powder is costlier of this company bu as I am medical professional I will explain why they are so costlier and other not. Friends protein are building blocks of o...Read More

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Nice and healthy product

Apr 21, 2016 12:57 PMRead (via Android App)

Nutrilite protein power is nice and healthy product.we purchased this product 200 grams for 889 rupies.this protein powder is a powdered dietary supplement of soy and milk proteins especially.This product is accepted by food acriculture organisation and also by world health organisation.this...Read More

Not bad at all

Apr 12, 2016 01:53 PMRead (via Android App)

This protein powder essential for everyone who need protein as supplement.It easy to digestable and it's taste as usual.Packing of this powder in container is very good and looking good too compare with other product.Amway always trustable brand and providing this kind of good health...Read More

A very good food supplement

Apr 08, 2016 11:19 PMRead

Nutrilite protein powder is a food supplement marketed by Amway. This is an extra nutritional diet which is rich in protein and is taken besides regular diet.This powder contains pure soya protein and it's 10 gram contains 8 gram protein in it. Besides it has all the essential amino acids in...Read More

Good for health

Apr 05, 2016 02:40 PMRead

Nutrilite protein powder is a form of protein supplement which is given in pregnancy, underweight children and body building.So far there are no potential side effects discovered if taken in normal dosage like any medication or supplements, avoid overdose. It may cause allergic reaction to s...Read More

Nice Bodybuilding Powder...

Mar 25, 2016 05:57 PMRead

Nutrilite Brand is famous for its Vitamins and Mineral Supplements and Nutrilite is sold by the Amway around the world.Proteins and Minerals are very essential Nutrients for the body are good for health.We need daily dose of Sufficient Protein to stay healthy and fit.Doctor and Gym Trainer's...Read More

Not for the builders

Dec 16, 2015 02:36 PMRead (via Android App)

Yeah it is a protien powder but not the one that body builders use.If u are into bodybuilding and planning to buy nutrilite protein powder to gain, then u should change your mind coz its a normal protien powder that is just to fullfill the amount of protien requirement of ur bodythat your di...Read More

Best Protein Powder

Nov 27, 2015 10:40 AMRead

Nutrilite is the best Protein powder, after my wife underwent with the surgery doctor referred us to use Nutrilite  we neglected for a month but after started using it really we found a drastic changes .She recovered soon  to confirm this I stared inquiring my relatives  who used the same pr...Read More

It's one of the best product ever created

Dec 16, 2016 08:34 AMRead

Nutrilite protein powder is very useful to stay healthy without any other diseases health problems etcu can google and see its demo alsoit is tasteless first of all and because of it our bones also stay so strongI used to have pain all the time in my arms and joints but after I start...Read More

Good product with great result

Nov 25, 2016 09:08 PMRead (via Android App)

I bought this protein about a month, mixability with water is very great but its not mix well with milk. I got result in a month average product with very well taste. If we compare nutralite protein with advance nutratech protein then its value for money and better than advance nutratech protein...Read More

Nutrilite Products

Oct 12, 2016 10:58 AMRead (via Android App)

It is a good to be having a great health by consuming a natural products. But in India so many are not aware of this product. We all should take care of our health. In our present lifestyles we have to take more care ourselves & our loved ones, not only in relations but in health too. Our el...Read More

Healthy snd energy giving product.

Sep 10, 2015 06:21 PMRead (via Mobile)

This is the well known product in the country and easily available in the market. This is nice energy giving powder which is used at large scale by the people. It is good for health. Specially it is very useful for children, it help them to grow faster and make their body strong. It comes in the...Read More

It very much works :)

Jul 22, 2015 12:57 PMRead (via Mobile)

When I had left hope of the dream that I can also someday become healthy and fit like all others. I had alreay lost hope on every protein powder after using some.My cousins and friends also said those protein powder only does is increase the fats in unproportional way and if stoped, it can h...Read More

A very good product to get strong health.

Jul 13, 2015 01:01 AMRead (via Android App)

Nutrilite protein powder is very good product which has all the essential proteins which we requires in our body.Actually we don't have that many proteins in our body because of the way we get stressed in our daily life. I'm using this powder from past 1yr which made me so healthy.As it ...Read More

Healthy powder

Jul 11, 2015 05:18 PMRead (via Mobile)

Nutrilite protein powder is a good source of proteins. It has all the essential nutrients,  which are good for our health. Actually my brother is a doctor and he bought Nutrilite protein powder for me, when I was sick and advise me to drink this powder with milk.The powder is very rich and v...Read More


Jul 09, 2015 07:43 PMRead (via Android App)

Nutrilite is a protein containing powder having all the essential nutrients that you miss out in your normal diet. It's a plain white powder basically tasteless and is recommended to mix with milk and have every morning.Well you won't like having it in this way. It increases the consistency ...Read More

Good for health !!!

May 02, 2015 02:02 AMRead

Nutrilite was prescribed to me by my family doctor, as an external protein supplement. So I bought it from the medical store. It is a powder than is ideally supposed to be consumed with milk. But the powder is tasteless and kinda clots, so I was not quite happy about it and stopped taking it. My...Read More

Nutrilite-Protein-Powder will makes miracles

Nov 27, 2014 03:14 PMRead

Nutrilite-Protein-Powder will makes miracles only with right consultations for example if you take tea or coffee with in minutes of this powder taken then you may not get more accurate results. I used used first and found the magical in 1 week due to very week body and then advised to my mom and...Read More

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