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Malayala Manorama Reviews

Fraud advertisements.

Feb 08, 2016 08:49 PMRead

Malayala manorama is taking a wrong and drastic step for the money, they are providing in advertising.There are loads of complaints for an educational agency which they are tie up with.According to the immigration, agents are not supposed to charge fees from students.This educational agency ...Read More

The Biggest Yellow Paper

Jul 09, 2013 05:49 PMRead

I think in 'Manorama dictionary', there are only 3 words:*KochiCongress (especially, but not limited to, A-group)Masala*Try it! The worst newspaper you can ever read! (even worse than Deshabhimani!).

Manorama Renames their daily - Anti Communst Daily

Jul 02, 2012 08:43 PMRead

The worst newspaper I have ever seen. Can't they see the burning issues across other parts of India or globally? The ONLY MOTIVE is to stamp on CPI(M). It is so atrocious to read punch lines hitting CPI(M) everyday. Better watch news channels rather than shelling 180 rupees every month. There ar...Read More

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28.02.2012 mistakes

Feb 28, 2012 09:46 AMRead

On 28.02.2012 manorama paper editirial page showing star " ROHINI " and moon PanchamiYesturday Aswathy and Panchami . Today is Bharani but your calculation is Rohiny, Please avoid this type of mistakes.All malayalees are depending our Manorama paperPlease do need full correction for futu...Read More

Dislike mm online

Mar 30, 2011 10:53 AMRead

Print paper is ok. online paper is performing very poor.sometimes editions is not available.for news selection is also very difficult.in online all some of the edition's is available on after 11am, compare with mathruboomi online manorama online is not good. try to improve the performance.In...Read More

~~~A News Paper Which Shaped a State~~~

Jul 19, 2010 01:54 PMRead

While in Kerala, I cannot start a day without news paper. Out of habit, even today, whenever I am there I need to get my paper in the morning. Malayala Manorama is the chosen news paper for my family like most in the neighbourhood. Unless I am in a big hurry, I will finish reading the paper with...Read More

Manorama Is My Habbit.....

May 01, 2009 09:07 PMRead

Ever since I learned to read malayalam Manorama is part of my routine.Before the multiplicity of visual media, it was perhaps the only authentic source of daily news for me. And we had heated discussions in our evening get-to-together based on the news appeared on the day's Malayala Manorama. Ne...Read More

"The Glorious Yellow Paper"

Jun 07, 2008 10:02 PMRead

Manorama is nothing but a "Glorious Pynkili daily". Concentrating only on their circulation and profit.It has been notoriously biased to the right wing and rich class of Kerala.It always maintains very good relationship with the rich class of the society and occasionally shows its crocodile tear...Read More

Manorama -a good 4 nothing paper

Jan 28, 2008 11:59 AMRead

1) Manorama sensationalises everything.2) It is politically pro-right and economically pro-rich.Never have they supported the cause of common man.3) See the letters 2 editor-All will be dealing with shallowish issues.R THE readers not commenting on seriouse issues? No..But such letters w...Read More

Manorama Yellow Pages - An autobiography

Aug 05, 2005 01:23 PMRead

Friends,I wanted to write a review on this kerala's most famous (infamous according to me) news paper for quite a long time. And now I have found some time for that; I take this as a social service as a very responsible citizen.A writeup without any heading will be boring. So I'll try to...Read More

Better quality

Dec 18, 2004 06:01 PMRead

As you all know malayala manorama is only malayalam newspaper which will give almost exact news to the readers without any twistingAlmost all the malayalam newspapers are representatives of different communities.They will try to categorize or twist their news to meet the needs of their commu...Read More


Aug 11, 2004 07:41 PMRead

Dear readers,Recently, a lot of misfortunes have struck mankind. Some newspapaers have exploited this situation very well out of which 'Malayala Manorama' plays the most notorious role. I feel as if the daily is being run by sadists.It is very unfortunate that the images of the Kumbhakon...Read More

It is not a newpaper

Aug 11, 2004 04:00 PMRead

Dear Friends,Malayala Manorama is supposedly the news paper with the largest circulation among Malayalam dailies. But let us look back at how this paper grew to be so. I remember in the 80s when I was a school going kid, there were 2 or 3 newspapers with nearly the same circulation. The so c...Read More

Is it a news paper?

May 10, 2004 09:28 PMRead

Dear friends,Have you heard about a newspaper covering ''short stories'', written by third class coulumnists, and advertisements filling almost 90% of the paper. ..and not these two..you can have news about numerous Methrapoleethas and Kerala Congress puppies. There is one news paper coverin...Read More


Apr 24, 2004 06:52 AMRead

X loathes Y.Determined to demolish Y, X plans and propagates a story of imaginary rape ‘performed’ by Y, and used the name of a nearby innocent women Z.X cries publicly for Z, while stating the cruelty of Y.. till Z comes out and pleads, ‘Let me live; none raped me̵...Read More

Sorry state of affairs.

Mar 19, 2004 03:12 PMRead

Malayala Manorama is one of major newspapers in Kerala and has been in print since 1888. But except for a glorious history, I see this newspaper virtually offers nothing to the reader except the most irrelevant and mediocre of news.How an intelligent group of people like the keralites have t...Read More

Is this a newspaper?

May 31, 2003 01:41 AMRead

I know this paper for last 25 years. it is only a ''Achayan'' paper nothing more than that. if you want to read a news to be like third rate novel then read MM news. the photos appear in sports pages are so ugly and shameful. now tennis tournement starts, you can see so many ''A'' photos of lady...Read More

I recommend

Mar 20, 2003 10:12 PMRead

I do not consider manorma as an excellent news paper. but it is 100 times better than anyother malayalam news papers. I have read the earlier comments and I agree to the observation that it will do some ''tricks'' for circulation. but the same is done by all other news papers. why balming manora...Read More

Waking up with Manorama

Mar 17, 2003 11:06 AMRead

I spent my first 22 years in Kottayam, Kerala, and Malayala Manorama was an integral part of my life. I remember when they started a weekly called Manorama Weekly featuring short stories, articles, a regular full page cartoon titled Boban and Molly, and serializing lengthy stories by such talent...Read More

100% Literate State? Shameful !!

Feb 05, 2003 06:45 PMRead

Is Readership means everything. Is Malayala Manorma the best daily in Kerala. Well as a Keralite I am proud that we have the highest rate of literacy and also the first state to achieve it. Also I am ashamed to say that Malayala Manorama is the largest read paper in Kerala. We have heard our 'Sa...Read More

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